Sister Sister, You Never Knew How Much I Missed Ya?

Does everyone rememeber watching Sister Sister on Wednesday nights on WB’s network? I sure hope so! If you’ve NEVER seen Sister Sister let me give you a little background before I begin my spiel on how fashionable they both were :)

All aboard the 90’s time machine. Let’s Go……………………..!

Sister Sister was a American television sitcom that aired from 1994-1999. The show first appeared on ABC (later on WB network) starring Tia and Tamera Mowry as Tia Landry and Tamera Campbell. When the series started off you see that Tia and Tamera are identical twins - but they have never met each other and they don’t even know that they’re sisters! Getting excited a little? Me too! Well, anyway one day while in the mall shopping with their adoptive parents, Ray Campbell and Lisa Landry, the two see each other by chance and are amazed at how much they looked alike. They figure out they’re actually long lost sisters and of course want to see each other and live together.

They move into together and quickly you see that even though they are identical they are nothing alike. Which is a pretty common thing to happen with twins!

Tia Landry is responsible, a straight A student and a little on the serious side. However, to use the word boring as to describe Tia would be most definitely false! Tia maybe more serious but she has her head on straight and she knows what she wants. Like myself! hahahahhaaha

Tamera, on the other hand is impulsive, mischievous and the total opposite of Tia. Tamera likes to go out and have non-stop fun, all the while not completing her school work! Together they both preformed the dynamic duo and were definitely loved in the 90’s.

Now……onto the fashion! While I used to watch the show when I was between the ages of 13-17, (I still watch it now, lol!) I noticed how they were dressed. I love the hats, the vests, and the baggy/parachute pants. I know for myself specifically I’ve always loved to dress in different styles. I don’t like to limit myself to just one!

Just look at that! The denim hat and vests! Floral print was also big in the 90’s (also 60’s-70’s) and it’s still big now! I actually have a hat like this. I remember when I first got it from Goodwill years ago. I loved it because it reminded me so much of the hats that Sister Sister, Mary-Kate/Ashley Olsen and Brandy used to wear!

Here is Tia in what seems to be a leather vest, a striped crew neck long sleeve shirt, suspender/braces and printed slacks. Now this is a outfit that I would definitely copy! She just looks soooooooooooo cute with her hat that has the black ribbon tied into between!!!

Tamera just looks classic. I love the use of colors. This looks to be a dress but I’m not sure because it looks like she’s wearing red/navy plaid pants under there. The red beanie is perfect! This is also something that I would do.

Would any of you wear any of these outfits? Go on and comment!

Notice the backwards hat, vest and skirt that Tia is wearing!!!! I see yet another outfit inspiration!

Here they both are as teenagers and now all grown up. They have a new tv show that’s been airing on the Style network called, Tia and Tamera respectfully. Both of them have grown beautifully and they both still have their heads on their shoulders as married women with children, also with advancing careers!

Some people cannot tell the difference between Tia and Tamera. Lol. However, I find it very easy to tell the difference between the two of them. Their faces are similiar to me but there’s a distinct difference like their cheeks. Tamera’s cheeks look just a tiny bit chubbier than Tia’s. Also, the voices are different to me.

This is the hat that I was talking about earlier. It may not be a flower like how Sister Sister had but a bow is still cool right? Lol

Thanks for viewing my post everyone! And listening to me blabbing on and on about fashion!

Have a great rest of the week!

resulted asked:

What movie is that from?

It’s from Seventeen Again! Not the one with Zac Efron, but the original, with Tia and Tamera Mowry from Sister Sister. It’s soooo good, you should check it out! :)