Thief of the Heart

Cool criminal half lidded hazel stare
draw my heart with net of chestnut hair
spellcasting voice drugging my mind
… from wet red lips, bliss for damnation
hourglass body slows time
master skill of dissection deception
beauty and innocence, tools of the trade
Thief of the Heart is not only to blame

Ocean Springs, MS

Did you know that classic car restoration is a college degree?

Did you know that classic car restoration is a college degree? #techblogs #startups

By Garagistry – The Place Your Classic Car Lives When Penn College revved up its vintage vehicle restoration major in 2012, it became one of just a handful of degree programs around the country teaching young people how to help refurbish and maintain North America’s fleet of more than 10 million classic cars. “We have a huge void,” said Earl Mowrey, who heads youth development at the Antique…

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The Grass Isn't Always

Work has been cheering me up, my customers have been surprising and cool. I’m not meeting very many people around Ocean Springs, MS that are from here. I’ve met a lot of British lately, or everyone is from Missouri or Montana or New York. The thing about following companies to the south just to get a job is that the reason why companies come here is that there is hardly any labor regulation, you can pay your employees low wages and fire them on a whim and get away with it. I don’t feel like it’s the low cost of living or necessarily so much the scenery. The truth is that no matter where you go the grass is just as green as it was where you left. I try to avoid being smitten with running away because it’s too expensive to pick up and start again from 0, granted I don’t have much more than 0 to lose. It’s still easier and more effective and productive to dig I and win the long game. On another note, there’s an Ocean Springs set in every place you could go to. I don’t want to go to a major city or a foreign country to see folks from Ocean Springs. It’s a weird conversation

Ocean Springs, MS 


The gentrification of my town is backfiring. My aldermen and elders are all lushes and have been pushing a night life agenda with regards to business, and this has been the place to be a sybarite. Nobody makes enough to own here, besides the antediluvians. The home prices have been driven so high that they are prohibitively expensive. So younger more savvy bankers are buying it all up and tenanting it all out. So the military folks and their bad kids move here, and all they want is a decent school and some entertainment, which can be bought across the bridge or recreationally found here in town. This holds hands with the aforementioned agenda. Then on top of that, the elders who did own and whose bad kids are sticking around are all dying off and willing property so the age of the residents is dropping quickly. It’s jumbled up, I feel bad about the disrespect of speaking about the deceased and the soon-to-be. Irreverent is my style, but I do understand the line of distasteful and how not to cross it. Dancing on that line is good, though because we do have to have discussion and can’t just sweep every real issue under the rug and ignore it in hopes it will disappear. Seeing more people cycling, and more people out in the street later and later at night. I’d like to live long enough to see us develop culture, and I’d also like to see some actual industry.


Ocean Springs, MS