What motivates you in the end?
Apart from being creatively satisfied? When I’m thirty, I want to have made it so far that I can care for the people around me. I already started to change the lives of my family. I come from a working-class family — my parents split up when I was three years old and both built new families. My mum has two daughters, aged three and five. My dad has four children and my oldest brother now attends a movie course at college. And one day I’ll have a family of my own. Those people are not there yet but they’re my motivation, as well.

“Sofia Coppola has done something fascinating with the Southern Gothic psychodrama The Beguiled: She has taken a 1971 movie directed by a man, Don Siegel, and remade it from a female perspective. The differences between the two versions are sometimes broad, sometimes subtle. But with the same basic material, these are very different movies, each with its own distinct power.”

David Edelstein on The Beguiled 

I never really forgot Mark Kermode’s point about the key difference between American horror movies and Asian horror movies: “Hollywood movies are always ‘WTF? A ghost? This is mental. This can’t be happening! I demand an explanation!’ Whereas the Japanese are more relaxed and casual. ‘So, there’s a ghost.  Oh, well. It happens. They occur. Why? Who knows why. Let’s not freak out.’”

That dude in the original Ring trying to calm down his frantic wife as they were both facing imminent death in a day or two is still wonderful to me.

”Oh, just calm down and eat your food.”

A haunted video does not get in the way of good sushi, we understand.