This One’s For Me.

I don’t think I’ve ever had any serious dreams. I’ve had some silly ones when I was little that I always knew weren’t obtainable. However, this time I have an achievable dream. A dream that I can look forward to one day fulfilling. It’s such an exciting feeling! 

So, here it is: I want to pack up everything and move to Oregon! 

It’s going to take some time but in 2 years hopefully I’ll be a free-from-the-military-civilian sitting in a cute little rental house in Oregon! 

It’s interesting to see the possibilities of my life now. I get so caught up in thinking that I’m stuck or because now that I’m married i’m trapped. I need to remember that I can have (realistic) dreams, they just have to include a cute boy (and possible a little one!) ^^

Everybody on here that I don’t have on Facebook is invited to Matt and I’s going away party. It is July 1st all day and night at sunset point near mission beach. Hope you all can make it. Free parking and food/ drinks! Nice bonfire pit too! #goingawayparty #movingtooregon (Taken with Instagram)