For the IDI Project I was thinking of moving posters, fighting for our attention. A character walking along as the posters/ cd covers and books try to win out at grabbing his attention. 


Looking at some moving posters for inspiration for the brief. 

This is a motion poster taken from Mocking Jay part 1. It is both very simplistic, yet very complicated. The idea behind the poster itself is very simple, it shows the badge of the mocking jay (which features throughout the series in all kinds of ways) alight, with the flames that spread across the pin and bring it to life. This is so reflective of the story itself, hinting at how Katniss is the ‘girl on fire’ but also, referencing scenes in the film where Cinna transforms Katniss through fire with her outfits which any fan will get. Having said this the poster would even grab the attention of people who don’t know the film just through the beautiful visuals that actually convey quite a lot of suspense and emotion, especially in conjunction with the subtle music. 

Not a lot happens in this poster yet it is still very good at what it does. It shows that you can be very subtle and yet still achieve something beautiful.