8. Harmony
✨I often always finding myself asking how I can restore peace, balance, and harmony within my life. The first step of course is to leave my place of suffering. The grass is in fact greener somewhere else, than the rut I’m stuck in. I need to fully accept this transition of change in order to restore the balance and bring harmony back to me. Change is always frightening. But now is the time to look on the bright side and think of all the possibilities this journey could bring.
🌛Blessed Be🌜

Spell to get over someone/move on

As we move in to another season, we may feel the need to let go of some things in life to welcome the new. Do this simple spell if you need a little support to move a step away from situations or people who are toxic to you. 

You will need:

1 Black candle ( banish negativity, healing and support through loss and grief, ridding of bad habits )
Peppermint/eucalyptus essential oil to anoint candle
1 Bay leaf

Anoint the candle and light it. Write what you want to achieve on the bay leaf (paper works fine as well). Burn it and visualize all your negativity and pain vanish and fade away. Release your wish to the universe, into the wind or the water whichever you feel more connected to. As you snuff out the candle/let it continue to burn out, let it absorb all you hurt and let the fire’s energy heal you. Focus on your intent of allowing the fire to give you the strength and power you need. Release what does not serve you and open your mind and soul to opportunities that await. After you have released the ashes and the candle light is out, you may dip your hands in a bowl of water to symbolize a clean start. 

It’s okay to think about yourself once in a while, it’s okay to be selfish. Because if you don’t stop for a second to care for yourself no one will.
—  Right where it hurts.

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