I want to know how you sleep at night. I want to know if your lies sit on the tip of your tongue and if each time you kiss her, she sizzles in your toxicity. I want to know how you can cheat on her every day and not feel any remorse.

I want to know why you do it

The first person that you think of every morning and the last person you think of every night is either the cause of your happiness or the cause of your pain.
One day I hope I reach a point where I’m happy enough to forget about all things you did to me
Everyone wants you,
You have a beautiful smile, Your eyes are brighter than the sun.
It’s easy for you to move on, because everyone’s watching you. 
You don’t feel pain because everyone’s waiting for you.
But do they love you the way I do? That’s the question that you should ask you.
Are they falling for the heart or is it just for selfish lust?
You expecting more but there’s nirvana inside his mind.

Everyone wants you,
It’s crazy how you moved on while I’m staring at your reflection.
3 years of being single it’s like I’ve been stabbed by razor sharp knives.
Gave you everything that you want but there’s nothing to recieve.
You are happy while my heart deeply bleeds.

Everyone wants you,
There’s nothing to be seen.
Chances are faded and I’m saying this to make you understand what I feel.
Don't want to chase a mirage no more, I want to feel free. From this stupid prison that you locked me in.
But I’m grateful that I knew you and I don’t blame you for this.
When life give you problems, Chin up and face it.
Learn from the mistakes and try to do better.
I’m maybe not the best for you, But I am better.

Everyone wants you.

I waited around for you
hoping you’d say something.
I wanted you to at least let me know
you cared,
But days went by and all I heard was radio silence.
Slowly the fire that was once there
began to fizzle.
I would no longer light up at
the mention of you
or wish for a different outcome.
That was when I knew,
I knew that it was time to add your name to the list of people
who didn’t care enough to stay.
—  S.F

Here’s to the next boy I fall in love with

I will love you unconditionally all I ask is your attention and time

I will put you first I just ask that you do the same

I understand things but please explain them to me still

I am clingy please allow yourself to be clingy towards me as well it reassures me of that my feelings are valid

I promise to tell you all of my secrets and share my dreams and please be supportive and understanding of them

I want to know everything about you from your childhood to how your day was because chances are I would love to see a smile on your face.

I promise that I will love with all my being just please promise to love me just as much.

—  I am always the one to love more and Im doing my best to fix it
Don’t let this destroy you. I know you loved him, you believed him when he said this was forever. I know it fucking kills but please don’t let it kill you. He doesn’t deserve it, not a second more of your time. He’s not worth the tears because as hard as it is to hear, it doesn’t hurt him to see you hurt. You are so much more than what he took away from you and I promise one day you will see that again.

I loved you so much. Maybe to much. Maybe not enough. Maybe I’m just not sure. But I was lost, I was trying to run around & figure where I belong but I just couldn’t. I couldn’t place my feet anywhere. My body wasn’t in sync with just anything. I never felt like anything was enough. I kept feeling things I never felt before & I didn’t know what to do. So instead of figuring it out I do what I normally do & hold it in. I’m scared to express it because it never seemed like you listened. I loose myself in the way you look at me, & when you didn’t look at me the same anymore I lost myself in just that. I lost myself in our broken madness.