Hey guys, so last summer I wrote, directed, edited, and produced a short film entitled Sunny Days– which is a parody of love stories I’ve seen so many times in terrible movies. It would mean a great lot to me if you would watch this short film and give whatever feedback you find appropriate, and if you‘ve enjoyed the film– share it with your friends.

Also, if you make it halfway through and you don’t like it… Keep watching: It’s only 15 minutes, anything could happen

Plot Synopsis:
After the loss of his brother, Ben feels lost and alone. one day Sunny enters his life and brings vast changes .

Sunny Days was shot entirely in the City of Romulus, and has been accepted into seven film festivals so far.

Director’s Notes:
The story of Sunny Days began when I was searching through short films on the internet saw that nearly every romance film had the exact same plot: A man is sad, an eccentric woman enters his life, they have a montage of happiness, and they inevitably break up.
There were so many films with this same story, that I couldn’t help but believe that a satire of one of these stories would be interesting. I love taking a genre we all know and love and trying to do something new with it.

I’m happy with the film, and I am happy above all with the performances. I believe Nick Banko and Miranda Moffat knocked it out of the park with this film, and I cannot wait for people to be able to see what they can do.

“Audience Favorite Award” (MovingMedia Film Festival)
“Best Michigan Made Film” (Motor City Nightmares International Film Festival)
“Honorary Award Winner” (International Horror Hotel)
“Official Selection” (Troma Dance Detroit)
“Official Selection” (Royal Starr Film Festival)
“Audience Choice Award” (Film Challenge Detroit)