Honestly ive been thinking and daniel has to deal with joshua and honestly that makes him so…powerful… joshua is so fucking weird like… how does he put up with it…How does he deal with asking joshua a basic question and getting a weird cryptic bible quote…does he do a power move and quote right back at him…does he just scream internally…

When I decided to move far away from home I was afraid. Afraid that I would miss my family a lot or that the language barrier would be a bigger problem than expected. Ironically both of these occurred but weren’t the worst thing out of the whole. What I should have feared from the beginning on was the process of forgetting. It started with small things: I couldn’t remember different street names, the pattern of the bathroom’s walls and who lived where. As time passed by it got more extreme. I wasn’t able to recall the smell which spread through the whole town when it rained for 3 days straight. I couldn’t remember the name of my childhood best friend or the word you use to describe a special type of tree. It seemed as if every single memory which connected me with my former life faded away. But at the same time the free space was filled with new experiences, new memories I made here. Moving away means you leave something behind and welcome something new and as hard as it is in the beginning, it’s inevitable for your personal growth.

“I’m always the one to fall in love first, the one who loves harder, the one who gets hurt in the end and the one who moves on last.”


Ghost World (2001) directed by Terry Zwigoff