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when you’re doing summer hw and crying at 11pm because the 5 year old’s mom in the book is lying in bed all day depressed and unresponsive and the 5 year old says “I went in and picked up Mama’s hand and it fell back down. Then I just crawled in the bed with her, and now that makes two of us that don’t feel like getting up ever again" 

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Part 1: Tom moves to brush his lips against Taylor’s mouth, exhaling softly as they both smile into a lingering, tender kiss. Soon after, a loud whistle cuts through the room from behind Taylor. Tom glances in direction of the whistle, laughing knowingly. Taylor shakes her head in mock exasperation and asks, "Let me guess. Abi?" Amused, Tom directs his attention back to the two orbs of gorgeous blue staring up at him, glittering with laughter.

“Bingo, my dear,” he says as he pulls her tighter to him with a playful force, “Now let’s truly give her something to whistle at.” He moved one hand to the middle of her back and grabbed her left hand close to his chest, dipping her low and moving in for a kiss to end all kisses. His mouth found hers with an intensity that caught her off guard, causing her to blush amidst the room full of people.
 She felt her heart pounding and grabbed the back of his neck for support with her free hand. Unwittingly, she found herself melting into his embrace, the slow burning fire that he ignited with his lips momentarily making her forget about her initial self-conscious reaction to guests that surrounded them, parents included.
 Ever so slowly, he broke away from her lips and pulled her back up, into his chest . The blood started to rush back to her head, making her feel a bit dizzy. In the next moment, the room broke out into boisterous applause. Tom glanced down at her and winked as he immediately fell back into a slow step with the music, swaying her softly to the music that she had forgot was playing. Taylor laughed, “Well played, Mr. Hiddleston. Well played.”
 He twirled her around and brought her back to his embrace, “Why thank you, Mrs. Hiddleston-Swift.” And with that, her heart melted right then and there.

This anon is my hero.

Hunt (Finished First Part)

by Mistress LOVE

Tamara uses her unique magical gifts to take control of the ones that are hunting her, while she hunts her own prey.

Tamara had not been born, she was made this way. She had no childhood, she had no fond memories of growing up in a home. One moment there was a magical energy, and then she was there. She moved quietly watching the one she was sent for. She kept to the shadows, her short dark hair in a bob. She was petite, less than five foot six, and had a very slender figure. In the late afternoon sunlight, she became one of the shadows, all dressed in black like a ninja. He was not what she had expected when she was summoned. He looked normal, well as normal as most humans are. She had been watching him for over a two days now and he led a predictable, normal, if not dull, mortal existence. He would work his dull job every day for eight hours. He went home and worked his body to a fine sweat, so his muscles were kept lean and toned. Tamara enjoyed the nights she watched him working out. She felt a hunger inside her at the thought of him wet with sweat under her. He had no intimate contacts in all the time she watched him. He had no close friends, no contact with family or discernable lovers. John James just existed, he lived a normal dull life. That would change very soon, part of her knew it would be better for him once she took him. His world would have more meaning under her mistress. His life would finally have a purpose.

Moving from building to building with an ease that only her kind had. Skipping over rooftops and into the shadows of alleys. Tamara knew that no mortal eyes would perceive her presence. Her kind had many skills others lacked, she knew if she was ever seen by anyone, that her glamor would fix the problem. Normally her beauty was beyond any human to resist. Her voice would lull her victim into a euphoric state of pure pleasure, but right now, her Mistress didn’t want to be seen, so she had taken the form of a very young girl almost boyish in appearance, fast, young, strong. Mistress wanted her to only observe this mortal, she had no idea why her creator and owner wanted this one, and it was not in her nature to ever question her wants and needs. She was to follow in silence and report, that was all.

John opened the door to the local convenience store and headed towards the bank of glass refrigerated doors along the back wall. He knew he was being ripped off paying $4.50 for a carton of milk here, but it was convenient, that’s why they call the damn places convenience stores. He’d meant to get more next shopping trip, but had run out this morning. A woman walked into the store as he was going to the cashier, she was tall and slender with smooth red hair that was pulled back int a long ponytail, and her clothes looked expensive. She had on a soft blue leather jacket that seemed to fit close to her almost hourglass figure. His eyes slid down to her short black pencil skirt and long nyloned legs held by what looked like a garter. The black stiletto heels finished off a look that was made more for a runway model than a woman shopping in a place like this. The stiletto heels clicked softly as she walked towards him, intercepting him before he reached the ill-paid clerk. He was about to excuse himself as he passed her when she surprised him with a warm smile, almost like she knew him.

“We need to talk Mr. James, but not here.” She gave him a card and moved passed him towards the same refrigerators he had visited. He looked at the card and then back at her. The card simply had a phone number and the words call me when you are in a place that is private. He was going to go and talk to her when his cell phone rang. The caller ID showed it was Bill at the office. He answered the phone and heard about some minor error that was made he would have to correct in the morning. When he looked back again the woman was gone. He tucked the card back into his pocket and shook his head. It must have been some kind of prank or something.

Tamara frowned as she saw the woman leaving the store her target had gone into. She noticed her enter just after he had earlier. She would have to contact Mistress. She pulled out the green jewel and held it in her small fingers concentrating.

“What is it, girl? I am a little busy right now!” Her Mistress said harshly. Tamara could hear the sound of the man panting and moaning in the background. It didn’t take much to visualize her owner riding the man slowly as she answered her.

“I am still following the target, but a few moments ago another paranormal entered a store he was in and left before he did. I can still see her, do you want me to follow the target or this other paranormal?”

“Good girl calling me. Follow the other and find out where she goes. I am sure that another para is no accident.” She felt a warmth flood her being called a good girl by her owner, a warm glow flowed through her that was almost orgasmic. She was already moving down the street in pursuit. “Tamara, don’t engage her, simply see where she goes and what she does.”

Tamara let out a soft release of air as she vaulted to the next building, not letting the woman in the blue leather jacket out of her site. “yes Mistress, I hear and obey” she said with a small huff, putting the communication stone away. She looked over the edge of the building, but the woman was gone!

“that was rather careless of you boy,” the woman said from behind her “you are too obvious and over confident to be one so young”

Tamara spun and was hit with a soft pulse of power as she looked up at the gorgeous woman. She struggled for words as their eyes met. “I…”

“You didn’t know I saw you.” The woman said moving closer, her power was filling the air between them. Tamara didn’t know what kind of creature this woman was, but she knew she would pack a hard punch “foolish little boy, or should I say, girl?”

“No, I’m not…”

“No, you are not going to put up a fight.” The woman laughed as she released the red ribbon that was holding her hair from the confines of the ponytail, letting the leather jacket slide from her shoulders and fall to the rooftop. Her hair flowed out around her making her look like an angel, her green eyes glittered with power.

“Why would you want to fight me?” Tamara said as her body’s natural defense produced a heavy flow of pheromones towards the woman. The woman seemed to look confused and was pulling back. “I am more a lover than a fighter anyway”

“What the fuck?” the woman said as she felt a wave of desire flood her. “What are you?”

Tamara moved into her matching her retreating steps. “I’m your friend, what did you say your name was?”

“I didn’t say my name, and you, whatever you are, are no friend” The woman felt the edge of the building behind her as she stopped and looked down on this mousy little girl that she really should be squashing under her heel.

Tamara slid in closer and let a tendril of pleasure flow from her to the woman. “You want to relax and not fight me, tell me your name.”

Dawn breathed in and let out a soft pitiful sigh. “I am Dawn, now get away from me, I really don’t want to fight you.” She had to get away, this creature was dangerous. She was confused and felt something that was just, wrong.

“I know you don’t Dawn, you feel so good right now with me close, why not relax and we can have a little talk. You are so strong and large, and I am so small and weak, I pose no threat to you at all.”

Dawn knew she shouldn’t be talking, but for some reason, her mind wasn’t working right. It wouldn’t hurt to just talk to this girl. After all, she was larger and stronger, she could break her with a snap of her fingers. “I should…”

“You should relax dawn, relax and feel my soft touch as we talk. You are safe here, with me. “

“No… no, I’m not safe, you are doing something?” Dawn felt a wave of pleasure as the girl slid her fingers down to her breasts, they hadn’t been so sensitive before, but now her nipples were pressing into the fabric of her brazier. It was getting hard to think.

“Dawn, all I am doing is talking to you, as friends often do, you like me and want to stay, tell me what you are, open to me.”

She was right, all they were doing was talking, why not be open. “I’m a Valkyrie.” Had she said that, she was sworn not to tell any what she was.

Tamara giggled softly and slid up along Dawn’s body until here eyes were looking directly into Dawn’s eyes. “You are one of the Norse demi-goddesses that choose those who may die in battle and those who may live” as she spoke she let go of the shield she had held to keep her powers restricted, focusing on Dawn’s eyes. “How interesting that you are following John James, are you planning to take him to Valhalla soon?”

Dawn stiffened, she knew there was something wrong, but as she looked into the girls eyes, she found she just didn’t care. “No, I am here to take him to Freyja, once we realized you were watching him, the Goddess told me to make contact and bring him tonight.” What was she doing? Why had she told this girl that?

“Good girl Dawn, you and I are going to become much more intimate friends. You want to to be more intimate with me.”

“Yes I want to be…” the girls eyes were now pulling and glowing softly into Dawn’s empty vacant ones “I want to be, more intimate with you.” Dawn had to call for help, she had to break free of this beautiful soft warm young woman.

“I knew you would want that, why don’t you look deeper into my eyes and feel your whole body just relax and melt like a rag doll.”

“Yes your eyes are so beautiful, I am melting like a ragdoll.” Dawn could no longer look away from the woman’s eyes, they had some strange hypnotic power. As Dawn’s, muscles relaxed she felt her body become just like a ragdoll. Every muscle in her body became loose and relaxed under this beautiful girls gaze. There was a small voice in her mind saying that she could fight this. It was screaming to resist.

“Soon I am going to kiss you, sweet Dawn. You want me to kiss you.” Tamarra said as she felt her hunger growing. Using so much energy in manipulating the woman’s mind was making her hungry, and she had not fed in the two days she watched her mark. She remembered how he looked as he pumped iron those two nights, how he smelled.

“Yes…” Dawn knew she shouldn’t want to kiss this girl. She knew that she was other worldly “I want to feel your kiss” She heard herself say the words. She had to fight. She was a Valkyrie, she was strong. As the girls lips parted and met hers Dawn knew she should have killed her the moment she saw her. Her lips were like the touch of her first lovers, they were like the warmth she felt when she looked at her Goddess. She felt her thoughts flowing from her, memories, desires, the first time she held a sword, the time she rode a winged horse. All the lessons in school were being drawn into those sweet soft lips.

Dawn felt the Valkyrie’s mind and thoughts flowing into hers as they kissed. She knew that this was the only way to rid herself of this danger to her owner’s plans without killing the beautiful maiden. It would be a mercy to her. She would find a new life here as a mindless harlot perhaps, a stripper or a call girls life didn’t need any intelligence. She felt Dawn try to break away, her final resistance as she took away all her intellect and replaced it with a desire for sex and pleasure. She would not report to Freya that she lost this battle, she would not remember anything but her new life as a whore. As their lips parted Tamarra felt filled with power and energy.

“Good girl,” She said with a smile as her smile was met with a soft giggle from the former Valkyrie. “Now, what is your name?”

The giggle that escaped the other woman’s lips was musical and empty of any thinking. “Um, like, I totally don’t remember. Can we kiss some more?”

“Your name is Tiffy, and I will take you to a place where you can have lots of kisses and sex”

“Oh wow, you are so nice.” Tiffy giggles as she was pulled to her feet… Tamara found the sword the Valkyrie had not had the strength to use strapped to her back, the coat she wore must have hidden it. Tamara felt a pull to the sword as memories of long practice sessions filled her mind. She swung it professionally around her body and moved with a grace that was like that of a dancer. The sword was glorious and was she knew she could never part with it. “Wow, you totally know how to use a sword.” Tiffy giggled and then had a sort of far away look in her eyes as she tried to remember something.

“Tiffy, kiss me again” Tamara ordered as she drew Tiffy’s lips to hers. She felt the last trickle of Dawn flow into her as she kissed the now transformed woman. When she released her Tiffy seemed to have no far away look anymore… only the vacant glazed look of someone in lust.

John was working his second set of reps on the weights and his muscles were feeling the burn from the workout. He took a break and chugged the last of his bottle of water while whipping the sweat from his forehead. He was thinking about the card the woman had given him, perhaps she was trying to pick him up. Bob at the office always said he was a little naïve with it came to women. Judy the office human resource person had been flirting with him for a week before Bob had pointed out that that’s what she was doing. He looked around for the first time since he started and noticed there were only a few people left in the gym, it must have been later than he thought. A quick look at his watch confirmed that it was almost eight. He had time for one more rep, and then home.

Tamara leaned back in the tree and watched through to open skylight of the gym as John started in on his last set of weights. She knew he’d be out in a half hour to jog home. She held the stone out and focused as she watched him.

“So who was the woman?” The mistress said softly into her mind.

“She was a Valkyrie sent by Freya, Mistress.” Tamara felt the stirrings of the Valkyrie’s memories inside her mind where she had stored them. “She saw me watching the target and has already reported it to her Goddess”

“Foolish girl, how could you let yourself be seen.” Tamara winced at the pain disappointing her Mistress gave her. It felt like her heart was being torn. “I should have sent one of my other underlings and not you. You are just two days old.” Tamara felt a tear roll down her cheek as the feelings of failure flooded her, the memories of failing over and overflowed from the box that Dawn was in inside her mind. The constant disappointment and sadness, loneliness. “did you hear me, girl?”

“Sorry Mistress, I was distracted,” Tamara said in a hurry to cover the feelings of hurt in her voice.

“How did you dispose of the Valkyrie?” She said annoyed at having to repeat herself.

Tamara knew that what she was about to say would upset her owner. “I… I fed… on… her until she was mindless, then I let my lust flow back into nourish the husk that was left.”

“You what?” the voice at the other end was in outrage and fury. “You stupid little demon. When I sent you out, what’s the last thing and most important thing I told you not to do.”

“Feed,” Tammar said feeling the disappointment that her owner made clear to her, and the anger.

“Return to the house immediately, I will send another out to watch the mark. I should never have sent you out so soon after I created you.”

“Yes, Mistress I will return immediately.” She said letting her focus fall away from the stone and crying softly to herself. She would explain to her mistress that she had to do it. If she hadn’t the Valkyrie would have killed her. She knew this in her memories that she saw inside the warriors mind. She looked down to see John still lifting his weights. He would be wonderful to have inside her. She remembered a man fucking her wet pussy hard with his huge cock. Those were Dawn’s memories again escaping the box, but the lust and desire for it were hers.

“Move, and I will slide my sword through your heart creature.” The voice was a whisper in her ear, and the sharp blade was very real as it pushed into her back beside the sword she had strapped there. “Where is my sister, foul thing. I see her sword in its scabbard on your back. A sword my sister would not part with unless she was dead.”

“She isn’t dead Valkyrie, she is very much alive and well,” Tamara said softly as she let her walls to her powers lower slowly, increasing the pheromones around them and allowing her glamor to surface slowly.

“You lie, witch!” the woman behind her spat.

“no, please, let me explain.” She said as unthreateningly as she could, she slowly started to turn and see the woman that Dawn knew as Fawn.

“Move anymore and I will find her myself after I dispose of your lifeless corpse” Fawn snarled.

“It’s Fawn, isn’t it?” Tamara asked without moving any furthers, in Dawn’s memories Tamara saw the way Fawn could kill without hesitation. “Dawn and I are friends, she gave me the sword to keep for her while she went to get the man, John.” Her heart was racing so fast, she thought for sure Fawn would hear it and know she was lying.

“She spoke of me?” Fawn asked. “What did she say?”

“She….” Tamara focused on the box of memories and found one. “She told me about the time you and she went to the city and had a threesome with a man.”

“She did?” Fawn’s sword lowered a little. “Why would she tell you about that?”

“We had a few drinks earlier and I mentioned how I had a fantasy about making love to two other women,” Tamara said smoothly, her heart finally slowing so she could think. “She told me about how you seduced the man and used him for your pleasure for hours.” She moved slightly back feeling the swords blade had gone. “The only reason she left her sword with me was because she was afraid John might see it and run.” Tamara risked a glance back to see the tall beautiful blonde leaning on her sword. “She’d never trust anyone with it unless we were friends, would she?”

“Yes, yes you are right there.” Fawn didn’t make a move, but Tamar could tell that she could slice her in two in an instant. “Where is she now?”

“She is hidden among the forest to catch John and take him to Freya” Tamara lied, knowing that right now the girl formally known as Dawn, was likely being picked in every hole she had at the biker bar she left her at, and is likely begging for more.

“I’ll go find her then, you stay here until we get back,” Fawn said as she rose.

“No! Don’t go just yet, I wanted to talk to you.” Tamara said turning fully and moving cautiously closer. “Have you been with tow other women before?” She let the pheromones freely flow from her pores. They were invisible and could not be detected… almost like little subliminal whispers of arousal. She could see it was having an effect on Fawn already.

“Yes, many times, but never with Dawn. We only slept together that once.” She said as she sat back down feeling a bit light headed.

“She is a beautiful woman, I’m amazed you never seduced her more after that. She has such lovely round firm breasts. Almost not small like mine” she let her body shift a little so her breasts filled the shirt more. She crawled slowly closer as fawn noticed the swell of breasts for the first time on the younger pretty woman.

“Yours are a lovely size.” She said almost drunk with the pheromones.

“I guess they are not bad a size at all. Come have a feel.” Tamara said as she leaned into Fawns warm palms and moaned in pleasure at the rough squeeze of the other woman’s fingers. She rose the size a little larger so the soft round mounds were able to fill the larger woman’s hands as she cupped them. “Oh yes Fawn, you love the feel of them don’t you.” She let her words drip with charismatic magic as they flowed from her lips.

“Yes, I love the feel of them, they are so much larger than they looked before.” As she spoke Fawn let her sword drop to the tree branches so she could feel the hardening nipples of the girl.

“yes the feel so good, you can just let your focus go to my breasts, not high else matters,” Tamara said as she arched her back and came up a little above Fawn.

“Yes, nothing else…” Fawn hesitated for a moment looking up at the girl with confusion. As she did Tamara opened the hypnotic of her eyes.

“you want to feel them more, to cup and feel the on your lips and tongue as you suckle the nipples and drink in my heady musky scent.” Tamara knew that the thoughts and words were coming from Dawn, she had never thought these thoughts before, but now she wanted this Valkyrie to lick her pussy as she sat on her face. She gave into the new arousal and need she felt. Fawn let her own inhibitions fly away as she ripped the black form fitting top off of her and buried her face in her round full breasts. She was a little rougher than Tamara wanted, but Dawn loved it rough and hard.

“What the fuck are you doing to me which, have you put a spell on me of some kind?” Fawn said as she drew the nipple into her lips and sucked hard. Tamara let out a loud moan of pleasure as she slipped out of her slacks and panties.

“I want your tongue deep inside me now slut,” Tamara said with a slight nordic accent that wasn’t hers. “I want to sit on your face and have you tongue me to orgasm.” Shit, shit SHIT! She wasn’t in control anymore, Dawn was, and Tamara was riding her suggestions like a race horse. She straddled the submissive Fawn and placed her pussy over the large woman’s face so only a little whips of air could get in. the moment she did Fawn went to work licking along her G-Spot. Driving her tongue in deep and breathing in her juices. Tamara pushed down on her face and ground her sex into her face cutting off any air. She felt Fawn trying to inhale and moved just enough to let the Valkyrie get a slight breath of the night air. She had never felt this kind of pleasure, this kind of… That was when the orgasm hit her sending her mind into a swirling vortex of bliss. “Oh, fucking HELL!” Tamara screamed as the orgasm sent waves of pleasure into her. She felt her powers multiply and increase as she rode the wave of lust and desire for more. She fell back onto the branch and breathed deeply.

“Wow,’ you are so hot,” Fawn said breathlessly as she moved in and kisses Tamara. As their lips met Tamara felt the woman flow into her, she was so dazed from the orgasm it took an effort to open a new box in her mind for the new memories and needs of the other woman. She felt herself fill with the other kind of energy and knew that she was overfeeding. She felt like she could burst from all the power she had. Her body began to shift and reform as she kissed Fawn deeper, letting her lust flow back to Fawn. She felt the changes slowly as they kissed, her breasts growing larger and rounder, her lips filling, her height growing. Her hair became longer and a deep red. She finally felt the last of the woman that was Fawn flow into the box in her mind. What was left was a bimbo. She would have to take this one to the same strip place she had left dawn. Well, she did promise to unite them.

WHAT will happen NEXT? Will Fawn and Dawn end up together? Will we ever get any character development for poor dull boring, John? Will we ever see the pissed off Mistress that seems to be controlling everything, or not totally in control at all? Will we find out what Tamara is? Do you even care? Write Me and let Me know your views on this story… don’t be shy.


This young goldfinch was brought in to us by the RSPCA after being found stuck inside the engine of a car. It had been in there for several days and was quickly rushed in to our vet team.
Luckily it proved to be unharmed, but was too young to fly and survive for itself. It was moved into one of our incubators, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a successful release in the future!


On closer inspection it seems the occupants of the John Lawson house in New Hamburg aren’t what they seem.

This home, dating back to the 1800’s, has many silent and static female guests, dressed of the same era, sitting together out on the porch.

These life size mannequins change position and even outfits, moving around replacing one another when one of them retires to go back inside.

People say there is an unsolved mystery behind the eerie mannequins and that they are often positioned staring out at, or pointing towards, another property in the area. Some say the objects they hold are clues, but so far, nobody has worked it out.

(Pics:road tripper)

Topic of tonight’s rant to my patient spouse: it’s really easy to criticize the writing on a TV show.

They have to write something to come out to a certain number of minutes exactly. That doesn’t exceed the budget in terms of money or time. That takes into account everyone’s contracts, and stuff like labor laws for child actors. That follows whatever standards the network sets for their time slot, brand, advertising demographic, etc. That moves forward in chunks that can be slotted neatly in between commercial breaks. That moves the story one increment toward the season goal, however long the season is. And they have to do this as part of a collaborative team, with who knows how many people offering opinions, some of whom are people who have to be listened to.

Sometimes I think I would like to try it, and then I think about all of the other stuff that goes into it. Novels are easier.

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Psst psst psst talk 2 me about patater and moving in together

oh ho ho, lets keep in mind both kent and tater play for different nhl teams, therefore they would have to go through the move in process twice instead of just once. there’s no way they would just move into one home over the other and i mean this could obviously change due to trades and free agencies and what not, but that’s a whole other issue

HOWEVER while i definitely think tater officially moved his stuff into kents place first, i think unofficially kent had him beat by a long shot. it wasn’t something done on purpose, but every time kent stayed over he would always end up forgetting articles of clothing at taters without either realizing it until later when tater was doing laundry or cleaning up. it might get mentioned offhandedly and kent might always say he was going to pick it up next time he was over because “god damn that’s my favorite shirt! i’ve been looking for that tater!” but by the time kent comes back over it never gets mentioned and tater ends up just clearing a spot in his closet (and eventually in his dresser) for kent’s stuff. 

all of the aces want to joke about how kent is constantly buying clothes, but it’s pretty necessary when a fourth of your belongings end up staying on the other side of the country. by this point it has become an unspoken thing and kent barely bothers with an overnight bag when he visits tater. that’s the only way clothing returns to vegas, but naturally it just ends up swapped with something else.

of course the falconers notice, they are a team that just drops by unannounced, so it only makes sense that on occasion they see clothing that could in no way fit tater or extra toiletries in the bathroom, but it remains an unspoken thing. they decide to not say anything unless tater says something. 

now don’t get me wrong, the forgetting of clothing is by no means a one sided affair, it’s just that tater is far better at taking his stuff with him. so unlike tater kent only has a handful of shirts tucked away in his home.

it ends up being tater who brings up officially moving in, but not with kent. he first brings it up to a fellow falconer who just gets a little confused look on his face: “i mean i don’t really know why you would need to ask, you’ve already half moved in together, but honestly we all figured you would have made the move before kent” 

naturally this leads to a confused/delighted tater when he realizes that yes, kent has in fact moved in even if the pair never discussed it. so their next skype call goes a bit like this:

“since you already move in, is only fair i do same”

“uh, what?”

“you move here, i move there, only fair yes?” 

theres a long pause 

“solnishko?” tater definitely calls kent his sunshine, i will die before letting that go

“fuck, i did move in”


tater moving in wasn’t a big event, in fact they kept it rather lowkey since neither kent or tater were out publicly yet, so they slowly moved tater in like kent had moved in. just more deliberately this time. 

and lets not think about when they finally come out and buy a vacation home together because the amount of domesticity between the pair as they go furniture shopping together is deadly. not to mention when they start to spend time in their off season homes together.

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Too bad they didn't have Farkle be the one that moves. Then we could see how Riley would react to losing Farkle and that would be good realization to Riley how she really feels for him. I can see Farkle running away so he wouldn't have to move and Riley finds him and they have their moment. Before he moves either Lucas or Zay has a idea that Farkle can stay with their family until graduation. Riley and Farkle are the happiest that he is staying. Eventually LR and SM break up and Riarkle rises.

I think we would get a pretty big reaction out of Riley, mostly because of what we are shown of their relationship. Riley and Farkle are really close, I mean, they’re best friends and have been for years and we have seen how much they care for and love each other so the idea of him moving would be big for her. And it could be possible to get a slight realization out of Riley, ya never know.

I don’t see him running away (technically) but I can see him coming to The Bay Window and them having a talk. Because we all know when those two are in their moods, they’ve been shown to confide in each other. 

I can see Riley reassuring him that she will always be there for him, making sure he calls every day, and telling him she loves him yadda yadda. 

I have no doubts it would turn out close to the same way Goodbye would.  But yeah, as a shipper I would kill to see a Riley realization.

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Black Siren's Song

read it on the AO3 at

by Bree882006

Eight months after their broken engagement, Oliver and Felicity are trying to move on from one another, and failing miserably. As they slowly make their way back to each other, a new problem arises. Her name is Black Siren, and she wants this Earth’s Oliver Queen.

Olicity endgame. Don’t like it, don’t read it. I won’t be changing my mind. Also, there will be a badass Laurel Lance, no Laurel hate welcomed.

Words: 7997, Chapters: 2/?, Language: English

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Okay so I am only newly getting aware of aro/ace discourse and it sounds gosh dang stupid bc it is pretty much supposedly "legit" LGBT+ ppl attacking aro/ace tags and even paid chatrooms and suddenly saying they are not identities and that they are "modifiers"??? Also they are using really old "you aren't as opressed as we are" special snowflake race which is something they threw to bi pan and trans people too just a few years ago and???? That makes no bloody sense at all wtf.

its mostly petty lil pissbabies whining “b-but i have worse than you “ when that isnt true at all and is also pretty much a dick move to compare one person’s misery to another

- blue



Invading Strangetown: Stella’s First Day in the Desert

She moved into a tiny one bedroom home, it wasn’t exactly glamorous but it would just have to do!

The first thing she did was buy a telescope to remind her of her home beyond the stars.

After realizing “wow, that telescope cost a lot!” she decided she needed a job … and since she didn’t know much about earth culture, it would have to be something easy. A part time job at the bookstore would be fine, right? 

So she caught a taxi and headed to the Bargain Books in town, got the job, and picked up a few skill books to help kickstart her life on earth.

Afterwards she hit up the local library, where she saw this handsome devil and his green baby.

After spending a good chunk of the day at the library chatting it up with Pascal Curious and playing a little solo chess, Stella grabbed a taxi home and took a look at the sky above before heading to bed.

All in all, it was a pretty good start in this quiet desert town.