“So – where’s the pool?” Lydia asked right after entering the house, her eyes search moving around her new living space curiously. It took her a second to realize that her first words in this house were a little rude. “Oh, uh – I’m Lydia. Really glad to be here,” she corrected herself, but her eyes were still searching for that damn pool.

The Good Doctor Part 4

Holy shit. Holy fucking shit. Those words just came out of his mouth. The words cunt and come came out of his mouth without the slightest bit of hesitation. I felt the slow burn of arousal in my belly and Spencer watched me closely. I still couldn’t believe he thought he could make me come without touching me. No one could do it. It wasn’t possible. Right? I felt insecure under his gaze. Eyes moving over my body and resting on my breasts.

I wriggled around on the bed, legs closed together. He smiled at me cheekily. He was paying close attention to the way my chest moved up and down. I squirmed, trying to make him do something.

“Let’s start from the beginning shall we?” Spencer asked and leaned over me, lips caressing my forehead before moving to my temple, and ending at the left side of my jaw. “Do you remember the bar we went to?” I shook my head slowly and he frowned. Spencer lightly nipped my jaw.

“Spencer, c’mon do something!” I groaned and pushed my chest up. Spencer shook his head and kissed my lips hotly, hands gently pushing me back down onto my bed. I wanted to pout. If I tried hard enough I could slip out of his tie…

“You had a vodka tonic, myself some scotch. You were discussing how overrated you felt Martha Jones was and how Donna Nobel was the superior Doctor Who companion.” Spencer was right. I did find Martha overrated. Frankly, I found her damn annoying. But once Donna entered the picture I was in love with the show again. Not that I didn’t like Rose or anything. I just thought that Martha was ridiculously annoying. “You had three more before we moved onto the subject of how no one really made you feel good anymore.” This wasn’t possible. He can’t remember all of that.

Spencer kissed my neck, suckling the skin there. “Don’t leave a mark!” I snapped. Spencer chuckled. I felt my body lift off the bed and he smirked. Spencer sucked into my collarbone again. He was doing it to spite me. That cheeky motherfucker.

“You took me back to your apartment, kissing me with such fervor. Your hands dug into my shirt and you let out the cutest moan. Making me so very hard.”  He continued, ignoring my words. God damn it! I truly couldn’t believe what he was doing. I couldn’t believe how wet he was making me. His hands lightly ran along my sides, fingers skimming below my breasts. I felt my nipples harden and Spencer kept his lips by my ear. “I said Tell me what you want and do you remember what you said?” He asked.

I remembered. Of course I remembered. Nodding, I looked at him before licking my dry lips. “I said I wanted anything and everything.” Spencer smiled.

“Good girl.” Spencer rewarded me then, his hands covering my breasts and kneading them. I let out a whimper. Oh god this so wasn’t happening. Spencer gently bit my ear, sucking on the lobe while his hands lightly kneaded my breasts. His fingers wrapped around one of my nipples and twisted. I arched by back and let out a loud moan.

“Please, pretty please fuck me.” I whined and he let out a huff and moved his hands away. I felt betrayed. Put them back. Oh my god put them back. Why did he take them away?

“Do remember the way you pulled on my hair? The way you undressed me and laid yourself out on the bed you used to own?” I wanted to nod to do anything to get him to put his hands back on me. I felt my body lift off the bed and he smirked. Spencer sucked into my collarbone and I let out another loud moan.  “Do you remember how it felt while I fucked you with my tongue?”

Spencer removed my arms from the headboard, quickly securing my wrists back together as he lifted me up, back to his clothed chest and lower half resting on his jean clad lap. His hands found my breasts again, lips back on my ear while I only felt my skin heat up and that tension form in my belly.

“Remember how you begged me to fuck you? How you fisted my cock and pumped me slowly?” I shook with anticipation as his fingers pinched and pulled at my nipples, he occasionally brought his fingers to his lips and put them back on me. I gasped at the sensation. “How about when I fucked you in this position, you screamed for me to fuck you harder.”

“Spencer please!”

“I have fantasized about that night for six years, jerking off in hopes of recreating the feel of your cunt clenched around my cock.” He whispered hotly in my ear while he continued to nibble and lick that sensitive spot on my ear. I leaned heavily against him, his arm wrapped around my torso and held me to him. I tried to move away from his lips but he didn’t let up. My muscles tensed. It felt as though I was being tickled, though the feeling was moving straight to my pussy. I was coming. I was fucking coming and he was barely touching me. All he fucking did was talk to me and I felt the tensing and relaxation of my body. It wasn’t some mind blowing orgasm but holy shit did it wear me out. Spencer felt me go slack against him and he gently untied my wrists, he pushed me down onto the bed and kissed my cheek.

“Spencer…” I sighed his name and he smiled.

“Sleep. We’ll talk about it later.”

“But you didn’t come.”

“It was about you, not me.” He said and I drifted off to sleep, not before he kissed my cheek and told me he’d see me at work the next morning. Oh god how was I going to deal with tomorrow morning?

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"So loving you are, Trish. How anyone can hurt you is beyond me,"

*blushes looking into his eyes, moving a strand of his hair out of his face* The world of men is a strange place. *softly* But now I’m away from that world. In a place where I won’t be hurt like that ever again. I’m with you and I know I’m safe so now I can show this loving side to someone who deserves it.

The morning after…

Andrew never wakes up early on a Sunday, but today is different. The empty spot on his bed is the first thing he notices. He is not surprised, because Nika hasn’t slept ever since she got that call from the police.

He gets dressed quickly and walks downstairs. His eyes moves around the room, confusedly, before they land on the girl on the floor, and he sighs when he notices another cup of coffee in her hands. She already drank too much coffee the day before, so Andrews knows this is only the first cup out of a million. And the girl needs sleep, not caffeine.

Nika notices the floor creak, but she doesn’t act fast enough, before the cup is forced out of her hands.

Hey! Give it back to me” she shouts and tries to grab it out of Andrew’s hand.

I’m sorry, Nika, normally I wouldn’t have a problem with this, but it’s too much. You haven’t slept for two days, and you can’t force yourself through the day by drinking coffee” Andrew says, before he turns towards the kitchen. “Go to bed, I’m throwing this out!


No, there’s just no good reason, Nika, and I’m only doing this because I care about you. Just go upstairs, and get some sleep. Now!” Andrew quickly interrupts her. He notices her eyebrows furrow from a mixture between anger, sadness and desperation. “I’m sorry” he adds, before walking away to throw her coffee out. Nika sighs heavily.

How do you expect me to sleep when the police can’t do their job and find my ex, before he finds me?” she says and crosses her arms with a pout.

Not another word is said, and the silence is slowly killing her. She moves her eyes back up from the floor, when she hears Andrew walk closer to her.

I understand that you’re scared, and I’ll do whatever I can to keep you safe, but if anything should happen, how to you expect yourself to be able to protect anyone when your body is too exhausted? And besides that, you have to go to an important meeting later.

Nika closes her eyes. She would be lying if she didn’t find him reasonable. In fact, he’s actually right, and she would be stupid not to listen to him.

9 with Void!Stiles

“Let’s play a game. With no rules!”

Find a Drabble number here and request with any teen wolf character.


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I watched as Stiles, well not really Stiles, the Nogitsune being tied up. 

It hurt all of us watching what was happening to Stiles with his body being taken over and none of us are really sure how to stop it.

It was my turn to watch over him while the other members talked about what they were going to do with him. 

I try to do everything to keep me distracted from the Nogitsune but I couldn’t help but notice how he was staring at me. 

“What! What do you want?” I yelled at him.

He moved his eyes down like he was pointing at his duck tape over his mouth.

“If you think I’m taking that off your crazy.” I tell him as I watch a tear go down his cheek. I couldn’t help but see only Stiles not the thing that was controlling him. 

I get closer to him and pull the duck tape off. He looks at me and smirks,

“You really like him don’t you?” He waits for my reaction and when I don’t say anything he says “He is begging me not to touch a hair on your body.” He gets closer to me after ever word he speaks till he is touching my ear. 

I stand up not wanting to be so close when I hear him yell “Lets play a game Y/n! One with no rules!” 

He breaks out of his ropes and starts rushing towards me as I back into a wall. 

“You would like that wouldn’t you little dove. To just be inches closer to me. To Stiles.” 

“Your not Stiles.” I say as I look down at my feet “You’ll never be as strong or brave as Stiles.” 

“We’ll see about that.” He tells me as I watch Scott run into the living room as everything around me goes black. 

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Do you have any fics where one of the boys have to travel away and leave the other behind? Muke preferred, but whatever you an get your hands on it fine :)

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i love it when a bi person gets described as ‘half gay’ because I always imagine one half of their body straining to hit on Damien from Bio class while the other half fights to make a move on Jojo from across the road. both sides pull with the same force so bi people can only manage to stay stationary for the entirety of their existence with an expression like a startled cat as the two sides of their body pull away from each other. as a bi person i can confirm that this is an accurate description. i hardly ever move, my eyes are so wide. i never blink. my hetero half and my homo half are in constant conflict. send help