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all facts you see here have been seen or said in his videos. they all come from many different videos, so please don’t ask me for the source, because i won’t remember.  Also, some of these may be incorrect, dont kill me. i might update this post once in a while when i learn new things, but ah.


  • Is only just below 5′10, making him shorter by Mark (5′9 and a half maybe?)
  • Despite being Irish, he hates getting drunk, but will drink cans or cups of beer sometimes during videos, usually the long one hour ones.
  • A while back, around the time when Jack was with his korean girlfriend, he wanted to move to Korea and be an English teacher for children.
  • He can still speak Korean.
  • Jack has a scar above his left eye where the football hit him (aka the septic eye), you can see it in his eyebrow.
  • Has a degree in hotel management, but studied sound design as well.
  • Around the age of 16-17, he went through the punk phase, meaning he got his ears pierced, listened to punk music, wore black, went to mosh pits, and even had his own band for a while.
  • Jack actually meant to get gauges a size smaller than 8mm, but the people at the piercing place told him no one was in that specialised in those piercing sizes and asked him if he wanted to a size higher (8mm) so he said “fuck it” and got them. The reason he still has the holes is because if you go 8mm and over, the holes won’t reseal.
  • Since Jack had to learn hotel management, he had to learn how to clean hotel rooms, in the correct order. (theres an order of what you have to clean first, apparently.)
  • Lost his virginity at the age of 16.
  • Has VERY dirty humor, but when getting on to the topic of sex in video games he gets very embarrassed.
  • Hasn’t smoked weed.
  • Jack was actually meant to get on Mark’s roof to do that “TOP OF THE MORNING TO YA LADDIES” in that one RYC of Mark’s, but Mark forgot about it so it never happened.
  • Played Bugsy Malone when he was younger. (just imagine bby jack trying to imitate a new yorker accent…)
  • Likes Simon Stalenhag’s artwork. (i agree, it’s really, really aesthetically pleasing.)
  • Doesn’t draw, but he owns a small drawing tablet from his Drawing Your Tweets series.
  • Despite having a fear of heights, as a child, Jack would climb up trees for HOURS, as in, he would climb up trees and then climb back down and repeat the whole process.
  • Does not like the idea of blood being taken out of his body, it creeps him out.
  • Might be allergic to cats. He says this because every time he touches a cat he starts sneezing a lot.
  • Is the youngest of five.
  • Seems to really like robots, he has said he really likes The Iron Giant or Wall-E, and gets really happy when he plays video games based on robots.
  • Really likes voice acting.
  • Had rlly chubby cheeks as a baby
  • If you look closely you can see that Jack’s mustache has a red tinge unlike his beard. 
  • Use to work out A LOT but stopped not long before he started youtube, little leprachaun had GAINS
  • Wishes he could be good at acting.
  • When Jack dressed up all nice n fancy for the SXSW gaming awards, he mentioned he actually has another suit he would have used, but went with the blue one instead. The other one was grey.
  • Buys a lot of childrens toys because he generally likes them and wants to own them. Usually most of the time he’ll see a toy in a window and be like “I want that.”
  • In 2014, Jack actually had a roommate named Killian, Killian was in a few videos, including this , this , and this. Killian eventually moved out.
  • Jack was given an opportunity to be apart of Youtube Rewind of 2015, but turned it down since he had things to do and didn’t have time to fly out to America.
  • Would like his own dog to have in the apartment.
  • Jack actually doesn’t have much of an Irish accent, it’s actually very, very subtle compared to other Irish accents. Like Ross, for example.
  • Jack is actually able to get his voice incredibly deep considering his natural voice, a lot of professional voice actors aren’t able to achieve that.
  • Wishes he can start working out again so he starts getting healthy again.
  • Jack is actually, believe it or not, not a whale biologist. I’m only putting this here because i fuckING THOUGHT HE WAS FOR A WHOLE YEAR.
  • Takes his coffee black with two sugars.
  • Jack’s actual reason why he doesn’t sleep other than thats it’s only for the weak, is that he really doesn’t see the point, he thinks that the time for sleeping could be used for better things. I also remember him mentioning once that since he’s in the same timezone as felix, some times he would skype felix and just talk to him. Idk whether he still does that. 
  • Has a silver tooth, whether it’s a filling or he was born w/ it, it’s there.
  • Had very dark pink hair around the same time when he started his punk phase, theres no photos of it unfortunately.
  • Jack doesn’t have his drivers license, he regrets not getting it when he had the chance because the rules in Ireland have become a lot more harder.
  • Since Jack doesn’t wear gauges anymore, instead he puts shit like clothes hangers, keychains, hand sanitizer clips, and even MORE stuff in the holes. 
  • Doesn’t have proper functional sweat glands. I always wondered why he didn’t seem so sweaty in vive videos or on panels. Instead he gets a rash.
  • In a video, Ian (Idubbz) asked Jack for some pubes.. and well, Jack did.
  • Was a fan of k-pop once, but that was a while back.
  • Hasn’t gotten sick in years.
  • HATED studying in music theory when he was in college
  • When he used to live in the cabin, by his house, there lived a little shetland pony that was in a video once.
  • Favorite birthday was his 7th, he even knew the presents he got were hand-me downs but recalls it to still be the best time.
  • Sometimes, Jack gets these awkward moments where if he walks through a doorway and it feels odd he’ll have to step through it again for it to be equal, same with when he balls one fist he has to ball the other.
  • Used to cut his own hair.
  • There is a vine of him which he filmed in college.
  • Here is a video of Jack voice-acting a detective saying a ton of puns for one of Robin’s animations
  • Has an awful gag reflex. Once stuck his thumb in his mouth and gagged.

Actually, that’s kind of an interesting cultural thing in Killing Stalking. Korea was a very poor country until the 90s, and these days it’s experiencing rapid economic growth, and tons and tons of people are moving into Seoul for better opportunities. The fact that Sangwoo and Bum live outside Seoul already sort of implies that they’re…well, not poor exactly, but getting left behind in a country that’s rapidly upward mobile. People have asked “How can Sangwoo afford that house?” But he probably couldn’t sell that house even if he wanted to.

1. Give yourself space. Away from the things that are making you unhappy. Stressing you out. Making your head spin. Create distance. Clear your head. Don’t surround yourself with negativity. It will only create more negativity.

2. Don’t waste energy on people who aren’t willing to recognize the sparkle you bring to their lives. Don’t waste time being something you’re not just to impress them. You aren’t second best. So don’t give reason to that thought process.

3. Speak your mind. Don’t let people walk over you and take your love for granted. Be honest and stand up for yourself. You’re not the opinion of someone else. They see what they want to see. Hear what the want to hear. Twist the truth. Mould it to their advantage. Don’t let them undercut you. Belittle you and make you feel unworthy of love. Everyone has flaws that will be pinpointed. Don’t let others use them as an advantage. Turn it round. Accept them so they can’t use them as a weapon.

4. Just say yes. Yes to adventure. Yes to opportunity. Yes to new people. Yes to love and happiness. Say yes to explore, travel and create the life that you want for yourself. You’ve got nothing to loose. Saying you can’t shuts you off completely when you didn’t even give yourself the chance to do something wonderful.

5. There’s no win. There’s no loose. Every success or failure opens doors for new experiences. Build that door. Don’t wait for happiness to come knocking.

—  5 thoughts on self worth ~

look at endings as the opportunities that they are :))

MISTER 101: Why do you do this?

I was posed the question this morning.. and while its come in different forms before, the way it was presented here struck a chord in me. So I figured it was time to take the chance to explain myself… because ultimately I am sure its something that peaks the interest of many who follow me.


I remember every single detail about that night.

The way he stared at me made me uneasy at first, but after I realized it was an inquisitive spirit and not one that wanted to take advantage of me, I was put at ease. Being a college freshman from a small poor town having never met anyone outside of your bubble can be intimidating you know… 

So when he said: “Come with me, I have something to show you”.. I didnt think twice, because I had this burning suspicion that my life was about to change in an epic way.. and it did. 

It was most likely the space of 45 minute to an hour but it felt like a rebirth and a new beginning of timeline. As though in some form or fashion I broke away from the timeline I was living in and entered into an alternate existence. I felt alive and aware like I never had beforeI had become awakened. 


At that age and the first time away from home you can become influenced by man things. Especially when you basically grew up with nothing… its often sometimes hard to tell whats right and wrong. But there was something most definitely right in the almost daily sessions. The lectures… the teaching.. the observations….. the encouragement. It all came together like a familiar puzzle that you have put together a hundred times, but yet each time still seems fresh and new in some strange way. 

It was made clear to me above all else that the information I was being given was sacred. That it was to be used for ultimate benefit to others, and never to be abused. It was told and retold… emphasized and drilled.. I realized that I was being given the opportunity of a lifetime.

All those hours at the mall watching people… all those nights sitting in the corner taking mental notes as he worked over his subs in scene time.. all those extra hours in psychology and criminology classes for no reason but to learn everything I could about myself and why I was this way. All the munches and presentations and books…. all the time spent with rope in my hands… with another persons trust in my hands… with the power to make or break.. in my hands. 

“No matter what you do, always do it with an ultimate purpose. When she asks “Why?”, always have an answer… when she submits, always be grateful”

Even now I begin to tear up recalling those words being spoken into my right ear and the gentle touch on my shoulder. He was always so gentle with my ignorance… he was always very deliberate with his teachings. 


Its one thing to dream, its another to dare, and its something completely else to dominate. Much like a prize fighter trains for his title fights, I trained for the moment when the reigns were handed to me and I given the humbling opportunity to be in control. 

That first time I snapped my fingers and she shuffled into position was breathtaking. I paused, lost concentration… and felt that tap on my shoulder. 

“Remember… this is a great gift thats been given to you. Treat it that way”

Focus was found again, and as she stared into my eyes my soul devoured everything within her, consumed it and knew exactly what she wanted. All those hours spun into seconds and my awareness burned like a phoenix rising from the dark depths of the ruins of my former life. 

I was a Dom… I AM a Dom… and at that moment I fully came into the realization of the great responsibility placed in my hands, and the restraint with which I was expected to always express. 

Everything was always to be many things… A chance to grow. A chance to teach. A chance to learn. A chance to enhance anothers life and bring about something within them that was much like what he saw in me that night. A chance to make sure that someones like would be set into forward motion and that progress & growth would be ultimate goal. 

“Never abuse this power.. never take advantage of anothers eagerness and hunger to become alive like you had”

And so I always set upon approaching every opportunity with this mantra in mind… yes, her submission is a gift, yes, she needs what I have and received myself, yes, she deserves to come alive.. to grow… to progress.. to be fully alive.


And so through all the classes, the teaching, the meetings and munches.. through all the practical hands on, scene play, and so on… I became who I am.

“Never be complacent. When you stop learning, you have failed me”

These words cut me hard to the bone… even typiing them and hearing them in his voice in my head is like a punch in the gut to even think I would do such a thing. He gave me so much of his wisdom, knowledge and time that I shudder at the thought of ever grieving his spirit. 


“you can never have any judgment… because you will always remember who you used to be”

Growing up I had nothing. My parents were busy, my older brother and his friends got a lot of joy out of making me a punching bag. At school I was ridiculed and taunted. Being fat and awkward and just wanting friends puts a target on your back the size of Texas. 

I was also a target in a different way by one of my brothers friends… and in the coldness of that damp basement one summer day he changed my life in ways that I both regret, feel ashamed of…  and feel blessed for. So then when my uncle did it again in my middle school years…. it seemed normal. 

But theres nothing normal about holding your fathers handgun to your head on a hot July day at the age of 12 and thinking theres nothing left in life. 

It was also at that early age words became powerful, important and valuable in great ways. 

“When you speak make it mean something, make it important. When you present yourself you are also presenting me”

After a botched love letter to a girl I had a crush on in which i misspelled the word “beautiful”, she decided to stand up and read the letter to the whole class and point out my mistakes. From that moment I decided that being well spoken was the key to success, and as such I began a path that not only saw me become a regional spelling bee champion… but also having aced English and rhetoric on the ACT college entrance exam.

I could have wallowed in my misery for those things that happened to me.. which are a minuscule part of my early life. But instead I made a choice.

I chose to do everything I could to get out of where I was and make sure that no one would ever take advantage of me in those ways again. I chose that instead of being codependent and weak and worthless… that there was a greater life outside of where I was and what was happening. 

Venerable actions

When you grow up having nothing, you either want everything or you form a respect for being simple.

In my case it became both and somewhere within my training I figured out that you could have everything you wanted with the most simple of actions. 

I knew that moment had arrived for me the night I was standing in front of a sub who was fully naked and in position… I was fully clothed and drinking tea and staring at her… And… doing nothing else. 

Within 5 minutes, cum had began to run down her inner thighs.

I had embraced the fullness of everything I had been taught. Everything I had yearned for.. all that time spent, those hours of tutelage, all that training had come into full fruition. And all I did was something simple.. drink tea and be myself.

A lot of people mistake my confidence for ego.

A lot of people think that the person I portray on my tumblr isn’t who exists in real life. 

“The respect you earn will be worth the most. Dont ever expect it. Just do what you know to do and it will come natural”

And with simple things, simple living, simple this simple that… everything becomes rather complex. Everything becomes vivid and deliberate. When you come to the table with  no expectations, you are rarely ever disappointed. When you have no expectations, you have no reason to judge. 

And how can I live without judgment… how is it that I understand and seem to be this giant lighthouse for everyone?

Experience breeds wisdom.

Been there, done that.

I know pain.. sorrow.. I know joy.. I know the depths at which life can take a person. I know what its like to want to die… to realize I should live. Ive been there… Ive been there when all hope seemed lost. Ive been there, shaking in the corner after being violated… Ive been there when all trust was lost. Ive been there when the indention of a gun barrell slowly fades from the skin in your temple. Ive been there when she waited a few seconds longer than I did… and squeezed. Ive been there… staring at the medication bottle and wondering what would happen… Ive been there holding a dying person in my arms who looked into my eyes and told me they were sorry. Ive been there when the police arrived.. Ive been there in the dead of night when you sit on your roof and stare at the stars and curse the sky. Ive been there.. on the floor with a bloody nose and sore ribs. Ive been there and watched it all slip away… 

And in every occurrence.. ive always looked forward. Ive always known that there was something better, that there was hope at the end.. its what keeps me motivated and going even today. Through the issues and the pain and the solitude, through the depths of my roadblocks.. it keeps me moving forward.

“Mistakes are opportunities. Always make the best of every one of them”

and so I do. Every mistake is a chance to improve. To be better tomorrow than I was yesterday.. and I do my best to bring those like me along for the journey.

So why do I do what I do?

Because this knowledge is sacred. because a promise made is a promise kept. Because when I was at my lowest, someone reached down into my grave and pulled me out and breathed new life into my lungs… 

I do this because I cannot sit by and watch anyone fall to the wayside. I cannot let those who were once like me be taken advantage of, and abused, and kicked around.. I cannot let this wisdom that was so graciously placed in me just rot away. 

I do this for every little.. and every daddy.. and every submissive.. and every kitten, puppy, piggy, slave, etc that exists within this beautiful culture and lifestyle that I have immersed myself in and grown within and fostered and found to be real and true. 

I do this because no one else will… no one else does.

The posts, the answers, the stories, everything… its all for you. YOU. Not for me… I am second within this great drama that is my tumblr. This is all for you and those will come after. 

Its the reason I read the stories.. because I know you need them for one thing or another. Its the reason I make the posts to teach and educate so you know better.. its the reason I give my time and sacrifice myself to be there no matter what. Its the reason I do what I do.. is because of all of you.

Thats why I am there. Yes there are thousands of you… thousands of strangers who come to me for everything and anything.

I saved someones life this week. I helped another on a date… i helped another choose special items for special time with their boyfriend. I helped someone else prevent an anxiety attack… I helped another prepare for a job interview.. and I did it all because I had to. I did it all because of the spirit inside of me that says I cant not do it….  

I do it all……for you……

…. because it was done for me.

2. BTS Reaction To You Falling Asleep On Them.

(Feel free to send in requests with the group that you want I’ll write about anything)


Jin would find you so adorable especially seeing you curled up next to him with your head resting on his shoulder. He would want to put you into bed only because he would want you to be more comfortable but I’m sure he’d let you lay on him a little longer just so he can admire the view he has of you.

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Let’s be real he’ll probably be the one asleep on you. Although if he wasn’t and he did have you asleep on him, he would wake you up to see if you wanted to go to bed but if not he’d allow you to lay on him because I believe behind closed doors yoongi could actually be pretty affectionate. He’d stay where he was being careful not to move too much to wake you but he would definitely just fall asleep with you lmao.

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This boy would love having you fall asleep on him as it gives him the opportunity to snuggle up with you and cuddle. After a while when namjoon eventually starts to get uncomfortable I think he wouldn’t wake you but just pick you up and carry you to your bedroom and join you in bed.

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CUDDLES ALL DAY LONG. Legit he wouldn’t even wake you up or take you to bed he would be so happy you’ve fallen asleep on him even if that does mean he falls asleep on the sofa as well and has a back ache in the morning, he would LOVE it seriously he would make sure you used him as a pillow and have so many blankets. Oh how I wish I could cuddle this boy.

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This little bun would take SO many photos of you asleep on him, he would find it so precious. Expect to wake up in bed though because I’m sure jimin wouldn’t want you to be uncomfortable and he prefers to cuddle in bed but he’d love it so much as I can imagine him being a big softie for cuddles especially ones from you.

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He would just fall asleep with you, he’d find it so adorable seeing you all snuggled up against him. Taehyung would grab a blanket wrap you up in it and cuddle you so much that it wouldn’t surprise me if you would wake up during the night because he’s clinging to you like a koala. Expect to be showered in kisses when you wake up though because Taehyungs a cutie.

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Baby boy would not move a muscle seriously he’d freeze, not that he didn’t want to cuddle you back it’s just that he would worry he might wake you and thats the last thing he needs. Although the minute you started moving slightly he’d take the opportunity to pick you up bridal style and place you in bed as he’d only want you to be comfortable, he would still join you in bed for cuddles though.

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Chance Encounter [BOTW Link/Reader]

Title: Chance Encounter
Pairing: BOTW Link/Reader [you]
Summary: By some blessing from Hylia, you are able to save the young man from being killed by moblins. But soon, you’re struck by some sense of familiarity.

Previous BOTW fics:
Sidon: Unbearable Distance [pt1] & A Time for Us
Revali: Acrophobia

A/n: ay-yo! this was intended to be a response to a request where link is hurt and mc cares for him, but i’ll probably do another one to fit that more specifically. anywho. i hope this is still enjoyable and i highly encourage your feedback if you do enjoy it!

requests still open!

It was by the blessings from Hylia and the cover of torrential rainfall that you could drag the young man’s unconscious body from the beaten path to the safety of the nook carved into a wall of stone. You had been observing him from a distance for most of that evening, behavior customary to those who made their home in the crevices of rock. He had fought against the moblins valiantly, relentlessly and with a flare of something wild. 

Still, a horde of moblins versus one ill-equipped man almost never boasted a victory to the latter. Often times, the daring travelers were killed and hastily devoured by the moblins before they moved onto next, birthing an opportunity for you to collect supplies and weapons slick with red and absolutely acrid, remnants of tattered clothing trampled into the dirt.

You would be lying to yourself if you claimed those sights never haunted you at night while a haze of red seemed to drape itself across Hyrule like a thick veil.

Still, you couldn’t explain what compelled you to help the young man. A force beyond your comprehension, perhaps divine guidance from Hylia? 

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[Don’t Lose Heart]

Series: Boku no Hero Academia
Pairing: Todomomo. 
Setting: Canon.
Genre(s): Romance, hurt/comfort. 

A/N: so I just finished reading the BNHA manga in two days and I’m not used to character/ship names yet, but I really want to start writing in the fandom. So, consider this my way of dipping a toe in foreign waters before letting the waves pull me in.

Summary: When random allocation places Todoroki as her opponent, Momo begins to lose face. 

Momo’s heartbeat was deafening. A hush stole into the common room, leaving her alone with the quiet. A half-moon watched over her through the window, sending shadows skittering across the floor. Dust swirled and scattered in the cool air. Though silent with the absence of Momo’s classmates, the room had never seemed so obnoxiously loud. Hidden somewhere in the quiet, Aizawa’s voice was a faded ringing in her ears that pulsed in and out of her head.

Today, I’m going to assign each of you an opponent at random

The class had cheered – of course they had. This was an opportunity to display their special moves. An opportunity to advance and grow. To challenge their peers, their friends, and move forward together.  

Details of the match will be given on the grounds tomorrow morning. Since this is a demonstration of your technique and not an examination of your response time, you’ll have the opportunity to form strategies before class tomorrow. Use this time wisely. 

‘A strategy…against Todoroki.’ Momo let out a long breath she’d been holding in. ‘I wonder what kind of strategy he’ll use against me.’

Would someone like Todoroki even need a strategy? In terms of battle, he was strong enough to fend off her attacks. Momo’s grades were higher than Todoroki’s, but he was arguably more suited to practical battles than she was. Compared to Todoroki, Momo was…

‘You can’t sleep either?’

Momo started at the sound of footsteps padding across the floor behind her. Craning her neck to glance over the back of the couch, she spotted Todoroki approaching from behind. Flecks of hair stood out in a disarray, telltale signs of his attempt to sleep. It seemed strange to Momo that he’d have any trouble at all. 

At least he’d made it to bed, she thought. That was more than she’d managed to do.

‘Normally, whenever we participate in practical events, the class is thrown into it spontaneously. Our pairings are decided on the day and we’re forced to think on our feet.’ Momo’s gaze flicked away from Todoroki’s as he sat down beside her. ‘Now that I have time to think…it’s like my thoughts have abandoned me. I can’t create a strategy like this.’

‘A creator who can’t create,’ Todoroki mumbled. ‘Sounds tough.’

Momo laced her fingers together on her lap. ‘I told myself that I would keep pushing forward of my own volition,’ she said. ‘I don’t want to chase someone else’s back for the rest of my life. I want to look past them, into the distance, and reach for my own future. But, while trying to focus on strategy, I fall back into the same pattern again. Of comparing myself to the others. To…you.’

Todoroki’s lips threatened a smile that he seemed to suppress out of respect for Momo’s feelings. Instead, he leaned back on the couch and let out a quiet yawn. Contagious as it was, Momo was too frustrated to let it tempt her into slumber. 

‘So,’ she started, averting her gaze back to his, ‘what’s keeping you up so late?’

Todoroki seemed to consider before answering. ‘I’m looking forward to it.’

Momo could only stare at him.

‘To our battle,’ he explained.  

Momo’s heart gave a subtle flutter that only seemed to spread the nausea in her stomach. ‘You’re looking forward to it?’

‘Yeah,’ he said, shifting towards her. 

When their knees touched, Momo became suddenly aware of his presence, and of the way she’d poured her feelings out without ever stopping to see if he was interested. All at once she felt exposed and vulnerable – and just a tad embarrassed about what she’d blurted out. 

‘I’m not sure I’ll be much of an opponent for you,’ she confessed. ‘I’m not…’

Todoroki’s expression hardened. He leveled his gaze with hers, luring her deep into eyes that burned like ice on flesh. ‘Tomorrow, I won’t be holding back. That’s what I came to tell you.’

A chill danced up Momo’s spine. ‘I…’

‘If you’re not here to give it your all, then leave.’

When he stood, Momo latched onto his wrist, stopping him in his tracks. ‘I’ll make you use both sides,’ she challenged, letting her eyes flicker between his shoulders. ‘I’m going to give it my all. So much so that you’re forced to wield ice and fire if you want to beat me. That’s what a hero should do!’

Todoroki’s lips curved up into a smile. He turned to face her, placing a hand over the one she’d used to grab his wrist. Momo’s heart felt as though it might burst with the new lease of courage that kindled inside her. She’d been foolish to question things. It didn’t matter who her opponent was – they were all training to be heroes. They all needed to do their best for the sake of the lives they wanted to save. 

‘You’re not the only one who’s nervous,’ he told her. ‘One day, we won’t be surrounded by school walls anymore. We’ll be the ones tasked with saving people. As long as you give it your all tomorrow, you can face defeat knowing you tried your best. Losing now means you can correct your mistakes. One day, it’ll be the difference between life and death. It’s better to worry now than in the future, when people need you to win.’ Todoroki gave a reassuring nod. ‘Don’t question your abilities or your quirk. They’re part of you and will grow as you do. Heroes can’t afford to lose heart.’

Somehow, Todoroki seemed even cooler than before. Momo’s heart felt suddenly lighter, as though a weight had been lifted off her chest. Todoroki had come so far since they’d become classmates. Everyone was doing their best to mature and grow. She should do her best, too. 

Withdrawing her hand, Momo found herself unable to stop smiling. ‘My goal tomorrow is victory,’ she said. ‘Nothing less.’

Todoroki turned back towards the stairs. ‘Then you’d better get some sleep. I won’t forgive you if you tire in the middle of battle.’

Momo stared at his back as he left. The way he walked exuded confidence, but there was a hint of gentleness carried in the sound of his quiet footsteps. Why was it that a simple word from Todoroki made all the difference in the world? 

And had his shoulders…always been so broad? 

crystalizedforest  asked:

primitive skills question: I want to take wilderness survival courses but holy gods they're so expensive!! do you have any recommendations on books that can teach me the theories? also, do you know how you would go about finding legally if it's okay to light primitive fires in your backyard? thank you so much!!

Woohoo! This is exactly the kind of question I love getting. And bear with me because this warrants something of a long answer, as I think it’s important for folks to know more about (that’s also why I’m answering this here instead of making it part of the Secret Side Blog Patreon thing). 

To start: I’m located in the Pacific Northwest, so most of the locations I’ll be talking about are also based around this region. However, you can still apply the notions to other areas of the USA, and use some of the following links to get connected with people in the wilderness skills and primitive survival industries; I’m sure that many would be happy to help folks find programs closer to home!

If you want to get involved with primitive skills in a hands-on capacity, nothing beats learning from those with experience. There are good books on the subject, and YouTube is a wealth of information, as well! But if you’ve got the time for taking courses, you may also have the time to do a work away or WWOOF with farms that have a specific focus in this particular field. 

Prime example: We attend Okanogan Barter Faire each year with our friends from the Wilderbabes primitive school in Washington State. They offer classes for all age groups, but also have programs available for folks who wish to live and stay on the property in exchange for manual labor. You get to learn new skills, help out around the farm, and they provide room and board. Katie is fantastic (and totally adorable), so if you’re in the area and have the time, jump contact her ASAP! 

Another option which does admittedly cost money, but which is still far less expensive than taking full immersion classes, is to attend primitive skills festivals and gatherings. In Oregon, our most well-known event is called Echoes in Time. My partner, Danny, has attended two years in a row now and always returns with a wealth of information! His specific focus is always medicinal plants and wild harvesting, but last year, he took a class from friends of ours who build primitive longbows. Here’s a website which lists all similar events across the country! 

Going back to the Workaway suggestion, I found multiple awesome opportunities around the world by using the keyword “wilderness” for search results. Everything from building off-grid communities in Switzerland to helping restore historic hunting lodges in Quebec. These Workaway experiences are fantastic ways to get hands-on experience while also travelling the world and learning how to exist outside your daily bubble. We even have a Workaway program for the Mini-Farm, but the space is currently occupied, and likely will be until we finalize our move. 

WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) is a cool program that’s similar to Workaway, except that it puts a focus on organic farming. Danny just spent three months WOOFFing at different establishments across the West Coast, and previously spent half a year in Australia doing the same. While organic farming isn’t quite the same thing as wilderness survival or primitive skills, elements of the latter certainly play heavily into the experience of WWOOFing. Some farms teach tanning, firebuilding, primitive shelters, and offer basic courses on wilderness first aid. It’s another great way to get out there and experience new things while remaining relatively low-cost. 

Lastly, in regards to building backyard fires - Each city likely has a different ordinance in regards to this topic. Ours, for example, doesn’t allow people to burn anything outside of certain times of the year unless we’re outside of city limits, at which point it’s dependent upon county regulations instead. Your best bet would be contact your local city hall and try to get in contact with someone who has the pertinent information. 

Hope this helps!