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Events Masterlist: Nov 14
The Events page and Events Sidebar have been updated!

Back in Action from 2 week mini-hiatus. Here’s the Updates!

  • Back in action! All information has been updated. 
  • New desktop theme - should load pages faster.
  • Events Sidebar moved to right side of homepage.
  • Event formatting standard is now “Date: Event” everywhere!
  • Updated Tags Masterlist
  • Added common events to left Navigation Sidebar

Thank you for your continued support - on to the events!


Nov 19 - Nov 25 IzuOcha Week
Nov 17: Shinsou Zine preorders close
Nov 18: By Twilight: Erasermight Zine artist/writer applications close

On Now

Dec 04: Level Up! BNHA Videogame Zine artist/writer applications close
Dec 14: The Next Heroes Zine artist/writer signups close
Dec 26: Puerto Rico Charity Zine artist/writer submissions close 
Jan 05: Shindeku Anthology artist/writer/editor/fanmixer submissions close

Out Now:

Dec 01: BNHA Villain Zine preorders close
Dec 02: SNOW FOR ALL preorders close

Hero’s New Shoes: Fashion Zine On Sale - Limited Supply
My Heroine Academia Zine Free PDF


the cloud theme


  • 1 or 2 columns
  • symbol links or text links 
  • underlined sidebar links
  • moving description or description in sidebar
  • hide title
  • title size & height
  • background image: stretched or tiled
  • header background image: stretched or tiled
  • colors: background, gradient accent, body links + hover, body text, sidebar links + hover, sidebar background, sidebar border, scrollbar
  • font family
  • description box border: solid, dashed, dotted, or none
  • captions and/or post footers
  • archive link 

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the signs as obnoxious tumblr updates
  • aries: removing the white padding around posts
  • taurus: switching the position of the "post" and "close" buttons when creating a post
  • gemini: getting rid of block quote indents
  • cancer: recommended posts when you like something
  • leo: sponsored posts
  • virgo: moving the like/reblog buttons from the top of posts to the bottom
  • libra: changing the logo
  • scorpio: "non-editable" comments
  • sagittarius: changing the post dimensions
  • capricorn: getting rid of the separate "make a post" page
  • aquarius: making it so when you click on a persons url you don’t get taken to their actual blog but a dumb sidebar preview of their blog
  • pisces: moving the tumblr sidebar into an inconvenient dropdown menu
Week in Review: July 14-21

First off, thank you to our 5000+ followers and the 400+ asks you have sent us! Your testing and feedback are invaluable and we love to hear from you, even if we can’t respond to all of you individually…yet (we have some really cool plans for xinbox).

Let’s recap what we’ve changed and fixed in the past 7 days.

July 21

  • Fix One Click Reply (hopefully, it’s a little weird in Chrome)
  • Move Tags on Sidebar above recommended blogs: Written by contributor bvtsang!
  • Restore Auto Tagger and One Click Postage’s beautiful friendship
  • Fix hiding of gif posts in Disable Gifs
  • Fix most of the issues with unreadable sidebar text

July 20

  • Fix Auto Tagger and the add_tag interface
  • Update the icon for Brand Recognition ™
  • Publish on the Chrome and Firefox app stores
  • Add spacing between text in Tags on Sidebar: Written by bvtsang!
  • Prettify sidebar styles

July 19

  • Fix Classic Tags not showing up
  • Create a reusable extension distribution tool
  • Fix postarchive appending
  • Improve Read More Now to handle “Keep reading” links
  • Prettify sidebar, some JavaScript involved

July 18

  • Add option to remove “trending” icon on post
  • Had a life

July 17

  • Report errors in Firefox’s XHR
  • More sidebar nonsense
  • Fix Audio Plus
  • Implement memory-saving nonsense

July 16

  • Fix CORS in Chrome
  • Force https wherever possible
  • Fix xkit_editor in Chrome

July 15

  • Surprisingly, nothing

July 14

  • Create Anti Capitalism extension
  • Sort extension gallery
  • Fix Firefox CORS
  • Fix Timestamps

Somehow not bored? Check out the rest of the 171+ changes we’ve made here.
Signal boost please?

Hello guys! My name is Lottie - which you probably know if you’re following me, and I’m writing this post to ask for help.

I’m going to try and keep it short, as I honestly don’t like much having to well, do that in the first place, but I don’t have another solution. I’m in Terminale - which is the last year of high school in France. We’re currently asked to pick what we want to do next year, mostly which college we’d like to go to. For the most part, the college I want is free, like most public ones in France, you just have a fee of 183 euros (about 250 dollars) to pay. 

It shouldn’t in itself be a problem, as my parents can afford this and should actually pay for it since I’m underage. Thing is, I’ve been having problems with them for years just talking about this. Because, simply put, they don’t want me to do what I’ve picked next year (which is either studying the English language to be able to teach English or French in an English speaking country later on in life, or a nice thing I found near my place to study cinema and theater.). Both of these things interest me greatly, and are actually things related to the things I wish to do later on in life. But they want me to get into Law - which is definitely not something I want myself. We’ve gotten in fights over this, I’ve argued and heard pretty rough stuff. I decided to stop talking about this with my mother, as she can be sometimes pretty emotionally rough to me, and really manipulative. I wouldn’t call her abusive, but it’s really on the fence, and because of her, everything at home is already a bit toxic, which is why I need to feel at ease at school at least. It’s my escape, honestly.

I though found a way to come to an agreement with my father - whom at least tried to listen even if he wouldn’t oppose my mom like this, as he’s probably afraid everything will fall up on him again if he brings it all up. He basically told me that if I was able to pay the fee myself (the said 183 euros), he’d do his very best to convince my mother.

Since we had this talk, I’ve put up stuff about doing baby-sitting and helping people with English homework to make some money around my town, but didn’t really get any answer. In the end, this lack of answer is what pushes me to publish this now.

Honestly, even just a dollar or two would help. The donate button is in my sidebar, so, if you could just help it would really be amazing. Anything would help, really. Even if it’s just a dollar or two, really - anything helps. Litterally, if every follower of mine sent a dollar I’d be done before the end of the day. So really, if you can do such a thing for me, I’d really really appreciate it.

There’s not much I can offer in return for a donation. I can’t draw, while I kind of photoshop what I do isn’t the most perfect, but I’ve put a few things I’d be able to do under the cut - other than what I do usually on this RPH. If you donate, feel free to message me here and request something and it will be put first on my to-do list, truly. So, well, thank you for reading this. If you could reblog or signal boost this in some way, it really would be amazing. Thank you.

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