moving sidebars

@tsfennec replied to your link “L. Davidson”

It looks beautiful! Really clean and easy to navigate. Just one suggestion: I don’t know how easy it is to rearrange the sidebar, but maybe consider moving the email subscription button up to the top? It’d probably be good to make it as easy as possible to encourage people to follow. ^^

Oh, good shout! Thank you, I’ll go see what I can do about that! Pretty sure I can move the sidebar about… I think I’ve done it before, I just need to remember how, haha ^^” 

the signs as obnoxious tumblr updates
  • aries: removing the white padding around posts
  • taurus: switching the position of the "post" and "close" buttons when creating a post
  • gemini: getting rid of block quote indents
  • cancer: recommended posts when you like something
  • leo: sponsored posts
  • virgo: moving the like/reblog buttons from the top of posts to the bottom
  • libra: changing the logo
  • scorpio: "non-editable" comments
  • sagittarius: changing the post dimensions
  • capricorn: getting rid of the separate "make a post" page
  • aquarius: making it so when you click on a persons url you don’t get taken to their actual blog but a dumb sidebar preview of their blog
  • pisces: moving the tumblr sidebar into an inconvenient dropdown menu