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170627 arirang_asc: Vid to celebrate Jae’s 1 year anniversary as the ASC MC! 😉
What Jae learned from his year💗
1. He can move props well
2. He is more confident in his dancing
3. He is very competitive with the guests😂
#Congratulations #1yearanniversary
#asASCMC 🐥

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He has said multiple times that he hates that ppl associate him as the "good looking" musician and wants to be known for his music instead. He was saying he even wanted to shave off all of his hair bc that's all ppl were looking at. I'm thankful he just didn't shave it off bald bc he got REALLY close to doing it a few weeks ago. This is why he cut his hair. Some fans have already "left" him because he isn't as attractive anymore... but that was the whole point. He didn't want fans like that.

Wow! That’s actually a really good and powerful reason! I get it. And, honestly, I have to commend him for doing it, because it makes a shit load of sense, actually. Thanks for that explanation though, because I was just thinkin’ he’d gone off the deep end! Haha!

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kinda really want to see a bitter, angry version of empty chairs at empty tables, give me closed eyed tears at oh my friends and clenched fists at meet no more, kick a chair at what your sacrifice was for, give me a bitter, falling apart marius seeing the ghosts of his friends and hating the system that put them in their shallow graves


In the Still of the Night

Sam x Female!Reader

Summary: This is a request about a sexual assault survivor who’s struggling to rebuild her intimate relationship. There’s a little smut, a lot of love and a whole bunch of supportive Sam. 

>>Trigger Warning<<: This story deals with the trauma of sexual assault/rape. 

Beta: @just-another-busy-fangirl

Words: 1100

It’s warm summer evening and the bedroom window is open as a breeze dances past the curtains. There’s a symphony of crickets playing beneath your window ledge, making music under the fat moon hanging high in the night sky. The only light in the room is the faint glow of a candle, the flame fluttering as the wick burns low.

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Movie Night Pt. 5

Girls Night Edition

Character Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Word Count: 2226

Warnings: NSFW 18+ Smut, swearing, fingering, dirty talk, biting, marking, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it!), fluff and yucky love stuff.

A/N: I had 2 requests in my inbox for a part 5! Movie Night is so much fun! You don’t have to read the first four parts to know what is going on, but it would help! Words in italics is a memory, bold is text messages.

One - Two - Three - Four


“Let’s talk about Bucky!”

You picked up your wineglass and peeked at Natasha above the rim as you took a sip. You shook your head with a smile.

“This is the third time tonight that you have tried prying information out of me,” you said to the group.

“Well, if you were a little more forthcoming with details, we wouldn’t have to pry,” Pepper said, tucking her legs underneath herself on the couch next to you.

“You and Bucky have been so secretive, it’s annoying,” Maria said, swirling the wine in her glass.

“What has it been now?” Sharon asked from her spot on the floor. “Three or four months?”

You took another sip of wine before answering, “Close to four.” A bowl of popcorn appeared in front of your face, suspended in the air by a red mist. Startled, you grabbed it before it fell, “Jesus Wanda… scare someone to death!”

She laughed before sitting in front of you on the floor, back against the couch. “I like the way Bucky grabs her butt when he thinks no one is looking,” she said, looking over her shoulder at you with a wink.

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Backup Dancer

Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 1950ish

Warnings: Cursing kinda a lot

Summary: You’re one of the backup dancers for Zendaya’s Lip Sync Battle. While backstage, you run into the enemy.

A/N: STILL NOT OVER IT  (btw idek how the building goes but don’t worry about it)

Originally posted by hollandoakes

Reader’s POV

Shit, shit, and double shit.

You were running late. You don’t even know how late. All you know is that you forgot to set your alarm last night and woke up naturally thirty minutes later than you were supposed to. And the cherry on top, you almost forgot your costume bag in your apartment, adding another seven minutes to being late.

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94. Silly, giggly sex

Love Burrito

Word count: 1,326
Written by: @goody2shoessmut
Warnings: unprotected sex, tickling, falls

Originally posted by couplenotes

Things had started when you had gotten tipsy at one of Tony’s parties and put the moves on Bucky. Being a good guy he had taken you home but stayed with you to make sure you were alright. You had awoken the next morning to find Bucky still there, feeling bold you had told him point blank that you still wanted to have sex and that you weren’t drunk. He had insisted on taking you to breakfast, but once you got back you had ravished each other. After that you both agreed to see where things would go.

The team knew that you and Bucky were seeing each other. There had been a couple of official dates, a few semi official dates that were just you and he hanging out with everyone else and now you were here, sitting with Bucky naked, on your bed. Bucky’s fingers ran mindlessly long the skin of your shin and ankle as he told you about something Steve had done on their last mission. You laughed and Bucky smiled, that smile the squished his entire face up and made your heart flutter. You reached out and touched his cheek and he leaned into your hand before he turned hi head to kiss your palm. He grasped your ankle and pulled you towards him, he had a devilish look in his eyes as he ran his fingers lightly over your skin.

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Keep It Quiet

Pairing: John Winchester x Reader
Word count: 972
Warnings: Smut. Oral Sex (Male).  Some dirty talk.  Unprotected sex.
Request:@plaidstiel-wormstache ) John waking the reader up for middle of the night sex.
Request: ( Anonymous ) Can you write a smutty One-shot with John? were they have to do it really slow and quiet since the motel walls are thin Dean and Sam are sleeping in other room.

Authors Note: Anon I’m not sure if you meant little Sam and Dean or adult Sam and Dean so I went with little, but if you want it with adult just send in another request !

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May 7, 1917 - Top British Ace Albert Ball is Shot Down and Killed

Pictured - England’s late great ace. With 44 victories, he was the best British pilot at the time of his death, and the fourth-greatest at the end of the war.

Unlike the French and the Germans, Britain had not had any great airmen to laud so far in the war. This began to change in the summer of 1916, when an unassuming , nineteen-year old former infantryman named Albert Ball joined the Royal Flying Corps and began mounting victories. Born in Nottingham, Ball served with the Sherwood Foresters before taking flying lessons at his own expense and transferring to the RFC in May 1916. His squadron flew French Nieuport fighters.

In July, Ball made his first kill. He soon developed a strategy of approaching enemy planes from below and behind, unnoticed, and then using a Lewis gun angled on his top wing to rake the enemy full of bullets. Soon his score was rising, and although Ball was shy and introverted, the British press made a hero out of him. By October he was so beloved that the RFC brought him back to England to work as a flight instructor between publicity tours.

While at home, Ball met and fell in love with eighteen-year old Flora Young, after he impulsively asked her to fly with him and she impulsively accepted. Soon, though, Ball began to chafe from the inaction and the attention, and he requested to be sent back to the front. In March 1917 he joined No. 56 Squadron armed with new S.E. 5 scout planes. Ball disliked the plane and had his extensively modified, replacing the fixed-forward Vickers machine guns with Lewis guns that he could tilt up or down. He also retained a Nieuport for solo flying. Soon, however, he began to undertake riskier and riskier missions, often traveling far over German lines by himself even against orders.

On May 7, 1917, Ball led eleven S.E.5′s against the German ace squadron Jasta 11. Ball engaged in a dogfight with Lothar von Richtofen, the Red Baron’s younger brother and a very skilled pilot himself. In a running battle with the red German Albatross D.III, Ball was last seen entering a dark thundercloud behind von Richtofen. Afterwards, a German pilot saw his S.E.5 falling to the ground, upside-down, with the prop not moving. When they found the crash behind German lines, Ball was dead but no bullets had touched his machine. The press in Entente and neutral countries speculated whether Ball was dead or captured, but the Germans buried him in a grave marked “Fallen in air combat for his fatherland English pilot Captain Albert Ball.“ The King posthumously presented Ball’s parents with the Victoria Cross. He received no less a tribute from the Red Baron himself, who credited Ball as “England’s greatest flying man.” With 44 victories, Ball was the top RFC ace at the time of his death and the fourth-greatest of the war. 

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CS + "Sorry, were you sleeping?"

for you and anon who asked for the same thing! I will be filling the rest of the asks tomorrow after I sleep because this inspired me lol enjoy the fluffiest of the fluff


He jerks awake, eyes widening as he sucks in a harsh breath. He manages to smile at his wife as he slides his hand down from where he’d rested it over his stomach and down onto the bed.

“Sorry, were you sleeping?” she asks, an adorable scrunch in her nose.

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I know everyone has done deh drama club aus already but,,, here is more lmao

  • Evan ends up running the spotlight because he’s too terrified to run the soundboard because if you mess up with that, the entire production can be ruined, and he doesn’t need that stress. Plus, he can’t be a stagehand because he can’t see in the dark well AT ALL and the one time he filled in for a stagehand he tripped over one of the set pieces and everyone in the audience heard him fall and it was awful, and he can’t deal with personal mics because all of the actors are horrible at not switching their mics out and not taking them to the bathroom with them (here’s looking at you, Jared) and he’s not confident enough to yell at them to get their shit together, so, yeah, Evan’s spotlight. It kind of sucks because their spotlight is ancient and it’s super heavy and always shaky and it’s super hard to change the size of the light, but most of their productions don’t even use the spotlight that much, so he figures it’s probably the best job he’s going to get.
  • Alana is stage manager and she’s super nice until like three days before the show when she’s been known to make the freshman extras who keep screwing off cry because she’s not going to let them ruin her show because of freshman drama. She wears a fanny pack and it’s full of extra batteries, bandaids, tape, and other miscellaneous stuff she might need to keep the production from going to hell in a hand basket. All of the stagehands love her because the actors are all scared of her, so they listen when Alana tells them to take off their insanely loud high heels when they’re walking around on stage because “the audience can hear you, you know, just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they can’t hear you.”
  • Jared is that one kid who always gets the antagonist roles and, even if they’re supposed to be super serious, he ends up making them funny. He improvises all the time and it makes the other leads want to kill him sometimes because he changes his jokes up at every performance so half the time they can’t even keep up with him and they end up looking like idiots, giving their costar a weird look and saying “uh…” after he spews a bunch of over-the-top nonsense that the audience finds hilarious. He gets yelled at all the time by the other actors, but the drama club adviser loves him, so he pretty much gets to do whatever he wants. Jared’s super dramatic during bows–he’s even had people carry him out on stage before–which pisses off the leads because then people hardly notice them coming out after him.
  • Zoe’s one of the few band kids the drama club adviser managed to rope into playing performances and she actually really likes helping out with the shows, so she usually shows up to the practices she doesn’t need to come to and helps out with whatever needs to be done. She usually doesn’t distract anyone and she isn’t under foot, so Alana lets her stay and uses her as free labor essentially. Zoe’s painted more than a few sets in her day and she’s stood in as a stagehand during the early practices when people are still missing because of homework and other clubs because Alana has yet to strike the fear of God into them. She’ll hang in the back of the auditorium with Evan when Alana doesn’t have a job for her and they’ll work on their homework in the back rows, chatting quietly because neither of them want to get murdered for being too loud during practices. When Evan’s busy with spotlight, Zoe will hang in the girl’s dressing room and play her guitar, which usually leads to all the girls yelling requests at her and everybody completely disregarding the playlist one of the leads put together to pump them up before practice.
  • Connor is curtain. He just sits on stage on the stool reserved for the person on curtain duty and opens and closes the curtain when he’s supposed to. Originally, he was also supposed to have some stagehand duties, but he’s been known to yell at the actors for screwing with the props or being too loud so Alana let him off the hook and only makes him help with moving props when they have to move heavy pieces like couches. Connor spends most practices–and most performances–reading his book of the week on the curtain stool. He also shows up to practice high a lot, but, then again, so do a lot of the leads, so nobody really cares. The only people brave enough to bug him are Jared and Alana and Alana is usually too busy with other people to really stand around and chat, so he’s usually stuck dealing with Jared, who won’t shut up. Literally, Jared never shuts up. Connor usually tries to ignore him and just read his book, but that can be kind of hard when Jared overturns baskets from the prop shelves and ends up covered in a surprising amount of plastic snakes and freaks out because its dark on stage and it looks like real snakes. There was also a time when Jared pulled an old telephone down on his head and Connor thought he’d given himself a concussion or something because he kept acting dizzy for the rest of practice, but Jared could have just been faking.
  • Cynthia is a stage mom. No, scratch that, Cynthia is the stage mom. Even though neither of her kids are actually actors and it’s generally actors’ parents who end up devoting the most time as stage moms, Cynthia is backstage at every performance, helping the girls with their hair and helping the boys with their makeup. She buys flowers for Zoe and Connor and acts super proud at the end of each show and Connor always says that it’s weird that she gives them flowers, they’re just stage crew pretty much, and then Cynthia goes off on how important stage crew is and how the performance would be nothing without music and the curtain opening on cue. She always compliments all the kids and she especially likes to tell Evan how well he does with the spotlight and how steady he holds the light and how smoothly he tightens the light’s focus. She thinks Jared is hilarious and never understands why Connor complains about him so much, which Jared overhears and proceeds to be a dick about for the rest of practice. Cynthia’s also the one who provides all the backstage snacks and calls ahead to TGIF to let them know that forty kids are going to be showing up there the next day and they should be prepared.

ye that’s all i got. I might post some more that are more shippy but idk

“Tell me about your first kiss.” John says one night Sherlock slept over his house. They’d stayed up late to watch a ninety minute documentary about carnivorous plants, Sherlock’s idea of course.

“Why should I?” Sherlock moves to prop his chin up on his palm. “Isn’t intimacy a private thing?”

“Friends can tell friends about these things.” John, traces shapes on the duvet with his fingertip. “You…have kissed someone, havent you?”

“What of it?” Sherlock’s young face begins to frown. “What does it matter if I’ve touched mouths with someone? Exchanged saliva with them. It’s all for naught.”

“So you haven’t?” John studies Sherlock’s face. “Yes or no?”

No response, Sherlock just looks annoyed.

“Just tell me what your first kiss was like!” John says, then suddenly Sherlock’s face was close and John felt Sherlock’s lips against his own. It was brief, too brief for John to even realise what was happening and-

“My first kiss was with an idiot called John,” Sherlock breathes the words over John’s mouth. “His lips were dry and his breath smells like the fizzy drink his mother would scold him for having before bed. It lasted no longer than 2.6 seconds and it felt…warm.” He pulls back enough to see John’s eyes. “Are you satisfied?”

“No.” John replies quickly, flooded with emotions he didn’t know he’d been quietly harbouring. “Why’d you…? I don’t…”

Sherlock sighs and rolls his eyes. “If you’re wanting to kiss me again, do it quickly.” He casts his eyes away, as if it’d hide the blush on his face. “I didn’t collect enough data during the first one.”

John breathes a laugh. “No, neither did I.” And then, he kisses Sherlock again.


 Request: “Would you be interested in writing fluffy wedding night sex with Emperor Kylo Ren X Reader? I will love that so much. ^^ He didn’t like the ostentatiousness of the wedding itself, but he’s so happy that his apprentice (you) will rule the galaxy with him.”

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Word Count: 2554

Warnings: SMUT n fluff :)

He was yours, and you were his. It didn’t weigh on you yet, the sheer importance of the ceremony, because the only thing that mattered to you is that you were officially tied to him. Neither did the fact that you were now entitled to decide the fate of significant matters in the Galaxy, especially ones that included a potential death toll. It did cross your mind, but you pushed it away, pleading for it to leave you in peace at least for tonight. And it did, seeing as now you were being carried to your room by the love of your life, the only thing filling your veins was the feeling of complete happiness. Your veil dragged on the ground as Kylo had you gathered in his strong grip, carrying you (ironically enough) in bridal style to your shared room. You giggled as he dropped you onto the bed, hovering over you with a great, appreciative smile.

“Alone at last.” He uttered huskily, eyes raking over your face. “I thought we’d be caught up in formalities all night.”

“What, you didn’t enjoy the three long hours of greeting all our individual guests personally?” You asked with an amused grin. “Or having five thousand people watch us kiss?”

“I especially loved the oath we had to take in a room full of middle aged men. You know, the one about me having to attempt to impregnate you tonight with an heir?” He poked at your sides playfully.

You both burst into laughter, the sound flooding the room and escaping through the open balcony door, a city of lights expanding as far as the eye could see. As much as you hated how big the palace was, you had to admit that you were in love with the incredible views it provided, especially from this room. Your fit eventually died down to content sighs, searching each other’s eyes and finding nothing but love staring back.

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theater aus (part 2)

because i forgot techies………please dont kill me…….part one here

  • we have to build thirty set pieces in a week, your hilariously bad singing to the radio is the only thing getting me through this, bless your soul AU
  • excuse me but it is really hard to focus on using this follow spot when you keep talking would you kindly shut up AU
  • you’re the lead and im in charge of costumes, so it’s ok for me to measure your chest and stuff. for costume reasons. AU
  • how did you manage to catch the entire metal catwalk on fire AU
  • hey you’ve got sawdust on your butt, here let me…..dust it off for you wink wink AU
  • is it really necessary for you to yell across the building for me when i gave you a walkie talkie a week ago AU
  • i swear to god if you break one more prop i am booting you out of the play AU
  • hey we have a break, do you wanna go make out in the black box? AU
  • you look strangely sexy in black and a mic oh no AU
  • hello! i cannot help but notice that whenever you move a prop, your arms have a lot of muscles in them!! will you kiss me please!!!!! AU
  • oh god please grace me with the sound of your voice during mic check every day for the rest of my life AU