moving props

two weeks before the 1st performance:

  • tech kids hanging out in the house seats, lighting and sound crew just starting to figure stuff out
  • cast running all the dance numbers 129493 times, crying
  • first pairs of jazz shoes are spotted
  • ensemble mumbling like everything
  • running the show for the first time,,,, crying bc whAT ARE OUR CUES
  • leads still calling out for lines occasionally and ur director getting pissed
  • probs stopping as yall run the show

one week before the first performance:

  • ensemble crying in the corner bc they’re “not loud enough”
  • “?????” - band
  • tech kids are literally at school till 1am
  • set is coming together!!
  • leads are crying
  • !1!1!costumes
  • !1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1 makeup
  • death
  • this is the time period when kids limbs or ankles start randomly breaking
  • someone: *coughs* “REPENT”


  • literally everyone is sobbing backstage
  • quick changes killing people
  • inspirational speeches starting to happen
  • crew kids building their calm façade
  • internal screaming
  • lighting starts doing cool things
  • “dude the set looks so cool with the lights”
  • leads forgetting their lines simply bc of stress
  • “what’s that move again??”
  • “what’s our note again??”


  • everyone just got done with traditions and there are probably a lot of raw emotions happening ajsjdjjdk
  • calm, not a sound backstage.
  • numbness
  • “im fucking serious what’s that move again?”
  • “what the hell is our note”
  • crew is getting calls over the boxes every 10 seconds
  • “where’s my fucking prop”
  • ur stage manager is probably crying
  • everyone is crying
  • band - “?????”

the show:

  • “aw shit i messed that up oh well tonight ill do it right”
  • band - “!!!!”
  • “i can’t cross when they’re dancing to move props can i”
  • literally everyone is SObbIgn after the last performance makeup who??
shoutout to all the techs

for the people working on mics that help the actors be heard

for the lighting dudes that help you see their faces

for all the backstage techs working their asses off to move sets and get props ready

 for the costume people mending and organising a shit ton of costumes

for helping with quick changes and makeup

for getting to set hella early and staying hella late working out tech issues and build sets

actors and actresses always get recognised online, but techs are never really known

your work isn’t unnoticed

you are appreciated

anonymous asked:

He has said multiple times that he hates that ppl associate him as the "good looking" musician and wants to be known for his music instead. He was saying he even wanted to shave off all of his hair bc that's all ppl were looking at. I'm thankful he just didn't shave it off bald bc he got REALLY close to doing it a few weeks ago. This is why he cut his hair. Some fans have already "left" him because he isn't as attractive anymore... but that was the whole point. He didn't want fans like that.

Wow! That’s actually a really good and powerful reason! I get it. And, honestly, I have to commend him for doing it, because it makes a shit load of sense, actually. Thanks for that explanation though, because I was just thinkin’ he’d gone off the deep end! Haha!

-admin a

@requiemofkingssuper painful art got me thinking, and that’s never a good thing, so here’s the scene in question and there’s probably going to be a fic that comes out of this but honestly who knows with me, am i right? anyway this is almost 3k and probably the longest “short” fic I’ve written so yeah >_>

Andrew nudges Neil into their room and watches him shuffle inside, appearing a good bit drunk without a drop in him. “The next time you want to risk endangering the mission,” Andrew says once the door is closed and the lock has been slid home, “leave me out of it.” He arms their security system, the pocket-sized one that Renee insists gives them a perimeter of the room’s exact boundaries. Andrew believes her, but Neil is low-tech, so Andrew sets the far cheaper early-warning system of a string, a crowbar, and a bell as well before backing away from the door.

Neil scoffs, the drunk act dropped, and Andrew turns to find him already shucking off his tie, working out of his grey jacket. “Please. You’d be bored if I wasn’t constantly keeping you on your toes.” Neil finally discards the thin outerwear, and he’s left standing in just the black button-up and trousers. Andrew never liked the color on him.

“Bored but alive,” Andrew says, stepping forward to start undoing the buttons of Neil’s shirt. Inch by inch, scarred flesh opens up to him, ending too soon when Andrew tugs the shirt free of Neil’s waistband.

The soft hum that slips from Neil is just as soothing as the man’s fingers skimming Andrew’s throat before working at undoing his tie. “But where’s the fun in that?”

Andrew settles a glare on the idiot, but Neil doesn’t meet his gaze, focused on his own long fingers and the path they sear down Andrew’s front as they undo each button with an artist’s precision.

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Sam loves Dean's back?

He sure does, anon. (My Sam does, at least. Purely canon!Sam probably has no opinion either way, though I’m sure he smirks when Dean is creaky in the mornings. Probably recommends St. John’s Wort for the elderly.)

But, you know, who can blame him.

Look at that thing. Broad at the shoulders, smooth even skin (with some delightful little sprinkles of freckles, especially when Dean very rarely gets some sun). Sam likes the way his shoulderblades move, the way they cast shadows when Dean stretches up or lets his shoulders go high when he’s leaning down. The muscles there, big and weighty. He’s not cut–his muscles are working muscles, for use rather than for looking at. (Though Sam looks, anyway.) He’s got a soft layer to him, too, so the muscle pops up all over unexpectedly–except there, where his spine rides low between the columns of muscle, an obvious dip there between the dimples on his lower back. Easy to trace with a finger, or to follow when Sam runs his hands up the pretty expanse in a hard long drag that makes Dean groan. His waist is narrow in comparison to how broad his shoulders are, but it’s not like it’s small–he’s thick, all the way down. A wrestler’s body. Sam likes Dean however he can have him, and he loves to watch Dean’s face, absolutely, loves to watch how his eyes go heavy and his mouth parts, how his face twists when something’s really, really good, but–sometimes he just wants Dean on his belly, spread out and sweating in a room full of light, just so he can settle in and… look.

“Tell me about your first kiss.” John says one night Sherlock slept over his house. They’d stayed up late to watch a ninety minute documentary about carnivorous plants, Sherlock’s idea of course.

“Why should I?” Sherlock moves to prop his chin up on his palm. “Isn’t intimacy a private thing?”

“Friends can tell friends about these things.” John, traces shapes on the duvet with his fingertip. “You…have kissed someone, havent you?”

“What of it?” Sherlock’s young face begins to frown. “What does it matter if I’ve touched mouths with someone? Exchanged saliva with them. It’s all for naught.”

“So you haven’t?” John studies Sherlock’s face. “Yes or no?”

No response, Sherlock just looks annoyed.

“Just tell me what your first kiss was like!” John says, then suddenly Sherlock’s face was close and John felt Sherlock’s lips against his own. It was brief, too brief for John to even realise what was happening and-

“My first kiss was with an idiot called John,” Sherlock breathes the words over John’s mouth. “His lips were dry and his breath smells like the fizzy drink his mother would scold him for having before bed. It lasted no longer than 2.6 seconds and it felt…warm.” He pulls back enough to see John’s eyes. “Are you satisfied?”

“No.” John replies quickly, flooded with emotions he didn’t know he’d been quietly harbouring. “Why’d you…? I don’t…”

Sherlock sighs and rolls his eyes. “If you’re wanting to kiss me again, do it quickly.” He casts his eyes away, as if it’d hide the blush on his face. “I didn’t collect enough data during the first one.”

John breathes a laugh. “No, neither did I.” And then, he kisses Sherlock again.

Stay For a Little While

Originally posted by mayfifolle

Words: 1.4k

Prompt: You miss him. You miss him so much. After sneaking out of the dorms in the middle of the night to see you, Mark comforts you after not seeing each other for a long time. 

Genre: Fluff with a pinch of angst (does salt bae meme)

A/N: This scenario was based off a song called “Stay” by The Sam Willows (I love it so much omg; listen here) The lyric “stay for a little while” got stuck in my head for days and this scenario was created as I thought about the words more and more :) This is my first scenario on tumblr! It’s been a while since I’ve written anything so hopefully I’m not too rusty in the writing department. Also, requests are welcome~ Enjoy~!

The sound of Mark’s rapping met your ears as you watched him and NCT perform on the television screen before you. A smile made its way to your face as the camera zoomed in on his dancing figure, focusing all the attention on him as the performance came to an end. You and Mark have been dating for months now and you couldn’t be any happier with your relationship. You haven’t seen Mark in over a month, aside from the everyday texts and phone calls but you can’t blame him for his busy schedule. With training, promotions, school, and your own schooling as well, being able to see each other made it difficult for the both of you.

A breeze danced by you from your apartment window, making you shiver from the chilly summer evening. You rubbed your arms for warmth, trying to comfort yourself from the chilly wind. Wrapping your arms around yourself, you couldn’t help but recall Mark’s hugs, how he would sway you back and forth whenever you and he would embrace for long periods of time, the way he rested his forehead on your shoulder, you running a hand through his dyed hair. His presence, his lovable and contagious laugh, his kisses, you missed it all.

With a sigh you stood up from your comfy position on the couch and walked to the window, pushing down on the rigid white frame to close it. You watched as the sun started to set in the distance, its aura slowly disappearing from the sky, signaling that the day was almost over and that night will make its greeting shortly.

Running a hand through your hair, you sauntered back to the couch and lay down on your back, your eyes staring at the blank ceiling above you. You would never break up with Mark. You would never. However, it was times like these where you doubt how long you could take it; missing hours of conversations that would make you lose track of time, not having the shoulder to lean on when you were hitting rough patches; it was draining you.

You closed your eyes, trying to forget the thoughts in your head. With the murmur of the television in the background and your mind filled with unanswerable questions, you disconnected from the world around you and slowly fell asleep.

Your mind was at ease.

You were sitting upon a cloud, overlooking the industrious city below you as the same sun you watched from your apartment window was still setting, the tangerine rays fading into the mauve sky. As you felt the delicate cloud under your fingertips, the image of the evening sky around you went black and the feeling of arms was under your legs and shoulders.

Wait, arms?

Waking from your dream, your hazy eyes tried to fix on the dim face of the person who was holding you. Gaining vision, your eyes broadened when you met the familiar gentle eyes that were staring at your relaxed form. As your body felt the smooth duvet covers of your bed, you soon realized that you were being carried bridal style to your room by Mark, the guy you who were desperately missing the entire day.

Immediately you leaped from your bed, tightly embracing Mark. When his arms secured around your waist and he started swaying you side to side, you become overwhelmed. A sob crawled up your throat but you held it in, not wanting to cry.

“Hi.” You peeped from his shoulder.

You regretted saying a word as tears started rolling down your cheeks.

“Hey, hey…” He muttered, “It’s okay, I got you.”

Resting his chin on top of your head, he continued swaying you, trying to soothe you as he rubbed your back lightly.

Placing a light kiss on your forehead, he grabbed the sides of your face, wiping the tears with his thumbs. 2:43 AM glared red from your digital clock on your night stand.

“What are you doing here?” You asked, your voice slightly cracking as tears continued to fall from your swollen eyes.  

Using the sleeves of his hoodie, Mark continued to dab the tears away, determined to prevent the droplets from rolling further down your face.

“I wanted to visit you.”

Grabbing one of your hands, he brought it to his lips, lightly kissing the back of it. Leading you over to your bed, the both of you sat on the edge, still holding hands longingly as his fingers laced with yours.

“It wasn’t easy leaving the dorms, you know,” Mark said, looking down at your entwined hands.

You nudged closer to him, resting your head comfortably on his shoulder.

“Before I left, it took me so long to find your spare key because I placed it in one of my jackets and someone borrowed it so I had to quickly search the dorms before everyone went to sleep.”

You smirked, imagining a frantic Mark ransacking the dorms and turning it upside down.

“The biggest problem was that I had to sneak past Taeyong.”

You both chuckled as Mark wrapped an arm loosely around your waist.

“Ah geez, I never snuck out of the dorms this late before. What would he say about this if he finds out?”

“He would just blame your rebellious behaviour on puberty again.” You giggled.

Mark couldn’t help but cackle as he hit his leg a few times, a habit he did whenever he laughed. As his laughter died down he slowly examined your face. The moonlight from your bedroom window shined faintly through the room, casting shadows over your features. Noticing the dark rings under your eyes, he sighed, guiltily looking away.

“Maybe coming here at 3 in the morning wasn’t a good idea,” He said timidly, “When I got here, I saw you sleeping on the couch and you looked so relaxed but I figured you would be more comfortable in your bed instead.”

Looking up, you observed Mark’s face; his eyebrows were furrowed and he was biting his lip, a sign that he was upset.

“I interrupted your sleep and you won’t get enough rest.”

Mark shut his eyes and hung his head low, the darkness hiding his face.

You sighed and shook your head at his silliness.

With a gentle hand, you gracefully traced his jawline with your finger, noticing how more defined it has become than before.

Mark lifted his head slightly, responding to your touch but still not looking in your direction.  Using your index finger and thumb, you held his chin and turned his head, making him look at you. Opening his eyes, the tension in his expression relaxed as he stared at you with softened eyes before briefly glancing at your lips.

Slowly, you leaned in, closing the distance as you pressed your lips against his tenderly. Mark responded back sweetly, his lips softly brushing yours. Bringing his hand up, he held the side of your face carefully as if you were a fragile china doll. You leaned into his touch, your heart beating rapidly realizing how long you had missed his kisses. Reluctantly, you pulled away, missing the warmth on your lips as you breathed for air.

“Losing sleep is worth it if I get to see you.” You smiled.

Mark mirrored your smile before looking over your shoulder at your clock. His smile disappeared, his lips pursing into a straight line.

“I… I should probably get going. Just in case someone does figure out that I’m gone.”

You pouted, making your expression exaggerated as much as you could, doing your best puppy eyes. Mark giggled at your frown, pecking your lips briefly.

“That face can’t work on me forever, Y/N.”

“Damn it.” You muttered.

Mark chuckled, lightly kissing the center of your forehead.

You looked down as you played with your fingers anxiously.

“C-Could you… Stay for a little while?” You asked, “Until I fall asleep?”

He thought for a moment, considering your question before he moved over, propping your pillows upright as he sat against the headboard of your bed. He patted his hand beside him, motioning you to come over.

Moving from the edge of the bed, you laid beside him, resting your head against his chest as he hung his arm around your shoulders loosely.

A yawn escaped your lips as you draped your arm across his torso, snuggling into his side.

Your eyes fluttered, eventually closing as sleep was taking over your body.

“Goodnight, love you.” He whispered.

“Night, love you too.”


Summary: You and Cas get bored on a ghost hunt, which is taking place at a gala - where you had to pretend to be married to get in.

RequestCan I request some smut where the Reader and Cas are on a hunt and have to act like a married couple to get into some fancy gala. And the Reader sees him in a tux with his hair all done she’s like god damn this man will be the death of me. So they find some room to do it.
-Requested by Anon

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: language, smut, oral (male and female receiving), husband/wife kink? (If that’s a thing)

Word Count: 2.3k

Originally posted by itsrabbidseason

Ninety minutes. You’d been in the bathroom for ninety minutes.

Sam, Dean, and Castiel waited in the motel room while you got ready - something that typically only took you twenty minutes; but the four of you were tackling a gala tonight - benefiting the family of the late Mr. Williamson, whose ghost was still wandering about the mansion where the gala was being held. So dressing up was required.

The boys had been ready for almost thirty minutes.

“Y/N!” Dean called as he leaned back on one of the beds, rubbing his eyes. He was getting impatient.

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Double Booked

Originally posted by xopsychogirlxo

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Content/Warning: FLUFF

Words: 1667

A/N: So I know that I promised When We Were Young pt 2 today, but I’m sick so cut me some slack. Instead I’ll just give you this adorable Bucky fic, because who doesn’t love Bucky Barnes? Anyways, enjoy - and as always, prompts are open.

“They’ve been dancing around their feelings for months, Tony,” Natasha Romanoff said to the billionaire with a roll of her eyes. “How exactly do you expect to fix that?”

“On our next mission,” Tony said, as if it was obvious. “We have to go out of town, you know.”

 “Okay?” The redhead asked, raising an eyebrow. “Meaning what, exactly?”

“One word: roommates.” Tony grinned as if it was the best idea he had ever had.

“Tony, no, okay. Bucky is going to want to room with Steve, and Y/N is going to want to be with me, it isn’t going to work,” Natasha said with a sigh. “Honestly, how you ever became a billionaire with some of your ideas is beyond me.”

“First of all, rude. Second of all, no, Red, it won’t be a problem. You want to know why?” He didn’t give her a chance to respond. “Because we are not going.”

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Movie Night Pt. 5

Girls Night Edition

Character Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Word Count: 2226

Warnings: NSFW 18+ Smut, swearing, fingering, dirty talk, biting, marking, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it!), fluff and yucky love stuff.

A/N: I had 2 requests in my inbox for a part 5! Movie Night is so much fun! You don’t have to read the first four parts to know what is going on, but it would help! Words in italics is a memory, bold is text messages.

One - Two - Three - Four


“Let’s talk about Bucky!”

You picked up your wineglass and peeked at Natasha above the rim as you took a sip. You shook your head with a smile.

“This is the third time tonight that you have tried prying information out of me,” you said to the group.

“Well, if you were a little more forthcoming with details, we wouldn’t have to pry,” Pepper said, tucking her legs underneath herself on the couch next to you.

“You and Bucky have been so secretive, it’s annoying,” Maria said, swirling the wine in her glass.

“What has it been now?” Sharon asked from her spot on the floor. “Three or four months?”

You took another sip of wine before answering, “Close to four.” A bowl of popcorn appeared in front of your face, suspended in the air by a red mist. Startled, you grabbed it before it fell, “Jesus Wanda… scare someone to death!”

She laughed before sitting in front of you on the floor, back against the couch. “I like the way Bucky grabs her butt when he thinks no one is looking,” she said, looking over her shoulder at you with a wink.

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In the Still of the Night

Sam x Female!Reader

Summary: This is a request about a sexual assault survivor who’s struggling to rebuild her intimate relationship. There’s a little smut, a lot of love and a whole bunch of supportive Sam. 

>>Trigger Warning<<: This story deals with the trauma of sexual assault/rape. 

Beta: @just-another-busy-fangirl

Words: 1100

It’s warm summer evening and the bedroom window is open as a breeze dances past the curtains. There’s a symphony of crickets playing beneath your window ledge, making music under the fat moon hanging high in the night sky. The only light in the room is the faint glow of a candle, the flame fluttering as the wick burns low.

 You’re on your back staring at the textured dimples of the popcorn ceiling, a remnant left over from the seventies. It helps if you keep your eyes open. You breathe in deep through your mouth and back out your nose, concentrating on the feeling of Sam’s tongue moving rhythmically over your clit. His hands grip your thighs, holding you open as he sucks and flicks you closer and closer to orgasm.

“Sam,” you moan, looking down at the top if his head, watching him bob with small movement. He groans in response, making a sound like you’re his last meal as his mouth seals over your clit, sucking another whimper out of you. You’re almost there now and it’s time, finally. “Sam,” you run your hand through his hair, getting his attention. “Fuck me.”

He looks up, hesitating only a moment before crawling between your legs. His cock is thick and hard, poking your thigh as he settles. He double checks, pleased to find you watching where he’s lined himself up with your cunt, pushing forward as he slips inside.

It’s been seven months.

He slides forward, his cock stretching you, the sensation almost as good as the first time you had sex. He’s long and wide and wonderfully hard inside where you’re tight and slick. It’s a perfect combination of sensations.

Sam starts to move, rocking forward propped up on his forearms, his face hovering above you with his eyes clamped shut. “That feels good,” you moan, bucking up to meet his movements, encouraging him to move faster and harder as the sway of his hips turns into thrusts that make the light slapping sound of skin meeting skin.

“So good,” he grunts, reaching down to wrap one of your legs around his waist.

Everything feels amazing, until you close your eyes. It’s instinct, the building pleasure makes your eyes flutter shut as your neck falls back. It’s only a moment, but the panic rises quickly. When you open your eyes, his head is dropped into the bend of your neck and you can’t see his face.

And then it’s not Sam at all, it’s someone else.

“Sam stop,” you whisper pushing at his biceps, the tightness building in your chest.

He stops on command, freezing in place before pulling out and rolling off you. You throw an arm over your face. “I’m sorry I just, I thought I could….I can’t.”

“Don’t apologize,” Sam shifts onto his side, setting himself up on an arm. His free hand tentatively comes to rest on your stomach and you flinch.

“Jesus, I’m fucking broken…” you say, dropping your arm from your face you look to him. You take his hand and place it on your belly, covering it with your own. “I swear to God, I do like it when you touch me.”

“It’s okay,” he bites his bottom lip, looking down at you with gentle affection. “Tonight wasn’t the night. It’s alright baby, we’ll get there.”

“I just want it to be like it used to.” You look at him, remembering a time everything seemed so effortless. Sex was fun and sometimes rough and always satisfying. But that was before, now it’s an exercise in concentration. “What if it’s year before I can get there, what it’s two or three.”

“What if it’s ten? I don’t care.” He shakes his head. “I get why you’re frustrated and I can’t even begin to understand what you’re going through. But I don’t need sex to be with you, I certainly don’t need it to be in love with you.”

“I don’t understand what’s going on in my own head. I love you so much and I can’t fuck you without seeing someone else’s face. How can that not bother you?” A tear slips down your cheeks, frustration bubbling over.

“Because what happened wasn’t your fault and it in no way changed how I think of you.” He moves his hand to your face, wiping a tear away with his thumb. “You’re gonna have good days and bad days, and I’m gonna be here for all of them. You’re not alone in this, I’m here and I’m not leaving.”

“Sometimes I hate myself, I don’t know how you can still want me,” you confess. These are all things you’ve been working through with your therapist, you just wish the healing process could move a little faster.

“That’s why I love you enough for both of us right now. You’ll find your way back but it’s going to take time. I’ll be here picking up the slack while you’re workin’ on things.” He runs his fingers through the hair at at your temple; everything these days is soft and slow.

“You know I love you right?” You blink back tears trying not to cry again.

“I do.” He picks up your hand, bringing your knuckles to his lips. “I love you too.”

“I wish I hadn’t ruined our night,” you sigh, rolling on your side to face him. Talking helps to the calm the beast in your belly; Sam soothes your anxiety in a way that nothing else does.

“Who said the night’s over? Come on, you take a shower and I’ll make you some of that disgusting herbal tea you love, maybe we can a find a movie.” He sits up, tugging on your wrists, bringing you with him.

“I could watch a movie,” you agree, following him out of the bedroom.  

It’s not that everything is magically healed or that Sam somehow satisfies the void that you’re struggling to fill…but he helps. Every word, every time he doesn’t question your reaction and just accepts how you feel, it make things just a little better. One moment, one night, at a time.

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happy belated birthday  @magnusragnor  ♥

elle you are an incredible person and an amazing writer, i couldn’t be more grateful to have met you and call you friend. love you!!

i am so sorry it took me so long to post this but i hope you like it

(the biggest thanks to @maghnvsbane who was the most patient beta i could have asked for and went above and beyond when helping me with this)

Sometimes Alec reminds Magnus of a cat.

He can’t remember the first time the idea formed in his mind, but it had probably been before they started dating. Back then, Alec had acted like a stray cat, wanting affection but so afraid to receive it – letting his guard down one moment just to be defensive the next, wary and hissing every time he felt threatened. Magnus had found himself reacting in kind, scared of doing something that would only spook him further, instead extending a cautious hand and holding his breath, hoping it will be perceived like the offering it was but knowing it could be scratched instead.

Now that they are together, the image Alec conjures in Magnus’ mind is that of a content, spoiled cat. Never shy about seeking affection when they’re alone, closing his eyes and melting every time Magnus runs his fingers through his hair, practically purring when touched in the right places – and Magnus delights in discovering and exploring all the right places.

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I made a comic based on the headcanon by @bnhahcs ! I seriously love their headcanons, they’re absolutely hilarious. I kinda want to draw them all lol


Initial thoughts on DDADDS

At last, I have a copy of Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator to call my own! I’ve played for about 3 hours so far, and this game has already charmed the pants off of me. Here are some highlights:

  • The Dad creator is really cool, with a lot of different options to work with to make your own awesome Dadsona
  • But more importantly, when I was choosing what type of Dad bod I wanted, they had 3 body types that came wearing either a tank top or a chest binder. You guys, they have trans Dads, and it made me so incredibly happy to see that kind of inclusion, major kudos to the developers
  • You have an awesome daughter Amanda who helps guide you through your social life, but she’s more than just a host. She’s my daughter, we watch crappy tv together and talk through our problems together and I actually care about her
  • All the Dads are awesome! I was a little hesitant about some of the dads based off of their looks, but they’re all so unique and fleshed out, I really want to get to know all of them
  • Seriously, I’m playing this game just constantly giggling to myself
  • There’s a decent amount of My Chemical Romance jokes too, which I appreciate
  • Naruto/Sasuke slash fiction
  • The music is really enjoyable to listen to, certain games have me muting my laptop because the repetition is a killer, but the background music is pretty cool and not grating at all
  • Not only are the Dads cool, but their kids are cool too! They also have their own unique personalities and they are more than just props to move the story forward
  • The writing is fucking fantastic, it’s funny and heart-warming and makes me blush and cringe and laugh out loud

The wait was definitely worth it. Please go play DDADDS, you won’t regret it


But can you imagine planning and putting on musicals at hogwarts??

•into the woods with an actual witch magic and a growing bean stock

•sweeney todd with great blood effects

•les mis with a self building barricade and aging make up

•phantom with a shattering but harmless chandelier

•n2n with a ghost as Gabe

•chicago with a real disappearing swan dive

•singing in the rain with real rain on the stage but actors could be dry for the next scene

•mary poppins would just be a hit in general

•little shop of horrors with a real plant and disappearing acts

•the sets could be self changing and the lighting crew could use their wands as spot lights and just