moving on...uh...yea

The mysterious John Swift was a closed book to everyone. He was the boy who sat next to me in health science. He kinda kept to himself and seemed more introvert. But I guess that’s what intrigued me. I wanted to know what went on in that head that was covered with dark locks. His shy demeanour pushed a lot of people away but I was not one of those people. I wanted to know everything about this boy.

Thing is I am shy too. I didn’t like the big fancy parties that his clique often had. I was just another girl in one of his classes. I wasn’t anything special. I hadn’t really spoke to him, other than to ask him what page we were on or what the date was. He must think I’m some anti-social person who hated the world because I never spoke. But in all honesty, I never knew what to say.

“Ok Class so I want you to read chapter 12 and answer the co-responding questions. I’ll be here if you have any concerns. ”

Sighing to myself, I plugged my headphones into my ears and took out what I needed to start my work.
I felt a light tap on my shoulder. I looked up from my note pad to see that the arm that tapped me was from the one and only John Swift.

“Can I help you?” I asked,taking out my earbuds.

“Do you possibly wanna work together? I left my textbook at home and there are no more spares.” He inquired, smiling down at his notebook.

I had to regain my composure and seal the fact that I was gobsmacked. John wanted to share a book with me?! Out of everyone in the class?! Ok, calm down. Maybe he just doesn’t want to move far.

“Uh,yea. Sure.” I replied. This had to be some kind of joke.

He scooted his chair closer to my desk and placed his notebook on his lap.

“Do you want me to scoot my book over so you have room?” I asked. Clearing my throat trying to get the dryness to go away.

“No,cutie. I’m good.” He chuckled as he noticed my cheeks blush from him calling me cutie.

“You sure?”

“Positive. So do you wanna read the page first?”

As John and I went back and forth reading passages from the chapter, I noticed his chair was inching closer and closer to me.

“Ok, let’s answer the questions.” I picked up my pencil.

“Question, number one. Can I have your number?”

“What?” I asked dumbfounded. I looked at the page and that was not the question that was written down.

“Can I have your number? That’s my question.” John smirked at me.

“Uhm, yea. You can.” I quickly jotted it down on his note book.

“Now, that that’s out of the way. On to the really questions.” John chuckled at my blush again.

“Maybe you should forget my text book more often.” I had no idea where this confidence came from but John seemed to appreciate it.

He winked at me before continuing, “Maybe I should.”

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Your child gets scared

Daddy 5sos where ur kid gets really scared please cxx


Being a mother was your favorite thing in the world, but you never knew how exhausted a person could be. You were excited to see Ashton home early. “Hey” “hey” he wrapped his arms around you and kissed you. You and Ashton were cuddling on the couch when your 3 year old son started crying. You were about to get up when Ashton stopped you “I’ve got it you need rest more than I do” “thank you” you smiled. Ashton ran up to Austin’s room “what’s wrong, buddy?” Ashton asked as he sat on the bed with Austin who crawled onto Ash. “I had a bad dream” “Oh you did what happened” “the world exploded and there were rockets everywhere.” Ashton laughed a little “that’ll never happen” “it won’t?” “Nahh the only thing you have to worry about is the tickle monster” Austin burst into giggles as Ashton tickled him “Are you ok now?” “Yea goodnight, dada” Ashton smiled “goodnight son.” 


You and Calum decided to take your 7 year old twin daughters to Disneyland. You both walked in to wake Lilah and Isabel up “guess were we’re going” Calum cooed “where?” They both asked in unison getting excited “We’re going to Disneyland!” You and Calum cheered you never knew girls could scream so loud. The whole ride there they were practically bouncing in their seats. Calum laughed and grabbed your wrist. You looked back over at Calum and smiled “We make beautiful kids” Calum said with a smirk you laughed “yea we do.” Once you all got there it was hard for them to stay still “Make sure you stay with us ok?” Calum said sternly as they nodded enthusiastically. Calum laughed “ok c’mon.” They each took one of your hands and dragged you into the park. A couple hours later they wanted cotton candy you went up to get it while Lilah went with Calum, or so you thought. You got the cotton candy and walked back over to Calum “Where’s Lilah?” you asked concerned when you only seen Isabel. “I thought she was with you” Calum said panicked. “LILAH?!” Calum yelled but no Lilah. You, Calum, and Isabel started walking around the park looking for Lilah. “Mommy where’s Lilah?” “I don’t know, baby that’s why we’re looking for her.” A few minutes later you seen Snow white and Lilah “Lilah” Calum ran up to her before you could. He wiped the tears from her face and held her as tight as he could. You smiled when Isabel ran up to her sister and father and hugged them. “Don’t leave me out” you said playfully they all hugged you. 


Luke got home from tour early surprising you and Nathan. “Why don’t we go out tonight?” Luke asked eager to spend time with the two of you. You, Nathan, and Luke ate and got caught back up on everything. “I’m going to bed, goodnight” Nathan said almost as soon as you walked in the door. “Goodnight” you and Luke said in confusion “what was that about?” Luke asked “I don’t know.” “Teenagers” you laughed Luke gave you a funny look. “I’m sure there was a time your parents said the same thing about you.” Luke thought about it for a while and stuck his tongue out at you. Luke started a movie and cuddled with you. A few hours later you heard Nathan scream Luke looked at you “stay here.” Luke ran up to see what was wrong he opened the door making Nathan jump. “What’s wrong?” Luke noticed the laptop “What were you watching” Nathan looked down avoiding eye contact. “The exorcist” Luke laughed and shook his head “Good night, Nath” “night dad.” You and Luke laid down happy to finally be in each others arms when thee was a knock on the door. “Come in” you called as Luke sighed. “Can I uh sleep in here tonight?” “if you can find a place to sleep.” Luke said hoping he wouldn’t be able to. Nathan smirked and squeezed his way in the middle. “Good night guys” You said with a smirk knowing Luke was probably pouting on the other side.   


You went to the grocery store after Michael convinced you he could take care of your six year old daughter, Christine. Michael spent the day playing dolls with Christine. A few minutes later she came running out of the bathroom “DADDY DADDY!!” “What is it princess?” “Theres a spider in the bathroom” she said so fast Michael could barely hear her. Michael’s eyes widened normally you got rid of all the bugs. “Aren’t you going to kill it?” She asked when Michael didn’t move. “Uh yea” he smiled at her trying not to make her more nervous. He got a random shoe and walked into the hall. He stood in front of the bathroom and took a deep breath. “Go get him daddy” Christine cheered Michael on. Michael laughed and hit the spider successfully killing it. “Whew that was tiring” Christine said and sighed. Michael laughed “you didn’t even do anything” he said and started tickling her. “Daddy you’re crazy” “you sound like your mother.” She laughed and poked his nose.