moving on poems

It’s really hard to move on when I try to talk to someone new and all I think about is you. I wish it was you who was talking to me and going out with me. I want you to think about me and love me. I want you back and there was never a second that I fully meant it when I said I didn’t.
—  I miss you Faded Prince
i just want you to know that i’m not the easiest person to love. I have a massive part of me that is missing or broken from the last guy and i’m not gonna lie, it’s gonna take a long time to fix those up, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to try. I have to be honest to myself and to you and say that a part of me will always love my first love. A part of me is always going to want him, a part of me is always going to be sad and still have hope but every other piece, i want to be consumed by you. My first love has taught me so many lessons. So maybe i’m not going to fall as hard, maybe i’m not going to give in to an “i love you” as easily as i used too, maybe i’m going to have a bit of trouble learning how to trust again but i want to do that. The best part about a second love is it teaches you how to recover from the first, it shows you love when you thought all was gone to waste. I’m going to be difficult at times, I need attention, constantly. I love to be complimented and sometimes i need a reminder that i’m the only one, i love kisses and cuddles and sometimes i’m going to get mad, for no absolute reason except for the pure fact i want to see you get all frustrated and cute. I believe that all relationships have arguments and i am not afraid to have them, sometimes i’ll get sad whether there’s reasons or not and sometimes i need space, other times i need as much as love as you can give. Right now, I have more barriers than i ever have before but i’m okay enough to want to see where this goes. I’m not easy, but believe me, i’m worth it.
I never believed in love at first sight but for some reason, I felt something different when we first met. The more I got to know you, the more my feelings intensified. And when you smiled, I knew that I was in trouble.
—  I just hope that you’ll let me fall in your arms
When there are more tears than smiles, leave. When there are more fights than jokes, leave. When it hurts more than it feels good, leave. They don’t have the right to destroy you just because you love them. And loving them doesn’t mean you have to stay.
—  A lesson I learned the hard way -Jess Amelia
I just want you to know I’ve realized things. I loved you. Really loved you. But you can’t keep doing the same thing over and over until you hurt me, even if you don’t mean to. And I’m tired. I’m tired of having to forgive you all the time. I hope you learn from this. You can’t just love someone and leave them hanging. You need to prioritize them, love them, give them time. You did those, but they didn’t last. It turned out all that was left of you was a shadow. I was loving a shadow of a man I used to know.
—  hanzelwrites