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theres soo much going on today and louis still hasnt performed yet

Yeah, all this stuff doesn’t happen on the same day by coincidence.  The boys are all supposed to be under different teams and yet still with the coordination.

Harry we kind of expected in a way because they already started the fire about his single release yesterday and since it’s so soon, it makes sense for the promo to start.

Liam we expected as well because we knew they would be announcing it relatively soon and they were just waiting for an opportune moment.

Louis’ event was planned for awhile and it’s not like he can move the festival’s date at will.  That’s one thing that’s kind of concrete.

I’m still not sure exactly what’s going on with Zayn’s timing on this most recent single release.  We were told Harry would be releasing in April or May back at the start of the year.  I’m not sure we ever had anything concrete about Zayn’s second album until the last couple days.

I mean, it’s March 25th.  This day will live in infamy in 1D fandom history.  The fact that they keep using this day only reinforces how artificial all of the timing is on this stuff.  It’s planned, not accidental.  After this is all over, I would appeal to the boys to post something nice every March 25th, just to try to reclaim it as a not so stress-inducing day.

Ficmas Part 4

She’s awoken from her mid-afternoon nap by the smell of gingerbread. Lifted right up off of the couch by her nose like a dog in an early morning cartoon caught by the scent of bacon or sausages. She’s not entirely sure that she doesn’t float her way into the kitchen.

Chloe’s back is to her, her body aimed away from Beca and moving rhythmically to the festive melodies of Mariah Carey playing over the radio. There’s an apron tied around her neck and waist and baking ingredients scattered around the kitchen worktop.

Beca’s entire being perks up as her sleep-fogged brain starts to understand what’s happening.

“Cookies,” is all she’s able to manage as she shuffles into the kitchen and up behind Chloe. She presses her face into the other woman’s shoulder before she can turn around and so Chloe can only twist her head in acknowledgement. She lets out a chuckle as Beca winds her arms around her middle.

“Not just any cookies,” Chloe corrects. “Gingerbread ladies.” Beca lets out an indecent groan of appreciation for the former part of that description, then lifts herself up on her tiptoes to see over Chloe’s shoulder at the latter.

“Ladies?” Sure enough, laid out across the baking sheet on the counter in front of Chloe are a line of cookie-cutter women in the process of being iced. “Are those-”

“Our outfits from the twenty-fourteen Annual Bella Christmas Concert? Why, yes!” Chloe sounds positively gleeful and just like the Grinch, Beca’s heart grows three sizes at her tone. Nothing makes her happier than a happy Chloe.

It’s sort of disgustingly domestic, but it’s true.

It’s also precisely why she’d invited all of the Bellas for an early Christmas dinner and, more than likely, why they’d all agreed. Chloe had been thrilled.

“They aren’t going to be here until tomorrow,” Beca points out, angling at something, and Chloe turns in her arms to regard her with a lone, raised eyebrow. She has flour on her face and her hair is a little frazzled in its loose ponytail. Her apron, Beca can now see, is printed with an image of what she assumes is supposed to be Mrs Claus from the neck down.

“Your point being?” Chloe inhales a little more sharply than usual as Beca leans in close enough to press their bodies flush and the reaction, still so fresh even after three years of dating, makes her forget to care about the flour that’s now probably all over her clothes as well as the front of Chloe’s apron.

“Do you really expect,” she starts slowly, hands moving behind Chloe, eyes never leaving twin pools of crystalline blue. “These to last,” she bring a stolen gingerbread lady around between them, “until then?” And quickly bites off a corner of one of the miniature Fat Amy’s heads. Chloe’s eyes bulge.

“Beca!” She makes a show of slapping the brunette’s hand, but doesn’t try to take the cookie out of it. There would be no point now. Beca ignores the admonishment, groaning again, purposefully obscene, and rolls her eyes blissfully into the back of her head. Chloe stills, staring at her with wide, twinkling eyes. “If you keep making sounds like that, you won’t be the only one eating something in this kitchen.” Beca almost chokes in the middle of swallowing but inevitably ends up taking the warning as a challenge.

The rest of the sounds that follow are purely involuntary and Beca doesn’t have to worry about getting flour on her clothes for much longer.


Awww! Basically growing up in the middle of nowhere, Jay didn’t have neighbors and was homeschooled, so he’s always wanted to be part of a larger community and do neighborly things and make a lot of friends and improve his town. Headcannon I just made up right now accepted!

in the 10 months I’ve been off hormones, I’ve moved into the city proper instead of the suburbs, gotten into a wonderfully supportive relationship that’s 8 months and counting, stopped living paycheck to paycheck and been financially stable enough to help my girlfriend through unemployment, got a new computer, got a car, made repairs to the car, still have savings, finally stopped speaking to my abusive ex, been to two different womyn’s lands with plans for much more, found some genuinely amazing female community both online and off, went to my first womyn’s festival, moved in with my girlfriend, and felt more genuine joy and contentment than I have probably since before I started high school.

now how’s that for a transition update post. 


Nakatsugawa is a small village in Yamagata Prefecture,(there are about 120 households in Nakatsugawa.) I was moved by their snow festival for them.i felt Local people like a  fairies.

-nakatsugawa Iide Town Yamagata-