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Damon Salvatore crosses over to Son’s or Anarchy

Damon Salvatore x reader

Driving down the road with no specific destination was tiring sighing leaning your head against the window glancing down at the dashboard seeing you were literally running on fumes. Groaning you saw lights up ahead thanking Zeus and the dinosaurs you pulled in seeing no one there besides the cashier. Sluggishly getting out of your car grabbing your wallet on the way out walking inside sending him a quick smile you moved towards the munchie section which really honestly was the best part of stopping at stores.

After grabbing as many things you can fit in your arms walking towards the counter casually looking over more sweets once I got to the counter I dumped all my munchies. I heard the rumble of a motorcycle debating to look over your curiosity got the best of you finally turning your head peering outside you saw a blonde guy speed walking into the store quickly making his way to the restrooms.

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