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First of all, I fucking love the fucking shit out of you. Second of all, your good morning posts give me life, or at the very least, give my mamm nips and vagernia life. Thirdly, what is your ideal grilled cheese? Also, PLEASE feel better.

I so appreciate the love you sent. It’s been a weird few days. There’s been this weight of a death I can’t reconcile, coupled with feeling physically ill. I thought food poisoning, but maybe it’s my ulcer at it again; both are likely. Mentally and emotionally and physically drained in a way that has created a dark anger in me, moving upward into action.

In truth, we are only what we are to ourselves and those whose lives we touch with dirty, well-worn hands. I’m not stating anything revelatory here, because we all know that life is short and we might consider telling our loved ones how much they mean to us more often. But also, I think we need to be open to listening to this love from others. I’m the best at deflection and distraction, and I get uncomfortable with people expressing how they feel about me because, among other reasons I discuss at length with my therapist, I don’t feel good enough to hold those sentiments. But that’s the thing, you know? It’s about the other person being able to say they were sorry, or that they love you, or that you made their life better or different. We have to hold people’s love in the same way we want them to hold ours, because if we blink out we leave them holding the WHAT IF bag, and it’s heavy and full of snakes.

For grilled cheese, I’m old school. I like riffs on the standard at times, but mostly I make them as simple as possible. I use Udi’s GF bread, a generous spread of butter with some S&P, and Horizon organic cheese slices. I get the pan medium hot, spray some olive oil down. Slow cook until the cheese is melted and the bread is toasted.

(If anyone wants to make me incredibly happy today, please post your favorite grilled cheese recipes. I’ll send digital hugs in return.)


17 February 1917 - Letter to Edith from The Somewhere

Fred notes having received a parcel full of “kisses” and a cake, but that he had not received a letter from Edith in two weeks. However, he notes the parcel of treats were well received after a busy day of work and only “bully beef”, bread, and tea to sustain them. 

Fred explains that his troops were back at the front lines, and that during their recent move and “coming into action” he was responsible for his subsection again. Fred then notes that he is writing from a “partially finished gun pit”, where he is guard for the first shift. He describes the new dugout at the soldiers’ latest gun position, and relates the change in weather that has caused an unpleasant increase in mud. 

Fred includes with this letter a snapshot postcard of himself and “Silver Heels” (see below), his current equine companion. He describes taking the photo, followed by wishes that Edith might have a very happy birthday. Fred then reflects on Edith’s studies, his recent French practice while on rest, and his hopes that the war be over before the end of 1917.


was in nyc this past weekend and found the pash! magazine that had the lovely eruris on it. i dropped that money so fast i’m pretty sure i set the bookstore on fire.

updated photos of titan shelves too. i moved the real action hero eremins into my room, and one of my friends was like “lol i have this brave-act eren hanging out, do you want him?” and he’s cleaning version??? and i love??? cleaning??? versions??????

also realized i don’t have a picture of the bae rogue titan either, and i just recently had a friend paint some details onto him. he was a present from @band-geek-727. :3
Federal court halts Trump’s immigration ban
The federal court for the Eastern District of New York issued an emergency stay halting President Donald Trump’s executive order banning entry to the US from seven majority-Muslim countries...
By Nilay Patel

Additional commentary by eyewitness @lettersfromtitan:

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To be ignored like I don’t even deserve an answer, well I get it I take your action as an answer. You made yourself loud and clear I’m nothing to you.
advice for the new year: 
1. Talk less. Do more. The fewer people that know your plans, dreams, business, the better. Move silently, and let your actions speak for u
2. Work harder than u ever have before, to get to where you’ve never been. You have to commit and overly dedicate yourself to your goals.
3. Miss out on the random turn ups. Less online “link ups”. Put your phone down & Surround yourself with people who genuinely care for you.
4. Respect yourself. That way people know you don’t tolerate disrespect and no one can come in thinking they can play with you & yours.
5. Eliminate the desire of wanting to rekindle old flames. What’s out, is out. Continue Moving forward.
6. Don’t allow yourself to be a “convenience” to anyone. Let go of anyone who only comes to you, needs you or wants you, on their own time.
7. Protect your dreams goals and desires. Nurture them with positive energy. All things are possible when you truly believe in YOU.
8. Your assignment from God is yours, only. Don’t let anyone question your purpose, persuade you to give up, or make you feel inadequate.
9. Procrastination doesn’t make success. Excuses don’t make success. Ambition does. Hunger does. Commitment does. You want it? Go get it.
10. You matter. Stop doubting that. You’re amazing. Stop questioning that. Stop giving people the power to treat you like you mean nothing.
—  twitter: DearYouFromWe (Reyna Biddy) 

“Mei Nagano-chan filming a self report on location…She’s interviewing Miura-kun (Shishio) and Shirahama-kun (Mamura) at the rear of the filming location. The release date hasn’t been decided yet but please look forward to it!”

“Actually, there wasn’t really a Shishio’s knit hat from chapter 1 out there, but then the costumers went out of their way to knit one. Suzume’s converse sneakers were also made perfectly… I’m so thankful!” - Yamamori

And thought this would be interesting for mature readers out there…

“One day, I want to try and draw a love story between two women or two men, as a one shot (I don’t think it would be in Margaret). Well then, back to work” - Yamamori

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