moving house is stressful

can I get some good vibes, pls?

I sent in my application (about a week ago) to a job at one of the libraries in Tulsa. it’s full-time, includes benefits, and pays a salary that would let me afford a NICE apartment. not just like, nice-for-our-broken-millenial-dreams


this bitch has a pool, a yoga studio, a fitness room with exercise equipment, a tv lounge / mini library / open kitchen space

every apartment has a 17 x 9 balcony I could put planters in for flowers

all stainless steel appliances AND pets are allowed

I would only be 1 mile (~5 min by car) away from the library, right next to the riverside with jogging paths, and tulsa is a very liberal city in a very red state!

so yeah, this could be life-changing and a huge improvement for me and I’d really appreciate prayer, well-wishes, just any sort of positive thought you could send out for me

Sunday mornings mean smoothie bowls and early market trips🌞🍓 I’ve been so busy and stressed lately with Uni, moving house and a few other unexpected happenings, that having a couple of days off at our new home with my family was so much needed🙏🏼 Remember that, as much as it’s important to keep pushing on, taking care of yourself and resting when you need it is JUST as important❤️ Do something for yourself today. You deserve it.✨

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Quite a while ago now, I started cross stitching a cushion cover to relieve my stress. I put it away and sort of forgot about it. Then, moving house (and country) I found it (and a lot of stress) again, so I continued it. It is still a lot of work, but the nice thing is that I still keep coming up with new patterns and I’m almost half way through!


Hershey Park

Built in 1907 as a recreation area for Milton Hershey’s chocolate factory employees, Hershey Park soon evolved into one of America’s most famous amusement parks. It’s no surprise the park’s long history has given rise to a few spirits.

The first spirit spotted at the park is naturally Milton Hershey himself. His apparition has been spotted after hours by many employees over the years since his death. His figure is often accompanied by his signature smell of cigar smoke, and sometimes people will smell cigar smoke all on its own. Hershey’s apparition has also been seen walking around the nearby Hotel Hershey. 

The next spirit is the Lady of the Boardwalk. The Boardwalk is the water park portion of Hershey Park, but it used to be a neighborhood of houses. When the park expanded in the 1970s, the houses were bought out. A resident of one of these houses could not bear the stress of moving, and committed suicide in her attic. The foundation of her home is now the location of one of the concession stands, Boardwalk Fries. Employees often report the moans and screams of a woman coming from the second floor area of that building.

Another spirit is 16-year-old William Harter, who was killed at the park on August 25, 1977. He was a park maintenance man working on the newly installed Sooperdooperlooper roller coaster as a part of a summer vocational program. When the coaster first opened that year, the car stalled on the tracks. Harter had been repairing the magnetic control device designed to stop the train, when one of the cars began rolling down the track, striking him and killing him. Various park employees including maintenance workers and security guards have reported seeing a shadow figure walking along the track of the Sooperdooperlooper for years. He’s one of the most frequently seen spirits at the park, usually appearing at night or when the ride isn’t in use.

Also in the 1970s, the original swimming pool area of the park was filled in. All that is left is the original lighthouse, installed in 1928, which sits near the entrance to the park. Previously, multiple children had drowned in the four swimming pools that once dotted the area. The apparitions of multiple children in older swim attire have been seen near the lighthouse, holding towels and running around before disappearing. Descriptions range from early to mid-twentieth century swimwear, and the children are seen both during and after park hours. 

The park’s Carrousel is also haunted. The current carousel is the Philadelphia Tobaggon Company #47 Carrousel. It was built in 1919 with a patriotic theme to honor the end of WWI, and it originally sat in Liberty Heights Park in Baltimore. Milton Hershey purchased it in 1944. The Carrousel’s history before Hershey is unknown, so it’s unclear what caused the hauntings. The Carrousel often turns on at night. The lights turn on and the organ begins to play on its own as the Carrousel begins to slowly turn. This event has happened multiple times since the Carrousel arrived at the park, being witnessed by multiple security guards over the years. One security guard spotted a shadow figure sitting at the operating bench for the ride, but the figure disappeared as he approached. 

Steve and Charles and Bucky and Erik: a ficlet for Luninosity

I’ve never written Steve or Bucky before, so please forgive any shakiness in characterization. For Luninosity, because she faithfully finished grading her students’ work, while suffering the stress of moving house.

“Could you use a hand?”

Steve turned his gaze from the cheerful lemon-yellow sofa in the U-Haul—currently challenging his resolve to get everything into the new place before the rain came crashing down—to meet the equally cheerful blue eyes and raised eyebrows of a relatively diminutive man rocking on his heels and thoughtfully surveying the scene. He wore several layers against the spring chill, a shale-blue scarf draped round his neck and shoulders, and fingerless gloves. The accent had been British, softer and more casual than Peggy’s crisp pronunciation, but it was almost a reflex to smile at the sound. She’d been happy that final year in Paris at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, happy with her new fella and a new promotion at her ultra-secret wink-nudge kill-you-if-I-tell-you government agency.

“You’ll put your back, surely, if you try to lug that in all on your lonesome.” Bright eyes roved an appreciative path along Steve’s tightly-sweatered biceps. A pink tongue dabbed at plush red lips.

“My boyfriend’s supposed to be here,” Steve finds himself saying, and without missing a beat, the visible interest tamps itself down, replaced with a curling smile and half-wink. “But if you’re offering, I’d appreciate a hand.”

“Excellent, we’ll sort this out, and then perhaps I can offer you a cuppa while we wait for…”

“Bucky.” Steve’s lips curved up just at the thought, although at least his brain’s no longer performing flips and tying his tongue in knots as when they’d first re-connected over email and Skype after years apart, military school and art school on different continents and time zones not conducive to easy communication, followed by Bucky’s tour of duty with its disastrous conclusion. “He’s supposed to have been here by now with the second truck, after dropping a few things off at his new office at Columbia. But he forgot his phone when he left this morning.”

“Can’t he call you?”

Steve shrugged, smiled a self-deprecating smile. “Forgot to charge mine last night, and the electricity here doesn’t seem to have been turned on, even though we notified the power company last month of our move-in date.”

Oh!” Blue-Eyes lit up. “I recognize you now from last week’s newsletter—you’re Dr. Rogers in the Fine Arts Program, yes? I chair the Biology Department there—Dr. Charles Xavier, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Steve shook the small, broad hand suddenly in his, a bit bemused by his flirty neighbor turning out to be a colleague—albeit, totally different fields—but then, Morningside was largely faculty territory. Xavier was young, too, surely still in his early thirties. A Dean at that age, huh.

“Pleasure’s mine. You probably saw Bucky in that article, too… James Buchanan. He’s joining the Neurotrauma and Repair Laboratory, specializing in neural prosthesis interfaces. He’s working toward his doctorate.” Pride marched warm fingers along his spine, and notched his smile a few degrees brighter.

“Yes, I do recall now—Biomechanics, I believe? Enhancing existing prosthetics and designing more efficient models.”

A few raindrops chose that moment to fling themselves down in a sudden oversharing of cool wetness—and the sofa remained stubbornly inside the moving truck. Steve looked up. Darkening clouds looked down, rumbling eagerly.

“Let’s get this thing inside.” Steve gestured for Xavier to scramble up into the truck interior. Steve lifted from the ground, Xavier eased the sofa forward smoothly but swiftly, Steve walked his end backward until all but two carved feet were clear. Xavier hopped down and took hold of the far end, grunting with the weight. He guided Steve backward with smooth British vowels and consonants, careful to warn of the curb, a line of short, flowering hedges, the gate that Steve had propped open earlier that morning as he’d gone back and forth with everything but the sofa. The other furniture would arrive in the second U-Haul with Bucky, about whom Steve was trying very hard not to worry. They were only moving a few miles from their former respective homes, along streets they’d known most of their lives.

Moving, and moving in together.

It wasn’t like Bucky was going to vanish from the face of the Earth. Again.

Steve shut off that line of thinking, focused on feeling his way through the wide front door, angling through the foyer to the living room facing Morningside. Down went the sofa on 1-2-3, and down came the rain on 1-2-3-4, hissing against the roof and spattering against the sidewalk in disappointment. Xavier wandered back to the front door to peer out. “Listen, while we wait, you’d better close up that truck if you don’t want to lose a chunk of your deposit. I’ll run next door and start up a kettle. Perhaps Dr. Buchanan would enjoy some hot tea to warm his bones.”

“I’m sure he would, Dr. Xavier.”

“Charles, please,” with an utterly charming smile.

“Steve,” Steve said, and ran. He dragged down the U-Haul gate and followed Xavier, overtaking him easily despite the head start toward the brownstone next door. That gained him another one of Xavier’s seemingly endless cheery grins, and once they were inside, his new acquaintance led him through a short, cherry-panelled foyer with stained-glass insets on either side of the front door, past an elegant set of stairs into a spacious kitchen, waved him toward a polished blonde oak table, and grabbed a copper kettle from the stove to fill it with water.  

The kitchen itself was a warm cream color, its plastered walls and oak furniture piled high with books, mugs and colorful scarves giving the room a cluttered, but inviting ambience. Xavier—Charles rustled up lopsided chocolate-chip cookies, and by the time the kettle started to hiss, Steve felt like he’d known him for years instead of minutes.

The rain ceased. Steve peered out through the mullioned panes of the kitchen window, noted the frustrated grey-tinged glower of the clouds still hovering overhead, and caught motion at the corner of his vision. A second U-Haul pulled up behind the first, wedging between it and a car parked with a bare few feet to spare, looked like.

“Bucky’s here,” he said over his shoulder, “and he’s brought a friend.”

“The more the merrier.” Charles made vague motions toward the cups and plates on the kitchen table, then shrugged and waved Steve out, following closely. They emerged in time to see Bucky peering toward the house, brow faintly lined until he glimpsed Steve on approach.

“Glad you could make it,” Steve called. He jogged over, matched Bucky’s one-armed hug and pulled him in close enough to brush lips against a cool earlobe. “I was about to throw you over for the boy next door.”

Bucky gave him the finger. “That’s all right, I picked someone up on my way over.”

Steve shook his head and grinned, and Bucky relented enough to wallop him on one shoulder. “Steve, this Erik Lehnsherr. He’s in the physics lab next to mine, works with quantum dots.”

Bucky cracked up, and Lehnsherr cracked a smile, while Charles appeared suddenly entranced, blue eyes wide and shining. “Dr. Lehnsherr, I’ve heard Dr. MacTaggert speak of you.”

“Nothing good, I’m sure,” Lehnsherr said, gruff in tone though his thin mouth still curled upward at the edges.

“Not at all,” Charles said. “Although she says you’re harder to wrangle to faculty events than all the rest of us combined.” He drifted a step closer, and Steve watched with fascination as Lehnsherr mirrored it. “Quantum dots… I’m afraid I haven’t the slightest clue what those are, but they sound quite groovy.”

Lehnsherr’s light-colored eyes blinked twice, but he only nodded, gaze fixed on Charles. “Groovy,” he agreed. “Absolutely.”

Beside Steve, Bucky mouthed the word, pole-axed. “Hi,” he said, looking at Steve with raised eyebrows, then at Erik and Charles, “I’m Barnes, James Barnes, and I’m here to rescue you from the sixties.”

Steve rolled his eyes. “Bucky, this is Dr. Charles Xavier. He’s at Columbia, too, Chair of Biology.” Charles tore his attention away from Lehnsherr—and like Steve, his fair skin made blushing all too easy. The crests of his freckled cheeks pinked as he turned to Steve and Bucky, as he reached out to let Bucky’s hand engulf his own.

“Charmed,” Charles said, and meant it through and through, his sincerity clear as a bell. He glanced down. “Oh, I see you have a prosthetic yourself. May I say, what a remarkable design. Is it your own?” It was; Bucky’d modelled his left arm after a character in one of his favorite movies, an unstoppable and powerful cyborg re-programmed from evil purposes to good, becoming a hero in the process. Sliding steel plates covered the power sources and multiple optic fiber cables running from shoulder to fingertips, allowing Bucky almost the complete flexibility and grip control he’d once had with his living arm, before that last combat mission which had eventually ended his military career.

“It is. Thanks.” Bucky looked a little discomfited, but that was getting better. He no longer tried to hide his prosthetic, a vast improvement over the first old-fashioned plastic and rubber model he’d been fitted with in that Russian hospital, after being found half-dead in a  Czechian combat zone. Once he’d woken up and returned to the States, once he and Steve had found each other, once Nick Fury at Walter Reed had helped them with a high-tech replacement…

Once Bucky saw the artificial arm as a functional appendage, rather than a mockery of a once-whole body, he’d turned his energies toward learning more about prosthetics technology—and now, here he was at Columbia University, and he was gonna save the world, one limb at a time.

Steve had more than enough faith for the both of them.

Lehnsherr spoke up, subtly interposing himself between Steve and Charles—which only Steve seemed to notice. “I’m Erik Lehnsherr, also in Biomedical.” He nodded at Charles. “I’m usually too caught up in my research to waste time with faculty events.”

“Quantum dots,” Charles supplied, mouth quirking.

“Yes, in collaboration with Vanderbilt and Emory and Georgia Tech.” He tore his gaze from Charles. “I noticed Buchanan’s arm, and we got caught up in a discussion of the newest study of iron pyrite nanoparticles in quantum drops.” He worked his jaw, looking like he was waiting for the first puzzled “Huh?”

When even Steve, who wouldn’t know a nanoparticle from Optimus Prime, just waited for him to continue, Lehnsherr smiled broadly, white-toothed and suddenly far less grim in his black turtleneck and trousers than he’d first appeared, a stiff columnar figure in the misty green street. “Our fields converge in a small way, because my work can lead to tiny, powerful batteries which can power prosthetics and other devices for longer periods of time, without adding excessive weight, and which take up very little space, allowing for an increase in bioneural connections instead.” He glanced unsubtly at Charles. “Prosthetics both lightweight and sensitive to neural control, as close to the real thing as current science can achieve.”

“Fantastic,” Charles breathed. “That sounds like it could be applicable in molecular genetics, which is my particular area of interest—” Lehnsherr stared at Charles like he’d like to eat him alive, and Charles looked rapt.

Steve bit back an amused smirk. Yeah.

He looked at Bucky; Bucky looked at him. Steve turned to Charles. “Charles. I really appreciate your help, and the tea was delicious. After Bucky and I get finished here, if your offer still stands, we’ll be glad to take you up on it.”

“Oh, certainly,” Charles said, finally switching his attention from Lehnsherr to Steve. He let his vivid eyes linger for a moment on the taut fabric over Steve’s chest, then sighed and lifted a wry, rueful gaze to Steve’s. “It might go faster with four,” he offered, and Lehnsherr moved with all the efficiency of a soldier himself, stationing himself at Charles’ side. “Yes,” Lehnsherr agreed, but his lingering smile now seemed more a warning, a territorial baring of his teeth, but there wasn’t a thing to warn against; Steve had his Bucky.

“We’re good,” he told them, while Bucky nodded at them, waving vaguely and heading toward his U-Haul. “Keep that delicious tea warm for us, and we’ll return the favor with dinner this weekend.” He kept his own smile genial as he added in Lehnsherr’s direction: “You’re invited, too. It’s good to meet new people, make new friends when you settle in a new place.”

And then he nodded and turned and let his smile bloom as Charles led Lehnsherr toward the brownstone, because Bucky was there in front of him, and they were here. Together. At a house they’d make their home.

Creepypasta #778: My Beautiful Baby

Length: Super long

Me and my wife have a one year old son. His name is Aidan. Like most young parents, we think he’s the best thing to ever happen to us. I know that pretty much all couples think their baby is beautiful, but if most people are honest with themselves, they definitely believe that there are ugly babies out there. 

Aidan is different. He was immensely beautiful and good looking even from birth. When we would take him out in public, strangers who were a good distance away would stare at him and then walk over to us and tell us how beautiful he was. Aidan’s smile was intoxicating and would light up a room full of people.

We moved into a house right before he turned a year old. It’s not anything fancy, but we were very happy that we finally found one that suited us. It had three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It’s a one story house with about 900 square feet of room. Moving in was stressful but well worth the trouble and money.

A few weeks ago we bathed Aidan and put him to bed around 9:00 PM. It was a Friday night and we were both looking forward to the weekend together as a family. Me and Jennie stayed up reading on the couch. 

After about an hour and a half we both went to bed. Our room is situated across from Aidan’s room. He’s still small enough to be in a crib and we haven’t converted it into a toddler bed yet. I peeked my head in to check on him. He was laying on his back and snoozing without a care in the world. His little chest rose and fell in a calm rhythm and I wished life and sleep could be that simple for me. Oh well, I was happy that he had that wonderful gift for a little while longer. 

I had the baby monitor with me and I plugged it into the wall. We laid down and fell asleep fairly quickly. The first time I heard Aidan cry was about midnight. I laid in bed awake and he eventually fell back to sleep after about a minute. I stayed awake for a few more minutes before I finally decided that he was back to sleep before I myself tried to go to sleep again.

A few hours later I heard him babbling. It was probably about 3 in the morning. He began bouncing in his crib and saying, “A-jump-a-jump-a-jump!” Jennie stayed asleep. I laid there and listened to him play in his crib and smiled. I knew that keeping me up like this made me lose quality sleep but at moments like those I didn’t care. 

Aidan kept babbling and jumping up and down every once in a while. I listened and expected him to start crying but he didn’t. He kept babbling and mixing in the few words that he knew with his babbles. About twenty minutes later he was finally asleep again.


In the morning we got up and I checked the baby monitor. Aidan was still asleep but was beginning to stir. It wouldn’t be long before he was fully awake and jumping around again. Jennie went into the kitchen to make some coffee. I walked out of our room and glanced at the door of Aidan’s room. 

There was a note on it. My first thought was that Jennie probably wrote it but, then again, that really wasn’t like her. I stepped across the hallway and took the note that was attached to the door by a piece of duct tape.

“Hello! I just wanted you to know that I don’t normally do this, but after seeing your baby boy how could I go through with it? It’s not everyday that two people meet who have genetics to produce such a beautiful offspring. Evolution makes a lot of ugly people, but not very many are as good looking as your boy. 

I played with him last night while you two were asleep. He loved me and though I was funny. At first I was determined to go through my plan with you all as my victims, but he convinced me otherwise. Please enjoy the rest of your lives and make more beautiful children like him.

P.S. I left him a present to play with from the last family I visited the other night.”

“Jennie…” I said.

“What, honey?” she said as she walked over to me with a cup of coffee.

“Did you or anyone else leave a note on Aidan’s door? Please tell me this is a sick joke,” I said.

“No. What-” she said as she glanced at the note.

“Aidan!” I shouted. We both ran inside his room. He was looking at us as soon as we came in and began to jump up and down excitedly. I was relieved.

But then Jennie screamed at the top of her lungs.

Aidan was jumping up and down while holding a severed human finger.

Credits to: JohnRavenhill

Window Of Love / Beau&Calum


Beau hated moving house, it was stressful and took a long time to adapt to. He had moved three times since being young for several reasons, but this one was different. His family had had a pretty big argument with the rest of his family and didn’t feel comfortable in Michigan anymore so they moved to Chicago. A week had passed and living in his new houses wasn’t so bad, so it was a little close to next doors house, so close the windows were almost touching, but he didn’t mind.

I’ve got a sweet tooth this Sunday evening as I write and read. Currently reading All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven and really enjoying it so far! I might finally start reading The Lunar Chronicles on my Kindle while I’m at it.

For @bibliophilicwitch ’s Tomes and Tea. ❤️ (First time participator! I’ve been meaning to catch up on a lot of fun things on Tumblr lately, but haven’t been able to because I’ve been stressed out while moving houses.) This is a really great idea! :)

This cute face bit my bf on the nose when he went in for a kiss. We r packing to move to a new house so it could be the stress of all that.. lots of changes ahead but hopefully for the better as they will have dedicated spaces they can call their own.