moving forward with open eyes

While we can always learn from the past, we must not be condemned by it. Time is a river, and it moves on, just as you are not the same person dipping your foot in the river now as you were before, nor is the river the same. It moves on.
—  Zen Gardener
There is no such thing as a closed door in this life. There are the doors we have been through, the doors we will soon find, and the doors we will never come across due to the path we choose. There is no turning around, however there can be a door you’ve been through before, appear on your path again. You just have to keep your eyes open and your feet moving forever forward.
—  A smart woman once said💋
There will always be someone who will want to see you fail only because they haven’t succeeded.
Favorite moments of malec kiss scene

1) Maryse looks so panicked when Alec starts down the stairs. Look how panicked she looks.
2.) very subtle bob of Magnus’ Adam’s apple when Alec stops at the bottom of the stairs
3.) Alec telling his mother off with a single word. The bitch stops and turns her head like she’s dazed it’s so great
4.) Alec barely even stops walking he just sort of grabs Magnus and turns before kissing him
5.) When Alec pulls back and Magnus immediately moves forward and then opens his eyes a little bit
6.) straight actors kissing each other with no awkwardness or hesitation I just want to die


There is a student in my seventh period who is That Student, but he wasn’t always. (Well, he was always a handful, but at least he was mostly kind about it.) But when he came back from Christmas break, he didn’t talk for days. He never smiled; he shut down. This lasted for weeks. And when he finally started talking, there was an edge to him that hadn’t been there previously.

I was convinced something had happened, the contrast was so noticeable. He wasn’t interested in talking to me about it though, so I let it lie, and as with most things that lay around without care – the memory gathered dust. As the friendlier version of this child went further from my thoughts, so did my patience.

I hate silencing students. Or anyone. But his disinterest, his disengagement, and his vocal need to make sure everyone knows about it was and is disruptive to many of his peers and their learning. I like him well enough, but on those days he doesn’t like me much at all.

I found out today his parents split over break – he was blindsided. And as painful as I know that experience was as a twenty-something, when I was not blindsided, I cannot fathom going through that as a teenager. When the bottom-drops out, how do you go forward when you don’t even know who you are yet? Or how well you can stand on your own?

There was the click. I get it now. He makes sense.

And there was that inkling that something had happened, but I wish I had known. I don’t even know that I would change anything other than the tone in which I talked to him on his most frustratingly disruptive days – but in many ways, a change of tone is significant powerful enough.

So as much as Arizona was over the leg in her day to day life she was not over thinking that her wife was the one to physically cut it off (suspend all logical sense here). Also as crazy as it sounds - because Robbins can be so thick and to the left of the point -she never realized how deeply Callie loved her. So I don’t know what she does moving forward but it would seem her eyes have been opened and her trust is being restored.

Now what about Callie? Her huge roadblock and trust issues come from the infidelity. How does she get to the point of trusting Arizona again? A fancy speech (while nice) wouldn’t be enough to bridge the gap of her feeling unwanted and not trusting Arizona to not do it again in rough waters. What will Arizona DO to help her trust her again? Very curious with 4 episodes left.