moving flowers

Last summer I was babysitting these two little girls and we were outside and a bee landed near the younger one on a bush and I expected them to freak out because most kids are scared of the stingy sorts of bugs, but they just crowded in to watch the bee move from flower to flower, quiet and curious, and the older one looked over her shoulder at me to inform me “Just don’t touch them. Bees don’t like to be touched.”

Every time I see a #savethebees post I think about that and how like … so many animals have been negatively affected by humans because parents teach their children to fear the ones that bite. Bees don’t go out of their way to sting people. They don’t want to hurt anyone. They literally die if they sting you, it’s not something they’re looking to do. They just want to visit your flowers, maybe sniff at your colorful shirt just to make sure it isn’t a flower, and then move on with their bee lives. But because they can sting, when one flies by, parents freak out, BE CAREFUL IT MIGHT STING YOU, so children learn that bees are evil. Children learn fear from their parents, they aren’t born afraid of anything. If we taught kids (like those girls’ parents clearly did) that bees are our friends, but the sort of friends who would just rather you didn’t touch them, I bet we as a planet would be more willing to save them. 

It doesn’t have to be Spring for you to bloom.
—  It’s been said that Spring is the time of new beginnings. Enjoy it, but make sure to remember that you can have a new beginning any day, any time. // @maxwelldpoetry

Well, I did it. I finished the drawing.

I feel awful, but at the same time I feel relieved…. 

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Oh, well, I hope you guys like it TTuTT

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Size 11x18 • Printed on Canvas $65 • Hey guys! I’m moving out at the end of the week and need some extra money to buy a bed and all the other stuff that comes with moving out haha so I’m selling my pieces from the Black Lives Create show. If you’re interested please feel free to DM me or email me. Tell your friends, moms, dads, uncles, aunties. Help your boy get a new spot!