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Gem, if you think about it, Sardonyx is really scary. When she turns her head, her eyes move from her face and that shows her visor magnifies her eyes, so basically, her without her or a visor is a pinhead with small beady eyes o.o

hmm i wanna see a sardonyx without  the glasses

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bro could u do 10 with Alex Summers 👀

10. Shopping for baby supplies + Alex Summers

once again, sorry for the wait !!!

The squeaking of the old, worn out shopping cart fills your eardrums as you rummage through the aisles, your lover’s large hand resting on your lower back in a protective manner. His eyes move over the various toys, eyebrows furrowed lightly - giving away the confusion he’d been trying to hide for months now.

A sudden kick coming from your lower abdomen pulls you out of your analysis, hands leaving the cart to rest over the swell of your stomach.

“Kicking again?” Alex asks softly, fingertips tracing little patterns over your clothes. Nodding lightly, you lean into his touch, scrunching up your nose when he kisses the tip of it. The action makes Alex laugh, eyes holding nothing but pure adoration towards you. His arms wrap around you with gentleness, pulling you into his chest and filling you with warmth.

“I can’t wait to see their tiny face. I just… I hope they don’t… Inherit my powers.” he murmurs, looking down at you when your hands reach up to cup his face.

“If they do, we’ll figure it out. Don’t worry.” you reply, and the sudden wetness of his eyes tell you that he agrees.

And nothing could ever make you love your child less.



“Hey Lex, Y/N! I found a-” Scott cuts himself off as soon as he notices the position you’re in, a loud groan pushing past his lips.

“Really, now? I’m the only one actually shopping for this baby? You better name them after me for this. And make me the godfather.” He complains, the childishness of his tone making both you and Alex laugh softly.

  • Anti is more like a holograph than anything else. He weights nothing, injuries don’t hurt him.
  • He can still interact with physical things curiously enough, and even eat and drink. Though it takes concentration from him, as he basically converts a real life object into code.
  • He is constantly glitching (like in the videos). His form usually stays how it is, with only the occasional glitch taking pieces out of him or moving them apart.
  • His eyes change colour due to the glitches, as does his skin. Usually his eyes are blue and his skin is very pale with a green taint.
    Glitches can turn both of his eyes fully black or turn his right eye green.
  • The wound on his neck is mostly because he likes it. Just like the blood dripping from it and staining his clothes.
  • His clothes are basically always stained with blood more or less.

a Fatal_Error has Occurred: Chapter Three (Cover)

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Still going to be updating at a bit slower pace for now, but I think I’m ready to get the main story going again :) I’ll try to have the first update ready for next weekend.

Let’s do this <3

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