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Okay, like, I acknowledge that Lake Lyn is an actual lake in The Shadowhunter Chronicles. But what if it was a salt flat instead? It WAS a lake but then it dried up, which explains how the mirror was lost over time. Then the rain comes and, for a very short while, it becomes a mirror again. And salt flats, when the rain comes and turns them into the worlds largest mirrors, are called the border between heaven and earth which is also perfect for the mythos of Lake Lyn. And, I mean, just imagine a giant fucking angel with golden wings covered in eyes and moving runes appearing in the middle of this:

4 times too many(pt 1)

For the 3rd time that night, their breathing was heavy. Grant brushed another strand of hair out of her face. As Candice kissed his fingers.

“Wanna do it again?” grant asked.

“ Babe, we just has sex 3 times, yes, yes lets do it again” Candice kissed his neck, and lips, savoring his taste.

“ Babe, lets try it another way”

“What do you mean?”

“We already did the traditional ways to do it, lets do it another way, like… wanna try…. you know….” Grant moved his eyes brows up and down, before receiving a gentle slap form Candice on the arm.

“Gosh grant, 3 times not good enough?” she said laughing.

“ They good alright, but I wanna make it better” he kissed her neck again.

This was gonna b a long long night, but the fun, is just getting started…

Holy shit dude congrats @therealjacksepticeye​ on 14million subscribers!! Thats a huge fucking amount of people but you sure do earn every single one of them

I found your account somewhere in 2014, around your 600k video? Anyways i started watching you and i quickly realized how much your videos brightened my day, and they still really do!

So thank you and keep doing you Jack!! ♡

Blue Diamond from Steven Universe.
I finished watching the series, and I thought Blue Diamond was an interesting character. I had so much fun making the Garnet illustration, I’d thought I’d try one more. Maybe I’ll keep going!

Don’t burn the pictures.
Don’t rip the handwritten love letters up.
Don’t destroy the memories that made you the happiest; because time heals but also brings regret.

Because you can’t go back & you’ll never have another 1st love. Years will pass & you won’t remember the color of his eyes in detail quite like you did. And it’s going to break you down because you’ll find yourself in bed at 2:10 in the morning trying to remember the way his lips curved when he smiled but it’s been too long & all the pictures you have with him are gone.. And you’ll start to think that maybe you shouldn’t have been so fucking impulsive.

Put everything in a box & only open it after you’ve moved on & want to revisit a time that was filled with genuine love & innocence. Because despite what you’ve been told, you can let go without forgetting.

It’s okay to trace the poems he wrote you in cursive with your fingertips, remembering what it was like the first time you laid eyes on him.

It’s okay to smile at the pictures of you two kissing; after all, his lips were the ones to show you how it was done-
it’s okay if your eyes well up because you can still feel him holding your shaking hands. It’s okay if you laugh at the promise of forever that two kids made because even though it was too big of a promise at that age, it was admirable.

It’s okay to close that box & put it back under your bed or in the back of your closet to collect dust for another 6 months while you live & fall in love again & again.

You will always remember him, with or without the pictures but having them makes it alot easier when you’re no longer a kid & you’ve loved a handful of men after him & the color of their eyes are mixing in with his & all you want is to be sure. When all you want is to remember a time where love was him walking you home from school kissing you on the cheek. When love didn’t mean doing drugs or getting undressed.
—  I wish I could remember the exact color of his eyes & what it felt like to be pure again.

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