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Doesn’t everyone use newts as their own personal bridge? 🐛😂Repost @natgeo | 🐛Video by @salvarezphoto (Stephen Alvarez)
As a photographer one of the things I practice is noticing small things, details. Occasionally it pays off in unexpected ways and I sometimes see the strangest things. I often photograph red efts that I see in the forest. They are the juvenile form of the Eastern newt (Notophthalmus viridescens). But I had never seen this before. A bright green caterpillar crossing the newt like a bridge. Funniest thing was that the newt waited patiently for the insect to cross before moving on. There is a whole wild world on the forest floor. #forestunseen #home #redeft #newt #caterpillar #bridge #funny #funnyanimals #cute #orange #green #wildlifephotography #wildlifebiologist #nature #animals #wildlife #wildlifelovers #wildlifeconservation #conservation #insect #amphibian #endextinction #forest #forestfloor #KeyConservation

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In an apparent act of attempted intimidation, someone in New York chained a massive cross to Gay Street in Greenwich Village, the LGBTQ neighborhood, on Good Friday. Over the next few days the cross moved to different locations, always chained up so nobody could move it. 

New Yorkers responded the way they know best: by drinking champagne and painting the cross in rainbow colors.

“To be honest, I’m a Christian, and the cross means, love, peace and hope. And it was clear the owner of this cross did not share those values,” Gay St. resident Micah Latter, whose gate the cross was first chained to, told HuffPost. “Whatever [this person’s] point, [it] was lost in translation. Their actions were pointless and annoying.” […]

On Sunday, Latter and ten neighbors and friends gathered to paint the cross the colors of the LGBTQ rainbow flag. They drank champagne and changed the locks so the original owner can no longer move it ― they’re now calling it “The Love Cross.” […]

”Neighbors and strangers came together on Gay St., all approaching the meaning of the cross with different personal views, yet we all shared the same love and support for the community that we bonded over,” Latter told HuffPost. “For two hours on a Sunday, it was just random strangers, tourists, straight couples, gay couples, kids and neighbors spreading love, painting rainbows on a cross, getting to know our neighbors, and drinking champagne on Gay St. It was a magical NYC evening!”

This city. (via the Huffington Post)

So today I saw this:

Which reminded me of this:

And this:

…And now I can’t shake the thought that all of True Cross Town….

…is really just one huge Howl’s-moving-castle-style mecha lying in slumber until this magnificent bastard decides the time has come to use it.


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A/N: I had a lot of fun writing this! It’s the longest I’ve written on this blog and I’d really appreciate the feedback here  – I’m most likely doing a Part 2 depending on how you all like it. Enjoy :)

Harry loved family reunions.

Amongst the bickering cousins and lurid pitter-patter of children, he often found himself feeling at peace as his folks filled him in on all the stories he’s missed out on. He’d laugh about his jittery uncle who nearly burnt his eyebrows off from an old barbecue, nodding approvingly as his aunt gushes about her eight year old who’s just won the flashy new title of spelling bee champion. He likes the way they treat him too. With adoration in their eyes, resurrecting from the years they’ve watched him as a young boy (instead of the usual gaze of stardom he’s used to). He almost, if not, especially enjoys the way they admire his success, not as an ego-booster, but as a way of praising Anne for his upbringing, despite the major gossip that briefly tainted his mother’s name around her first divorce.

But even in a house packed with his most favourite people, he would always feel relatively exhausted from the length of the reunion, a full four days he’d reckoned. It was unfair really, he loved his crazy family, but he always felt like he had to put on his best face, never getting his usual dose of solitude to rejuvenate.

So when Harry first invited you to join him, he hadn’t quite expected you to be so patient with his family.

“Yes, he is very handsome,” you’d chuckle, “but we’re only friends.”

“You’re sweet, love, but I think this little girl wins the beauty contest, hmm?”

“Right, he is very good with kids.”

“M’only in uni, ma’am, so I’ve got a few good years before settling down.”

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Undiscovered by evansrogerskitten

Dean x Reader x Sam

Sam, Dean, and Reader seek shelter in a storm, and find solace in each other.

Warnings: Inspired by Season 12, Episode 9, but no specific spoilers. EXPLICIT SMUT. Threesome (NO WINCEST), Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fingering, Dirty talk, Language, Alcohol.

Word Count: 4068 | On AO3

This was inspired by an idea from my Over 30 sisters & my impulsive purchase of a J2 Sandwich photo opp for Seacon in April. Ahhh! I’m freakin out! :) Enjoy! 

Our boots crunched on the wet leaves as we moved quickly through the forest. The overcast sky and misting rain didn’t help since we were already cold in thin, gray jumpsuits. I shivered as I followed close behind Dean, Sam behind us with the stolen gun.

Suddenly we reached a clearing and I could see the outline of a small building. As we approached Sam and I kept lookout, and Dean went up to jimmy the door of the cabin. After looking inside a window, he stepped back and kicked the door in. Sam and I followed him inside, looking quickly behind us before barricading the cabin with a heavy dresser.

The cabin was dark inside with half of the windows boarded up, and the hodgepodge of furniture collected like dusty landmines. The earthy scent of rain and old firewood smoke filled the air. We spread out around the one room, searching boxes and crates. Sam banged open a rusty metal filing cabinet on the far wall, and laughed shortly as he saw what was inside.

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i’m so sad because there are so many amazing groups that are being slept on right now, y’all let me take u on a journey

  • ok you like groups that make u wanna go hard as fuck??? then listen to 24K
  • even their cute songs have a dope ass beat
  • speaking of damn good beats BIGFLO have a lot of um they get u so pumped and ready 2 go
  • boy groups that can go from cute to deadly in 0.003 seconds?? then high4 are the ones for you
  • groups that have hella dope dance moves, acrobatics and r just complete dorks then hop onto the SPEED train for a life of tears and joy
  • i know u want the weirdest kids that walk this planet that make damn catchy tunes
  • will also love you with everything they have because that’s what MYNAME do
  • OH! and you want to write fanfic about them? no need my lovely, they do it themselves
  • u want there to be instrument playing and beautiful vocals? give Royal Pirates a listen
  • some good head boppin tunes, great rapping and infectious ass dance moves then pls love Cross Gene
  • they also got them intimidating looking members that are actually the biggest fluffballs u know what i mean
  • groups that go hard but also wanna stab u in the feels? u deffo for N.Flying
  • absolute losers that just want to have fun? heck they danced with animated penguins 
  • that’s right u guessed it.. UNIQ
  • oh ok so u want more of a hip hop feel rather than a cute boy group??
  • or maybe not bc they are the dorkiest, shyest lil babies ever. love madtown
  • i don’t even know how to describe hotshot they actually leave me a lil bit speechless they r just so good u will deffo not regret this decision
  • also body rolls for days i tell ya
  • Snuper are those mad dorks that u will fall in love with in all of 2 seconds, good luck
  • did u hear face off by A6P?? just listen to it u will be jamming for weeks
  • and the concept was so good
  • pls come back babies i miss u
  • B.I.G just give off a vibe that make u love them, take these losers in as ur own they r ur children now also all their songs are SO catchy
  • not to mention the hit song hello that will always have a special place in my heart
  • r cute girl groups ur weakness?? because my dear u will love Laboum
  • what about a group that work with whatever sound they take? also got some hot vocals and some nice beats to get u up or just to chill and jam to whatever u feelin BIGSTAR got it
  • i also just wanted to include hot boy because it’s the song of the century ok
  • boys republic just put so much into making some good tunes and some damn amazing mv’s like that shit is just so nice to look at i cannot recommend them enough i’m !!!!!!!!
  • M Crown??? That’s all i should have to say really just go listen to them
  • cute but not so cute boy groups? u feel me? also some good dancers and can work them hips oh my god i got u covered with halo
  • speaking of dancing if u into that then check out romeo plus they’re just so fun sounding and such a feel good listen !!!!
  • ok so back to the girl groups, u want a bit more after the cuteness. my friends, sonamoo are waiting for you 
  • what about the biggest dorks on this planet?? no i’m serious
  • i mean sure there is some questionable styling choices but u won’t even care when you listen to topp dogg because DAMN
  • also throw back to when they got brazilian waxes because i feel the world needs this trust me ok
  • the sweetest group to walk this god damn earth (also the dork level is pretty high) but hella pushed aside by their company
  • but still make absolute bangers from cute to sexy u got it all
  • why r boyfriend still not loved???
  • and finally, the ones most of you will know
  • stop
  • ignoring
  • infinite
  • dammit

ok i think i’m done, pls add more because there’s so many good groups out there that i want to know about too 

So I think I’m gonna buy another copy of ACNL so I can have another town! (This one a certain theme and prettier) I was thinking like a kinda Ghibli/Fairytale theme, so if you have some QR codes that match that theme, send them to me please! 😊


Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 3,195

Warnings: smut, masturbation, multiple orgasms, claim!kink (kinda), jealous!Sam, possessive!Sam, rough sex, smutty fluff, biting!kink, small mention of blood at the end, cursing, unprotected sex (WRAP IT UP), 

A/N: Written for @goandsavemyunicorn for donating to my Supernatural Seattle 2017 gift!

Sam knows how jealousy feels. He’d never really been able to describe it before, never thought he’d felt it, but at this exact moment in time, Sam knows he could probably write an entire novel on the dark, shitty feeling that jealousy is.

He’s drinking a lot, and the alcohol’s starting to infect his blood, his vision blurring slightly on the edges. Envy burns through his entire body, his jaw is tense and sore from clenching it for the past hour and a half, and his knuckles are white, the skin stretched tight over tendon and bone.

Jealousy isn’t a feeling all of its own. To Sam (or at least drunk Sam), it’s just another form of anger.

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Dates! An Anthology of Queer Historical Fiction (Volume 2)
Dates is an anthology of positive queer historical fiction, set throughout time and across the world. This is Volume 2!

Okay, friends. Pull up a chair. Really settle in there good. Let’s chit-chat a bit.

You might have noticed my posting a lot lately about volume 2 of Dates! Or maybe you haven’t, maybe you follow like 800 people that don’t know how queues work and my posts get totally washed away in the nonsense, but I’m just going to assume the former and go from there.

Dates! is an anthology of Queer Historical Fiction (over 260 pages!!), and y’all, it’s going to be AWESOME. There are tons of super talented people working on this book, and what I’ve seen of it has me soooo excited.

As someone who has a very large section of her bookshelf dedicated to (sometimes questionable quality) queer historical fiction novels, I can assure you that Dates! is most certainly not questionable quality, folks

(Unlike these photos I took with my phone, sorry guys…)

Let me just show you some beautiful examples from creators in Dates 1! (And, might I add, all of whom are returning for Dates 2).

(Erica Chan)

(Effie Lee)

(Cat Parra)

Look at it my friends!! Beautiful!! I can confirm that the book is really high quality, the printing job is great, and the art is just gorgeous (also sturdy, can confirm, survived my cross-country move stuffed into the bottom of my suitcase without a scratch, definitely some nice binding there haha). And the best part is, when Dates 2 reaches its third tier stretch goal, they’ll be reprinting Dates 1 for anyone who missed it the first time around. 

Jenna and I are making our comic writing debut working with Cat Parra on our comic “Reflections of a Glassmaker” (along with inks by Effie Lee). I’m so excited for this book guys, and I’m absolutely positive that you will love it. 

So if you’re interested in helping us bury the Bury Your Gays trope for a change, check out the kickstarter and spread the word!

thisisup-upisno  asked:

I've got a cute three year old tortoiseshell kitty, and pretty soon I'll be moving cross-country via car. Just me and her, alone in a car for three days. I've heard that it's pretty standard to sedate a cat while traveling, but three days seems a bit long to knock her out for, so I'd like to avoid that. I'm not delusional enough to think she's gonna like it, by any stretch of the imagination, but are there ways I could make it less stressful for her? (By the way, this blog is super awesome!!)

I’d agree that sedation isn’t a great idea. I’d suggest getting her used to hanging out in and traveling in the car for fun trips even before you start packing to move (so she doesn’t associate cars with the stress of change). When you’re actually driving you don’t have to keep her kenneled the entire time if she doesn’t prefer it, but make sure she’s in a harness and tethered so she can’t get into the front seat / in the way of the driver, and make sure the power to the window controls is turned off and the doors are always locked. 

“I’ve heard some rumors from some heartbroken students that you’re currently in a relationship, Elric. Care to inform me?”

“Oh ha ha, wonder where they got that idea, with you following me home everyday. You’re grading your own papers tonight, bastard.” 


*Throws my favorite RoyEd AUs*

Have I told you that I love College Professor AUs?