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I had sex in a graveyard and was walking around nude cause it was like 80 degrees and I was all sweaty and it was like midnight or whatever.
So this car rolls up out of nowhere and I’m stark fucken naked.
I’m also white as fuck. I glow in the dark.
I make eye contact with the dude driving.
I don’t make a move to cover up or anything because idgaf about being naked.
I see his eyes widen….

With fear.

He fucken books it out of there like a bat out of hell.

And that’s the story about how I became a ghost sighting in a small town in New England.


december (listen to on spotify)

my personal favorite christmas songs and more for the month of december.

i. yuri on ice, taro umebayashi; ii. winter song, sara bareilles and ingrid michaelson; iii. white winter hymnal, birdy; iv. no one but you, daniela andrade; v. ease - lontalius remix, troye sivan ft. broods; vi. moonlight, ariana grande; vii. mistletoe, justin bieber; viii. last christmas, carly rae jepsen; ix. the 12 days of christmas, straight no chaser; x. that’s christmas to me, pentatonix; xi. do they know it’s christmas?, band aid

cover picture © vaesna

sorryimacrapwriter  asked:

Can I make a request where MC and the RFA (+ V/Saeran) have just started living together as friends, but one night they're relaxing together and one of them falls asleep (or so they think!!!!) and the other feels compelled to kiss them. So they do...

thank for request sorryimacrapwriter-nim


  • the two of you were sitting on the couch, eating ramen while watching tv
  • sleepless nights due to upcoming exams had led you to become a zombie
  • so Yoosung, the sunshine, offered the suggestion of taking a break
  • as the night progressed, the sleepies hit you. hard
  • Yoosung was feeling exhausted himself, but looking over at you, head lolling back
  • you fell to the side, curling yourself up even more
  • Yoosung knew that he should move you to your bed
  • but he didn’t have the heart to move you
  • so he covered you with a blanket and was about to sleep in his own bed
  • but the exhaustion caught up to him as well
  • and just before he fell asleep
  • in his half-awake state
  • he kissed you
  • and fell asleep like that


  • living with Zen wasn’t too bad
  • except for the fact that it was near impossible to sit down and have a proper meal with him
  • you couldn’t really pin the blame on anyone; Zen was busy scrounging up jobs, you were busy dealing with your own life
  • so as a treat, you ordered some Chinese food
  • you make into a whole event with Zen
  • even cracking open some cans of beer
  • and ‘watching’ TV
  • y’all are just making fun of whatever you’re watching
  • Zen is just ruining the serious mood of the show with his hilarious parodies
  • but eventually he tires himself out (like a baby~)
  • knowing that moving him will be unbearable for both of you
  • you got a blanket and draped it over both your bodies
  • before you fell asleep, you gave him a kiss
  • resting against him felt a little warmer now


  • you were half hoping for Jaehee to pick up on the signals you were sending her
  • but she was too busy to notice
  • that’s okay though
  • cos the moments you did share with her were precious
  • and one of those particular moments was when you two were just sitting on the couch, watching musicals (well watching Zen)
  • eventually she falls asleep on you
  • and seeing her look relaxed made you feel at peace
  • you couldn’t help yourself
  • you kissed her
  • but you retreat almost immediately when you notice that she’s waking up
  • and in her drowsiness
  • she kissed you back
  • and then fell back asleep
  • what a tease~!
  • you cuddled into her and fell asleep too


  • you’ve known from the start that Jumin was a straightforward person
  • (it was one of the traits that attracted you in the first place)
  • yet, you still couldn’t hold in your surprise when he asked you to live with him, mainly because he felt lonely
  • nothing much really changed in your relationship
  • he made you breakfast and whatnot
  • but he was still a stressed donut because of his father
  • these days, the only time you saw him was when he would lazily play with Elizabeth 3rd
  • and on one of these days, he fell asleep with Elizabeth 3rd on his stomach
  • the scene was too cute for your heart to handle
  • all your love for him swelled
  • you couldn’t help yourself
  • you gave him a quick peck and ran back to your room, a blushing mess
  • a few nights later, he returned the gesture


  • okay, so you think you’re a hot mess?
  • meet Choi Saeyoung, professional hot mess
  • sure, he’s always fun to hang out with
  • but being fun doesn’t get the laundry done
  • or restock the fridge
  • and so that responsibility falls to you
  • so on your day off, you take on the task of cleaning the entire apartment
  • about five hours later, the apartment looks brighter than your future
  • and Saeyoung comes home to a possibly different, because he truly can’t recall the last time the whole apartment was this clean
  • he approaches you cautiously
  • you’re sitting at the dining table with a bowl of ramen
  • guilt is starting to overwhelm him
  • it takes you several minutes and cans of dr. pepper to calm him down
  • once he’s been reassured that you don’t mind doing this, he immediately moves you to your bed
  • once you get comfortable, he takes on the role of big spoon and lulls you to sleep
  • once he’s sure that you’re asleep, he places a kiss on your cheek and leaves the room


  • living with Jihyun is quite possibly the best thing you’ve ever done
  • he cooks, cleans and he respects your space when you ask him to
  • you can’t help but return the favour
  • so when Jihyun comes home from another trip
  • he notices that there’s been a drastic change in the layout of the living room
  • you’ve built a massive pillow fort that is actually structurally sound
  • and it’s full of snacks!
  • settling in, he sees that you’ve already conked out
  • he lies down, facing you
  • and slips an onion ring on the fourth finger on your left hand
  • before kissing you on the lips
  • the tickling sensation made you wake up
  • and notice that Jihyun’s face is extremely close to you
  • looking much like a child caught with his hand in the cookie jar
  • you eventually notice the onion ring on your finger
  • and slip one on his finger (V route confirmed???)


  • bonding with Saeran means ice cream for days~
  • almost every meal is accompanied with ice cream
  • but lots of ice cream means becoming near comatose
  • Saeran lays immobile on the ground
  • you lay next to him
  • seeing his sleeping form unravels something inside of you
  • (romantic attraction)
  • the desire to kiss him is increasing
  • ah to hell with it
  • you kiss him
  • his lips taste like chocolate
  • you’re about to pull away when you feel yourself being dragged back
  • back into the kiss
  • i mean
  • he’s still asleep
  • but apparently even his subconscious wants more of you
~witch tip!~

do you knit or crochet? great! here are some things you could make to incorporate it in your craft

  • a small pouch to keep crystals in
  • a bag to keep your vials and bottles in
  • a small spell bag (fill with herbs, crystals, salt, etc to help with sleep, protection, luck, etc)
  • a blanket to sit on when you meditate
  • a cosy cover for your tea cup to keep your tea warm
  • a handmade poppet
  • a bag for your pendulum/runes/tarots
  • a little basket to put your crystals in while they charge outside
  • scarves with constellations stitched onto them
  • socks with sigils stitched on the bottom to help you move silently
  • a cover for your grimoire to help disguise it
  • a pillow for your furry friends to sleep on
  • a cover to place over your altar when you aren’t using it
  • a hat with sigils stitched in to help bring mental clarity
  • a cosy plant pot cover to keep plants warm during the cold months

and since you’re spending your own time and energy making these things, your power goes into them! 


A cold, wet hand reached for your elbow, its fingers wrapped tightly against your skin. You turned around quickly, a scream ripping your throat as you found yourself staring at a pale face. The creature didn’t have a nose, only round eyes with black pupils and a toothy grin that trembled as it laughed. It gripped your elbow tighter and slowly dropped its grin, but it kept on laughing a shrill, icy laugh. 

You woke up, heart pounding in your chest. The white face and haunting eyes flashed before you for a second, but you blinked and they were gone, leaving behind a dark ceiling. 

“Damn,” you whispered, closing your eyes and taking a deep breath. 

You waited until your hands stopped shaking to move your covers aside and slip out of bed, gripping the walls of your room until you reached the door. Outside, a quiet hallway greeted you with sharp lights. Squinting, you made your way to the room closest to you, pushing its door open slightly. 

“Who’s there?” Dean’s gruff voice froze you. 

“Relax, it’s only me,” you replied quietly. “Can I come in?”

You entered the room after his grunt of approval, closing the door behind you. After adjusting to the darkness, you sat on the edge of Dean’s bed just as he sat up. He studied you for a few seconds, and you thought you saw a frown wrinkle his forehead. 

“That creepy-ass nightmare again?”


“Come on,” he whispered, making as much space on the bed as he could and lifting up the covers. “You’re staying here tonight. And I’m talking about grass and golf until you fall asleep.”

“Thanks, Dean,” you smiled, settling beside him, relaxing as he wrapped his arms around you. 

“You’ve got it, sweetheart.” 



I’m usually not so moved by a cover but… This one nearly brought me to tears.


NAMJOON: But the reason why I think that we don’t have to worry is that even today we performed in front of 5000 people.


Brad’s Instagram | @phynxrayne twitter

Brad Creasser is a camera operator for SPN.  I’m guessing that’s him 2nd from the left. 

It’s like they’re not even trying anymore.

Edited to add: probably Kathryn, Cliff, Misha, Jensen in photo.

My favorite thing about yuto’s style is that his aesthetic is sexy jackets …like, not sure which one is yuto? Look for the one in a bomber, leather jacket, or hoodie that’s a dark, sexy color and looks angsty and hot

  • me: im gonna get a full night of sleep tonight
  • me @ 3 am: I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory. This is where it gets me on my feet the enemy ahead of me.If this is the end of me, at least I have a friend with me weapon in my hand, a command, and my men with me. Then I remember my Eliza's expecting me... not only that, my Eliza's expecting. We gotta go, gotta get the job done gotta start a new nation, gotta meet my son! Take the bullets out your gun! What? The bullets out your gun! What? We move under cover and we move as one through the night, we have one shot to live another day. We cannot let a stray gunshot give us away. We will fight up close, seize the moment and stay in it.It's either that or meet the business end of a bayonet. The code word is 'Rochambeau,' dig me? Rochambeau! You have your orders now, go, man, go!
Nico and Will make good babysitters.

(I love imagining these guys with kids, especially babies, so, here you go.)

Nico was still, and would probably always be, an incredibly light sleeper. Years of training and battle wouldn’t disappear easily, despite the years of peace Nico had been enjoying as he built his life in New Rome. So, when the first whimper reached his ears, slightly distorted by the baby monitor, he was instantly awake. He held his breath, waiting to see if he had to get up. He groaned when the whimpers continued. Knowing it would quickly turn into full on crying if he didn’t hurry, he sat up, rubbing his face with his hands. Beside him, the lump under the covers moved, and then an arm was snaking its way around his waist.

“Again, already?” Will asked, peeking out from under the blanket at him. Nico nodded and chuckled when Will groaned, rolling onto his back. Nico snickered and bent over to search for his pajama pants on the floor. “I’ll get her, Nico, just give me a minute,” Will muttered, knuckling his eyes hard.

Nico stood and pulled his pants. “I’m already up, I’ll get her. You just take the next two and we’ll call it even.” Nico leaned over and pecked Will on the lips before standing. Stretching his arms over his head, he walked down the hall to the smaller bedroom. Inside, the baby was still only whimpering, her little limbs waving and kicking. Nico approached the crib soundlessly, a small smile forming on his face with every step he took.

Once the baby realized he was there, she froze and turned her head to look at him. They stared at each other for a moment, until the baby suddenly grinned and giggled. She lifted her arms up, reaching for him. Nico felt his heart melt at the sight and he leaned over to pick her up. He grabbed the blanket she had kicked off of herself and tossed it over his shoulder as he straightened. In his arms, she got quiet again, leaning her head on his shoulder contentedly.

Nico quickly ran through his mental list, checking her diaper, checking her temperature, checking the room temperature, and trying to give her a bottle. At the end, Nico could only figure she wanted to be held. Already, she was falling asleep on his shoulder. So, he sat down in the recliner, laid the blanket loosely over her, and started rocking and singing an Italian lullaby. By the time Will came out to look for him, almost fifteen minutes later, the baby was asleep again and Nico was just sitting with her, enjoying the quiet.

Will smiled and, making a split second decision, ran back to the bedroom to get his phone. He sneaked back down the hall and up to the recliner, his camera pulled up and at the ready. He popped out in front of Nico and had snapped a picture before Nico even realized what was happening. Nico huffed and frowned up at him. Will giggled and, ignoring Nico’s glare, quickly sent the picture to a friend. “Jason is gonna love this!” he said. He set his phone on the coffee table and knelt down next to the recliner. He put his hand on Nico’s knee and looked up at him.

“Seriously” Nico grumbled, trying, and failing, to keep glaring at Will. But he could never stay mad at Will for long, which is why just a minute later they were both smiling and laughing together.

“Want to put her back to bed, so we can go back to bed?” Will asked, standing. He held out a hand to help Nico up. The baby didn’t stir as Nico carried her back to her bed and then laid her down, tucking the blanket around her. They took a moment to stare down at her before Will took Nico’s hand and gently pulled him away from the crib. Nico carefully stroked the baby’s cheek one more time before he let Will pull him away.

“Maybe she’ll stay asleep for longer than two hours this time around,” Will mumbled and climbed back into bed. Nico shrugged and slipped out of his pants. Will was holding the blanket up for him and Nico slid into the empty spot beside him. Nico settled on his back and Will scooted close to him, laying on his side, and laid the blanket over him.

Just then, Nico’s phone went off. Grinning mischievously, Will leaned over Nico and snatched his phone up off the nightstand. Nico watched as Will unlocked the screen and opened the text message. Will read it to himself, his lips moving silently, and then he burst into giggles again. Nico sighed and snatched the phone from his hand so he could read it himself. His face was red as a tomato when he finished and set the phone down. He threw his arm over his eyes to hide, waiting for Will’s laughter to die down.

Finally, Will couldn’t laugh anymore and settled for chuckling and clutching his sides. Seeing Nico laying there, blushing, Will wiped the tears from his eyes and leaned over him. “Aw, Nico, baby, it’s not that bad,” he said soothingly. He tried to tug Nico’s arm down but Nico resisted. “After all these years you still blush when someone calls you cute.”

Nico stuck his tongue out at him without moving his arm. “You still  blush when I call you ‘Freckles’ or 'Sunshine’, so why can’t I blush over 'cute’?”

“Never said you couldn’t, babe. I actually love it when you blush. It reminds me of how flushed your face gets when I do that thing you really like, right before you start to scre-” Will’s words were cut off as Nico suddenly threw himself at Will, rolling them over on the bed until he had Will pinned under him. Will’s laughter and Nico’s curses filled the room for several minutes as they wrestled.

Suddenly, they both heard a shriek come from the living room. They instantly froze, hoping that would be it. But when the silence was pierced by another shriek, Will groaned and dropped his head onto the pillow. Nico smirked down at him. “It’s your turn, Sunshine boy,” he said smugly and will groaned again.