moving coil

heather mcnamara when moving independently: hunched over, coiled in on herself, knees together, restricted movements

heather mcnamara when moving in sync with the other heathers: straight back, total range of motion, doesn’t looked scared or nervous

Using the power of fiction - Similarities between Kaneki and Saiko

Remember how folks have been seeing similarities between Kaneki and the original Q squad? Some go trough similar events or share character traits with him. With these thoughts in mind, this new chapter revealed something very interesting about Saiko. She has incredible imagination and skill to manipulate the shape of her kagune. She reads a ton of manga, watches anime and plays games, which inspire her to try and copy some of the interesting things she sees there.

During the fight with Urie she was reminded of Urie’s weightlifting so she created macho hands to counter him. Saiko copies stuff she reads and sees in fiction and in real life.

Well who, another nerd this reminds you? Our beloved bookworm Kaneki Ken. He read books to master and copy all kinds of skills, either them being martial arts related, or stuff like being able to turn into Sasako. Kaneki also copied peoples moves, like Shuu´s coiled spring kagune and sword, and as Sasaki his fighting style started to resemble a lot like Arima’s.

I think this skill for Saiko is very, very fitting and I like it a ton. It’s very like her to take something terrible like a kagune and turn it into a super cool and fun anime weapon. I think with her stances she also mimicks some typical shounen battle stances.

Alone- Tony Stark

First post in a while, but I wasn’t in a great mental state since September. But I’m back and have 3 imagines queued up and I’m working on a series. Steve Rogers fluff imagine up on Sunday! Requests are open!

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Word Count: 2.1k

Requests: Open

*’s are time jumps

Italics are dreams

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Tony thought Steve was joking. That when he called while on the mission that it was some sick joke you were playing on him. He didn’t believe Steve when he said you were dead. Mission gone wrong.

He didn’t believe it until he saw you laying on the table. He didn’t see the bright (Y/E/C) eyes he had come to love, or your delicate, warm hands. He only saw a white sheet over your pale, bruised body, your clouded eyes looking straight up at the ceiling, all the life drained from the figure in front of him. The last bits of hope left his soul when he reached for your hand, only to find a cold, rigid limb.

He broke down then, collapsing in on himself as he realized you were gone. There was no bringing you back no matter what he would try. It was a horrible scene for everybody to watch. Tony sank to his knees, shaking and trying to move, only to coil into himself as he struggled to stop the tears from running down his face and breath steadily like you used to help him with. He could only focus on your hands, your cold, lifeless hands. Every fibre in his body hurt, and he knew there was nothing anyone could do to make it go away.

Bruce and Steve were the ones who went to help him. They lifted him off the floor, and as he tried reaching for you again, held him back, as he ran off, stopping halfway to the lab, trying to catch his breath and sinking to the floor again.

Everyone knew this was Tony’s undoing, they knew this wasn’t going to get better. He was broken without you, a man without purpose, and it was with a heavy heart that they knew as they watched him struggle to the bedroom you used to share, that they had lost their friend.


Tony really did try in the beginning. He would try to eat regularly, sleep the best he could, and wouldn’t even look at the large wall of liquors in front of him. He wanted to do better in your memory, he wanted to make you proud, wanted to be the man you made him. But he couldn’t. Not when he would accidentally make two cups of coffee in the morning, putting cream in he one next to his before realizing no one was there to drink it. Not when he would reach for a hand in the middle of the bed, only to find a cold, empty space where you used to lay. Not when the only thing that kept you out of his mind was bourbon and whiskey.

He never left the bedroom. Never went to the lab. Only left to do 2 missions, both of which he spent mindlessly shooting HYDRA agents in a rage, realizing they were the ones who killed you. Then returning to his isolated spot in the quinjet before returning to the bedroom when it landed. They had all tried to reason with him-  not even Rhodey or Bruce could get him out- the only company he had was alcohol, FRIDAY, and his own.

It had been three months since he saw you on that table, and it went on with no interruptions to his new schedule. He woke up unsure of where he was after a short hour and a half of sleep, ate a few pieces of bread that Wanda had dropped off every morning, downed a bottle of water, and started drinking again. Everything between 9 am that morning and his present time, was a blur. He only knew that it was now 2 am, and that your side of the bed was still- as it had been for the past three months- too cold.

He knew he would be riddled with nightmares, happy memories of you the two of you before you ended up dead again, and he would wake up, in the midst of a panic attack, unable to breath until he almost passed out and to repeat the process until he was physically too exhausted to even move. But he fell asleep anyway, almost begging for the numb pain in his chest to stop.

You stood in front of Tony in a pair of black sweatpants and an extremely large Black Sabbath shirt he knew you had stolen from him. He didn’t mind it though. You were smiling, your white teeth shining as you laughed, your eyes crinkling at the sides as you bent your head down to look at the floor, something you always did when you laughed too hard.

The words left your mouth in a euphonic voice as Tony stared.

“I love you, Tony.”

Tony reached out to you, cupping your soft cheek in his hand as he watched you raise your head again, your eyes bright with happiness and content. He felt the same feeling fill the emptiness in his chest, and mirrored your smile as he watched you reach your hand out to hold his free one. Everything was right, nothing was out of place. There were no bad guys destroying the world, no fights between the two of you, no one to disrupt the perfect moment. It was only you and Tony, enjoying each others presence.

Your smile faltered only slightly as he cupped your cheek, as you shivered gently and looked up at him. The words that left your mouth next were the ones he had dreaded in the past few months, the ones that always pulled him out of his perfect fantasy.

“I’m cold, Tony.”

It was when you looked up further, staring him directly in the eye when everything started falling apart.

Your eyes clouded over ever so slightly, the happiness being replaced by worry and fear as Tony stared at you falling apart in his arms. Your skin started to flush, leaving you with a blue and grey tone that made Tony uneasy, he knew what was happening, and he knew there was nothing he could do to save you.

“Tony, I’m so cold.”

Your temperature dropped suddenly, and that’s when the tears started spilling from your eyes, making Tony try and push you away, not wanting to see the hurt and pain that you were experiencing, feeling his own eyes water.

“Stop.” He said simply.

“Tony, it hurts! I’m so cold!” You yelled, dropping the floor in a heap, screaming out his name, complaining about the cold, yelling for him to come back.

He woke up screaming, with tears rolling down his face and his breathing erratic. He couldn’t see properly, the tears obstructing his vision making the blurriness that always accompanied his panic attacks even worse. He was used to it by now, but that didn’t mean it hurt any less.

As he cried and screamed, he thought he was falling back to sleep when he heard the voice.


Your voice. The voice he loved so much, it hurt. He wrapped his fingers through his hair as he rocked himself back and forth on the bed, crying and trying to control his breathing.

“It’s not real…” He got out, knowing that you were gone there was no way he was hearing your voice. You weren’t real.

But you were. Standing by the door of his room, you were watching as the man you loved was being torn apart by the memory of you.

Not being able to stand it any longer, you walked forward, finding your way in front of him, so that you were next to his side of the bed, about to touch his shoulder when you pulled your hand back and decided you needed more time to get to him before you scared and hurt him even more. Fighting back tears that you didn’t even think you had left in you, you opened your mouth and spoke again.

“Tony… Tony calm down, you’re okay. You’re safe.” You said, slowly sinking down to the carpet, watching as it only got worse.

It was killing him. He really thought you were dead. It was killing you too. Taking a step back, you went to your side of the bed, and gently placed your right hand on his left one, which was shaking uncontrollably as he tried to take in enough oxygen to calm himself down again.

“You’re okay… You’re safe.” You said, gently stroking the top of his hand with your thumb, feeling him calm down slightly.

“Tony, I need you to look at me.” He wouldn’t. Probably couldn’t, but you weren’t giving up.

You moved closer to him, until you were sitting right beside him as he looked up, vision clearing slightly, as he comprehended what was going on at that moment.

You were beside him. The warmth of your hand on his, and the sound of your voice was real.

He turned to look at you and took in your state. You weren’t deadly pale, you looked slightly sick, with red eyes and cheeks, eyes puffy as if you had been crying. You weren’t looking as lively as you used to, your shoulders slumped slightly, and your hair a bit of a mess. But you were there. Your eyes were still open, and your hand was on his.

You were warm.

“How- what,” he tried to speak, but having still not fully recovered from his last attack, you shushed him and moved forward so you were embracing each other, arm tightly wrapped around his shoulders.

“I promise, I’ll explain later. But right now, I just want to be with you.” You said, and he nodded into your shoulder, burying his face into the crook of your shoulder as you sat there.

And that’s what you did, you lay there not saying a word as you held each other. By the time either of you were ready to speak, the sun was starting to rise, and Tony had his head on your chest as you ran your fingers through his hair with one hand, and held onto his hand with your own.

You took a breath before speaking, knowing you owed him an explanation.

“During the Reshkov mission, Nat and I found some files that detailed a capture and torture mission that would end with me being killed. I brought them to Fury right after the mission and he started working a plan that would make it seem like I was killed on a mission so that I wasn’t a target or worry anymore, and it would give me time to shut the entire operation down on my own.” You started.

“I was only told the details the day we were going to fake it. Fury told me that I couldn’t tell anyone, not even you what was about to happen. He told me that there was an undercover in there that would inject me and make it look like I died, but I couldn’t tell you, because there was surveillance everywhere, and they had eyes in the tower as well.”

“You still couldn’t tell me somewhere else?” He said, voice breaking in slight anger and severe hurt.

“I tried to, I wanted to tell you what was going on, but they did it before I could.” You started to choke up, remembering all the video footage you had seen of Tony since the incident.

“I didn’t see any of the footage until 2 days after, when I woke up. They showed me everything. Tony, I wanted to come home so bad, I saw how it was killing you and it killed me. Fury had a hard time keeping me in containment. They said as soon as I wiped out all of Reshkov, I could come home. So, I did, and the minute I was done, I told Fury to send me home. I’m so sorry. I never want to be the cause of your pain Tony.”

You didn’t care that you were crying at that point. You didn’t care that as he pulled you down to eye level, he could see how much of a mess you were.

He slowly leaned in and kissed you gently, which you returned happily as you took the moment to relish in the time you were back together. Every emotion you had felt was poured into that kiss, until he pulled away and held you close to him, both of you slowly drifting off as you both realized that everything was going to be okay now.

You were half asleep when Tony spoke up again, quietly as he didn’t want to startle you.

“(Y/N)?” He asked. You made a sound of acknowledgement, and he held in a breath as he asked the question.

“Are you cold?”

You took a moment to respond, shaking your head against his chest as you started drifting off.

“No. I love you, Tony.”

One Pure Thought

a/n: a new story cus i like starting them more than finishing lol please tell me what you think and if you want me to carry on with this, I’m not entirely sold on if i should continue. If you enjoy it please say.


warnings: just smut 

Eric X OFC // Divergent Trilogy

word count: 3,230

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“The date was a bust,” Eric shouted as he barged into his friend’s apartment, expecting to find Goya sitting in front of the TV. Instead, his eyes landed on Goya’s roommate and younger sister, Geiger.

“Goya’s out. It’s just me,” she replied turning her head to look at him over the back of the couch. She had the night off and had been drinking alone, watching cartoons in the ratty, oversized shirt she slept in. Twisting around, she rested her elbow over the edge as she sat sideways on the cushion, “What’s up?” In the few months since finishing initiation and moving into the apartment, Geiger quickly came to realize how common it was for her older sibling’s best friend to just barge through the front door.

“Shit date,” Eric grumbled as he stomped over and flopped down on the sofa next to her before kicking his legs up on the coffee table as he crossed his arms. The young Dauntless leader first met Goya during initiation; the two bonded quickly and it wasn’t much later that he met Geiger.

“What was wrong with the girl this time?” she teased, taking a drink from the beer bottle while Eric glared out the corner of his eye.

“She was an idiot,” he huffed, exhaling through his nose. “She didn’t know the word ubiquitous.”

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Zzz interrupted

Pairing: Demon!Dean x Reader

Word count: 441

Warnings: Smut, dub-con? (this is what happens whenever I write Demon!Dean) NSFW gif right below the cut

A/N: A to Z kinks - Zzz, waking up to sex. Requested by @docharleythegeekqueen​ and @tardis-full-of-fallen-angels​  

if you don’t want me to tag you in every drabble just let me know and if you wanna be tagged add yourself to the LIST

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Loving Insanity pt. 1 {{Jerome x Reader}}

Author Note: writing this because my awesome new tumblr friend put it in my mind💙💜 also this is going to start with Jerome and the reader meeting at the circus and this is the start to an emotional joy ride of a series 😉😂 also the reader is related to Jim Gordon but you’ll see how in this part😉😉😉 and I know I have requests to post but I got excited and just had to go ahead and post this
Word count: it’s very long
Requested: sorta kinda is a request/collaboration
Warnings: None for this part

“Come on Daddy!!!”

You held his hand as you ran through the circus. Even though you were only 6 you were fast. And he had a semi hard time keeping up.


Your father stopped and smiled when he saw a friend from work. He walked over to talk to him. His grip on your hand loosened to the point where he let go. You stood beside him just staring off into space when you got bored you decided to wander off.

You kept wandering around and looking at all the side shows. You were fascinated by all the acts and costumes. But something caught your eye.

There was a huge snake in a cage and you felt drawn to it. You leaned forward and looked at the beautiful snake.

“Hey be careful!”

You stepped back quickly and looked over to see a red headed boy with crystal blue eyes that looked around your age.

“I’m sorry!”

“It’s fine, she just gets irritated after a long day of preforming.”


You turned back to look at the snake and the boy walked up and stood beside you.

“What’s her name?”


You nodded and looked back at her.

"I’m Jerome by the way.”

"I’m Y/N!”

You smiled brightly and he smiled brightly back. The two of you continued to talk and walk around the circus. Holding hands in an innocent way. He showed you around and showed you some of the best food stands and side shows. Your father ran to you and hugged you tightly.


You hugged him back tightly and yawned. He sighed.

“I guess it’s time to go home… Say goodbye to your friend.”

You turned around and hugged Jerome tightly. He hugged you back tightly.

“Bye bye.”


Little did you know that at this moment your destiny would be tied to Jerome’s and that he would change your life forever.

12 years later:

It was late in November on a Friday night. You were heading to Haly’s circus because you hadn’t been in a long time. You kept wanting to return but you couldn’t between work, family, friends, and school. But you finally had a free weekend and decided to go.

You gave your money to the ticket booth person and got your ticket. You entered the circus and walked around looking at all the attractions. You saw people entering a huge tent but you wanted to see all the side shows.

You stopped every now and then to watch but nothing really caught your eye. Well except the huge snake in the cage you saw out of the corner of your eye. Ever since you were 5 years old you had loved them. You walked up to the cage and bent over to look into it. The snake stuck it’s tongue out and started to move in its little coiled position.

“Hey be careful.”

You looked up to see a red headed boy who looked to be around the age of 18.

“She gets aggravated after a day of preforming.”

You knew you had heard this from somewhere before but you couldn’t recall from where. The boy walked towards you and smiled while looking down.

“My name is Jerome.”

It clicked.

“OHMYGOSHJEROME?!?! I haven’t seen you in forever!!!”

You tackle hugged him to the ground and he looked at you confused.

“Do I know you?”

“It’s me! Y/N!”


He quickly hugged you back smiling.

“God you’ve changed so much!”

“I could say the same for you.”

You looked down at him and smiled before standing up and brushing yourself off. He did the same. He hugged you again.

“I didn’t think you would ever come back.”

“I guess I just got caught up in school and family and work and friends…”

You laughed and he laughed too. You had never heard his laugh before and honestly you were in love with it. He slowly took your hand in his as he started to lead you away to the ruckus of the circus grounds. The two of you talked about random things and the subject constantly seemed to change. The two of you wove your way through the crowd.

Although there were hundreds of people there all you could focus on was the two of you. To you no one else was there. He led you away from the noise and the crowd and down towards the huge river nearby. He picked up a stone and threw it across. You sat down on the cold grass and he soon joined you.

“You know I never really got to know you. Technically we have only met once before.”

He looked over at you.

“True but I don’t have many friends here or any at all really. You were more of a friend to me that day than anyone here has ever been to me.”

“Do you not like them?”

“It’s not that. There are just some…. Issues between circus families here. Making friends isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do here.”

“Well you got me.”

“Yeah… I guess I do…. Don’t I?”

The two of you continued to sit there in silence. You didn’t know why but you felt comfortable around Jerome. Hell you have only ever met him twice and you feel more comfortable around him rather than you do around most of your friends. You noticed that there were few people left at the circus and sighed.

“I should probably head home…”


He jumped up quickly at the statement.


His face froze when he realized what he had said.

“I-I’m sorry I just…. It felt like I didn’t get much time with you.”

“I guess time flies.”

You could see sadness in his eyes.

“Would you like to walk me back to my car?”

He looks at you and smiled before nodding. The two of you walked back in silence. You wouldn’t know his reason for not talking but you knew your own. You were trying to figure out what pulled you to Jerome. You were certain it wasn’t normal to become best friends with each other after only meeting twice. You shrugged it off and realized that your feet had taken you to your car while you were lost in thought.

You turned to Jerome to say goodbye and noticed his gloomy expression. You frowned.

“Hey cheer up.”

“What if you don’t come back?”

The question struck you by surprise. You sighed and gave him a half smile.

“I promise I’ll come back. In fact…. I’ll come back tomorrow. Deal?”

If put his finger on his chin as if to think.

“Okay but if your not here tomorrow you’re in trouble missy.”

You both laughed. You hugged him one last time before getting in your car.

“I’ll see you tomorrow!”

You drove off leaving Jerome by himself.

“Yeah… Tomorrow…”

Author’s note: I know it’s kind of a calm start and kinda boring but to start this I have to start with where y'all meet!!!! Things will escalate quickly after this though 😉😉 Anywho I hope y'all enjoy this and I hope it’s good because I worked a lot of today on it💜💜💜🐢🐢🐢 love you babes!!!!

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Theres not nearly enough about Nagas! How about naga boyfriend!!

Okay, sure! LET’S GO

You call him “Long Boy” sometimes, which just confuses the hell out of him as he has no idea what the hell you’re calling him that for. If you call him that a little too often, he gets annoyed at you and wraps you up in coils until you stop. The easiest way to escape this inescapable trap is to give him a smooch. Tends to make him a little bashful.

Not that you don’t enjoy his special brand of cuddles, because they’re the absolute best thing ever. You’ve never felt the amount of love that you do when he’s got you coiled up on the couch. Though you have to watch out for him falling asleep, because without him actively moving his coils off you, they’re just too heavy to get out of.

He’s learned how to cook human food just for you, and he’s pretty good, but he tends to over salt things by a lot. You feel a little bad when you can’t eat something he made, but after you ended up in the hospital the one time you did try, he expects you to tell him if it’s inedible. For his part, he doesn’t get upset; he just grabs the takeout menu assortment and fans it in front of you with a smile.

He’s fascinated with nature shows. He watches them all the time whenever you’re not using the television. He’s actually told you that he’s learned a lot through them, and shows you the notebooks he’s started to keep. He seems to really want to learn about marine life over anything else, and he’s commented a couple times about becoming a marine biologist. You’re not sure if they’d accept a naga into the program, but you’re supportive nonetheless.

anonymous asked:

An ask about lamiatale ! Could write this little scenario with any of the skellies (your choice) ? The skelly hears some loud noises coming from near the entrance to the woods, and they recognize the sound of their S/O immediately. They have been attacked by a wild animal, and are laying on ground motionless with the scent of blood in the air (barely alive). Thanks if you can answer, I love your writing.

I’m gonna combine these 2 since they’re kinda along the same lines. I hope that’s okay. And I’m happy you enjoy my writing :)


He’s moving faster than he has in his whole life when he hears your cries. He doesn’t care if the attacker is still nearby or not. His first priority is you. He hurries you back to his nest and uses leaves to bind the wounds. Pap shows up to help at some point and he has some local fruit and things with him. They mash the fruits and feed it to you the best they can, hoping it will help. While Sans is waiting for your recovery he gets unnaturally restless. When Pap is available to watch you he goes off to hunt for your attacker. When he finally finds who or whatever did it they don’t stand a chance. All of the hurt and rage catches up to him. He sinks his fangs and phalanges into their body as he asphyxiates them with his coils. When you finally wake up he’s coiled around you protectively, sleeping peacefully. When he wakes to find you alive and moving he’s overjoyed, coiling in closer to you and smothering you with affection. From then on he’s a lot more protective of you and never lets you wander very far without following you or dragging you back to a safe spot. This might sometimes involve him trapping you in his coils while he takes a nap.


Who ever knew he could move so fast? The attacker is still there when he reaches you and he lunges at them, sinking his fangs in and pumping them full of venom. He leaves them to suffer and die as he grabs you up and rushes back to his nest. He’s trying really hard to focus not to panic as he frantically treats your wounds. He’s very reluctant to leave your side but he needs to find you some food and water. He’ll either end up taking you with him or begging his brother to stand guard. The longer he waits for you to wake up the more depressed he becomes. It gets so bad that the stress is affecting him physically. Please wake up. Pleeease. When he’s not getting food he won’t leave your side, coiling around you protectively. He’ll watch you for any signs of waking up until he exhausts himself and passes out. When you do finally wake up he gets so excited that he might accidentally get too rough when expressing his feelings. He refuses to let you out of his sight ever again and anyone besides his brother that gets too close to you gets one warning before they’re bit. Sometimes they get NO warning.


When he hears your screams he’s there in seconds but the attacker has somehow already escaped. He scoops you up and carries you back to his nest immediately, wrapping your wounds with leaves. He’ll only leave the nest to get food and water but he never goes very far, always glancing back at his nest to make sure there are no intruders. Hopefully none would dare try anything with him so close, especially with how vigilant he is. He could ask his brother for help but doesn’t want to burden him, so he bares it all alone until he stresses himself out. Black finds out when he decides to visit. He’s mad at Rus for letting himself get so overwhelmed. Black is gonna help him now whether he likes it or not. One day while Rus is watching you Black comes by with food… and the attacker, struggling in his coils as they’re dragged along behind him. The tightest coil is around their neck, enough pressure to cause pain but not enough to suffocate them. This is the only time Rus will leave your side now. Both of them bite the attacker. Black stays outside to watch them writhe in pain while Rus goes back inside to feed you. When you finally open your eyes Rus is there, watching you. His expression lights up immediately when he sees your eyes. He’s nuzzling you gently as he coils around you. From now on he follows you wherever you go, like a loyal dog. Except he’s a snake. Puppy snake?

best riordanverse character

as according to me, a Gay and Trans;

ALEX FIERRO, of course.

the genderfluid, transgender, and beautiful transfemme hero. she loves her body the way it is and doesnt change a thing even when she doesnt because fuck the haters she is who she is and she always will be, she will always be a fluid force in motion, a snake that moves and coils and strikes, a dangerous, gorgeous, kind-hearted soul.

shes funny and she makes mistakes and shes not perfect and she has a lot going against her but she fights it, she fights it all, she died fighting for a man who would not fight for himself and she died with honor, she died a hero, and she continued to be a hero afterward in valhalla. she admits her mistakes and is a positive force even when she could very easily be the opposite. we all know she’s easily the most dangerous woman in the riordanverse as well as the most beautiful, precious, and deserving of love and immortality. she makes pottery, feels a happiness that comes in creating instead of destruction, and thats so important to me. she was made homeless by her garbage family and despite having one of the worst godly parents a girl could ask for, she doesnt become anything like them. she becomes like herself, she accepts herself, and she keeps fighting. she keeps creating.

basically, i love her, she is my dearest wife who sometimes has very, very husband days, and i will always protect her (or occasionally him). thank you, alex fierro. this small trans boy loves you.

AN: Another missing makeout bc I’m a big fat liar. Admittedly a bit of a stretch. But I’ve never written anger kissing so all blame really should go to @cupcakesandtv for suggesting it. 

previous scenes  here, here, here, here, here and here

“You lied to me,” Jyn spat.

She shoved aside the part of her mind that told her it didn’t matter. Pushed it back into a corner with the other thought, the one creeping up asking her why it mattered so much that he lied.

Cassian didn’t answer to her. She wasn’t a part of the resistance. She wasn’t a rebel, she  didn’t owe any allegiance to the Alliance, and so Cassian didn’t owe any allegiance to her. But he had lied to her. About only guessing as to where her father was, about what he really was planning on doing when they found him. About why she needed to stay behind.

“You’re in shock,” he said.

Maybe if she had paid more attention she would have noticed his eyes give him away. She would have seen it every time she brought up her father. She would have seen him look away when she asked if Eadu was where her father was. When he explained why only Bodhi could go with him. When she made her plan to bring her father back to testify in front of the Alliance and all he did was duck his head.

Maybe she would have noticed that he’d all but told her before he climbed off the ship into the rain with Bodhi.

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Journal Entry #137


Rating: T 

Summary: Lighthouse Keeper AU - Ford finds something fascinating that he can’t resist investigating further.

AN: This was written ages ago when @howtotrainyournana​ tagged me in a very interesting post about deepsea cryptids. Which I now can’t find to link. But yeah, I had to write this and I’ve been sitting on this knowing it couldn’t be posted til I’d actually written the end to Light Keeper. ^^;;
But hey- I said there’d be more in this AU ;p
Oh, and actually- there are already more oneshots on patreon <3

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(Bitis arietans) puff adder

Most widely distributed venomous snake in Africa; encountered almost anywhere, at both low & high elevations, except for rain forests & extreme desert conditions. Found mainly in savannah or open grassland including areas w/ scattered scrubby bushes, from sea level to 3,500 m elevation.

Both diurnal & nocturnal, often basks in early morning or late afternoon; terrestrial but may climb sturdy bushes to bask. Usually sluggish; relies on camouflage to escape detection. Bad-tempered & excitable; when disturbed, makes long deep hissing noise. May move rapidly, coil into “S-shape” & strike suddenly & swiftly, but does not hold on. Eats small rodents, birds, amphibians & sometimes other snakes.

Many serious bites reported annually; only a small portion are fatal. Venom has potent cytotoxin, attacking tissue & blood cells. Symptoms often include extreme pain w/ swelling & large blisters in region of the bite.

{ No...? || Part 2 } // Levi

It was finally the end of the day, Levi should be walking in any minute. You couldn’t help think about why Levi had you refused break up with you. You had been so distraught you had to end training early. But he didn’t even give you time to give explanation as to why you wanted to. He just flat out said no. But you were a burden to him, so why would he want to keep you around. You changed into a shirt to sleep in when Levi walked in. Still thinking about why as you pulled the shirt over your head, Levi came up from behind you giving you a one armed hug and a kiss on your temple. Which was what he always did when he came back from a long day.

“ I’m gonna take a shower then we can talk after, okay?”, He whispered into your ear. You nodded your head as he sluggishly walked to the shower.

He obviously seemed tired which made you not want to discuss it. It was extremely rare when he got good nights of sleep. Which to him was five hours of sleep, you didn’t want to keep him awake knowing how tired he was. Even though you did help him sleep a little better at night and help out with his nightmares, it wasn’t enough to stop his insomnia. In fact, it’s not rare for you to wake up and have him not be there.

You sat down on your side of the bed, not wanting to lay down. You felt somewhat ashamed of had trying to break things off with him. Levi walked out from the restroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. His hair dripped of his head onto his chest as he rummaged through the drawers for clothes to sleep in. You watched as the droplets caressed the muscles and scars on his back down into his towel. He pulled his clothes on and walked over to his side of bed. He slowly gathered himself into the covers and moved closer to you, coiling his arms around your waist and his damp hair and fore head pressed against your thigh.

“ Why aren’t you laying down? ”, he mumbled. You could feel his bullet gray eyes burning into you but you couldn’t force yourself to look at him.

“ Because… ”, you answered. You couldn’t bring yourself to lay down right now. You didn’t want to.

“ Because why? ”, He grunted but you couldn’t hold back anymore.

“ Why didn’t let you let me break up with you? ”, This time you were looking straight into his eyes. The question came loud and angry but you wanted to know.

“ I mean … I don’t do anything but hold you back. ”, There was no stopping you now. You wanted him to hear this. “ You could be doing so much better with out me. I disturb you all the time when you’re working. Don’t you want someone better? ”, He looked at you like you were crazy but everything you were saying was true.

“ Levi don’t I annoy you? Don’t you get tired of my mistakes? You could be focusing on better things if I weren’t here. So why did you say no? Can you even do that? I’ve never heard of anyone so no to someone breaking up with them, have you?”, You had finally gotten everything off your chest. You hadn’t realized you were crying until you felt a tear run down your neck. Levi removed his arms from around you and sat on his side facing away from you.

“ Aren’t you going to answer me?!”, you yelled with a crack in your voice. This is was the first serious fight you both ever had.

“ Lay down (name ) . ”, He growled. Which infuriated you even more.

“ I tell you all of this and you tell me to go to sleep?! You told me we’d talk about this-”, you felt your self choking up. You couldn’t speak anymore with out sobs cutting in between.

“ I’m just gonna go. ”, you managed to choke out and stood up to go rummage through your drawers to grab some clothes and leave. You could sleep in someone else’s room? Or maybe one of the younger cadets like Mikasa?

Fear pulsed through Levi as he grabbed you wrist to stop you from grabbing clothes. You hadn’t noticed him get up so quickly. He looked at you scared and hopeless. Two things you never saw him express.

“ No you’re not! ”, He said more scared and insecure then stern.

“ There you go again with the no’s again. You can’t just tell people no Levi. You’re not-”, Levi cut off your tangent.

“ I love you! ”, He yelled. That’s when you stopped. The silence was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

“ What? ”, you asked. You looked over at him again but this time you saw someone desperate and frightened.

“ I love you okay?! You can’t just leave me because you feel like you’re not good enough for me. The second we got together was the second I decided that you were. You’ve never held me back. Why would you think that? ”, His words made both relief and guilt flush over you. He was right. You had never seen Levi so vulnerable.

You pulled him into your arms with him quickly wrapping his arms around you. His arms were crushing you but you didn’t care.

“ love you too. ”, You repeated back over and over like a broken record.

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There is a belief still widely kept that the observable universe is held together in the jaws of a serpent.
Imagine it: great raking coils moving thick as oil over the surface of everything—
the surface of you.
When it’s hot out, and you’re real tired, and maybe you’ve just had a crying fit or scraped your knees—
you can see it, wide as a church door or the gap under your bed.
There are monsters out there. So many that they blur over time. You start believing in ghosts, start believing in god and the power of crystals and all sorts of things that wind up
buried in your herb garden or tucked into a pillowcase and forgotten
in the same way you forget what you said and what was said to you.
It’s a stretch to let yourself become the sum of every telescope aimed at your heavens—
at your hells. It’s a stretch to be forgiven, to be seen,
except through the screen doors and gold silks of all you desired for yourself
once upon a time.
Some say, when pretending to be brave, that there is nothing beyond the self.
It’s tempting.
Tempting like a tail curls around the idea of an apple
and finds fangs wrapped in lips soft from the rotting and the
effort and the want for more.
Tempting to devour void upon void because there will always, always be more.
Always more hollow logs; more damp tinder; more empty mugs.
If there is a snake draped across all of space and time, it must get hungry too, heaving itself through fields of bright gaseous matter. It must be easy to slip whole species through the gaps in
those teeth.
You see, like the way a night unzips itself for you in a roar, like
all your gems spread in a tarnish across your bed,
that there is a tender want for absence in every gap you fill. You are a soft decline,
waltzing down a string of moons towards polished woods
waiting to embrace everything you are,
expanding as a star.
There is a blankness to your desperate breath, crawling with words as it is,
and it is patient and long as the dawn.
It is inconsolable, it is the most infectious thing you’ve ever seen,
and it is beautiful to behold:
the deep, dark sleep you breed in the midst of things—
loud as history,
big as light,
careful as searching scales over an endless sight.
—  autobiography by charlie quinn

Day 6: Magnus + Power

Magnus’ eyes snapped open. The steady strum of energy settling into his bones, holding him in its vice as he felt the barely restrained panic.

He closed his eyes and cast his magic out, feeling and searching till he felt that harsh tug.

Help me.

He was out of the bed before the thought was completed, snapping himself into new clothes as fast as he could blink.

He threw open a portal and dashed through, following that trembling bright blue thread, ringing so loud, he could hear it in his ears, vibrating and filled with fear… so much fear… so much pain.

He was going to rip them apart, from limb to limb.

When he stepped out of the portal, it didn’t come as a surprise to find that he was in a warehouse filled with Circle members. What was surprising was the fact that this particular headquarters was so close to the Institute.

Magnus sneered.

Of course the idiots that were the Clave wouldn’t think to look right beneath their noses for the Circle members. He was sure if anyone had mentioned their suspicions about the Circle members being that close to the institute, the Clave would have thought it ridiculous.

“I told you it would work,” someone said, sounding so calm and confident, Magnus decided that he would remove the man’s head first.

He turned his head and saw a man with blond hair, grinning like he’d just hit the lottery.

Magnus allowed himself to smile, and the blonde’s steps faltered, fear flashing in his eyes for a brief moment, and Magnus wondered if he was going to bolt. But then the man visibly pulled himself together and resumed the cocky stroll.


“Of course it would work,” another voice said and Magnus’ eyes swept through the room, the darkness seeming like day to him as he narrowed in on the one man at the back. In his hands he held a warlock child.

Her hair had matted over, tear tracks streaked across her cheeks. She trembled in his hands. But the one thing that made Magnus himself begin to tremble was the cut on her cheek, a long slice that had clearly been made by a knife.

“Who did that,” his voice cracked like a whip, and he watched the men gathered flinch. Even the ones who had been at their different corners in the warehouse, gathering weapons in preparation to storm wherever it was that they planned on heading to, all stopped what they were doing.

No one answered so he repeated the question. “I said. Who did that?”

The one at the back with his hands on the child, spoke. “I did,” he said, sounding extremely proud that he’d tortured a child.

Magnus’s fingers moved, lethal fast and coiled like a whip.

The man’s hands dropped, severed off from his elbows.

He screamed.

Magnus grinned, his smile sharp and biting as he felt his magic slowly rise.

Not the calmer one that he used when he didn’t want to hurt anyone.

No. This power wanted to maim. Wanted to kill. Needed to destroy.

“Close your eyes,” he murmured to the child. She dropped to her knees, raised both hands to cover her ears and did just that.

Magnus took a step forward.

“M…m…mercy,” he heard a thin voice cry out.

He turned to look at the man, a Circle member shaking so hard, a lesser man would have felt sorry for him.

Magnus smirked, letting his powers slowly seep through, showing his marks as clear as day, the one part of him that showed that truly they’d been stupid to bait him.

“Mercy,” Magnus asked, and followed it with a laugh, as hard and dark as the magic that had started pulsing out of him, searching for an escape, looking for what it could singe and eviscerate. “My father is Asmodeus, you fool.” His voiced echoed in the warehouse. He took a step forward. “And there is only one rule in his kingdom. Repay evil, with even more evil.”

And with that, he let his power loose, watching it ripple through, spreading its dark energy all across the room, bleeding and maiming and cutting.

They screamed, hair raising scream that echoed in the room, their screams merging with the sound of cracking bone and the wet sound of flesh separating from flesh.

And then he called out to it. Destroy. Raze. Leave nothing standing.

His power morphed, ever willing to answer his call. The building burned. Fire rapidly spreading, dancing on the walls like his magic did.

Everything burned but Magnus. Magnus and the little warlock child who still had her ears covered and stayed cowering on the floor.

He reached her and reached out, hands enveloping her form as he pulled her to him.

She went willingly with a terrified cry, keeping her gaze averted.

Magnus couldn’t blame her.

“Let’s take you home,” he said and threw a portal open, pulling her along with him as he left the warehouse and the Circle members in it to burn.

Drowning on Land

Alistair makes a careless mistake that nearly costs the Warden her life.

Alistair x Female Warden (mage origin, Amell or Surana)

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Alistair had no trouble finding the river near camp.  It had long since overrun its boundaries, full of melting snow from the mountains and warm rain from the recent storms.   The sound of running water was a soothing distraction from his aches and bruises.  Carrying the water skins to the river had been a simple task, but he did not look forward to hauling them back full.

His fellow Warden was already there, standing in the middle of the river.  The water coursed over her knees, one of them skinned and red.  She had pulled her robe up to mid-thigh and tied a large knot with it on one side to keep it in place out of the water.  He jerked his eyes away.  It was not indecent, but it was certainly more of a woman, especially this woman, than he had ever seen before.  

Her staff lay abandoned on the riverbank, cast carelessly into a grassy patch as if it were no more than a toy.  Her hands floated above the water, fingers moving to coax the water up out of its natural path.  It coiled and moved as her hands commanded, sometimes swirling around her in a gentle loop or arcing away when she snapped her arm out.

He unloaded the water skins from his shoulders, not paying mind to where they fell, too engrossed with her movements and the way the element obeyed her subtle commands.  He had seen his fair share of magic in his training.  And he had seen more than his fair share of her magic in their battles together against Darkspawn.  But, he had never seen a magic like this.  This magic was more like art.  It was like dancing.  The water was her partner, complimenting her and highlighting her every movement.  It was mesmerizing.  She was mesmerizing.

She noticed his approach and offered a smile.  He was staring, more than likely with a big, dumb gaping mouth, and he scrambled to smile back without letting his eyes drift back down to her pale legs.  He cleared his throat before speaking and forced himself to focus.

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(Bitis arietans) puff adder

Most widely distributed venomous snake in Africa; encountered almost anywhere, at both low & high elevations, except for rain forests & extreme desert conditions. Found mainly in savannah or open grassland including areas w/ scattered scrubby bushes, from sea level to 3,500 m elevation. 

Both diurnal & nocturnal, often basks in early morning or late afternoon; terrestrial but may climb sturdy bushes to bask. Usually sluggish; relies on camouflage to escape detection. Bad-tempered & excitable; when disturbed, makes long deep hissing noise. May move rapidly, coil into “S-shape” & strike suddenly & swiftly, but does not hold on. Eats small rodents, birds, amphibians & sometimes other snakes.

Many serious bites reported annually; only a small portion are fatal. Venom has potent cytotoxin, attacking tissue & blood cells. Symptoms often include extreme pain w/ swelling & large blisters in region of the bite.