moving choice forward for me

I love my children. When my first one was born, I just could not believe how much I loved her. I wanted to hold her all the time. Financially, my husband and I were not really in a good position to have a child. We were barely getting by, but we were ready to have a child, and our child was very much wanted.

Meanwhile, at the same time, another woman had her child at the same hospital. She was very young, with two small children, and when the baby cried in the bassinet, she made no attempt to care or nurture the child. The nurse came in to ask what was going on and the woman replied she didn’t really want a third child but she had it anyway because she and her husband didn’t believe in abortion.

I want every child born to be born to the joy and love I felt.  I would rather see other means used to avoid an unintended pregnancy, but when avoiding pregnancy is no longer an option, abortion should be a choice, and a safe and legal choice.

I was born in 1950, 23 years before Roe v. Wade.