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Guided by Starlight | Part Two

// Draco x Gryffindor!reader

Requested: No.

Summary: Y/n’s friends begin to worry about her when they notice her sneaking away throughout the day.

Rating: Mid-Fluff.

A/n: I’m still getting into the groove of writing for Harry Potter and its characters.

Warnings: Language.

Title: Guided by Starlight | Part Two.

Read Part One Here. //


You close your eyes, covering your face with your hands. You were currently in Herbology, although you weren’t necessarily paying attention. Ever since the night that Draco had found you outside Hogwarts, ever since he held you under the stars, comforting you, talking you through everything; ever since it had all happened, things had been completely different. It mostly showed in small glances between each other in classes and walking through the halls. Shared smiles, and many, many secrets.

The secrets that you keep from your friends burn inside of you, pulling at every inch of your body. You wanted nothing more than to just tell them, or at least Hermione. It was driving you insane not having anyone to talk to about it. She may be level-headed about it, she’s the only one who’d-

Your thoughts are cut off when someone places their hand on your shoulder, startling you out of your own mind. You glance over to your right, your gaze meeting Hermione’s concerned one. She tilts her head slightly. “Are you okay, y/n?” You glance at Hermione and give her a reassuring smile.

“I’m fine, I just…” You shake your head and peer across the table. “…it’s…” As you search for Draco’s face in the crowd of Slytherin’s at their table, you rack your brain for something to say. “I guess I just don’t feel well,” you murmur, your fist clenching as your gaze lands on Draco. He tilts his head slightly as he finally looks up at you, pausing in his conversation with his friends. You smile slightly and turn back to Hermione. “I’ll be right back.” You whisper, standing up quickly and walking away before she has a chance to respond.

Ron looks up in question, setting down his fork. “What’s with her?” He asks and takes another bite of chicken. Hermione shakes her head.

“I don’t know Ron, but I’m worried. She’s been running off a lot lately…” Hermione sighs as she watches you walk further down the hall. “What do you think, Harry?” They turn to Harry. His eyes widen slightly as he looks over at them.

“Sorry, what?” Hermione rolls her eyes and sighs.

“What do you think is wrong with Y/n?” Ron repeats her question.

“Oh, she seems fine to me.” He says. “Maybe she just doesn’t want to talk.” Harry shifts slightly as Draco stands up, looking over at you. Hermione follows Harry’s gaze.

“Malfoy…what’s he doing?” Ron mumbles angrily, watching him as he heads after you slowly.

“He’s…he’s following her!” Harry’s eyes widen in shock as he stands up quickly. “What’s he doi-” Before he can get anywhere Hermione grabs his arm and yanks him back down into his seat.

“Stop! Be quiet, Harry.” They all watch as Draco quickens his pace, turning the corner only seconds after you. “Follow me,” she murmurs.


Your face breaks out into a huge smile when Draco turns the corner. He instantly wraps his arms around you, pulling you close to him. He sighs loudly, burying his face in your neck.

“How are you, love?” He mumbles, running his hands up and down your back. You laugh softly and pull away.

“I’m great…really.” He watches you carefully as you tell him a short summary of how your day has gone so far, and he smiles.

“Do I need to talk to your father any more or…” Draco’s voice trails off as you shake your head, and he nods, pulling you into another tight hug. “Is the situation…better?” You shrug and shake your head. “We don’t have to talk about it, if you don’t want.” He whispers. You laugh slightly and pull back. “Aren’t you going to eat breakfast with The Golden Trio?” Draco scrunches his face up slightly. He reaches out and places his hand on the side of your cheek. “Or… could you spend a minute with me?” You smile at him and roll your eyes.

“Gee, I dunno.” He raises his eyebrows and rests his forehead on yours.

“You dunno?” He whispers. You giggle, and instantly cringe slightly, closing your eyes. Draco’s lips part slightly he laughs softly.

Expelliarmus!” Harry’s voice fills the silence and you fall backwards slightly. The spell affected you, but it hit somewhere else. You hear a crashing noise and see Harry run past you. “You little weasel!” Hermione rushes over to your side and places her hand on your arm.

“Y/n! Are you okay? What was he saying, what did he-” You stand up quickly and push Hermione away from you.

“Harry! Harry stop!” You run forward. “Harry, bloody hell- Harry!”

“He needs to leave you alone- us alone. All of us.” Harry says angrily, readying his wand for another spell.

“Harry- please.” Your friends are caught off guard by the breaking in your voice. He turns around, giving you a puzzled look.

“Y/n?” You move forward, ignoring his questioning look and drop to Draco’s side.

“Draco…?” You whisper. “Are you okay?”

When his eyes open, they instantly fill with anger.

“The bloody hell do you think you’re doing Potter?” He stands up, ignoring our questions as he moves forward. “The bloody hell do you think you are?” He continues, pulling his wand out. “Coming here and attacking me?” He laughs dryly, pointing his wand at Harry. “Why? Because I was talking to y/n? Because you, perfect-proper-Potter, couldn’t stand the fact that I was talking to one of your friends?” Draco looks around at Hermione and Ron, and clenches his jaw. “You don’t have to worry about that anymore, Potter-”


“-you know, my father was right about you Potter. You’re not a hero. You never were and never will be-”

“Draco, please,” Draco’s gaze turns to you for a second, but it doesn’t hold the same warmth that it did only seconds before. He turns his gaze back to Harry, putting his wand away and sneering.

“You’ve got it coming to you, Potter, and your friends.” He glares slightly, turning back to look at you.

“Draco…” At the sound of your voice his eyes soften slightly. His eyelids flutter closed and he steps forward, shaking his head.

“You…are better off without me.” He turns away and begins to walk away.

“You don’t get to make that choice for me!” You call out, moving forward. Draco stops briefly and glances over his shoulder.

“…I don’t get to make any decisions, really.”


YOU HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO MOVE FORWARD | a mix for these two that wreak me on the daily with their devotion to their country, their honesty towards each other, and their determination to make the world a better place. cover art

angels by the xx • back to you by twin forks music  • catalyst by kyla la grange • dust to dust by the civil wars • dance on our graves by paper route • woodland by the paper kites • poison and wine by the civil wars • ghost that we knew by mumford & sons • heartlines by florence & the machine • i wanna be yours by arctic monkey • head is not my home by MS MR • 


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