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8 Years of Hetalia Kitawiki!

Today is a very special moment for us! It was on this day in 2009 that we opened our doors for the first time. We’ve had a lot of ups and downs throughout the years but we are still going strong thanks to the support of the many contributors that have helped out, past and present, but most importantly, you and the fandom as a whole! Whether you are writing a fic, roleplaying, or just a new fan looking to get to know the series better, we hope can continue being a helpful resource to all of you!

Happy birthday Hetalia Archives! Cheers to many more birthdays in the future!

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Smooth moves and grace from old drunken ballerina✨✨💕
Did this sweet banner since Minako’s clothes are pretty casual and didn’t even use a wig. So it pretty much was the key for recognizing the cosplay. But it worker well since ppl loved it and I felt kinda meme-is! .
@mustamuste did some really sweet convention video! You should really check it out in YT from this link:
There was actually few bits and pieces of my cosplays at #desuconfrostbite2017 but have to say that the iconic #Minakosensei twirl takes the cake. I somehow look kinda pretty in it >.<

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request: The fire whisky secret passage party with Calum (the one where u both end up kissing) pleaseeeeee!!!!! Hogwarts 5sos is my fave

(original prompt)

*note: I love hogwarts 5sos, especially gryffindor cal (please enjoy!)

You paced down the hall three times, channeling your thoughts toward the Gryffindor win earlier that evening, and a large oak door materialized in the middle of the hallway.

The Room of Requirement had completely transformed itself into a splendid party, with gold and red streamers and moving banners of the players, and one of the sixth years had persuaded a house elf in the kitchen to make a celebratory cake that congratulated the entire team. The moving poster of you alternated between your official quidditch portrait and the shot that had been captured today when you were playing your chaser position - it was rather flattering, you admitted.

The entire room erupted in cheers when you, their beloved Quidditch captain, stepped into the room. No matter how many times you had led your team to victory, you still weren’t used to the affection and admiration bestowed upon you by your fellow Gryffindors. Gradually though, the mob around you dissipated and the congratulations died down, and you headed to the rich reddish-brown table to grab a slice of cake.

You heard the door creak open again, and this time, the screams of the crowd were deafening.



“I think I’m going to faint!” a random Hufflepuff fell to her knees, a small hand draped delicately over her chest, a cake with only one tiny bite taken out of it, fallen next to her.

You rolled your eyes. A tall, broad, red-cloaked, dreamy-eyed, dark curly haired seventh year stepped into the room. Calum Hood, the Gryffindor seeker and apparent guest of honor who had charmed his way through Hogwarts since his very first day, winning the hearts of all the students on campus. Including you.

“Hey, Captain.” Calum teased, sidling up to your side. No matter how much you tried to play it off, your heart still thumped a little, secretly pleased he had ignored his bevy of adoring fans and came to talk to you.

“Hood.” You acknowledged him, giving him a brief nod.

“What, no congrats? Not even a lil celebratory kiss?” Calum tapped his cheek, watching in amusement as your face bloomed pink. He was playing you, you knew, for the entertainment of the small crowd that had gathered around him. As expected, the girls in front of him swooned.

You huffed and stabbed at your cake. “If you want a kiss, you better go ask one of the other girls. But good play today. Although your broom work could use a little more help.”

He laughed good-naturedly, knowing full well his Quidditch skills were near perfection - in fact, everyone knew he had received an early recruitment to play professionally for the London team. However, he still respected you as the captain, and it was partially due to your training that Calum and the rest of the team had made it this far.

Calum slung an arm around your shoulder, part of his heavy cloak draping around you. The warmth and familiar smell of musky, minty forest flooded your senses. At first, you were shocked still; Calum had never been flirtatious with you. You subconsciously snuggled a little more under the cloak (a natural response, you told yourself, especially since his dumb cologne is impeding my rationality), until you were almost touching Calum’s side. “Well, in that case, I know what’d you be more impressed with, Y/L/N.”

He pulled out a bottle from underneath the folds of his cloak, the liquid inside swirling with passionate red coils.

Your eyes widened. “Firewhiskey? Hood, where in the world did you get that?” Calum smirked, his slim fingers still gripped loosely around the neck of the purely alcoholic and completely forbidden substance.

“I have connections. I thought we’d have some fun with it, make this a real celebration.” He turned to the small crowd. “What do you say, wanna have a little taste?”

The crowd eagerly hung onto his every word, completely idolizing the athletic Gryffindor, and cheered loudly.

He leaned in a little closer, and his words hit the side of your neck. You shivered. Good Gryffindor, when had he started affecting you so much? “If you must know, it’s from my friend, Michael, in Slytherin. Said he smuggled it in from the last Hogsmeade trip. Snape almost caught him.” He grinned, his eyes crinkling and his infamous cheek dimples appeared. His smile could light up even the darkest night.

You nodded your head, vaguely remembering the bleached blond who often crashed in the Gryffindor common room.

“Well then, let’s not let it go to waste.” You plucked the bottle from Calum’s fingers, poured it into a gold goblet and bravely took a large gulp. The burn rushed down your throat but soon became a smooth, almost bittersweet taste. You closed your eyes for a few moments to allow the liquor to settle before passing both the goblet and bottle back to Calum.

Calum downed the rest of the contents in the goblet. He set the bottle on the food table, and the older Gryffindors immediately passed it around, chattering excitedly about the possession of the rare substance.

After a few exchanges between eager hands, a small fifth year piped up.

“Y/N should kiss Hood!” He yelled.

Another Ravenclaw girl nodded in agreement. They had both clearly lost their minds. More and more people started to agree, chiming in with “hell yeahs” and “if she won’t I’ll slytherin”. They were all mental. You flushed again, knowing that Calum would never in a million years, out of a million girls throwing themselves at him - you turned to face Calum to finish the rest of your thought, but you were instead met with a pair of soft pink lips which landed on your nose.

“Oops,” Calum let out a cute, but slightly intoxicated giggle. “Missed.” In the heat of the moment, however, (later you would claim the influence of alcohol) you guided Calum’s lips until they were pressed against your own, lips touching first before tongues dancing and hands roaming and before long, you and Calum had kissed your way back into the common room.

“Babe. Babe. Babe.” Calum chanted.

“What?” You paused, breathless, removing your lips from Calum’s neck.

“If I didn’t know you were a chaser, I’d say you were a keeper.” He looked pretty proud of his dumb pun.

You rolled your eyes but added, “and you’re the one I’d been seeking.”

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Moving In

Based on @decemberftw ‘s request:  “You were right. We should’ve done it when we had the chance.”
Pairing: Bruce Banner x Reader
Warnings: None. 

Originally posted by whadewilson

Moving in with Bruce turned to be a mess. 

You were dating for two years now, and the idea of sharing an apartment had appeared when you mentioned to him how you needed to find a new place in three months, a few weeks ago. 

He lived with the other Avengers, and had a quite large space to himself. It wasn’t a bad idea, and he was even calling it ‘a new step in our relationship’. 

But moving in with Doctor Banner wasn’t as romantic as you thought you would be. You lived in a large apartment (not larger than his, but something significant), and had a lot of things in there, so your moved lowly. First, the things you couldn’t live without: Your clothes, shoes, makeup and work material; then your books and collections; and then the less important things. 

Twice, Bruce suggested you should sell or donate some of your stuff, but you didn’t even have time to do it. Your workplace was half an hour away from the tower, and you had the worst habit of being late, so you were always running in the morning and  reaching home too late at night. On the weekends, when you had time to organize your stuff, you only ended up cuddling him the whole day and forgetting about your tasks. 

“Y/N, we really need to get some of these things out of here.” Bruce sighed while your rushed to drink your coffee. 

“We don’t have time.” You reminded him, walking back to the room in order to take your purse.

“We had time on the weekend. I told you we should do it.” He insisted. 

You shook your head. Maybe you were a procrastinator. Just maybe. 

“I have to go.” You kissed him quickly, making you way to the kitchen and holding a donut while leaving the apartment. Before you could stop yourself, your arm hit the piece of furniture beside the exit and the treat rubbed against your white blouse, making you curse. 

Bruce arched you an eyebrow, his look reminding you of his many warnings. 

“You were right.” You sighed, looking at the red stain in the fabric of your top. “We should’ve done it when we had the chance.”

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My cross-posting saga continues. 

And because I recently learned to incorporate gifs into banners/covers—after admiring the jaw-dropping works of creative souls like @loving-mellark, @akai-echo, and @papofglencoe from afar—I’ve gone appropriately berserk on that shit. Heh. 

On to the fics… 


Gale x Madge, Katniss x Peeta
Historical AU | 81,000+ words

Thrall (þræll), n., a slave or serf in Viking Age Scandinavia. After a successful raid, Gæl is rewarded with a slave girl: the Saxon noblewoman Margaretha. Meanwhile, shieldmaiden Katnisse grows closer to captive monk Peeta.

“Odin’s Hanging Tree”

Katniss x Peeta
Historical AU | 2,800+ words

“Your god hanged on a tree,” Katnisse observes. “Like Odin.” Peeta shakes his head. “No,” he says. “Not like Odin.” Four months after his capture, a young monk encounters shieldmaiden-in-training Katnisse Eyvindsdottir. An Everlark prelude to Enthralled.

Happy Thorsday!

Zen Koans

‘Koans are capsules of thought, psychic knots that resist unraveling. In some Buddhist sects, students are assigned phrases or situations to meditate upon, to focus the mind and free it from the bear-trap of reason. For example:

1. “A man is sitting atop a hundred-foot pole. How does he get off it.

2. “A wheel maker makes two wheels, each with fifty spokes. Suppose you cut out the hubs. Would there still be wheels?”

3. “On a windy day, two monks are arguing about a fluttering banner. The first says, “The banner is moving, not the wind.” The second says, “The wind is moving the banner.” Who is right?

4. “Two hands clap and there is a sound; what is the sound of one hand?”

5. “What is the straight within the bent?”

6. “Pull a five-story pagoda out of a teapot.”

Inexhaustible, koans are intended for live practice between master and student, with illumination as a goal, not interpretation, because, as the old saying goes: “It’s easy to confuse the pointing finger with the moon.” As Zen teacher Norman Fischer explains: “This practice consists of living and sitting with phrases, until they become very large and very strange, and reveal themselves to us. That is to say, through them we are revealed to ourselves.”

There’s no right answer to these puzzles designed to focus the mind, and I sometimes dwell on koans while waiting in the dark for first light. This morning, I’ve been thinking a little about mu, though I appreciate it’s not something understood by occasional thought. Mu, which translates inadequately as nothingness, often appears in Buddhist practice, and sometimes in this venerable koan: “What is mu?”’

- Diane Ackerman, Dawn Light: Dancing with Cranes and Other Ways to Start the Day.

20 lines in Age of Ultron: written  by Joss Whedon

1. “It’s been a really long day—like, Eugene O’Neill long.” — Tony Stark/Iron Man

2. “I’ve done the whole mind control thing. Not a fan.” — Clint Barton/Hawkeye

3. “He’s fast and she’s weird.” —Maria Hill, describing Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch

4. “Victory should be honored with revels.” —Thor

5. “I don’t want to hear the ‘Man Was Not Meant to Meddle’ medley.” — Tony Stark/Iron Man, on whether or not he should develop artificial intelligence

6. “I’m glad you asked that, because I wanted to take this time to explain my evil plan.” —Ultron, on his evil plan

7.“Please be secret door. Please be secret door. Please be secret door. [Finds secret door.] Yay!” — Tony Stark/Iron Man

8. “Hit me in the back? Dick move, Banner.” —Tony Stark/Iron Man fighting the Hulk

9. “You know I totally support your Avenging.” —someone (no spoilers), talking to an Avenger

10. “Are you sure he’s going to be OK? Pretending to need this guy really brings the team together.” — Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, inquiring about a slightly injured Clint Barton/Hawkeye

11. “Fortunately, I am mighty.” —Thor

12. “As maybe the world’s leading authority on waiting too long … don’t.” —Captain America telling Bruce Banner to seize the day

13. “Guy’s multiplying faster than a Catholic rabbit.” —Nick Fury on Ultron

14. “Beep beep.” —Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow on a motorcycle

15. “I don’t trust a guy without a dark side. Call me old-fashioned.” —Tony Stark/Iron Man

16. “Oh … It’s definitely the End Times.” —Bruce Banner/Hulk

17. “Uh, have you been juicing?” —Tony Stark/Iron Man to Ultron

18. “Well, I was born yesterday.” —Vision, who had literally been created the day before

19. “You get hurt, hurt ‘em back. You get killed, walk it off.” —Captain America giving marching orders

20. “Think I can’t hold my own?” —James Rhodes/War Machine    “We get through this, I’ll hold your own.” —Tony Stark/Iron Man    “You had to make it weird.” —James Rhodes/War Machine

In the back?! Dick move, Banner.
—  Tony Stark, The Avengers, Age Of Ultron

a very very rough demo of the new thing i’m trying (key word: trying), it’s about trying to reclaim my body after feeling like it’s up for public opinion and consumption

scratch my skin when i go outside
i’ll try every way that i can to hide
is my body a wonderland?
is my body a graveyard?

Enough is enough. Stop saying that Widow was merely a love interest; merely a plot device for saving Banner: A Compilation of points in defence of Widow’s arc in Age Of Ultron

axe-axe-accidental-death reblogged your photo and added:

Yes, he has a point, but that doesnt change what…

@axe-axe-accidental-death what did they do to her?

  • she made the romantic moves toward Banner, not the other way around. He kept rejecting her, telling her it’s a bad idea. He still sees himself as a danger to everyone; he can’t see his own redemption. He sees himself as a monster, and nothing will change that.
  • she had quite the emotional change - she, for the first time in the mcu, actually took an interest into feeling. Which is a massive change from her previously. CHARACTER & EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT
  • she spoke about her past for the first time, and you could truly see how much that pained her to relive it, even in memory. She feels violated by the way she was brought up in the red room. It was heartbreaking.
  • she was pivotal in the calming of the Hulk, her ‘lullaby’, became very important to the film. CENTRAL TO PLOT & STORY
  • she was “purely” a love interest? Are you kidding me? No, really. Are you actually joking? She was pivotal in calming the Hulk down. Without her, code green would not have been employed so freely.
  • the infertility is a horrible, horrible thing. but I really don’t think it’s justifiable to take issue with that, simply because it’s a part of her backstory that people just don’t like. I feel like it only adds more depth to her character. And that’s a positive. I was so close to tears hearing her talk about it. It only draws her in closer to the audience, she becomes more human, and we catch a glimpse of her past; a past that shaped her. MULTI-DIMENSIONAL CHARACTERISATION
  • can we also talk about how she fought with caps shield? She’s not just some sideline avenger, he trusts her and sees her as a skilled fighter. Oh, and she alongside Cap and training the new avengers now.


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