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Ikemen Sengoku: Light Night Wear

Characters belong to Cybird


His outfit hasn’t been updated in website yet~ I also hope this could be updated too -

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Avengers Preference: How They Handle Your Death

a/n: the first request of the avenge-these-imagines NYE Request Extravaganza! (if you can think of a better name, I’m all ears, lol). enjoy!

warnings: grief, death of the reader

Thor- upon news of your death, Thor seemingly vanishes into thin air. he travels into some far-reaching corner of the universe to be alone with his grief, and the entirety of Asgard mourns their fallen princess. when he finally returns, he is much more solemn, far less brash, and only returns to Midgard when absolutely necessary. he can’t stand the realm that was once lit up by your beautiful smile, and the way it has moved on without you.

Bruce Banner/Hulk- when Bruce watches you get shot on what was supposed to be a simple, low danger recon mission, he almost completely loses his humanity. the thought of that last laugh lighting up your face right before the bullet entered you was too much for him to deal with in his human form, so the Hulk takes over. Natasha finds him in a cave in the mountains and sings him his lullaby, and she holds him as he deals with his grief for the first time.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow- you were the only thing keeping Natasha from reverting into her former cold assassin self, and after your death she becomes hell-bent on revenge. calculatingly killing each and every person involved in her loss.

Clint Barton/Hawkeye- people are shocked at how well Clint takes the news of your death, as he seems to be his usual self (though unwilling to talk about you). one night while Tony is restlessly wandering the halls of the tower, he finds Clint in your room, holding your favorite jacket and sobbing. he never mentions it to Clint, but the next day there is a sad understanding in the eyes of the team, and they all drink to your memory and share stories about you.

Tony Stark/Iron Man- Tony throws himself into his work, mainlining caffeine as a replacement for sleep. on the fourth straight day, Bruce steadies him as he almost falls over in the lab. when he demands that Tony get some rest, Tony responds, “I can’t. there’s a cold, empty space where she used to sleep. the nightmares are unbearable. I can’t sleep until I can make something to protect those I love, so I never have to feel this way again.” after that, Bruce begins staying up with him.

Steve Rogers/Captain America- Steve deals with your passing in the somber, steady way he dealt with all of his other losses. he can’t get drunk, but that doesn’t stop him from drinking his way through Tony’s liquor cabinet. nobody ever mentions it, but suddenly there’s a section dedicated to you in Steve’s museum exhibit, with some of your favorite belongings. the donation sign merely reads “forever my girl -SR”

Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier- after your death, everyone treats Bucky warily, worried that he’ll lose himself again, but Bucky stays strong. Steve doesn’t tell about the nights they spend sitting up, with Bucky too afraid to sleep because he’s worried he’ll awake with no memories of you.

Sam Wilson/Falcon- ever the rational one, Sam goes to a grief counselor after losing you. he knows that you would want him to deal with this in the healthiest way possible, and he gives back as much as he can in your memory.

Pietro and Wanda Maximoff/Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch- the twins are no strangers to loss, but the loss of you really wrecks them. they find solace in each other, becoming even more isolated and reliant on their sibling, because they are acutely aware that the things they love most can be ripped from them at a moment’s notice.


Another art style change, another commission page update! I’m hoping to be able to get more commissions and help my rather low income, especially as I’m trying to be able to afford an animation school that will continue to better my art.

Single Characters:

Prices are set for full-bodied drawings and simple backgrounds; prices may change for busts or torso-only drawings.
- Line art: $15
- Base color: $20
- Shading: $25


Prices negotiable, depending on the complexity of each component.
- Detailed background base color: +$15
- Detailed and shaded background: +$20
- Detailed border: +$15

Additional Characters:

- Up to two additional characters: +$5 each
- More than three characters: +$10 each, after the third

Payment will be upfront, once a price is worked out depending on the project, and through PayPal. If you have any questions, or are interested, please shoot me a message! Otherwise, spreading this would be amazingly helpful. And thanks to everyone who can help me out with this.

WARNING: contains non-graphic murder, violence, and brief mentions of bullying.

I really like the idea of Elsewhere University so I tried to write a thing. I hope I did the school justice (and didn’t offend the fair folk). :)

She calls herself Angel and tries to live up to the name.  She says please and thank you and sorry and excuse me with almost every breath and always with a smile. Ask her to share her food and she’ll happily oblige; ask what you owe her and she’ll respond with a wave and a smile, insisting that your company is payment enough.

You can find her in the churchyard on Sunday afternoons, offering to tell your future in exchange for the story behind your question.

Sometimes people will knock at her dorm room, heartbroken, homesick, worried, or just generally out of sorts. They leave after an hour or so, soothed with tea and conversation and carrying a few sprigs of peppermint. Peppermint tea, as Angel tells her guests, fixes everything.

There are rumours that Angel isn’t human, with her pale skin and perpetual smile. Those rumours quickly dry up when a too-bold freshman confronts her and she shows him the handmade iron clasp on the ribbon around her neck. She doesn’t, however, do anything to dispel the rumours that she has found favour with the gentry, or that she is somehow behind the minor accidents that happen to the tormentors and former paramours of her guests.

Angel does her best to be kind, to be helpful, to be accommodating. The gentry take notice. Angel reads the future in her cards for students with too-bright eyes and offers tea to students who flinch from the steel of her allergy bracelet. When they ask what she wants in return for her kindness she passes on the stories of unfaithful lovers and cruel classmates and leaves the rest up to them with an admonition not to do anything too nasty. She claims it’s easier on her conscience, not that anyone believes her.

Everything changes when Angel’s younger sister is Taken during orientation. (She names herself Beitris after a character in a story she wrote and follows a group to see the beehives… which don’t exist.) When she isn’t back by nightfall Angel takes action.

It should take more than a few minutes for Angel to leave her dorm room with a little bottle of salt and rosemary around her neck and a wooden dowel with iron nails hammered through one end in her left hand. It doesn’t, but it should.

The forest should not have lights and music coming from the ash grove. Evidently, no one has told the forest.

“Where’s my sister?” Angel demands of the first gentleman she sees.

“How should I know?” he sniffs.

“Where. Is. My. Sister?” Angel taps her weapon against the gentleman’s ankle with just enough force to draw blood.

“Ah! Singing! She’s singing!”


“Far end of the grove, under the blue banner.”

Angel moves swiftly through the crowd, mercilessly swinging her weapon into anyone who tries to stop her. She and her sister gather up the other Taken and leave without hassle. There isn’t really anyone left to hassle them.

“I thought angels were supposed to be nice!” calls the one gentleman left alive, trying to hide the fact that he was obviously favouring his iron-burned ankle.

“Sweetheart,” Angel drawls condescendingly as she turns to face him, “ did no one ever tell you that angels are warriors?”


Beneath a Darkened Sky

Bruce Banner was glad he was an only child.

Throughout his life, Bruce was occasionally envious of the closeness some people had with their siblings. Sometimes he wondered what it would be life to have that kind of unbreakable bond with another person. But other times, like now, he was grateful for his lone child status because it meant Bruce would never know what it was like for your sibling to stab you.

Unlike Thor.

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Ash by Malinda Lo (Cinderella)

In the wake of her father’s death, Ash is left at the mercy of her cruel stepmother. Consumed with grief, her only joy comes by the light of the dying hearth fire, rereading the fairy tales her mother once told her. In her dreams, someday the fairies will steal her away, as they are said to do. When she meets the dark and dangerous fairy Sidhean, she believes that her wish may be granted.

The day that Ash meets Kaisa, the King’s Huntress, her heart begins to change. Instead of chasing fairies, Ash learns to hunt with Kaisa. Though their friendship is as delicate as a new bloom, it reawakens Ash’s capacity for love-and her desire to live. But Sidhean has already claimed Ash for his own, and she must make a choice between fairy tale dreams and true love.

Cinder Ella by S.T. Lynn

Ella is transgender. She’s known since she was young; being a woman just fit better. She was happier in skirts than trousers, but that was before her stepmother moved in. Eleanor can’t stand her, and after Ella’s father passes she’s forced to revert to Cole, a lump of a son. She cooks, she cleans, and she tolerates being called the wrong name for the sake of a roof over her head. Where else can she go?

An opportunity to attend the royal ball transforms Ella’s life. For the first time, strangers see a woman when she walks down the stairs. While Princess Lizabetta invited Cole to the ball, she doesn’t blink an eye when Cinderella is the one who shows. The princess is elegant, bold, and everything Ella never knew she wanted. For a moment she glimpses a world that can accept her, and she holds on tight.

She should have known it wouldn’t last. Dumped by her wicked stepmother on the farthest edge of the kingdom, Ella must find a way to let go of the princess and the beautiful life they shared for an hour. She’ll never find her way back. But it’s hard to forget the greatest night of her life when every rose she plants is a reminder.

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Angel In Disguise (Steve x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys!! To the anon who sent this, I hope you feel better, sweetheart!! This is actually quite long but I had a lot of fun writing the last part. I hope you guys don’t mind though, I just got so carried away writing it and yeah…I didn’t really know if you wanted Steve to end up with the reader so I kinda left it out in the open so yeah. Anyways, enjoy!!😊

Request: Hello doll :) Would you mind doing a Steve Rogers imagine where he’s like your best friend (just like a big brother) and during one Mission you get shot but the Jet is destroyed and the avengers have to take care of you on their own. Steve is Holding your Hand while you’re unconscious and Bruce gets the bullet out. You then get a fever and it Looks back but they can bring you back and Steve keeps taking care of you all the time ? :) I just feel sad and thought I could send in a request like that

“Did you bring your guns?”

You sighed as you looked at Steve. “You can see the guns strapped to the side of my thighs, Cap. They are very visible.”

“I was just making sure,” Cap said.

“And besides I have pyrokineses, I only brought the guns because you insisted.” You gave him a look.

Steve sighed as he stood up. “I just want you to be careful.”

“I know, I know,” you said as Steve gave you a smile before walking to where Clint and Nat were flying the quinjet.

You took a deep breath in before leaning your head back, closing your eyes. The team was sent on a mission as apparently, one of the enhance that HYDRA was working on escaped and was wreaking havoc at some small town. The team had already shut that HYDRA operation before going to find the enhance.

The worst part of going on the mission so far was Steve just nagging at you, making sure that you didn’t forget anything and making sure that you were prepared, all that stuff. You knew he didn’t mean any harm by doing all that but he was like a brother that you never wanted, you still loved him though. The two of you were like two peas in a pot, he was so carefree around you that when you see him interact with other people, it’s weird as he gets so much more serious.

“We’re reaching,” Clint called out but the jet started to shake, the shaking getting worse and worse as time passes.

“What the hell is happening,” Tony asked as you stood up shakily, making your way to the front to look out of the window. You held on to Steve’s shoulder as you saw the grey clouds ahead, before lightning flashed directly in front of the jet.

“That’s not a good sign,” you muttered.

“Thor, can you find a way to stop the storm?” Cap asked as he glanced back at the god who nodded and opened the ramp before swinging his hammer and flying out.

You raised a hand to cover your eyes as the strong wind blew into the jet, Tony trudging forward in his Iron Man suit and shutting the ramp. You let out a breath as he closed the door.

Suddenly everything stopped, the jet stopped shaking and you thought that maybe Thor already solved it but you were wrong. Thunder boomed as lightning strike again, this time hitting one of the jet’s wings.

“Hold on!” Nat shouted as the whole jet tilted to one side. You almost fell and lost your balance but Steve caught you and held onto you as Clint tried to regain stability while Nat checked how damaged the wing was. “Um, you guys aren’t going to be happy about this.”

“What happened?” Bruce asked, looking at Nat.

Nat glanced at Bruce with a stressed look. “The wing isn’t just damaged, the wing was completely ripped off by the lightning.”

“You guys better hold on tight, it’s not going to be a smooth landing,” Clint warned as the whole jet started spinning, the archer trying his best to control it.

You held on tight to Steve as the jet hit the ground, jerking all of you forward. When the quinjet stopped skidding, all of you just stayed there, taking a deep breath it before preparing yourselves and walking out.

Well, now all of you have no way back to the tower. The communicators doesn’t seem to be working as well, it’s probably because of the stupid storm.

As all of you headed out of the jet, Thor landed in front of all of you, worry in his gaze. “The storm is not natural.”

You frowned as you looked at him. “The lightning completely ripped off the wing of the quinjet, so I would say, yes, it’s not natural.”

The god shook his head, Cap walking out beside you. “What’s going on, Thor?”

“The storm doesn’t seem to be created by nature, it seems as if it’s being controlled by something,” Thor said.

“Or someone,” Tony interjected, looking as if he found out something important. “I think I might know what the powers of the enhanced we’re dealing with have.”

“Weather manipulation,” Bruce said, coming to stand beside Tony as he nodded.

“Exactly,” Tony replied.

“Okay, so we have to go find that person, but where? We’re stuck in the middle of some forest,” you said, crossing your arms over your chest.

“I think we might have landed near the edge of the forest, from what I remembered from the map.” Clint looked around before pointing straight ahead.

“Let’s go,” Cap said, his voice commanding as everyone started heading to where Clint pointed to.

Soon enough, a town came into view. Buildings, shops, diners. However, some of the buildings looked destroyed.

“This person really seemed to be having fun,” Nat commented as she surveyed the area.

“Tony, Thor, both of you fly around to see if there’s anybody injured, the rest of you, we’ll look around here,” Cap ordered.

All of you were about to do what he said when lightning strike directly in front of all of you, causing all of you to jump back.

“I’m not going to let all of you ruin my fun.”

You looked to the side to see a man around your age looking at the team, an evil smirk on his face. His hair was pure white, contrasting with his dark colored eyes.

Stepping forward, you glanced back at the rest of the team. “Tony, Thor, go. The rest of you go as well. I think I can handle it.”

“You? Handle me?” The enhanced sneered, you turn back to face him, flicking both of your hands lightly, fire bursting out from your arms.

The enhanced looked surprised before he raised his hands, his eyes turning greyish white, thunder booming again.

“Shit,” you muttered. “Dodge!”

All of you managed to jump out of the way in time, the lightning hitting where you were. You straightened up as you aimed your arm at him, shooting out a fireball, knocking him back.

He flew back, groaning. When the enhanced slowly got up, he looked down to see that you had burned a hold in his shirt, burning a bit of his skin as well. He growled as he glared at you.

You took this chance to throw another fireball at him but the moment your fireball hit him, you felt a sharp pain in your side, making you gasp as you fell on your knees, everything going dark.

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Sorry in advance for the long post, but I need to vent about this!!!

I just started an amazing new job in a new cultural center in my town. The place is beautiful, in a park and near a river. And the job is actually kinda interesting! I still have to deal with customers though, but a lot less than my last job. For now, only the ticket booth is really open (That’s where I’m at). Shows will only start mid-November but the tickets went on sale this week. Still, people can visit our art gallery and go see what our open area looks like. After a few “confused” people still went in the theater (even if I made sure to mention they could only go to the other two places), I decided to make sure I mention to everybody coming in that they CAN NOT enter the venue. I also made sure the doors stayed closed AND put a big banner in the way. (it blocks the whole width of the small corridor leading to them).  So even if I can’t lock the doors, all the signs were there that customers were not welcome in those doors. 

So most people that came in this weekend understood that. Some people complained but understood as soon as I explained to them that the theater room is not completed, and that I’m alone on weekends and cannot leave my desk. But today I had the two of the worst visitors since we opened. The first one got so mad when I told her. She looked at me like I was insulting her and snapped. “I PAY TAXES AND THIS IS A PUBLIC SPACE! IT IS MY RIGHT TO GO SEE THAT ROOM!”. After I explained her why it was closed, she told me she was going to call our town’s office to complain about that and about me. I’m not scared or anything, I was actually wayyyy to polite with her, but it put me in a bad mood.

So a bit later, a man comes in. He tells me he wanna visit. I welcome him, and tell him where he can and cannot go. He thanks me and goes out of my sight. Not even 30 seconds later, I hear the sound of the theater doors opening. I come out of my office to see that the man had moved the banner, opened the closed doors and gone in. At this point I. Am. Done. I go and ask him to come out. I stay polite but am clearly really annoyed. He laughs and says he couldn’t resist, “he was too curious!”

I don’t even have a satisfying ending. I just stared at him as he left the building all happy with himself. Proud like he had tricked the system or something.

TLDR; I work in a new cultural center where the venue is not accessible to the public yet. A lady got mad at me and a guy still went it clearly ignoring me.

Also sorry for my english! This is my first submission but I’ve been reading you all for a while now. Thank you everybody that post here, you make me smile all the time!


Pretty Tears And Dead Soldiers V

Author: AvengeSuperWhoLock

Word Count: 1278

Pairing: BuckyxSister!Reader

Summary: When Bucky can’t take your silent treatment any longer, he seeks out the help of the psychologist Bruce recommended. He learns that perhaps he isn’t as crazy as he thinks he is.

Part 1/ Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4

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A gift for a girl who no longer exists

It shouldn’t matter as much to her as it does, this small silver hairnet of blue and white stones that Jon’s just given her, stammering as she takes it from him.

Sansa remembers when gifts and jewels filled her daydreams. She’d while away the hours spinning stories about the favors she’d graciously bestow on golden knights, and the gowns and jewels suitors would shower her with as they tried to woo her.

Sansa’s gowns are simple now, made by her own hand as she sits in the Lord’s Chambers Jon prepared for her. She sews designs that are easy to take on and off. Lords and ladies alike compliment her on the elegant, sweeping lines. She smiles, and keeps the true reason to herself - she can’t bear the thought of anyone touching her, even if only to help her dress. 

She turns away offers of ladies’ maids, and wears her hair plainly, spilling over her shoulders. Some of her advisers think it’s a strategic move, a “banner for all the North to see,” a subtle reminder of her lady mother. Sansa’s not blind to the symbolism, and uses it to her advantage, But she also can’t bear to have someone stand behind her, to brush and braid her hair. The feeling is too intimate, and too vulnerable. So she pins pieces away from her face, and lets the rest fall free. 

Jon devotes too much time to her comfort, now that he’s King in the North. He asks after whether she’s eating, and makes sure her chambers are well-stocked with logs. When she confronts him about it, he rubs the back of his head and mumbles a few words about remembering how cold she was at the Wall.

She’s frustrated that he recalls that moment of weakness. She’s also touched.

Now, as she pours the hairnet through her fingers, she starts to smile. She thinks how she could make a gown match, with embroidery that would bring out the shine of the silver metal. But she’s afraid of opening up that part of herself again. She’s wary of giving voice to the girl inside her who still loves pretty things, and might, just might, believe in songs. 

Jon sees her face fall. He sways towards her, then stops. “Do you…is it the wrong size?”

Sansa can’t hold back a small laugh. Jon’s stance eases. “No, Jon, I can adjust the hairstyle, a hairnet can’t be too small.”

Jon looks as relieved as he does when a favorable report comes in about their growing support from the Northern houses. “Good, that’s good. I just thought it would…look nice, with your hair.”

At King’s Landing, men had recited poetry for Sansa. She’d even received a few fanciful, beautifully written love notes delivered by secret messengers. All were politically motivated, calculated to test her loyalty, to Joffrey, or to Tyrion. She’d learned to steel herself to sweet gestures. So she’s not sure why she’s fighting back tears at Jon’s simple words.  

“Sansa, are you all right?” Sansa glances at Jon. His brow is furrowed, and he’s nervous again. She wishes he’d leave, and let her vent her unruly emotions in peace. She wishes he’d open his arms, so she could walk into them, because she thinks his touch might be one she could welcome. 

Sansa nods, composing herself. “Yes. Thank you Jon. I’ll…” She has a response ready from her prior life - a promise to wear the gift soon. But she can’t give Jon that promise. As talented as she is, without a ladies’ maid, she can’t craft a style on her own that would allow her to place the net in her hair. So there will be no gown with silver thread, and no moment where she gazes into her mirror, admiring how the stones bring out the color of her eyes. “I’ll keep it safe. It’s beautiful.” 

Jon shifts his weight. He seems about to say something more, but instead awkwardly takes his leave. Sansa carefully stows the gift away in a drawer. She takes it out from time to time, allowing herself to hold the stones up to the light, before tucking it away again. The girl who loves this gift can have a few moments of Sansa’s time, but no more. There’s a war on, after all, and Winter is here. 


inspired by @dragonchristianlady97‘s headcanon about Jon giving Sansa gifts! Edit: There is a sequel here: I don’t know about kings, but I’ll help you, because I couldn’t leave Sansa so sad. 

Moving In Together (Avengers Preferences)

writing always makes me feel better 


Warnings; none

Steve Rogers/Captain America

Steve wouldn’t exactly ask you directly. His apartment did kind of get destroyed during the whole infiltration pickle. So, he’d probably be living between Sam’s place and the base, but his stuff would slowly be moving into your place. It’d start by just a few shirts, but then it would go to him having half the wardrobe and even helping you choose new furniture when you needed it. Then one day he just changed his official address on his SHIELD file from ‘undecided’ to your apartment, but you never actually had any official conversation. It just sort of happened.

Tony Stark/Iron Man

You guys probably would’ve started out as friends, so you would’ve spent loads of time at the tower anyways. He’d give you your own level for when you stayed over, and when you began dating you moved in properly, because it was technically only living in the same building. Then as your relationship grew, you eventually just moved all your stuff into the fancy ass penthouse on the top. But you can’t forget the houses he has in London, Paris, the Hampton’s, Miami and Toronto. You have access to them too.

Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier

He’d be quite a traditional guy - He’d ask you properly, but also casually. Like ‘hey, do you wanna get a place together?’ and because your place was probably only suited for a single, full-time working person, you’d choose a newer, bigger space. Bucky’d probably want something far away from the stress of SHIELD but still pretty near, so he’d go for a place near central park where he can go for runs.

Clint Barton/Hawkeye 

Before he met you, Clint would’ve had a dinky ass place in the back of the Bronx which he only used for showers, despite the fact it had no proper hot water, because he either spent his time in the tower, at the helicarrier or on a mission. SHIELD was his life before he met you. One night, maybe three of four dates into your relationship, he took you back to his because you lost your keys. You were mildly horrified by the state of the place, and you made him cancel the rent and stay at the tower, until you felt you were ready to live together, which happened about six months into dating. You’d move into a pretty big place, probably right in the middle of the city.

Bruce Banner/Hulk

After moving back from India after what happened in Manhattan, he would’ve been living in the tower since. You were dating for about a year before you moved in together. You’d do a trial sort of thing at the tower before getting a place together, and after six months of it going really well, you finally bought a house together in Brooklyn, far away from the busy city but still close to your work and friends, and it was perfect.

Thor Odinson

It would be hard for him, being royalty and all. But you’d come to an agreement, where he’d split his time between Asgard and Earth. You’d spent time there with him too, but when it came to your home on Earth, he’d start crashing at your place pretty early into the relationship. Your sofa at first, and then eventually your bed. As soon as you realised it was a long-term thing, you would get a much bigger place in Manhattan, right across from the Tower. Sadly, still too far away for Tony to read the rude messages you wrote in the window.

Loki Laufeyson

Loki would be less fond of staying on Asgard after everything, and things on Earth just seemed much simpler with you. You were adamant at first about getting a place together, especially in New York, but after finding an amazing rowhouse in Manhattan, you were convinced.

Sam Wilson/Falcon

Out of all the Avengers and their living situations, Sam would probably be the most normal. Just a nice apartment, in a building overlooking the Hudson. You’d spend a lot of time there from the beginning of your relationship until one day you just realised everything you owned was there and that you may as well pay half the rent.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow 

Natasha would have a hard time settling down, but for some reason she would really like your apartment. She’d spent a lot of time there before deciding she wanted to live there, and rather than asking, she simply announced ‘I live here now, by the way.’

Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch

You guys would have an entire level to yourselves at the Tower. It’d be hard for you to have an actual apartment since Wanda needs a lot of space and bigger New York apartments cost you an arm and a leg, so your spacious apartment would be perfect with the large living areas and lack of rent to pay.

Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver

Pietro would want to have found himself the perfect place - affordable, near a gym and a park, with enough room to run around and also for a dog. The only issue? A place like that didn’t exist, at least not one that you could afford. Ever. At-least not on his own. But with your wages and some Christmas money from your parents and Tony, you managed to get the place together, and it couldn’t have 

[Illustrated GIF of a new years banner with moving assistive devices and colour changing text. The text in the middle reads “happy new year” in the colours of the rainbow. There are lines circling the text that move from left to right. Surrounding the text is line art of nine assistive devices, that dance by slightly moving from left to right, and back to it’s original position. The devices include (starting from the top left corner): a motorized wheelchair, a manual wheelchair, a scooter, crutches, a cane, a hearing aid, a service dog, a walking stick for the blind that is folded up, and a walker.]

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OUR LOVELY FOLLOWERS! Thank you so very much for all the support and joy you’ve helped bring to this blog. Here’s to 2017, and better accessibility for all!!

Remus Lupin Request

Originally posted by nellaey

Request: Something involving young!Remus 

Of course your fifth year would start off like this. You stormed out of the cabin, furious. You knew you were being replaced by (your friend’s name’s) boyfriend, but never thought she would say it to your face. 

You stormed off to the only person you could think of: your neighbor, James. You swung the door open and walked inside the cabin. You opened your mouth but James stuck his fingers to his lips, motioning for you to be quiet. You looked across from him to see a sleeping boy taking up a whole seat. James and his two other friends were all sitting across from him, cramped as it may be. 

You turned back to James. “Can I stay in this cabin. (Your friend’s name) is being a,” you paused, pursing you lips, “name I don’t want to say.” 
“It’s a little packed in here,” James whispered back, glancing at the sleeping boy. 
“I don’t care. I’ll sit on the floor if I have to.” 

“That won’t be necessary,” the sleeping boy said, startling you. He sat up and rubbed his sunken eyes. 
“I will. It’s not an issue. I just need to be in here.” 
The boy sat up and patted the seat beside him for you to sit down. 

James had a moment of realization. “Oh!” he exclaimed. “This is (Y/N), she’s my neighbor. (Y/N), this is Sirius,” he motioned to a boy with long black hair, “Peter,” he motioned to a blonde boy who was a bit bigger than the others and seemed very friendly, “and Remus.” Remus was the sleeping boy. He had shaggy, dirty blonde hair and a scar running up his face. He was very good looking, you had to admit. 

“Since we haven’t met before, I’d assume you aren’t a sixth year?” Remus asked. 
“No, I’m a fifth year. I’m in (your house name). I’m assuming you’re all Gryffindors?” you asked. 
“And bloody proud of it,” said Sirius. 

Halfway through the train ride, Remus stood. “My turn to patrol, prefect duties.” The boy walked out and you could feel a slight pull at your heart. You ignored it. 

When the train arrived at the station, you slowly got out. You walked close to James. “I don’t know what I’m going to do this year. All my friends are enthralled with their significant others.” 
“Well, we can’t help you at meals or such, but you can hang out with us whenever you need to.” 
“Thanks, James, you’re a champ.” 

You, James, Sirius, and Peter all climb onto the carriage. As you climb on, someone comes running up to you. Remus. 
“Almost bloody missed it,” Remus complained, squeezing beside you. 
“Second year in a row, mate,” Sirius smirked. 

The five of you talked up until you made it to the Great Hall. You pursed your lips and headed to your table, away from the boys. Your house got a lot of first years, and you showed a slight smile at the bright faces of the little kids. 
“(Y/N), will you show the first years to our dorm?” Marcus, one of the seventh year Prefects asked kindly. 
“Yeah, of course.” You stood up. “Hey, first years. Follow me.” You smiled at them as they gathered around you. 

Once you were out of the Great Hall, you turned around to talk to them. “My name’s (Y/N), and I’m a prefect. That means I can answer your questions and show you where places are, like your dorm. That’s where we’re heading now,” you said, all while walking backwards. 

“Are we going to be staying all together, or are the rooms separated by year,” a little girl asked, presumably muggle born. 
“They rooms are separated by year and gender, so there’ll be about ten of you in a dorm, I’d say. My year is very small, so I only have about-”

You were cut off by a body colliding into yours. The first years all laughed as the person you ran into supported your fallen body. You were helped up and turned around to see Remus, who was being laughed at by his group of first years. 
“Do all of the prefects walk backwards?” one of Remus’s first years asked. 
“Only the good ones,” Remus replied. 

You smiled at Remus and quickly ducked away. “Here we are, our common room.” 

You explained to the first years the trick to get in, and answered any questions they had. “Alright, here we are. Girls, follow me, boys, follow him,” you said, pointing to your prefect counterpart across the room. 

You led the girls to the dorm. “Lights out at 9,” you warned. “Goodnight, girls.” You shut the door and made your way up to your own dorm. 

You made your bed and settled in with a book you brought from home. This year might not be so bad after all. 

It was Halloween when they told you about the map. They planned to pull a prank that you knew wouldn’t work. 
“And why won’t it work?” Sirius asked with a smirk. 
“Because you’ll get caught,” you said, exasperated. Peter laughed, watching his friends reactions as well as yours. 
“That’s where you’re wrong, (Y/N), show her Remus,” James said. 

James handed Remus a piece of parchment and went off. You followed him after shooting a glance back at the three boys. Peter was smiling profusely, James was smirking, and Sirius wiggled his eyebrows at you. You blushed and turned around, following Remus. 

He led you to a corridor that ended with a wall. “I don’t get it.” 
“You’ll see.” Remus opened the parchment. “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.” Ink traced the paper, drawing out what appeared to be a map. He found the right wall and moved a banner, revealing an opened. You pulled it open and climbed inside. 

“Where does this lead to?” you asked, awestruck. 
“This one just leads outside,” Remus said. 
“So there are others?” you asked. 
Remus nodded, barely visible in the dim lighting. “Yes.” 

Suddenly, Remus leaning towards you, barely brushing his lips against yours. He pulled back and stepped away. 
“Wow, that was unnecessary, I think we should leave,” Remus said quickly, his words jumbling together. 
You held onto him and gently kissed his cheek. “Hey, it’s okay. I wasn’t just going to say it, but I like you, Remus.” 
He stopped, turning back abruptly. “I like you, too. It’s just, that was a little much, I’m sorry. I don’t want to go that fast. How about I get you a Butterbeer at Hogsmeade next trip?”

You smiled. “That would be lovely.”

Conversations Over Bad Coffee - SungjinxReader

Summery: A collection of conversations with that cute English teacher Sungjin over crappy coffee in the teacher’s lounge.

Word Count: 2.5k

Genre: Slice of life

Rating: PG (light swearing I think)

A/N: Well im back at my bullshit, 2 hours before the deadline, heres my contribution to @day6imagines September prompt! This is so last minute im sorry ahh

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Moving In

Based on @decemberftw ‘s request:  “You were right. We should’ve done it when we had the chance.”
Pairing: Bruce Banner x Reader
Warnings: None. 

Originally posted by whadewilson

Moving in with Bruce turned to be a mess. 

You were dating for two years now, and the idea of sharing an apartment had appeared when you mentioned to him how you needed to find a new place in three months, a few weeks ago. 

He lived with the other Avengers, and had a quite large space to himself. It wasn’t a bad idea, and he was even calling it ‘a new step in our relationship’. 

But moving in with Doctor Banner wasn’t as romantic as you thought you would be. You lived in a large apartment (not larger than his, but something significant), and had a lot of things in there, so your moved lowly. First, the things you couldn’t live without: Your clothes, shoes, makeup and work material; then your books and collections; and then the less important things. 

Twice, Bruce suggested you should sell or donate some of your stuff, but you didn’t even have time to do it. Your workplace was half an hour away from the tower, and you had the worst habit of being late, so you were always running in the morning and  reaching home too late at night. On the weekends, when you had time to organize your stuff, you only ended up cuddling him the whole day and forgetting about your tasks. 

“Y/N, we really need to get some of these things out of here.” Bruce sighed while your rushed to drink your coffee. 

“We don’t have time.” You reminded him, walking back to the room in order to take your purse.

“We had time on the weekend. I told you we should do it.” He insisted. 

You shook your head. Maybe you were a procrastinator. Just maybe. 

“I have to go.” You kissed him quickly, making you way to the kitchen and holding a donut while leaving the apartment. Before you could stop yourself, your arm hit the piece of furniture beside the exit and the treat rubbed against your white blouse, making you curse. 

Bruce arched you an eyebrow, his look reminding you of his many warnings. 

“You were right.” You sighed, looking at the red stain in the fabric of your top. “We should’ve done it when we had the chance.”

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