Monster Island
Created, Written, and Directed by Harry Chaskin, Dan Lippert & Justin Michael

Godzilla vs. King Kong
Director: Ishirô Honda
Cinematography: Hajime Koizumi

Today on Movies In Color, I’d like to share a stop-motion short film made by extremely talented folks. Monster Island came out today and you can watch it here!

Take a trip to MONSTER ISLAND! Zog and Java are two best friends looking to throw the ultimate BBQ party. They also happen to be giant monsters imprisoned on an island. 99.9% stop-motion animation, 0.1% tiny live-action people!

The color in the short is stunning and shows a clear attention to detail as well as clear inspiration from films like Godzilla vs. King Kong. I made a few palettes to showcase their fantastic use of color and the clear parallel between the short and Toho monster films above.

Here is a bit of insight into the use of color in Monster Island from creator/writer/director Justin Michael.

“When we started pre-production on Monster Island, we always knew that color was going to be an important component for the piece to succeed. Harry and I are both enormous fans of old-school Toho monster movies, not to mention stuff of the Ray Harryhausen stop-motion variety. I grew up watching many of Godzilla’s decidedly goofier outings, and my absolute favorites were some of the more technicolor-looking iterations like Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla and Terror of Mechagodzilla, not to mention the wonderful and goofy King Kong Escapes!

We ended up pushing things a little further than those Toho films and really saturated the hell out of things, both in paint and fur choices during construction and fabrication, and in the post-production color sessions with our colorist Loren White. We wanted the island to feel vibrant and inviting, like a 1960s James Bond villain’s lair.”

Go watch this short! It’s great! 

I’m back…

…from the Hi Ho Silver Oh Tour! It was extremely fun and enlightening. If you ever get a chance to take a trip around several states, do it. The food, people, and sights are all varied, wonderful, and different.

That being said, TV week is upon us! I’m working on getting stills and palettes from some popular TV shows up this coming week. Stay tuned!

Thanks everyone!

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