“You’re a cop! Brian-! I have to go find Jesse before they do! I’m all the kid’s got!”

“I’ll call in the plates. PD will pick him up way before Johnny even gets near him.”

OKAY, FIRST RANDOM IDEA SPLURGE OF WHAT SOME CHARACTERS LOOK LIKE BASED ON MALICE. For some reason I couldn’t bring myself to sketch the super main characters, but hey, it’s a start. I want to really try draw and explore what Rhin looks like. I mean, she’s this clever old queen, but her appetite for (and success with) young men makes me wonder what she’s like. Stern and cool and horrible and voracious and with a little earth power… Hmm! And I drew Edana pre all the bad stuff… I’m looking forward to drawing Edana from the end of the book, with those freaky scratches. And Dath… There’s so little about how he looks, besides scrawny. And idk, have a random Jehar male with the low ponytail. Anyway sorry for these ugly chibis. Better drawings will happen - gotta start somewhere though!


“You’re a goddamn fool, man.” “I KNOW!” :’D