“You’re a cop! Brian-! I have to go find Jesse before they do! I’m all the kid’s got!”

“I’ll call in the plates. PD will pick him up way before Johnny even gets near him.”


“You’re a goddamn fool, man.” “I KNOW!” :’D

Brian O'Conner in TFaTF - ‘Hey being a detective would be awesome. Racing cars is awesome. Going undercover would be awesome. I’d be so boss at that. Let’s do it. Wait, I fucked up.’

Brian O'Conner in 2F2F - 'Well so much for being a cop. Fuck it, let’s do whatever the hell we want because we’re screwed anyway. We’re probably going to die.’

Brian O'Conner in FAF - 'Yeah, I’m like 30 now and got my life sort of together again, but I just got a friend of mine killed and then the rest of that previous life just jumped me like a horny teenager, so please don’t mess with me because I’m having a really bad day.’

Brian O'Conner after that - 'Family first, man, by blood or by choice. Laws and other loyalties come second. You mess with them and I mess with you. You try and kill them and I’ll kill you first. Don’t test me.’