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Oh come now, why would you NOT want to see this? I’ll give you two reasons as to why you should…



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This looks AWESOME!!!

(though, it also looks like Men In Black w/ the dead)

R.I.P.D. | Trailer

starring Jeff Bridges, Kevin Bacon, Ryan Reynolds


   I had never read the comic books, nor did I even know it was a comic book until I heard about this movie for the first time. I did enjoy this movie, but to an extent. There was a lot that could’ve made it better and it got a little slow at some parts. I did find it funny and I think they had a great cast.

   I felt like this movie was a little all over the place and choppy, even though it wasn’t an entirely complicated story. As a movie buff, I was a little disappointed and I saw it as an easy way to pass the summer hours.

   Sorry this wasn’t the greatest review but there truthfully isn’t too much to say aside from the the witty comebacks and comments and the promising cast.

Kevin Bacon gets R.I.P.D

Kevin Bacon has signed on to the Robert Schwentke’s (Red, FlightplanR.I.P.D, as the villain.

R.I.P.D. tells the story of Ryan Reynolds’ cop who, having been killed on the job, is recruited into a team of dead police offices, the Rest in Peace Department.

The Univeral film will be an adaptation of the Dark Horse comic by Peter M. Lenkov.

Ryan Reynolds is set to play Nick Walker, the recently murdered cop out to catch his own killer, with Jeff Bridges as his older, more experienced partner.

Kevin, fresh from playing another comic book villian, Sebastian Shaw, in X-Men: First Class, seems keen as ever to keep himself busy having recently finished Crazy, Stupid, Love, and with Jayne Mansfield’s Car currently in filming.

Mat Manfredi (Clash Of The Titans, Aeon Flux) and Phil Hay (eerr… Clash Of The Titans, Aeon Flux) are the principle scriptwriters, which might cause some to wince, but hopefully with the strong source material, and a great cast, we can expect a little more from them then the bracketed examples might suggest.

With Kevin up to no good again, and the rather tantalising prospect of the Reynolds/Bridges partnership out to get him (has Kevin already ‘got’ Ryan in the real world?) we think this could be one comic book adap to keep an eye on.