movies: district 9

The most unrealistic part of District 9, I think, is the fact that nobody picked up on the details of the Prawn caste system, not even the corporation that was trying to exploit them for fun and profit.

Greens are obviously smarter than the others, to the point of being able to read.

Reds and Yellows are soldiers and guards.

Browns are workers.

Come on, people. These guys can be paid in catnip. Where are the companies hiring reds as night guards? Where are the Browns crowding around the South African equivalent to Home Depot? The Greens working as unlicensed electricians? You mean to tell me that the only utility that humanity saw in these guys, from multinational corporations to Nigerian crime gangs was taking their guns and then failing to use them?


book of mormon elders headcanons

this is only for the not so popular elders: basically the every elder except mckinley, price, and cunningham

>clean freak
>owns a mop and cleaning kit in his room
>his shared room with schrader is symmetrical
>does not allow shoes in the mission hut
>very salty and angry when there’s some mess in the mission hut
>self conscious about his image even if he’s lanky
>has a proper diet that he plans each day
>drinks milk daily
>has good comebacks when mad
>cried when cunningham stepped in with dirty shoes
>hisses at schrader when he messes anything in the room
>mostly does the cleaning in the house even without being asked

>secretly a brony
>loves comic books and video games
>secret besties with cunningham and loves to write
>he and cunningham write about the other elders in a fanfiction
>he and cunningham are the straight duo
>has a mlp toy collection
>has glasses but sometimes wheres contacts
>has a girlfriend back in the US who is deaf
>so he knows how to do sign language
>very touched with the deaf villager he met one day and communicated with
>translates comics to his girlfriend because he loves'em

>loves animals like crazy
>one time brought a herd of sheep in the mission hut (leaving neeley crazy)
>cunnigham calls him “the shepherd of god”
>pretty much attracts animals with his voice like snow white
>has tons of knowledge about animals and wants to become a vet one day
>very curious and loves to go to adventures
>discovered so many beautiful places in uganda
>one time he was missing and people thought he was dead but he found a horde of rabbits he played with
>has so many stuffed toys in the room (church ain’t complaining tho)
>adores church’s drawings

>part german part american
>loves to sing the wicked german cast recording
>can play the piano
>brought a small keyboard to uganda
>mckinley tapdances to whatever he plays on the piano
>loves classical music
>neeley thinks he is romantically involved with his keyboard
>schrader names each piano key of his keyboard like if it were his children
>loves to teach davis or neeley how to play the piano
>loves to play symphony number five after someone says a sentence

>woah he can sew like a boss
>scatters needles around the hut without knowing (price sat on one sadly)
>can knit blankets with other villagers
>he just basically is the human sewing machine
>threatens people with needles
>has about ten million blankets in his room and makes lots of bed forts from all the things he made
>has so much fluffy pillow his room looks like a bedroom fantasy
>makes costumes for the elders when bored
>loves to mess with neeley and ruin things
>probably started a free clothes shop

>cheeks are super ultra fluffy
>has his own toaster in his room
>he is a mega anime and wicked nerd
>can bake tons of stuff
>usually drags mckinley away from the kitchen
>dislikes price but loves cooking with him
>super short so he has a step stool
>has a cabinet full of different flavored poptarts (church says he gets them off the black market)
>hisses when anyone else eats his poptarts
>maybe a bit claustrophobic when in a big area (cuz he’s so small)

>super amazing in drawing
>davis asks to see his sketchbook everyday
>loves drawing anything he can, abstract to realistic to cartoonish
>can’t leave his room without a mechanical pencil in his pocket
>screaming for his missing kneaded eraser
>when bored he grabs his marker and draws on davis’ face
>takes commissions from edlers
>“elder time to sleep” “I NEED TO FINISH THIS DRAWING”
>has ten million sketchbooks with wasted pages
>art blocks kill him emotionally