Reasons The Lunar Chronicles are the best books in existence

1. The main character is badass


3. extreme plot twists

4. the SASS

5. the romances aren’t stereotypical love at first sight kind of things (except for Cress ofc)

6. #AmazingCharacterDevelopment

7. The characters are really diverse, from their skin colors to their personalities

8. You wish you could be part of the Rampion Crew. Admit it.

9. Everyone can relate to at least one character

10. The fandom is awesome

11. The books are based on classic fairy tales, but they aren’t your everyday fairy tale adaptation.

12. Iko.

13. They’ll create some kick-ass movies

14. Evil magic people!

15. None of the main characters die.

16. Carswell Thorne.

17. The writing in general is just beautiful. 


movies i like  watched in 2014

Midnight in Paris, Woody Allen, 2011 - “Nostalgia is denial - denial of the painful present… the name for this denial is golden age thinking - the erroneous notion that a different time period is better than the one one’s living in. It’s a flaw in the romantic imagination of those people who find it difficult to cope with the present.”