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hello love. i am struggling. i want to practice yoga and meditation but i have no motivation to actually do so each day. i want to learn reiki and live in the present moment but i feel like i waste too much time indoors watching tv or movies and i feel immensely guilty about it. i want to spend more time in nature but my backyard doesnt cut it. but i just cant seem to find the motivation to change and get up and start doing. any advice would be greatly appreciated<3

“Time you enjoyed wasting wasn’t wasted.” ~ John Lennon

Watching tv and movies is fun. Don’t regret it. But at the same time, clarify your intention to yourself as you move forward. What are you seeking and how are you seeking it? Is your media watching something that is purely enjoyable or does it leave you with a sense of unsatisfactoriness? Investigate your thoughts and motives but do not judge them. Just stop and see. 

The main obstacle here is not the lack of motivation but the guilt. Guilt is useless and debilitating. You are more likely to avoid something because you feel guilty about it than to actually confront it. 

It’s like missing a day or a week of daily meditation. If you feel guilty about it, you may be less likely to sit down tomorrow and just do it because even just thinking about and acknowledging it causes you to cringe inwardly. 

We get stuck in the momentum of our habits not when we lack motivation but when we refuse to notice and acknowledge what we are avoiding, what fear is at play within. 

Be willing to be a beginner. Every day. A fresh start is in the mind, not in time or circumstances. 

You talk about needing nature and whatnot in order to be present. This is a lie told by the mind. The mind uses excuses in order to avoid being present now. The mind says I’ll be present when I get away from this all, I’ll be present when I’m surrounded by friends, I’ll be present when this or that conforms to my expectations, desires, or assumptions. And this is how the mind controls you. Instead of using the mind, you begin to be used by the mind. 

You can always be present because you are present and you are presence. 

Your backyard most definitely cuts it. Anywhere cuts it. Yoga is great if you can find a teacher and attend classes. It’s not something I recommend trying to figure out for yourself from youtube videos, as it is an athletically challenging practice and injury is definitely possible when you are not already acclimated to it. I am speaking from personal experience on that matter. 

But it is free and readily accessible to meditate daily, to take a greater interest in your physical wellbeing via eating right and exercising, and to uncover peace and happiness here and now. 

The path is not somewhere off in those picture-esque woods or in pretty yoga pictures you see on Tumblr. The path is right here, right where you are standing. 

We on some level recognize this but conceive of liberation in terms of escape–escaping to another scene, another context, etc. But limitations and boundaries are not primarily physical; they are mental and emotional. By addressing those difficulties on those levels, you cut to the heart of the matter and discover something you can’t believe you have forgotten; that child-like and wise space of consciousness. 

In other words, this journey is about coming back to your self. You don’t need to define, prove, validate, or assert that self. You need only to drop your judgements and assumptions about that self so that you may meet it as if for the first time. 

Two books I highly recommend are The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, which will introduce you to the reality of presence and being present, and The Places That Scare You by Pema Chodron, which will teach you how to recognize and relate to your own neurosis and emotional hangups from a healthy perspective so as to make revolutionary growth possible. 

Don’t wait to start any of this. There is no rush and it doesn’t matter how slowly you go. But do not put it off for another day. How you live today is how you live tomorrow. Change today and you change tomorrow. There is nowhere else change happens. 

Namaste sis :) Much love

I saw Jurassic World

Look, today, biological accuracy can go to hell, that was just about the best movie I think I have ever seen.

I have not actually felt emotions about a movie in so damn long that weren’t either annoyance, general amusement or boredom.

But Jurassic world had me on an emotional roller coaster the likes of which I cant actually remember enjoying.

Maybe it’s cause for the first time in memory, I actually cared about and loved the characters (That is, Chris pratt, his raptor babies, the t-rex, the mosasaurus and all the other dinosaurs) But goddamn if it wasn’t one of the most involved and exciting movie experiences I think I have ever had 10/10 A+.

I recommend you all go watch it, if you don’t enjoy it, that’s fine, I respect your opinion, but you are unfortunately, objectively wrong.

watching an unexpected journey brought to you by my mother
  • mom:I like that! Mithrandel..Mithrandu? Mith-randir?
  • -
  • mom:those elven crown thingies are amazing! I want one...where would I even get one, I bet they're expensive. when would I even wear it. My favourite is the one that fat-lipped woman in the other movie wears.
  • me:fat lipped woman?
  • mom:yeah her with the thingie and the banner and whoosh?
  • me:Liv Tyler?
  • -
  • mom:oh no! the Orchids!
  • me:*laughs* goblins?
  • mom:I said the flower didn't I? *sighs*

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ONE SONG: Same Mistakes, by The Echo Friendly
TWO MOVIES: Beautiful Thing (1996,) and Chungking Express (1994)
THREE TV SHOWS: The IT Crowd, Pushing Daisies, and The Adventures of Lano and Woodley.
FOUR PEOPLE: Kristin Chenoweth, Amelia Earheart, Nellie Bly, and Steve Buscemi.
FIVE FOODS: Seafood Pasta, Pide, Durian (lol Woj,) hot pot and Ha Gow (Shrimp dumpling.)
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I am finding it hard to enjoy things lately. I love games, but playing them seems like a chore. I love watching movies and Youtube, but even that is too much of a chore. I just want to sleep and not do anything. I sometimes even forget to eat. Everything is just too out of my league at the moment.

Things I am currently into:

Okay  missymaebe, here it goes:

one song: We Built This City - Aron Wright & Jill Andrews
two movies: Mad Max & Jurassic World
three shows: Rookie Blue, Marco Polo, Beauty and the Beast
four people: Orson Scott Card, Oliver Jeffers, Hozier, & the person I currently have a crush on
five foods: pyrogies, ritz crackers, cliff bars, cheese and broccoli soup, & bagels
six tags: you, you, you with the glasses, you, you with the hair, and you



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How do you feel about bad movies? Like do you enjoy watching bad movies for fun?

i do like watching bad movies for fun but not too much. but like every now and then i do. and i’m a big mystery science theater 3000 fan.



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Name: Ezra

Time and date: 12:00am, Tuesday, July 2, 2015

Average hours of sleep at night: Anywhere from 3 to 12 hours. Depends on the day.

Last thing I googled:

Birthday: March 24

Gender: female

Sexual Orientation: Questioning it

Height: About 5′3

Favorite color: A teal-ish blue-ish color. That or a light grey.

One place that makes me happy: Book stores/ tea shops

How many blankets I sleep under: 3 or 4. It doesnt matter the season, its literally always been 3 or 4.

Favorite movie: Lord Of The Rings, the entire trilogy. I cant choose just one.

What am I wearing right now: shorts and a tank top

Last book I read: Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Most used phrases: “dude”, “What?”, “uuuuuhhhhmmmm”, “Yeah.”

What I last said to my family:  “Goodnight!”

Favorite beverage: Iced tea

Favourite Food: Teriyaki chicken

Last movie I watched: Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring

Dream vacation: Europe

Dream wedding: Something small, with close friends/family. Beyonce is there.

Dream pets: A guinea pig probs.

Dream Job: Owning a bookstore.

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I just watched The Last even though i promised myself i wouldn’t do it. Granted i watched it in bits and pieces because I COULDN’T STAND TO WATCH THEM MAKE STUFF UP FOR THE SAKE OF THIS STUPID ROMANCE.
what killed me was that ending sequence and the kiss. i could have easily fooled myself into thinking it didnt happen but now that ive seen it its real….the wedding just made me cry cuz that signified the end of the Naruto that inspired me to do so many great things in my life. based on a romance that couldnt happen if they didnt fabricate parts of the story and narutos personality. and then the sequence showing sasuke wandering in the desert not wanting anything to do with this bullshit. tbh that was the only character in the movie acting accordingly.
i thought i could do it and watch the entire movie but i cant. it hurts too much. Maybe the Burrito movie will be different cuz we will have way less hinata and way more sasuke and naruto interacting. i hope……haaaaaaaaaah
the heartache man