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1. Name: Winnie

2. Height: 5′6 or 168 cm

3. Fave Bands/Artists: Oh god um…there’s too many. Just assume that I’m basically okay with everything but like sexist rap songs. And country. 

4. Meaning of URL: Smut is cool. So is coffee. Bam. 

5. Birthday: October 19th

6. Gender: Female. 

7. Sexual Orientation: Heteroflexible. 

8. One Place That Makes Me Happy: My bed. 

9. What I’m Wearing Right Now: A big ass t-shirt and black jeans. 

10. Last Thing I Said To a Family Member: “clOSE THE DOOR WHEN YOU LEAVE THE ROOM DAMMIT” to my brother.

11. Favorite Food: I don’t discriminate. I basically like all food. 

12. Last Movie I Watched: Wreck It Ralph I think

13. Dream Vacation: Tbh, for me it’s more about the people I’m with rather than the place I’m at. Like I could just be at like at a park or a lake or something but if I’m with people that I love, it’d be more special to me than flying to another country or going on a cruise or something. 

14. Dream Wedding: Eh?

15. Dream Pets: A cat or a dog. Both would be great. 

16. Dream Job: I want to do something in the art industry, but I feel like I wouldn’t do too well, so idk. 

17. Random Fact: I can draw pretty decently. 

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So, I have a story for you all. I have been looking for a copy of this beautiful movie on tape since I was like 13. I watched it all the time as a kid when my nonna would watch me and my big sister, but her copy got tossed out. Now, 15 years later, I found it at a GoodWill and I cried. Finally the long search is over. It probably makes me a sad sap but don’t care. I have a piece of my childhood again.

get to know me

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1. Time and date: 22:01 and 27.8.2015
2. Nicknames: sometimes Lerkki
3. Birthday: August 4th
4. Sexual orientation: is a thing that seems to happen to other people
5. Height: about 162,5 cm (screw you and your inches)
6. Favourite colour: blue and also sometimes purple
7. One place that makes you happy: this one place near my current home where if it’s a clear night I can see the stars
8. How many blankets do you sleep with: one
9.What am I wearing: jeans and my amazing Buffy shirt which is the greatest shirt that ever shirted
10. Last book I read: Jingo by Terry Pratchett
11. Favourite food: I enjoy Japanese food
12. Last movie I watched in theaters: 12 Years a Slave
13. Dream vacation: I’d like to go to Manaus some day
14. Dream wedding: someone wants to marry me
15. Dream pet: I would very much like a cat some day. a turtle or a hedgehog would be cool too
16. Dream job: bestseller author
17. Name: Liekki
18. Top 15 fave bands/artist:
 i’m skipping this question because it’s too hard i don’t listen to music like that                    
19. Meaning of URL: my all-time fave Sam Vimes was a blackboard monitor at school when he was a kid and it’s a thing. I’ve explained this before. read some Discworld.
20. Last thing googled: can’t remember exact wording but something about the 11-year-old who got hit by a truck in tampere yesterday (she died today in the hospital in case you hadn’t heard)
21. Last thing you said to a family member: “I already skipped the question”
22. Favourite beverage: I enjoy tea
23. Last movie I watched: Monster, a true(ish) story about a female serial killer hooker and her lesbian lover
24. Random fact: I feel very weird and tired and I fell asleep for like an hour this afternoon

I’m tagging emmerluo cause i promised and no one else cause i’m lazy :D

10 people I want to get to know better

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Gender: Male
Height: 1,84 cm
Where I live: Rouen, France
Time/date: 9:34 am 8/13/15
Average amount of sleep: 8 to 13 hours
Most recently watched movie: i don’t remember :p 
Favorite band: Dissection (even if there are so many great other bands)
One thing that ticks me off: People who cannot stay patient
Meaning of URL: From a well knowed Dissection song

Favorite drink: Cider and Dr.Pepper

Most used phrase: “Yeah, yeah….”

Favorite movie sound track: LotR, The Exorcist, Shinsekai Yori (even if it’s not really a movie)

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Hey:) i just wanted to say that I think their will be a real or not real scene even if it's pg-13. I love watching Nicholas Sparks movies, and they are pg-13 to and always have a very good you know what ๐Ÿ˜ in them. I'm sure Francis will make us happy.

Hey, hi!! :))
Yes, for Nicholas Sparks! I love watching movies based on his books and now that i think about it, you’re right.
What disappointed me with Mockingjay part 2, however, was the way they phrased the whole rating thing. Look at the “Insurgent” one for example:
“ Rated PG-13 for intense violence and action throughout, some sensuality, thematic elements and brief language. ”
“Sensuality”. This is what i’m talking about! It suggests that something involving the main actors kissing or touching, in a sexual or romantic way, will happen. And it did. And we just..don’t have that in our PG-13 description.. *sigh*

But i’m sure that Francis won’t disappoint us. He’ll find a way. He probably did. He has already proven himself. Thank God, he directed the last three movies. He really is a blessing to our fandom! And I’m actually really excited to see where they’ll go with the “real or not real scene”.


1)TIME&DATE: 12:07 PM August 27

2) NICKNAMES: Jazzy, Jazzybell, Pokie

3)BIRTHDAY: June 30







10) LAST BOOK I READ: “Of mice and men”

11) LAST MOVIE I WATCHED: Dead Snow two


13) DREAM WEDDING: Not getting married

14) DREAM PET: Sloth

15) DREAM JOB: Therapist

16) NAME : Jasmine

17)TOP 15 BANDS:
- The Gazette
- Screw
- Nightmare
- Blood Stain Child
- Panic in the Disco
- 3 doors down
- Evanescence
- Muse
- Slipknot
- Icp………… yeah -_- takemycure
- Korn
- Fall out boy
- Falling in reverse
- Escape the fate

18) MEANING OF URL: Hmm!?!

19) LAST THING I SAID TO A FAMILY MEMBER: Eww he’s disgusting

20) LAST THING I BINGED: Forever21


22) LAST MOVIE I WATCHED : Dead snow two


takemycure thanks for tagging me ^^

Okay my precious little angels

I need your help

I wanna watch more horror movies today, I tried watching one last night after 13/13/13 but it was crap, don’t waste your time watching the house October built. It’s shit.

So help me pick one out of these three

Should I watch paranormal asylum? Come back to me? Or a haunting at silver falls?

If you don’t know these movies either then feel free to suggest anything, and don’t worry if it’s dark and bloody and graphic, I love that stuff. Only thing I don’t love is suicidal stuff in movies… to be fair 13/13/13 had that and there’s been others where I’m okay but I’ll avoid that today.

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Name: Stephanie
Nicknames: Stephie, Luna, Princess, Bunny
Birthday: 17 September
Star sign: Virgo
Gender: Female
Height: 4'11"
Sexual orientation: Bi? Demi? Maybe?
Favorite color: Pink
Current time: 11:30 am
Avg hours of sleep: 6-12. It varies
Lucky number: 222
Last thing I googled: “Captain America Civil Trailer”
Three words that come to mind: I should eat
Happy place: My bed
Number of blankets I sleep under: Summer - 1 Winter - ALL OF THEM
Celeb crush: Like a celeb I find attractive? Haley Atwell.
Favorite book: Stardust by Neil Gaiman.
Favorite band/artists: It varies. Wildly.
Last movie I watched: 13 Going on 30. DONT JUDGE ME.
Dream trip: Either Scotland/Ireland or a road trip across the U.S.
Dream job: Librarian on a Space Ship.

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Gender: B’)

Height: 5′5″ of fury

Where I live: america

Time/Date: 8/16 11:20 AM

Average amount of sleep: lmao it goes from 1 hour to 13 hours

Most recently watched and enjoyed movie: i think??? brave and it was okay

My favorite band: idk i dont settle on bands or artists

One thing that ticks me off: only one thing??? my mom i guess

Favorite drink: BAJA BLAST

Meaning of url: i hoard lots of urls and give them to friends 

Most used phrase: im gonna fight x

Favorite movie soundtrack: tbh rent

i would tag ten people but i have no friends on here other than my datefriend, sam, and my brother