Brokeback Mountain

I will never forget that one time my homophobic stepdad got mad at my mom because she’d never watched a cowboy movie with my younger brother. I was 13 at the time, struggeling with my sexuality and ever since I came out my mom was the one who supported me. We ended up going to a video rental store and my mom rented Brokeback Mountain, my stepdad was excited because he’d never seen it before. After dinner we gathered in the living room, soda and snacks at the ready and turned that gem on. My stepdad made remarks like ‘This movie will make you feel like a man!’ and 'I love cowboy movies, so not suitable for women!’
Needless to say, his face when he saw those two cowboys have sex in that tent was the best thing I’d ever seen in my life.


“I’m drawn across the universe to someone I haven’t seen in a decade who I know is probably dead. Love is the one thing that we’re capable of perceiving that transcends dimensions of time and space. Maybe we should trust that, even if we can’t understand it.”  Interstellar (2014)

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-Starsign: Capricorn

-Height:5`7″ ish

-Last thing i googled: Hope in japanese

-Fave music artist: Too many to choose but alessia cara is amazing

-Song stuck in my head: Mufasa-Solo ldn ft Caspar 

-Last movie i watched:13 going on 30

-Last tv show i watched:Girl Meets World

-What am i wearing right now:My pyjamas(dont judge me its saturday)

-When did I create my blog:August 2016

-What kind of stuff do i post:Studyblr related stuff

-Do I have any other blogs:My personal is @neukendez

-Do i get asks frequently:Nope

-Why did i choose my url:First thing that came to my head


-Hogwarts house:According to a quiz Gryffindor 

-Pokemon team:I dont have one  

-Average hours of sleep:6-10

-Lucky number:I dont have one but if i was to choose 9

-Favourite characters:Simon(LOTF),Stiles,Scott,Allison,Derek,Liam(teen wolf),Noora(skam),Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters(TFIOS) and so many more but I cant remember right now. 

-How many blankets do i sleep with:One

-Dream job:Solicitor/Journalist


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i watched almost 1000 movies from when i was 13 til i was 17 or 18 and it was a cool time but…they don’t tell you that when you stuff your head with that much information in a short period of time you end up forgetting at least 70% of it. so many movies i’ve seen have just been wiped from my brain other than general facts and maybe one or two vague scenes in my head

My name is Iveta, I’m 18 and from Slovakia (Europe) :)

  • Hobbies: country life, travelling /I’ve visited 7 countries as traveller :)/, yoga & acroyoga, horse riding /western/, making dreads (yeah, I’m dreadhead too), baking, embroidery, doing all that adventurous stuff you can do in summer like camping, hiking, climbing.., and I also like trying new things / I just started with bouldering (kind of climbing), and winter sports - snowboarding and skiing/
  • Music: most of the time I listen to country music /Alan Jackson, George Strait, Johnny Cash, Highwaymen../ but except that I listen to Linkin Park and Mumford&Sons sometimes :) I also listen some Czech & Slovak folk (not folklore)
  • TV series/ Movies: I watched all series of House MD, Leverage, and Warehouse 13 some time ago, but now I’m glad I’m in bed.. :/ but I like movies with cons, magicians and so (Prestige, Now You See Me, Inception..)
  • Random fact: I am eco & animal right activist and I’m also starting with zero-waste :)

Preferences: I’d like to hear from someone with similar interests (is there a cowgirl/cowboy/equestrian?) or traveller :) or hippie soul? :) and at least 17 yo please :) I’d feel weird :/ :/ 

I can’t wait to hear from you!! ;)
e-mail: jezikova.iveta @ gmail. com
instagram: @divacowgirlkane (I don’t check it often)

j-liftcookies  asked:

6. Favourite number?
7. Favourite animal?
8. Favourite subject?
9. Favourite food?
10. Hugs or kisses?
11. Had sex?
12. Broken someone’s heart?
13. Favourite sport?
14. Favourite movie?
15. Have you ever had a surprise party?
16. Who was your first crush?
17. What was your first job?
18. How many languages do you speak?

6. My favorite number is 21.
7. There are too many to choose from! I’m going to say dogs because I’ve started to cry multiple times before just because I saw one.
8. History/Political Science/Government
10. Hugs AND kisses! If I have to pick one, I will say hugs because I feel especially deprived of hugs right now.
12. I don’t think so.   
13. Baseball/Softball
14. I rarely watch movies and don’t have a #1 favorite, but I really like Harry Potter, DC, and Marvel movies. It is very hard to get me to watch anything else.
15. Nope.
16. My friend Max, when I was in 8th grade. It lasted about 4 months, then one of my friends said she had a crush on him, so I gave up.
17. Receptionist
18. I know English, French, and Spanish but I’m not very good at speaking French and Spanish person to person. I would like to think I can read and write in them fine, though.

Thanks for all the questions!
Ask me | Movies and TV series
1. My favorite live-action movie
2. My favorite animated movie
3. My favorite Disney movie
4. A funny movie I would recommend
5. The scariest movie I ever watched
6. My favorite Tim Burton movie
7. The worst movie I ever watched
8. The movie I watched the most times (and how many times)
9. Ever watched a bollywood movie?
10. A non-American movie I recommend
11. My favorite movie ost
12. My favorite super-hero movie (can be live-action or animated)
13. My favorite Studio Ghibli movie
14. Last movie I watched in theaters
15. My favorite childhood movie
16. The saddest movie I ever watched
17. The weirdest movie I ever watched
18. A movie I watched with talking animals
19. Favorite movie series
20. Favorite movie that came out this year

21. A tv series/anime you want to watch again
22. The funniest tv series/anime you've watched
23. Your favorite tv series/anime intro
24. Your top 5 favorite tv series/animes
25. The last tv series/anime you watched
26. Fave american tv show
27. Fave anime
28. Fave cartoon (that is not japanese)
29. Fave american tv series of the year
30. Fave animes or/and cartoons of the year
31. Shows I am currently watching:
32. Shows I regret watching
33. Longest show I've watched
34. Any show(s) I've watched that start with the letter "A"?
35. Favorite actors from an american show:
36. Favorite anime characters:
37. Least favorite actors from an american show:
38. Least favorite anime characters:
39. My otps (from any kind of tv series):
40. Tv series or/and anime with the best official soundtrack:

A book that means something special to you

Thank you for tagging me, @casual-books!

Twilight will always have a special place in my heart. The first movie came out when I was 13. I went to watch it with my best friend. I can’t even remember why we chose it. I wasn’t much of a vampire girl then and my best friend didn’t even know that the movie had vampires in it! Anyway, we went to watch it and we fell in love with it. Utterly, completely and totally. To us, it was the best thing ever. We were obsessed. We read the books and watched the movies over and over again. I have so many dear memories of the series: all the movie marathons, the jokes we had have and how we stayed up until 5 to talk about it and how we laughed our asses off.

After seeing Twilight, there was no going back for me. The movie made me fall in love with vampires, and the falling has continued eight years now. After Twilight I wanted to read and watch anything and everything that had vampires in it, and because of that, I’ve found so many amazing things. Twilight also inspired me to plan my first real book manuscript in 2010 (it was about vampires, duh). I never wrote it through though, but here I am, six years later, planning a book about vampires yet again, because how could I let them go.

I’m tagging @adamandbooks, @basement-bookcase, @renaissancegoddess, @lonebearbookclub, @classic-literature-snob & @violinwaist to talk about books that mean something special to them (if they want to). And I invite everybody else too! Just remember to tag me so that I can see!

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Relationship Status: I am with a dude man.

Lipstick or Chapstick: Lipstick, but like chapstick is an important part of the process.

Last Song I Listened to: Out of the Blue - Kelsea Ballerini

Last Movie I Watched: Apollo 13

Top 3 shows: Friends, One Tree Hill, Everwood

Top 3 Characters: Brooke Davis, Elle Woods, Sirius Black

Top 3 Ships: um, Sirius Black and life. Merthur is probs up there tbh. omg this is hard I feel like I don’t really ship things. OH MARK AND LEXIE.

I shall tag: @acoupleofcows @shipsareforsomuchmore @stillgotscars @straightlinedownx and @imfinallyclean