02 / 11 / 17 • I haven’t posted in while oops but second semester has started and I’m pretty hype about it!! We watched The Help in english class a few days ago and because it’s one of my favourite movies and February is Black History Month, I decided to incorporate a quote from it in this week’s spread. Also, thanks for 7000+ followers!!!!! [click for quality + quote]

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Week Ending February 21st, 2017

  1. The Lego Batman Movie +6
  2. Moana −1
  3. Fifty Shades Darker −1
  4. Moonlight +11
  5. La La Land −2
  6. Doctor Strange +6
  7. Beauty and the Beast +3
  8. Zootopia −4
  9. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story −3
  10. Lord of the Rings −1
  11. Heathers −3
  12. Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi
  13. How to Train Your Dragon
  14. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them −3
  15. Call Me By Your Name
  16. Deadpool
  17. John Wick: Chapter 2
  18. The Hobbit
  19. Spirited Away
  20. Tangled

The number in italics indicates how many spots a title moved up or down from the previous week. Bolded titles weren’t on the list last week.

On February 15, 2007,  Naruto Shippuden debuted. Today, at 10-years-and-a-day, episode 494 sees the debut of its adaptation of Konoha Hiden: The Perfect Day for a Wedding, 2015’s novel about Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyūga’s wedding. Then, in the spring, Boruto begins. So, as the anime gets ready for this transition, Shonen Jump will be hyping the 2.22 release of the “Last” end theme, Swimy’s “Zetsu Zetsu” (“Absolutely”).