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🌹 relationship status; very singlé ;0

🌹 favourite color; I love red and pale yellow

🌹 lipstick or chapstick; I don’t wear makeup often, especially lipstick and my lips get dry af so definitely chapstick :’)

🌹 last song i listened to; kaoru akimoto - dress down 

🌹 last movie i watched; her (2013) 

🌹 top 3 tv shows; orphan black, please like me, bojack horseman

🌹 top 3 characters; miles edgeworth from ace attorney, zarya from overwatch only because… bicep. alison from orphan black because if I have them all from video games somebody’s gonna take my lunch money

🌹 top 3 bands; hm. just forgot every piece of music I’ve enjoyed in my lifetime…. queens of the stone age, the xx, client liason?

🌹 books i’m currently reading; SPQR by mary beard (roman history) and to the lighthouse by virginia woolf

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Nickname(s): bia, boa
Gender: female
Sign: scorpio
Height: 1,67m
Time: 13:19
Birthday: november 14th
Favorite Bands: city and colour, walk the moon, paramore, iron and wine
Favorite Solo Artists: ed sheeran, hozier, carly rae jepsen, sara bareilles
Song stuck in my head: vanilla by fickle friends
Last movie I watched: carrie (2013)
Last show I watched: umm i watched a sketch from late night with seth myers? but if u mean Proper Shows i guess the good place
When did I create this blog: december 2010 lmao someone free me from this prison
What do I post: my current obsessions
What did I last google: Ive got no fucking idea, it wasnt today……
Other blogs: nah multifandom
Do I get asks: no!!! /side eyes all my mutuals
Why did I choose this URL: hype for the new star wars movie
Following: 34
Followers: more than that
Average hours of sleep: hmm full nine hours baby my regular sleep schedule is the only thing going right in my life
Lucky number: 8
Instrument: i cant even clap right lmfao
What am I wearing: mickey christmas tshirt, pj pants, fuzzy socks
Dream job: writer! or maybe editor
Favourite Food: fuck yea potatoes man
Last book I read: im currently reading the island princess by john fletcher and taming of the shrew by shakespeare for my english drama class
3 favorite fandoms: at the moment; it, marvel, and always harry potter

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John Dies at the End (Trailer)

This movie is weird as fuck and I loved it. Interdimensional “demons”, time travel (sorta), good/bad cgi, a psychic dog, and two awkward hot dudes. It’s kinda like Scott Pilgrim meets Michael Gondry meets John Malcovich meets cheesy gory horror. 

It comes out in theaters on Jan 25th, but you can rent it from iTunes for $10. It’s not going to do well in the box office, but you should go see it anyway. It’s fun. 


10. Alien (1979)

When I decided to rip-off Gavin with doing these type of movie posts, I thought it would push me to watch more movies. Instead, I’m only up to thirteen films at the near-end of March. I’ve actually seen a couple more, but to be fair to this year-long project, I’m only going to count movies I haven’t seen… which might come to surprise the lot of you by seeinghaving Alien featured on the list.

I’m not too sure how I managed to miss out on every single one of the films in the Alien series (save for the ones they fought Predators), but here we are. The strangest part about missing out on seeing this classic sci-fi flick is that I thought I already knew how this movie was going to play out. Over the years, I’ve seen several homages and flat-out thievery of Alien that my brain plotted out exactly where every scare, every beat, every high point was going to be.

As it turned out, I got all of the references mixed up. The scene from The Simpsons where Groundskeeper Willie gets greased up to chase down Santa’s Little Helper inside the school’s ventilation system was not from this movie. The ending of Conker’s Bad Fur Day where you control a mechsuit to force a Xenomorph out of an airlock was not from this movie. Weirdly enough, the shot of Stan Smith from American Dad stripping down to a wifebeater and pink cotton panties while on a spaceship was right on the money…

Besides all that nonsense, Alien deserves every bit of praise it’s gotten over the years (even if I might have ended up liking its sequel a bit more).

4 Out of 5 Flaming Skulls


8. American Horror Story: Season One (2011)

While it’s not technically a movie, I felt the need to include it because it’s rare that I actually sit and watch television, let alone an entire season of a series. Given how the season is it’s own stand-alone mini-series, I think it’s alright to list it.

Great premise with several memorable moments throughout the show, but by the time it was over, it had lost the original creepiness found in the opening episodes. In an attempt to wrap up everything in a nice bow, several filler episodes were made to give backstories to each and every psycho character introduced which just killed any kind of mystery surrounding people who have been cursed by the “Murder House”.

I could tolerate the show’s campiness and the dumb rules of the House itself, but the last episode veered directly into some murky waters with how things ended up. Complete bust all around, but I do hear that Season Two might be better… might just have to pick it up if I come across it for cheap.

2 out of 5 Flaming Skulls