Movies I Watched in 2013 - The Cheshire Murders

In the early-morning hours of July 23, 2007, in Cheshire, Connecticut, ex-convicts Steven Hayes and Joshua Komisarjevsky broke into the family home of Dr. William Petit, his wife, Jennifer Hawke-Petit, and their daughters, Michaela, 11, and Hayley, 17. Dr. Petit was beaten and tied to a pole in the basement. The three women were bound in their bedrooms while the men ransacked the house. The brutal ordeal continued throughout the morning, ending with rape, arson and a horrific triple homicide.  Using exclusive interviews and spanning half a decade, The Cheshire Murders reveals the shocking police failures and untold personal dramas behind the notorious rape-arson-homicide case that shook Cheshire, Connecticut in the summer of 2007. However, much of the story has been hidden from the general public, and alarming failures in the system reveal another tragedy: this crime could have been prevented at many turns. Told intimately by the victims’ and perpetrators’ friends and families, as well as the attorneys, journalists, and mental-health professionals involved firsthand in the case, the film takes viewers from the morning of the crime, through the death-penalty trials five years later. 

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2. Bernie (2011)

What a weird, weird film.

It’s a fictionalized account of a true story that happened here in Texas that actually mixes in the real-life people who knew and socialized with the characters the movie is based on. It’s not a documentary that chronicles all the intricate details of what went down in the East Texas town of Carthage in 1996 but rather a one-sided look at a small-town scandal that’s presented in brief little nuggets of gossip stuck between a narrative with Jack Black, Shirley MacLaine and Matthew McConaughey.

Entertaining and kept me up until the early hours of the morning as I ended up falling down the rabbit hole of who Bernie Tiede really was.

4 out of 5 Flaming Skulls