movies v 2013


So, I started this little exercise to get myself out of writer-block, and ended up writing a ficlet with Nod and MK as superheroes, and I decided not to finish just so I could draw these, and suddenly I was kicking myself out of artblock.

MK is a benevolent crime-fighter with the ability to manipulate electricity, thanks to some really hardcore SLI phenomenon. She calls herself the Red Bolt (or rather, someone came up with the name and it stuck). Nod’s more of an enhanced superhuman created by the Army, kinda like Captain America (hence the armor), except he was sort of dying for some reason. His codename is Hummingbird and he totally hates it. Then, there’s Ronin who’s still General, Tara who’s, uh, I dunno, she takes important decisions and people in the Army actually listen to her??? Nim (who’s totally black because of the Bigswap AU sew me) is the scientist in charge of Nod, because he kind of lives in a Government facility (much to his mother’s woe).

I kind of went overboard with this, bUT MAN IT FEELS GOOD TO BE ABLE TO DRAW QUALITY STUFF AGAIN.