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My Writing Playlists

Some days I write in silence, but most days I’m writing in a place with a lot of unwelcome, ambient noise, either at home or at a cafe, so I put headphones in and listen to music.  

I have a couple of playlists of my own making that I cycle through.  I pretty much exclusively listen to music without any words since I tend to memorize lyrics and that can be distracting while writing.

I write mostly dark/high fantasy so I draw most of my music for my playlists from movie scores and video game soundtracks.  I have a master playlist which is just a mix of a few movie scores and some video game music and a couple separate playlists of my favorite game soundtracks that have the ability to set a very certain mood for me while writing.

My master writing playlist:

My Pirates of the Caribbean playlist for my pirate novel, (teehee):

The Witcher games soundtrack playlist (for some reason I was unable to find music from the second game so it’s not as long as I would like it to be):

And an honorable mention, just because I love the games, even though I didn’t create the playlist:

Fable I, II, and III playlist:


things i’m currently in love with: I’m gonna go with Ben Mendelsohn

one song: False Alarm - The Weekend 

two movies: Star Wars episode V / Rogue One

three tv shows: Game of Thrones, Hannibal and Bloodline

four characters: Hannibal Lecter, Petyr Baelish, Orson Krennic and Han Solo 

five foods: Watermelon, Nigiri Sushi, Sushi in general, Strawberries and Breakfast Cereal  

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The anti DC people are like "where the hell is superman?? I want to see him. A Justice League movie without superman sucks!" I'm like calm the heck down please. These are the people who said that Batman V superman movie trailers revealed way too much because of doomsday. But now they demand DC to put superman in the FIRST justice league movie trailer?? Which would have made the trailer reveal too much? These people seriously need to make up their minds.

Complaining about something and then immediately complaining about the exact opposite is basically Their whole thing.


If I Stay (2014)


The Bracelets of Submission are unbreakable, and Diana is swift enough to deflect bullets with them. Furthermore, when Diana crosses them to protect her from impact with larger projectiles as well as damage inflicted by explosions and collisions with hard surfaces, the bracelets generate a small energy shield. They can also be used offensively as well, by slamming them together. The resulting effect has been shown to temporarily incapacitate even Superman. Also because the bracelets were forged from Zeus’s shield, Diana has unlocked the ability to discharge electricity from her gauntlets.


“Come on we’re The Flash! It’s parallel universes. Grant Gustin is The Flash AND I’m The Flash! Don’t you see? It’s the Event Horizon, we crossed it baby.” - Ezra Miller


Watch: Reviews are in. The movie Lovingabout Loving v. Virginia, is a reminder of just how far we have and have not come

On the eve of its 50th anniversary, this historic tale is getting a refresh on the big screen in a film that’s already receiving no minor amount of Oscar buzz. Theirs is a quiet kind of love. It has to be.

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