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I need to fangirl about Beauty and the Beast with someone. Like I loved it. Sure there was a lot I could nitpick, but overall I was really pleased for what it was. Also Dan Stevens???? UGH! My ovaries! How dare he?? Lol and I thought he was just “eh” on Downton Abbey. Apparently, I needed to see him in fancy 1750s fop makeup with heels and a sparkly jacket and matching hairbow to discover my newfound love.

100% legit confirmation Matthew narrated the Bee Movie

You see this wonderful man?

This is Jim Cummings

He provided the voice for Matthew in the Adventure Time episode “The Mountain”

Y’know, this guy.

Do you wanna know what else Jim has voiced in?

“According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. It’s wings are too small to get it’s fat little body off the ground. The bee of course, flies anyway, because bees don’t care what humans think.”

Those are the exact words Jim Cummings had to read from his script. You’ve probably heard it 50 million times from all the Bee Movie memes.

But honestly Jim Cummings has been in everything that ever existed in his time, so it’s not a surprise.

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Hi! Don't know if this is weird, but I wanted to thank you for how you're dealing with this thing about the fic and keeping positive. As a minor in the fandom it's really weird and complicated to deal with and your attitude and content really help. Thanks <3

No problem!

Glad to know I help!

One thing about the typical New Englander accent is that it’s actually very tied up in social class, at least in the town I’m from. Almost all Blue Collar workers and their children and very few White Collar workers have the accent. In a way, it’s almost looked down upon and seen as uneducated. What’s funny is that even people who don’t have the accent will joke around about the stereotype and have a sense of community pride when it comes to people who don’t live in New England. In my town, each there are less and less people who have the accent each generation.

  • me, who has never read captain underpants, but still is proud of everyone excited for the movie: yeah you guys, you go with your movie, and your canon gay character, and your pantless oncelerman, and your store that sells everything but fabric softener, you go!

My mum has an issue with Newt Scamander’s name because Scamander sounds like salamander and a salamander is a type of newt but I am 300% sure that it is not a coincidence since it comes from the woman that brought us Wolf Raised-by-Wolves the werewolf and Dog Black the black dog


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