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Dude my life has devolved into just Stress TM. You could write the silliest shit and I'd be about that as long as it was cute and distracting.

How about 22 Jump Street Scene 1 and 2:

“Well, not same case because,” Geno grins, then continues, “I’m get laid last night.”

Dayum,” Flower whisper-hollers.

“He’s smart, he’s funny, loves hockey, he’s major in history,” Geno says, then leers. “Great mouth. The best ass. Ride me three times. Was good.”

Mario rolls his eyes, but he acquiesces and extends a hand for a high-five, which Geno gleefully takes.


“Hi!” Sidney says, running to Geno’s side from the event hall porch and greeting him with a kiss. “You made it! Come meet my dad!”

Geno smile melts off his face as he looks up at Mario Lemieux’s confused, then enraged expression.


“So, um,” Mrs. Lemieux starts, “how did you two meet?”

“Oh,” Sidney says, clasping Geno’s hand, while Geno turns paler. “We met after the hockey game. And then he, um, stalked me back to my room.”

Stalked?” Mario echoes, not taking his gaze off Geno. “And then what happened?”

“And then we–we hung out and watched a movie,” Sidney says, looking taken aback. “We watched it, um, a couple times? G?”

“Hm? Yeah. Yeah, movie. Watch a lot.”

“I–fuck.” Mario throws his napkin on the table pushes his chair back with a squeak, stalking off to the restroom. “Excuse me.” 


“Captain, we have something very important to tell you,” Flower begins, then pauses as Geno fidgets nervously with his velcro. “Dude, you wearing Kevlar?”

Geno doesn’t respond, and he does not make eye-contact with either Mario or Flower. 

“Gentlemen, we’re not going to ignore the problem here,” Mario says, crossing his arms. He looks like he wants to rip Geno’s skin from his face. 

“What’s the problem?” Flower asks. “What’s going on?” 

This is what’s going on,” Mario seethes, as he turns a frame on his desk to reveal a smiling photo of…Sidney Crosby.

Geno very pointedly looks into his lap and stays silent. Flower squints, looking closer, then it’s as if a lightbulb went off in his head.

“Oh, shit,” Flower crows, laughing raucously as he descends into French. “Oh, shit. Shit. G fucked the Captain’s son! This is the best thing ever, G fucked the Captain’s son!”  

Flower runs outside, singsonging to the crowd below, “Geno fucked the Captain’s son! Sidney Crosby! Geno fucked him and then bragged about it to Lemieux’s face. Fuck!” He returns to his seat, patting Geno, who looks like he wants to be sick. “You understand this? You told him, to his face, that Sidney Crosby blew you and then fucked you. Three times–”

Mario slams a hand on his gun, resting on the desk, and Flower quickly sobers. “–I mean this is really serious. This isn’t that funny. I’m disappointed in you, Geno.”  

i think i’m going to be a self-torturing idiot, as always… i’ll probably wait until Tuesday to see TLK… even though i could see it Friday… ghghgngnghghnghgngn

me after watching “Wonder Woman”:

If an “adult” like me felt empowered and inspired after watching “Wonder Woman”, imagine how a little girl would feel watching this movie. This is important.

Patty Jenkins killed it. Gal Gadot killed it. Chris Pine killed it. The entire cast and production team killed it.