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You Give Love A Bad Name (Richie Tozier/Reader)

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(A/N: Part 1/??? for the 80′s Pop Apocalypse imagines. I’m still taking votes on what song to write for next, check the tag #80s pop apocalypse on my blog to see the long list of options lmao. anyways what better way to start things off than with a poorly written yelling fest)

Summary: Richie Tozier was head over heels in love with you, and you knew it. You’d been leading him on for as long as you could remember, and when he finally decided to make a move you shut him down as fast as humanly possible. More than a little disappointed, Richie decides to call you out on your shit.

Warnings: No happy endings here, kids. Just angery kidz

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justice league was kickass. and though i recognize there were some… areas… that could be improved (starts with j ends with “oss whedon”, also starts with c, ends with “haracterization of aquaman”), it was still an amazing movie and all-around fun time. also, barry allen totally made the film. he was hands down the bestest best part. 

According to John Lasseter, the film…“starts right as the first one finishes, so it just carries on”, making it the first follow up film of Pixar’s to do so.
—  John Lasseter, IMDb Trivia for The Incredibles 2

I don’t understand why people are getting so butthurt over this?

Justice League was freaking awesome!  I’ll be going back to see it at least two more times in the next few weeks.  Batman was <3 Wonder Woman was <3 Flash was <3 <3 Cyborg <3 Aquaman <3  Just everyone.  They are all my children and I love them all.  It just kept getting better and better and I loved it!

They even had some sneak peeks at some future characters that just made me super hype! 

Just…please go see it.  Don’t let people’s hatred and negativity get you down and keep you from seeing this (or just basically anything in general)

Murder on a first date

No spoilers 

We saw “Murder on the Orient Express” Saturday night at the extreme theaters, though our movie was in a cozy, 90 seat hall.  As usual, we were in-place twenty minutes before the 6:20 start.  That was plenty of time for me to fret about the room full of bright-as-the-sun phones arrayed in front.  Also, I’d forgot my phone so what else was I to do?

“D” sensed the disturbance in my force.  “What?” she asked.  I grumbled, “I wonder if he’ll be playing Candy Crush during the movie.”  She looked down where a big headed man held up his phone.  He was five rows below but I could see lines of exploding fruit.  “No” she simply said.  I looked at her, questioning her confident tone.  “That’s not Candy Crush.”  

We’d started the drive over in a gloomy rain, my favorite setting for a movie date.  It was full dark and blowing gales when the sprawling parking lot hove into view.  The lot looked full to bursting; bleary headlights wandering slowly up and down every row. We weren’t put off, I let her out at the door.

Our first date was a rainy Saturday matinee and I locked the keys in my “Caution Sign Yellow” Duster.  A sympathetic usher walked out in the drizzle with me and used a wire hanger to avert my red-faced disaster.  She stood in the lobby watching.  I drove to the steps so she could race in.  She looked at me, giggled, and the sun came out.  

I’ve been having the time of my life watching fandom implode each time new tv spots, articles, or interviews happen concerning TLJ.  In a little over three weeks (for the US anyway) the movie will be here.

But lemme tell you guys, there might be a storm a’comin’ for people who used the past two years to shit on others ship choices.

fdkfjslfdja ppl are mad that the female protagonist in The Shape of Water doesn’t speak oh my goD she’s the main character nonetheless and communicates with sign language…her “voice” has not been taken away, she just doesn’t communicate in a way that the average person is used to. the force of her voice isn’t heard by her oppressors for precisely that reason - she is “otherized” for it, much like the creature in the tank is for being what he is - and somehow I doubt he speaks conventionally either. that doesn’t mean either of them have no agency. 

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i saw an art that called lance 'shark boy' so then of I thought 'sharkboy and lavagirl but lance and keith' and then i had to come ask you if youve ever thought about that because idk i feel like thats something you would like to think about

Very much so… :) I hope you don’t mind the redesigns though!