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Your opinion on Avatar Land?

an interesting idea but like… 7 years too late (does anyone even remember avatar anymore??) and the fact that there’s like 4 sequels in production that keep getting pushed back doesn’t help

also the theme doesn’t really fit with animal kingdom very much at all, it’s a mostly educational park there to teach about conservation of actual real life animals and environments and then like… off branching to the side is suddenly this surreal imaginary glowing moon world brought to life

IMO avatarland would have worked better at hollywood studios or even a fifth park build specifically for themed lands based around movies (star wars land and toy story land could have gone there too as well as like… idk a frozen land or something)

I’m totally biased here but honestly I think an australian “land” would have made more sense for animal kingdom to fit in with the asia and africa lands

THAT BEING SAID I’m sure I’ll love the hell out of it when I return, the rides look interesting and will help boost DAK’s attendance and watching the construction of the floating mountains over time was really cool (are they doing anything to hide the view from the bus parking lot? because when I left you could see support beams and stuff in full view while waiting for the bus as well as the back of one of the ride buildings)

Disney Parks Get Their Force On

Disney boss Bob Iger delighted and surprised fans at the D23 Expo this year with the announcement that both Disneyland and Disney World would be adding a Star Wars Land. Construction is slated to begin in January for a 2017 opening. To whet fans’ appetites in the meantime, the theme parks have opened Season of the Force, a group of Star Wars-based attractions. Yahoo Movies recently toured Disneyland’s version. Click through for a virtual visit of your own.

Star Wars Land Concept

The 14-acre Star Wars Land will feature two attractions (a Millennium Falcon ride and a battle between the First Order and the Resistance), as well as themed shops and restaurants (including a cantina!), all populated by humanoids and aliens based on the films. (Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm)

Star Wars Land Concept

Disney Imagineers promise to construct a completely immersive environment. When you’re in Star Wars Land, you shouldn’t be able to see any other part of the park. (Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm)

Star Wars Land Concept Art

The Falcon ride got the loudest ovation at the D23 announcement and is expected to be a huge draw. (Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm)

Hyperspace Mountain Concept

For the Season of the Force overlay of Tomorrowland, which will extend into 2016, the iconic indoor Space Mountain coaster has been rebooted as Hyperspace Mountain, putting visitors in the cockpit of an X-wing while scenes of galactic dogfights play out all around. (Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm)

Launch Bay Concept Art

While some of the Season of the Force attractions are temporary (like Hyperspace Mountain), the Launch Bay combines character meet-and-greets, replica props and models, and a high-end gift shop featuring collectibles. (Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm)

Chewbacca Meet-and-Greet Concept Art

The Launch Bay allows visitors to choose a light side or dark side, culminating in a character encounter with either the huggable Chewie or the terrifying Darth Vader. (Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm)

Season of the Force Entrance

The signage has been erected just outside Tomorrowland, which is now dominated by Star Wars. (Credit: Disney)

Star Tours

Before The Force Awakens even hit theaters, the Star Tours virtual ride was updated to include the Jakku confrontation between the Falcon and TIE fighters as well as appearances from Finn (John Boyega) and BB-8. During Season of the Force, the Jakku scene will be part of every ride; once the promotion ends, it will be part of the random rotation of scenarios. (Credit: Yahoo Movies)

Phasma Accessories

The Launch Bay highlights include replica props, including the “Chrometrooper” from The Force Awakens. (Credit: Yahoo Movies)

Phasma Helmet

(Credit: Yahoo Movies)

First Order Flametrooper

(Credit: Yahoo Movies)

Kylo Ren Lightsaber Hilt

The new bad guy’s saber is said to be “an ancient design.” (Credit: Yahoo Movies)

First Order Shuttle

Kylo Ren is transported from his Star Destroyer, Finalizer, to planets and other ships in this sweet ride. (Credit: Yahoo Movies)

First Order TIE Fighter

The red swath identifies this model as the two-seated Special Forces TIE. (Credit: Yahoo Movies)

TIE Pilot Uniform

(Credit: Yahoo Movies)

Imperial Navy Crafts, Uniforms

A vintage TIE fighter (right) and the speedy TIE Interceptor flank an Imperial Star Destroyer. In the back, a TIE pilot outfit (left) and Imperial officer uniform are visible. (Credit: Yahoo Movies)

Star Destroyer

(Credit: Yahoo Movies)

Darth Vader, TIE Advanced

Darth Vader and his distinctive fighter from A New Hope. (Credit: Yahoo Movies)

Rey Costume, Millennium Falcon, Han Blaster, X-Wing, Poe Blaster

This display is dedicated to the good guys. (Credit: Yahoo Movies)

Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber

The laser sword that Luke lost in Cloud City resurfaces in The Force Awakens. The display reveals “someone salvaged it from the city’s industrial depths. (Credit: Yahoo Movies)

Millennium Falcon

The greatest ship in the galaxy. ’Nuff said. (Credit: Yahoo Movies)

Resistance X-Wing, Poe Blaster

Poe flies the standard-issue T-70 model on his mission to recover the map to Luke Skywalker. (Credit: Yahoo Movies)

Rey’s Speeder

Reminiscent of an old-fashioned tractor, Rey cobbled together this vehicle to haul her salvage to Unkar Plutt. (Credit: Yahoo Movies)

Rebel Pilot Uniform

(Credit: Yahoo Movies)

X-Wing Fighter

The original T-65 model used to destroy two Death Stars. (Credit: Yahoo Movies)


One of the most reliable starfighters in the film saga, appearing in the Clone Wars and remaining a key vehicle in the Galactic Civil War. (Credit: Yahoo Movies)

Rebel Spacecraft, PIlot

Among the items on display in the Rebel Alliance case are a couple other alphabet-inspired fighters. (Credit: Yahoo Movies)

Tantive IV

The Rebel “blockade runner” is the very first ship on screen in the very first Star Wars movie, A New Hope. (Credit: Yahoo Movies)

Fett Family, Slave I

The first family of bounty hunting and their ride. (Credit: Yahoo Movies)


The Launch Bay features an area inspired by the Mos Eisley Cantina, provided you’re not a droid (Credit: Yahoo Movies)

Dejarik Table

Alas, the holochessboard doesn’t work. Let’s get some Imagineers on that pronto. (Credit: Yahoo Movies)

2-1B Sconce

Among the various droid heads repurposed as lighting is this medical droid model, best known for tending to Luke in The Empire Strikes Back. (Credit: Yahoo Movies)


This Wookiee never runs out of hugs. (Credit: Yahoo Movies)

Boba Fett

Not as cuddly as Chewie, the Madalorian-armored rogue is among the characters who pops into the cantina. (Credit: Yahoo Movies)

BB-8 Cookie

The spherical droid makes for a sweet snack during downtime from galactic exploring. (Credit: Disney)

Darth by Chocolate, the Pastry Menace

If you prefer something more decadent than crispy rice cookies, you can turn to the dark (chocolate) side. (Credit: Disney)

BB-8 Sippy Cups

One of the most popular items during our visit was the BB-8 souvenir sippy cup, because riding Star Tours is thirsty work. (Credit: Yahoo Movies)

Chewie Stein, Han Solo Carbonite Lunchbox

For an additional price, your refreshments can come in these collectibles. (Credit: Yahoo Movies)

Rose Parade Float Concept

A Star Wars Land-inspired section was one of three displays (along with Cinderella’s castle and Frozen’s ice castle) featured on Disneyland’s entry in the 2016 Tournament of Roses Parade on New Year’s Day in Pasadena, California. (Credit: Disney)