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From what I’ve seen of these screencaps of the extra footage, I totally want to watch this ~trunks edition~ of the Fukkatsu no F movie. They look SO GOOD!

Also because I want to see my Harry-Potter-looked bae again 😆 And listen to “F”. 💕

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Hey How are you, Senpai? What about a NCT reaction when it's cold and he finds you (crush) on the sofa with a blanket and some sweet popcorn and hot chocolate overreacting on your favorites movies (like Harry Potter or other)? Can I say Ily again?

Thank you so much for requesting!

Side note: Can I say how much I love all of you? ♡

Taeil: joins in while sobbing with you

Taeyong: prays that you will eat clean and that the furniture won’t be dirty afterwards

Yuta“Can I be your pillow to cry on…?”

Doyoung: eats all of your food

Ten: hides away the tears

Jaehyun: you can literally cry on his shoulder he’s such bf material bless


Haechan: he would accidentally go in and see that and it would be something along the lines oH SHIT noT AGAIN

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1. What series/movie/work influenced you the most?
I think I’ll go with Harry Potter because it’s the thing that really got me into fandoms. But Star Wars/Kylux has really made my art and writing so much better. So a mix of things!
2. What is the best fandom you’ve ever been in?
This one. Kylux. Y’all are all amazing and talented and so nice and everyone is so supportive and I’ve made some incredible friends and I love you all so much 
3. What subject/topic can you happily talk about for hours?
fandom-y things probably
Fun story: In 9th grade my lit teacher asked me a few weeks into school what I could talk about for hours (I hadn’t talked in that class really ever) and I just kind of shrugged because I hate being put on the spot like that/talking in class/I had no idea what to say and then he was like “Well what do you like? What do you do?” and literally all I said was “Marching band.” and then silence. My mind went completely blank. And he just looked at me for a moment and moved on to someone else. @starknjarvis can validate. She thought it was hilarious. 
4. What is your biggest pet peeve?
Aaaah I don’t knowwwww I really don’t like loud chewing sounds does that count?
5. What is your Zodiac sign and do you believe in it?
Cancer. I’m not sure? 
6. What is your personality type (Meyers Briggs for example) and do you agree with it?
INFJ. For the most part it seems pretty accurate :)
7. What is your patronus memory/thought?
Something with friends. I’m not sure exactly…oh no now I’m worried for if dementors come!
8. Do you believe in love at first sight?
9. What is your favorite fanfiction trope?
HA um all of them? I love the tropes. I’m a huge sucker for the tropes. Fake relationship/pining to real relationship, ohhh no there’s only one bed here, trapped in a small space, things like that. I just want happy endings. Happy enough at least. 
10. If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?
this is such a hard question, I’m absolutely terrible at describing myself. Whenever this question is brought up, people say I’m creative. So I’ll just go with that. 
11. Do you like these tag yourself posts?
I love them!

And my 11 questions are (I’m stealing some because I like them)
1. What is your Hogwarts house?
2. What is your favorite fanfiction trope?
3. What is your oldest OTP?
4. Do you like these tag games?
5. What is your favorite color?
6. Pick a song that you like right now, it doesn’t have to be your favorite, and what do you like about it? 
7. Would you rather go to Narnia, Hogwarts, Middle Earth, Space the Final Frontier, or a Galaxy Far Far Away?
8. If you suddenly became a Disney character, who would you be?
9. Do you like to make crafts? 
10. If you could have any animal as a pet (even mythical ones) what would it be?
11. What is your name? What is your quest? What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? 

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I am all moved in.

There will be no formal party but if people show up with some sort of food they will be allowed in and receive large quantities of beer or gin.

The Harry Potter movies will be on inside.

Fairy lights and music in the garden.

Any time after 5.

Game of Questions


Catelyn Stark: who are you in your friend group, stereotype yourself : the mom, the instigator, the hot girl with connections, the one who is up for anything, the quiet smart one… 

Ned Stark: What is your D & D alignment? 

Arya Stark: Have you ever wanted to fight someone/ how many fights have you been in? 

Rickon Stark: Are you athletic or particularly good at any sport? 

Jon Snow: Are you more of an introvert or extrovert? 

Robb Stark: Is your parents opinion important to you?

Sansa Stark: What are you on Myers-Briggs? 

Bran Stark: What is your favorite non-athletic activity?

Lysa Arryn:  Are you the jealous type?

Sweetrobin Arryn: How old are you?

Petyr Baelish: Which Game of Thrones house do you pull for?

Lyanna Stark: What is your favorite Disney movie?

Benjen Stark: Harry Potter, Twilight, or Lord of The Rings?

Edmure Tully: What is your relationship status?

Jeoffery Baratheon: What is your favorite crime show? 

Cersei Lannister: What are your top 5 movies? 

Jamie Lannister: What is your high school stereotype? 

Tyrion Lannister: What is your favorite book(s)? 

Myrcella Baratheon: Who was your first crush (real or fictional) ?

Tywin Lannister: In your opinion, can money buy happiness? 

Tommen Baratheon: How old were you when you had your first kiss? 

Bronn of the Blackwater:  What is/are your ship(s) of choice in GoT?

Podrick Payne:  How old were you when you lost your virginity?

Hot Pie: What is your favorite food?


Tormund: What is your flirting style?

Gendry: Have you ever been on a cruise?

Ygritte: Who is your favorite fictional redhead?

Oberyn Martell: What is your sexual orientation?

Shae: What are your top 5 songs of the moment?

Davos Seaworth: Do you like/want kids?

Qyburn: What is your Hogwarts house?

The Mountain: How many siblings do you have?

The Hound: Star Wars or Star Trek?

Daenerys Targaryen: Do you have any pets?

Viserys Targaryen: Do you prefer gold or silver jewelry?

Varys; What is your favorite quote?

Khal Drogo: Have you ever been in love?

Jorah Mormont: What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had?

Lyanna Mormont Are you a leader or a follower?:

Yara Greyjoy: Fuck, Marry, Kill - pick three for me to choose from

Theon Greyjoy: How has your year gone so far?

Grey Worm: Do you know any jokes? Tell me he first joke that pops in your head.

Missandei: How many languages do you speak/which ones are they?

Olenna Tyrell: What is your favorite flower?

High Sparrow: What is your political party of choice?

Lancel Lannister: Are you religious? If so what is your religion of choice?

Loras Tyrell: What celebs are in your “five”?

Margery Tyrell: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

Ellaria Sand: Do you hold a grudge or are you the forgive and forget type?

Robert Baratheon: Do you drink? What is your drink of choice alcoholic/non?

Stannis Baratheon: Coffee or Tea?

Shireen Baratheon: What was your favorite childhood toy?

Ramsay Bolton: Do you prefer the city, suburbs or the country?

Myranda: Who is your Game of Thrones NOTP?

Roose Bolton: How many states / countries have you visited?  

Walder Frey: What is your favorite and least favorite death from the show?

The Waif: If you were an X-man what power would you want?

Jaqen H'ghar: Who is your favorite superhero?

Ros: What is your favorite animal?

Renly Baratheon: Do you watch reality television?

Septa Unella: What is your sin of choice?

Gilly: What is your favorite color?

Samwell Tarly: What is your favorite game?

Brienne of Tarth: How tall are you?

Melisandre: Favorite song lyric?

Euron Greyjoy: Do you know how to swim?

Night King: What would you rather be- Zombie,Vampire,Werewolf, Ghost, Witch.or Fairy?

When you watch all the Harry Potter movies again and you have to cope with all the emotions, all the anguish, and pain, and loss, all over again. And it’s still just as fresh in your heart as the first time you watched it, the first time you read the books. Anytime at all is too soon because you never really left, never really recovered from the utter distress and joy caused by this amazing world that is somehow more real to you than maybe even your own life and experience. So many thoughts, so many feelings, all having to be surpressed by the fact that all of these wonderful people and places are merely fictional, merely a figment of someone’s imagination. And yet, you somehow feel so deeply the lives of these characters, somehow have such a deep and raw connection with them that is unmatched by any physical thing in your life. You mourn the losses of these characters as though you have known them your whole life, and weep at the thought of letting them go. And when it’s all said and done it feels as though you will never recover. As though a part of your soul is now missing. And it hurts. But you will never forget.