movies that should be real

are you a shrek wlw or a bee movie wlw ?

The Jungle Book
  • Mowgli: *throws himself off a cliff*
  • Mowgli: *gets thrown off a cliff*
  • Mowgli: *jumps off a cliff*
  • Mowgli: *jumps into river*
  • Mowgli: *jumps out of a tree*
  • Mowgli: *falls out of a tree*
  • Mowgli: *kicks it with a bear*
  • Mowgli: *sets jungle on fire*
  • Mowgli: *fights a tiger*
  • Bagheera: *exasperated dad noises*

Bechloe family moment!

I really don’t know where this came from but I just got this idea watching old family pictures and I made this manip in hour so I know it’s pretty shit but bechloe feelings are still bechloe feelings right?



If anybody knows me on my main blog or irl i’m sure you are aware I am an avid theropod enthusiast, I predominantly draw birds. When I first saw posters for Rio I was exited because I did like the first ice age, and I actually did like how Blu looked design wise. I did not see it in theatres, for whatever reason a school friend dragged me to see the 3D yogi bear movie instead (it was horseshit). Eventually I rented Rio on DVD to see with my mom and it was…….meh? and then mostly forgot about it. 

But that was younger me before I critiqued movies and had fermented in bitterness. So being a bird lover with a lot of things to say I decided to crack this into two separate posts because covering the designs alone will make this posts long and image heavy.

Why am I cracking down so hard on ‘realism’ in this movie’s designs? Well mostly because the “theme” of this movie is bird conservation. In a realism-based setting. Unlike, say, Seuss’s original Lorax. it has an environmentalist message but has a well developed Seussiverse where nonsensical creatures fit the nonsensical habitat. With rio however, it is based in our world in our present time. I expect the creatures shown to be based on reality. Otherwise you break reality, making your conservation message weaker by showing animals in this context that don’t even exist. These bird designs come off as lazy recolourings where the story and setting is just under researched.

Most clearly this can be seen with the “blue macaws”. 

Blu and Jewel are in fact supposed to be a real species of parrot, they are Spix’s macaws (which look adorable). They are critically endangered, and only one wild individual is known that was spotted earlier this year. Too bad they look nothing like the design, they couldn’t even at least make Blue a more turquoise tint.

Rio seems to model all of their macaws as Aras, the genus of larger macaws including the stereotypical scarlet and bluegolds. Spixs arent Aras, they are the only Cyanopsitta species, a smaller macaw which would be about under half of Blu’s size and roughly half a pound in weight.
If you took a colourless image of Blu i would assume he is an Ara macaw, or even the giant Hyacinth’s macaw. (In fact, most images that come up when i look for ‘Rio bird species’ places him as a hyacinths.) They also use Ara calls for his noises… 

Call me old fashioned but I think when you’re trying to make a movie about a real critically endangered species, I think you should at least try to competently represent it. Had he been a large species i would have loved his design.

However personally that doesn’t bother me as much as the background birds do. All of the macaws are odd recolours by which i mean hardly discernible species. In the top photo I see what may be a blue and gold, a scarlet or green-wing, and maybe even a red-shouldered macaw… which makes no sense because they are the smallest macaw, at 0.3lbs. BUT THEY ARE ALL OFF COLOUR AND NONE OF THEM INCLUDING BLU HAVE BARE SKIN ON THEIR FACES. i guess for whatever reason they thought it would look ‘too ugly’ :/

I literally had no idea what these bottom ones are, the only bird I’ve ever seen like that first one is a leucestic blue and gold, the green one may be a military macaw???? its just so frustrating to look at. So I went on the wiki and there they called them golden conures and peach fronted conures… that are large macaw sized..

(a golden conure with a large macaw trio, rio’s are the same size and shape..)


Then there’s the stock passerines… these guys are supposedly finches and there’s again a variety of recolours in the movies. but they are all just ‘ball with eyes’, a bird design stereotype that i really hate. I thought the blue one may be fairy wren but those are only endemic to australia soo

Other background birds included in Rio 1 are waders and other passerines or near passerines. I’m alright with the jamie foxx and will i am birds. I actually enjoy the cockatoo design as well as the toco toucan, but there’s more birds I dislike than ones I like. 

 I’m also bummed they had no raptors because south america some really cool ones like the harpy eagle, an abundance of diverse owls, and falcons. Other neat birds include hummingbirds, woodpeckers, herons, guans, hoatzin, cock-of-the-rock, curassows, and the potoo, just off the top of my head. Basically it just feels under researched on blue sky’s part when they set out to have a movie about birds and endangered species, but i’ll talk about my resentment for the plot later…

design nitpick round:

  • the parrots’ feet are missing a toe. parrots are zygodactylous, they should have two toes in front and two in back. so do woodpeckers.
  • the baby parrots are already immediately fledged with all their feathers, just looking like mini adults with a large head. just for once i would like to see nakey altricial birds in cartoons..
  • how did a toco toucan and keel billed toucan mate and have offspring.

Can you believe that Max Lightwood is dead and even though it fucking sucks, it’s real and relatable to allow readers/fans to be able to connect with their favorite characters going through a loss of a loved one. And because in the middle of war, innocent people are going to die and it is completely UNREALISTIC for no innocents to ever die. It shows people that innocent people who don’t deserve to die are going to die and it can bring people who have actually lost people comfort. Because innocent, nice people die in real life - so books/movies/shows should also reflect that. Because allowing killing off bad people or villains does nothing to comfort those who have lost people because it’s basically saying that they died because they were terrible people - which is never the case. 

what-fayz  asked:

how do you draw your hind legs? i really love how you draw em gstrhrh

first of all THANK U!! and secondly! heres som cat/dog legs


i still have a lot to learn <”:3c but yea here they are

these ones i use for like,, anthro characters with these kinda legs, usually they stand up taller n can do more things/poses with them

i think they’re called digitigrade legs????

these are the ones for like,, proper anatomy four legged cat/dogs

when they’re standing/sitting up usually they’re like.. more slouched or smth. the crotch is way lower to the ground. but idk i think i might be doing it wrong..

HONESTLY if u wanna see the best references for a cat standing on 2 legs u should check out the cat returns because that movie does it really well hgfjkldfh

for everything else u should look up a real life reference!! those help a lot <:0c

I keep seeing posts on my dash about how the Wonder Woman movie is so great and important for kids to see, and how kids as young as kindergarten were influenced by seeing it. 

Honestly? I disagree. Now don’t get me wrong- I love Wonder Woman! I’ve read the comics for years, and I even have 3 Wonder Woman posters in my bedroom. But I don’t think that children should be seeing this movie. 

Let’s be real here: this is an action-adventure film that’s rated PG-13. This isn’t Lynda Carter. Wonder Woman (2017) is a great movie, but it isn’t appropriate for young kids. 

Yes, it’s important to have superhero movies with women leads- I’m not disagreeing with that! And it’s great that the cultural impact of those movies can filter down to kids. But I work at my local public library in the children’s department, and last week I overheard two young mothers talking about the movie. Both had brought their children to see it, children that looked to be four or five years old. Both had to leave the movie before the end because their children started crying. 

That battle scene on the beach near the start of the movie? Totally kick-ass! But people are dying, and being wounded- do we want our young children to be seeing this? What about when a man dies of cyanide poisoning? The scenes of the people affected by war are moving, but do we want kindergarten aged kids to see it? 

People become so desensitized to violence they might not remember what it’s like to still be affected by it.

Tofu Guys Don't Eat Meat by Vicki Woods for Vogue, May 1990 (Part I)

River Phoenix is only nineteen. That’s the most important thing about him. He’s been in the movies so long you’d think he’d be older by now; really knocking on, like… oh, I don’t know. Twenty-two or something. But nope. Nineteen. Wholesome as a tofu omelet. And as good-looking as all get-out.

When River isn’t making movies, he’s making music. He lives with his family in Gainesville, Florida. Ever been to Gainesville? Neither had I. North central Florida isn’t exactly a tourist hub, being humid, flat, spotted with alligators, and at least a hundred miles from the ocean in any direction. But it’s warm, and Arlyn Phoenix likes the heat. And Gainesville (population ninety thousand and rising) has thirty-five thousand college students living there. The University of Florida, one student told me, is about the cheapest public university in the entire United States, which is why it’s busting at the seams with crop-headed, athletic-looking boys in white T-shirts and bermudas who play football by floodlight until the early hours of the morning. Arlyn Phoenix liked the idea of a university town when it came to settle finally, because she wanted plenty of cultural facilities for her brood of children: arts, music, drama.

River Phoenix isn’t crop-headed of course. And he doesn’t wear bermudas. He arrived at my hotel in his mother’s car wearing a jade green Gap sweat-shirt, navy blue long johns, and tennis shoes. He’s grown since we last saw him (in Running on Empty - what a tearjerker). He’s now five eleven (“Barefoot!”), slim as a willow and hung with wisps of beard like Florida’s Spanish moss. He wouldn’t shave them off, even for Bruce Weber’s pictures. He didn’t have to fatten up for his new role in Lawrence Kasdan’s I Love You to Death. He plays a pizza chef who has a fairly off-center weltanschauung and tries to help his boss’s wife (Tracey Ullman) attempt to murder her husband (Kevin Kline) numerous times .He’s a lean pizza chef, playing his age. (He put on fifteen extra pounds for Stand by Me because he was fourteen playing twelve and fatter looks younger.) After I Love You to Death comes Dogfight, directed by Nancy Savoca. I’m really looking forward to it. River plays a marine who has a bet with the other guys that he’ll pick up a worse dog - an unhandsome woman - than any of them. This should be a real coming-of-age movie and the first that he’ll have to carry on his own. Director Savoca says, “River has an emotional weight that other young actors just don’t have.”

We went for coffee in Gainesville. The teenage waitress was a little excited, but she kept her cool. “Do you have Venezuelan coffee?” No. “Do you have carrot juice?” No. “Well, I’ll just have a double espresso then,” he said, and promptly ticked away for hours about how hyper he felt from the caffeine. I told him he was a pinup even in the British teen mags and then immediately wished I hadn’t. So did he. He laid his beautiful head on the table and groaned with real embarrassment. “A pinup. Oh, God. I wish you hadn’t said that. A pinup!” He told me about the publicity stills that were taken of him “when I was younger.” You do everything they tell you, he said “they teach you how to pose, you know, they say, ‘you have to do it like this!’ And you tilt your head, and they show you how to push your lips out and suck in your cheek… oh, oh [groans] and then all the outtakes that you never want to see again in your life go through the teen magazines forever. Oh. oh [more groans].”

It was very funny, but he meant it. Gentlemanly modesty is River’s strong suit.

River’s press so far has been a combination o large paragraphs about the state of the planet (which can read kind of irritating, from a fifteen-, sixteen-, seventeen-year-old) and a “Wow, freaky!” examination of his unconventional family. Let’s take the family first. Arlyn and John Phoenix (him I didn’t meet - he was in Mexico with Leaf Joaquin) had a pretty wacky life until they go to Gainesville (and compared with Married… with Children mainstream America it’s still a tad wacky). They were sixties dropouts, they were on the road, they thought LSD was a truth serum, they found God, joined a sect, went to South America as missionaries (River was fluent in both Spanish and English from age three), had their babies by natural childbirth, believed in a Whole Earth… you know.Arlyn and John seem to have followed the beat of the sixties drum harder than most, and instead of turning into eighties yuppies, they’ve hung on in there. They are now perfectly regular folks, with twenty acres of property, a few cars, a few bank accounts, a cook, a gardener, a business manager, and five handsome kids, most of whom are actors, but - they do vegetables instead of drugs now, they don’t eat animal products, don’t waste paper, wear leather, or overconsume any of the planet’s resources. They have SAVE THE RAINFORST stickers on their cars, and their two big dogs, a Doberman-German shepherd mix and a full German shepherd, are both vegans. 

Why I’ll never stop defending Gale Hawthorne

Gale Hawthorne just wanted to save everybody from the games and having to keep living like that.

And it cost him the one person he wanted to live that better life with.

In my opinion, Peeta only ever cared about saving Katniss, he was single minded in this. He never really thought about the bigger picture, about fighting back, not like Gale did. Not until he gave that motivation speech to Katniss while they were hiding out at Tigress’s. A speech that should have been Gales, since he was always the one to say they should fight back, that she should fight back, always putting that spark in her, even when she didn’t realize it at first, a spark that turned into a fire when she needed it. He loved her and wanted to protect her and keep her safe, but never tried to hold her back from the fight, was always right there beside her, knowing how strong she was, but still there if she needed him.

He was a real hero! The bomb thing was 100% Coin’s fault but he still blamed himself, just as he did for not getting more people out when 12 was bombed. And I cry cuz he knew walking into that room that she would blame him too, knew that she would would never be able to forgive him, he knew he had already lost her, and he didn’t even fight her on it, because he felt guilty for not keeping Prim safe like he promised. Even though he was not the one that put that bomb near her, not the one that put her in the middle of a war zone, but he will still carry that guilt, and the loss of Katniss, with him forever.



I saw a video today that was Neil dEGrasse Tyson explaining why Godzilla couldn’t happen in 2017.

We’re so dumb that when we found out that Neil deGrasse Tyson was smart, we decided use his genius,to explain why movies aren’t really real life.

“Hello, I’m Neil deGrasse Tyson, I should be off solving global catastrophes … but here are the top 10 reasons why Frozen couldn’t actually happen.

Number 1-9 Global Warming,  Number 10 magical fairy witches aren’t real.”

People would wonder if this science is really in on the fairy witches.

With social media we have a constant open forum with one of the most brilliant minds of our time. We could ask about like the space time continuum, string theory but instead we’re just like “If I gave my pickup truck a blood transfusion would it be transformers??”

He says no and we’re amazed.

Demigods watching Disney’s Hercules

„I love those ladies.“ - Percy

„Hera wasn’t even Hercules’ mother, what the fuck is this movie?“ - Annabeth

„Honestly, fathers place looks nothing like that.“ - Nico

„You forgot to mention that HE looks nothing like that.“ - Will

„I don’t even think that there really is a potion for making Gods mortal.“ - Hazel

„Honestly, this movie could make people think that Zeus actually cares about his children.“ - Percy

„How did nobody ever think about asking themselves why that freakishly strong boy is wearing a sign of Zeus? How?“ Piper

„Wait… that’s supposed to be Chiron? Which legend did Disney read????“ Annabeth

„So not fair, I never get a sudden burst of sunshine when I kill a monster.“ Jason

„Oh sure, fall in love with the very first woman you see after being on that island for years, why don’t you!“ *throwing popcorn* -Percy

„Uh, Percy, didn’t you kinda fall in love with the first girl you laid eyes on when arriving in Camp?“

„Shut up Leo, that’s something completely different!“

“Why would Hades free the Titans? WHY?” -Jason

“Wow… Tyson looks so much better than that.” -Percy

“hehe. Slimy Souls.” - Nico

*throwing popcorn at the screen* - probs everyone but Frank

“Wait, what does this remind me of?” -Nico

“Percy you totally went all Disney for Annabeth!” -Piper (squealing, probably) (Jason and Nico dying of laughter in the background)

“Hmph. They never greated us like that when we defeated Kronos. Or Gaea. Or anyone else.”

“Why is Hermes making music when my dad is around there? Does Disney know nothing???” -Will

*credits roll*



“We should totally show the others!”

(Annabeth groaning in the background because that movie was so freaking dumb and wrong and ugh!!!!)

I’ve been kind of quiet these past few days because I’m visiting with my sister

Today I finally hit the point where I talked incessantly about the My Little Pony: Equestria Girls franchise so much that she finally wants to watch it

My point being: It’s gonna be another quiet day on this blog

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go watch the first Equestria Girls movie for the fifth time, Rainbow Rocks for the fourth time, and Friendship Games for the third time. What a great way to recover from that Pleasant. Uplifting. Steven Universe content we experienced yesterday. Have a great afternoon