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I wish that we saw Andromeda and Ted Tonks in the movies. I feel like they had a big part but then I also wish that Teddy Lupin, Victorie Weasley and many others were given their part, as I never liked the movie’s Nineteen Years Later - it wasn’t just about the children that Harry & Ginny, Ron & Hermione had at all. Least not in my eyes. And the one major, major thing that annoys the hell out of me is that they LEFT CHARLIE WEASLEY OUT OF THE MOVIES. SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY HE ISN’T RELEVANT?

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Idk how I never thought to mention this to you, the biggest hsm fan I know, but back when they were filming the 2nd movie, I was able to watch them from my backyard. I saw bet on it, live, with binoculars.

I would pay to see bet on it live with binoculars

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I know of one but i don't think it's greek. Vishnu's wife Lakshmi gave up hers so that she could give the king sons and kill the demon king (the story is called Ramayana) (and I know this is a really summarized version of the actual story lmao)

Yeah, I grew up hearing bits and pieces of this, and I really should go out and learn more about Hindu mythology but man, there’s just so damn much in all the mythologies that I don’t think one could ever learn enough. I can barely remember all the stories about Hanuman and Krishna (did anyone hear watch cartoons/movies on the two? Man, I was hooked to the 2005 Hanuman movie as a kid).

Anyway, that was off topic, but yeah, I saw that one while trying to find the Greek goddess. Got to say, Indian goddesses do damn well. I always find it incredibly difficult to see how cultures whose religions have incredibly powerful goddesses can be so damn terrible towards women. The Indian news frustrates me almost every time I watch it.

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You seem like a veteran among the Les Mis fandom. Mind giving a bit of fandom history? I'm trying to understand why the Marius/Eponine ship seemed to die so quickly along with the Cosette hate, and it seems to have all happened after the 2012 movie. Know any reasons for why it died so quickly?

Hm, I’d loved the story for a decade+ before the movie, but I hadn’t really been in fandom before that, so I’m definitely coming at this as someone who’s been post-movie Tumblr generation fandom (and maybe more importantly as someone who doesn’t understand Why Shipping almost anything almost ever, including 99 percent of canon couples so like…take this with many bags of salt) 

but as far as I can tell the post-movie fandom just wasn’t interested? I never saw any Fandom Hate for M/É , it just ….didn’t happen.  I think a lot of people swung into OTPing M/C post-movie, with C/É and Marius/Courfeyrac as the preferred alternate pairings? 

Anyway yeah, there’s no one like arguing against it as far as I can tell (as long as Cosette isn’t demonized or made to suffer for it— I think that aspect of breaking up M/C is part of why it never really caught on in a post-Cosette-hate fandom)  it’s just not a Big Deal Pairing. Go for it if you wanna, Nonny!

1990: “De? What’s it feel like ‘ta be in love with someone? You know… like Mommy and Daddy were when we were still little.“

“Ask Dad, Sammy.”

1993: “De? What’s it like to go on a date? I saw a few girls going to the movies with their boyfriends. Is that a date?”

“Ask Dad.”

1994: “Dean? Do you think you could teach me how to hunt? I think I’m getting to be old enough now. Should at least know how to hold a gun. Or know how to use it.”

“No. Ask Dad.”

1996 “I’ve been paying a lot of attention on driving. Maybe you could teach me how to do it your way.”

“I’m busy. Ask Dad.”

2000: “Hey Dean? I was thinking today- well… more than just today that- maybe you could teach me how to… kiss?”

“Uhm- Yeah. Thanks for askin’ me this time, kiddo. C'mere.”

woop woop my birthday present to @kamenmango

a self made Nagito  body pillow she always wanted one! (andnowevenmore) , also special thanks to @sunshinetrappedinourhearts for helping me order it from Art cow.

also im back! i had a very fun weekend at Kamenmango’s place. Saw Beauty and the Beast (which was fun but underwelming) Saw the anime movie Your Name (which I liked a lot!) had good sushi <3 and today enjoyed some nice pancake and hotchoco at a cute cafe.

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Gosh, I finally saw the lego batman movie this last week and it was SO CUTE! Now I kinda wanna see some of them interacting with their human doubles, especially scarecrow and riddler! They could carry around a tiny double of their partner in their hat/pocket if they wanted to aw (at least jon could finally technically 'succeed' in lifting Eddie LMAO)

You almost killed me. I nearly chocked on my food. Omg. That’s the only way Jon will be able to lift Ed XD. I imagine them not even talking a coherent language,but like Sims. Haha. Like that one Adventure Time episode or the adults in Charlie Brown.

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heck! if only you posted that warning earlier!! thanks SO much for the warning though, just because there are a lot of cat lovers out there who don't know that much about felidae other than a talking cat movie. i watched it when i was 12 and i just... i saw some of the warnings but didn't expect it to be too scary? and that part where all the dead burned cats are hanging.. i had to shut my computer and couldn't watch it. anyways thanks so much! you rock!

I hope the warning helps someone!! yeah, i definitely forgot just how…..much that scene is, and was pretty shocked when I saw it again the other day. I must’ve forgotten it a lot bc dang. dang. its definitely a visually stunning scene but its super, super disturbing. luckily, the youtube upload is age-restricted… a lot of ppl are upset about that but honestly, i think it’s important.

and thank you, you rock :D

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