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I can’t believe I’ve neglected to compare La Belle et la Bête with Kylo and Rey:

La Belle et la Bête (1946) is a classic film with beautiful imagery. Here I will compare some of the scenes/imagery of this film with the Takodana “bridal carry” and interrogation scene.

There are a number of people who go on about the “bridal carry” being instead a “monster carry” reminiscent of monster movies or horror films. While I won’t deny there may be some influence there… I think the below images may change some perspective on that, too.

I’ve seen claims that there are no instances in cinematic history of a woman being unconscious and carried in a manner that could imply future romance…

I’ve seen people imply there is NO WAY JJ inserted Beauty and the Beast parallels in the scenes between Kylo and Rey…

However… ladies, and gents, and people of all genders, I give you:

the Beauty and the Beast Bridal Carry

Note the unconscious Belle and Rey. Compare Belle’s posture with that of Rey’s. Note the way in which the Beast and Kylo carry their respective maidens.

Even the hand-picked promotional art seems to support the romantic imagery of this scene. I can’t believe that is coincidence, especially now looking closely at La Belle et la Bête and comparing the two.

(Artist of the above LucasFilm licensed image: Erik Maell)

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I’m itching to go and see ‘Goodbye Christopher Robin’ because I grew up with Winnie the Pooh and judging by the trailer I’m almost definitely going to cry.

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I love shy Logan and sweet Roman cuddling and Roman encouraging Logan to tell him about his day no matter how nerdy or emotion-y it seems lol

Logan normally was not one for affection from the others.  He distanced himself easily, ignoring all of his emotions and opting for the recliner during movie nights.  So, for Roman to see the logical side standing in front of him with his head hung, having just asked if he could lay down with him…well, let’s just say Roman was very quick to seize the opportunity.  

Roman arranged Logan on himself easily, noting how Logan simply allowed him to drag him around.  Logan pulled his feet up and held onto the hand Roman put around his waist.  He tucked his head under the creative side’s chin, and oh goodness Roman had a very difficult time not making a mistake right then that would scare Logan right off his lap.  

“So…” Roman started, “what brought this on?”  He used his free hand to play with Logan’s hair.

“I dunno…” Logan mumbled.  The normally talkative side seemed reluctant now to say anything, and when Roman caught a glimpse of the blush on his face, he understood how embarrassing the need for attention had to be for him.

“What sort of nerdy things have you been up to, then?” Roman asked, pulling back Logan bangs and putting small, annoying little braids in them.  

Logan scoffed and shook his head.  “It’s not ‘nerdy’ Princey…”

“Oh, really?  What is it, then?”

“I’ve been analyzing the differences between species of animals based on the part of the world they are from…”  From there, Roman invited him to continue, and Roman ended up learning a lot more about ravens around the world than he ever thought he’d know.  It was so intriguing to watch Logan explain things, the way he repeated himself or stumbled over his words, and the way he voice raised when he got excited or amused.  

Roman watched him grow more and more comfortable with every word he spoke.  And with each of those words, Roman felt himself fall more and more in love.  Logan may have felt like this was embarrassing and awful, but Roman was so thankful that the logical side came to him.  God, he couldn’t wait for the day he could kiss the side falling asleep on him.  This was well needed for the both of them.

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I keep seeing things about the kids going to college together, but all I can think of is Reddie and how they date in high school and really love each other, but Richie decided to go to LA to try out his stand-up career and ends up being a radio DJ there, but Eddie gets into a nice school in the northeast, and they try to do the long-distance thing, but with the time difference, and Richie out at clubs late usually for comedy shows, they barely ever have time to talk.

So they break up, but the gang tries to all get together sometimes to visit each other where they live. And one time it’s in LA, but only Eddie can go. So he takes some time off work (he’s a psychiatrist), and goes to hang with Richie. They’ve never been alone together since the breakup, so Eddie’s nervous, but Richie’s presence calms him immediately. 

They go out to a club and Eddie gets to see Richie perform and is super proud of him and how funny he is. Everyone is cackling for his whole set. And then they go to another bar to celebrate, and Richie gets wasted, so Eddie takes him home and tucks him in, and Richie tries to convince him to stay the night. But Eddie knows himself too well and knows they’d hook up and it’d just end up hurting all over again when he has to leave, so he says no, and goes to his hotel. 

And the next time they see each other is when they get the call. And when they are having the final fight, Richie sees Eddie’s arm torn off and flips out. And they’re able to bandage it and get him to the hospital in time, so he survives. And Richie pretends to be his brother so he can get in to see him. And the doctors are telling him it’s a miracle Eddie survived. 

Eddie seems to be unconscious and Richie is crying and telling him how much he loves him and how he will do anything, move anywhere he wants, to be with him again and how sorry he is that he let his career or his pride or time get in the way of what truly matters to him. 

And without opening his eyes, Eddie says he loves him too and, as long as he agrees to propose to him in a year or two, but no sooner, he’ll have him back, opening his eyes and smiling. 

And Richie, so happy to hear that and see him awake, kisses him immediately, despite the fact that the hospital staff can see these ‘brothers’ kissing.

Look, okay, I’m excited that we’re about to get a female-lead action film, I think Alicia VIkander is amazing, but people who haven’t been following the franchise probably aren’t aware how much queer fans are getting screwed by this movie. 

1. Sam (as far as we know) has been dropped. 

2. Lara’s female flatmate/confidante has had her screentime DRASTICALLY reduced. 

3. A bunch of other details (like tHE MOST ANNOYING CHARACTER EVER) still remain, which is a kind of slap in the face????

Look, movie. PLEASE surprise me. PLEASE pull out an aro ace Lara or a gay Lara for the love of god, or even no romantic plot or subtext whatsoever. 

I’m still going to see the movie. I’m still excited about some parts of it. But I can’t believe how much we appear to have been screwed. God I hope I’m wrong D:

movies i have opinions on but will never see

  • baby driver, borin’-lookin
  • any cars past the first one, bad
  • suicide squad, twenty one pilots
It {2017}

I already hollered about this on twitter but I went to see It in theatre two nights in a row with friends and it’s maybe one of the finest horror movies / movies in general I’ve seen in a long, long while

A lot of this might be subjective but there wasn’t a single bad actor in that movie, even the kids were amazing, highly reminiscent of the Super 8 gang, Skarsgard absolutely destroyed the role of Pennywise, there was more than a handful of bits that genuinely scared me senseless, it was heartbreaking, the humour felt super organic, I have almost nothing but praise for it

If y’all are into horror movies and want a good Halloween movie, I recommend this movie y’all

Me: Wow first Stranger Things and now IT these kids really know how to act. I just hope that the communities will remember that these are kids and th… 

*sees some people have decided to sexualise the kid actors* 

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Okay, so I don’t know why I’m making this post like over two months after the fact, but I’m gonna.

So I was fortunate enough to go see FT: Dragon Cry in theaters. I was incredibly fortunate to have gone to see it with my soul sister @sirdragneel whom I was able to fly out here to Cali for a weekend in order to hang out and see the movie together. The movie of course was great, and we loved the experience except for ONE teeny bit of it in a scene that involved Zash Caine and Natsu (it was more a nitpicky pet peeve moment for us than anything else and it’s kind of a running joke with us now), but that’s not what I’m here to say.

As soon as the credits started up and the music started playing when the movie was over, a guy in our row bolted to his feet and yelled, “HELL YEAH; THAT’S THE MOVIE I CAME TO SEE!!” and people around us started whooping and cheering and going like “Yeaaaah!” (There was actually lots of cheering in that theater. When the nostalgic OST from the first anime series started playing? Every time a scene from the trailers popped up? That moment when Natsu went half-dragon? When Lucy embraced Natsu in her arms after he made sure he didn’t scare her with his dragonization? Magical moments indeed; it was so great.)

But yeah that was the highlight of that movie viewing and I am so grateful to have gotten that opportunity.

And sis, you made it all the better with your commentary throughout, even if it did make me miss some important lines of dialogue. XD You’re the greatest and I’m so glad I got to watch the movie with you! ♡

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youre going to see the lego ninajgo? they say its terrible. don't really know why they made a movie.

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*long sigh*

Listen, anon, while it’s true that the critics are saying that is terrible and poor and not a nice succesor from The Lego Movie and Lego Batman Movie, that’s not really going to stop me from seeing a movie about a tv show that I’ve been enjoying since 2012, especilly if it’s ofering a fresh new story and character arc.

They made the movie because the series/toy franchise has been succesful since 2011 (I think). Heck, the writers from the series even decided to write the script for the movie, and if you are going to compare it to The Lego Movie, I got news for you buddy: They co-wrote that movie.

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And I know that series doesn’t have the best story or continuity that most tv shows do, but I actually enjoy it that way.

So yeah, I’m gonna see it. 

Try to stop me.

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If you write a smutty Darcy/Steve for the prompt: "You're telling me the fate of the world hinges on us making the beast with two backs?" "Yes." ", I've done stranger things for worse reasons," then I will write a reciprocal fic for a pairing/prompt of your choice.


Darcy Lewis, The Superhero Layer


Darcy’s formative years were built around the late nineties and early ‘aughts, and therefore, were built on a strong foundation of powerful women on television.  Xena, Warrior Princess.  Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Kathryn Janeway, aka master of the universe.  She might not have been seeing strong women in movies, but she saw them on her favorite television shows.  And she learned quite a few things from her ritualistic watching and rewatching of those shows.

Lesson One:  Female friendships are important as all hell.

Trying to befriend Jane Foster had changed Darcy’s life.  She had been a shiny faced twenty-one year old kid when she’d spotted the astrophysicist falling asleep standing up with a McFlurry in her hand, and half an hour later she was the only applicant to a life changing internship.  Truly life changing.  

She’d befriended the Black Widow without a second thought, and thanks to that friendship, she got the call before the Sokovian Accords went live.  Darcy had just enough time to spirit Erik and Jane and Helen Cho away to greener, safer, restriction free pastures.  And once she had set up the Ranch for Wayward Super Scientists, it had quickly expanded into the Ranch for Wayward Super Scientists and their Bootylicious Vigilante Superheroes. Aside from having to churn her own butter, her current set up in life was pretty sweet, indeed.  The wifi was excellent.

Befriending Jane brought Sif, who was a badass lady herself and taught Darcy how to knock a man out with the blunt side of a sword.  And it was Sif who would come crashing back into her life seven years later with dire news about the end of the world as everyone knew it and inform Darcy that she was one of two people who could save it.

And in order to do that, she’d need some support.

Lesson Two  Always Have a Supporting Team of Awesome Sidekicks

Sure, a lot of people thought of Darcy as the sidekick in life, but she and her rocking self-esteem had decided that she was the heroine.  And people like Bucky Barnes and Wanda Maximoff were her sidekicks.  

“Dude,” Darcy came rushing into the main building of their secret superhero enclave, interrupting a definite moment between the former Winter Soldier and the Black Widow.  “Dudes.”

“Your protege is dude-ing me again,” Bucky sighed.  He gave Darcy the closest approximation he had to a patient look and asked, “What is it now, Little Lewis?  Did the cows get out of the pen again?”

“First, rude, all of my emergencies are serious business, Buckster,” Darcy sassed.

“That time with the coyote that was actually wind whipping around a loose shingle?” Natasha smirked.

“If that had been a coyote, you’d have been sorry!” Darcy sing songed.  She pointed a very stiff finger at Bucky as he opened his mouth, “Don’t even think about bringing up the time I thought the upstairs bathroom was haunted!”

Bucky held up his hands to wordlessly protest his innocence.  Darcy nodded at him and put her finger down before taking a deep, bolstering breath and blurting out quickly,

“I’m going need to take Steve to a ritual site in about forty-five minutes and I’m going to need complete privacy and I’m really going to need you to not ask any questions.”

She brought up the finger of no argument again and stuffed it right under Bucky’s nose.

“No, I’m not going to entertain your ridiculous questions.  Now—get it done.  The fate of the fucking universe depends on this!”

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My Kingsman The Golden Circle Review

So, I got to see Kingsman The Golden Circle today! Below the cut will be my full review of the movie, but I can say that it is a clunky, disjointed, bloated, but ultimately fun movie. 

I have a lot more thoughts on the movie but it is literally impossible for me to write them out and not spoil anything. So, if you’ve seen it or you don’t mind it getting spoiled, proceed!


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why do people act like fat is the worst thing to be? it hurts so much to know that girls look at my body and see their darkest nightmare. it's impossibly painful to know how repulsed they are by my state of being. I mean on one hand it helps me uh, cut back on food every day when I think abt it and instantly get too grossed out to eat. but I still feel awful

i’m sorry you feel this way. you should feel comfortable in your own body and other people should be allowed that right too. and i dont think girls are actually feeling that way towards you. it’s because society has set a standard where if you’re not thin you’re unattractive. it’s plastered everywhere. on tv, movies, magazines, the internet. all you see is beautiful skinny women and that standard isn’t really fair to the rest of us because a lot people don’t have that bone structure. i am thankful that we’re are now in a body positivity movement, but i wish that was around when i was growing up. i’ve always struggled with my weight. i was the biggest one out of my friends. i was always self conscious of that because “guys only like skinny girls” and well that’s not true.

as you get older you start caring less about what other people think of you. and to be honest when you’re older people don’t really care about what you look like they’re too self absorbed with themselves. there’s nothing wrong with being fat or chubby or plus size. i think it’s so amazing that so many women are now speaking up about their body image and empowering other women not to feel ashamed of being larger. with that being said, i am currently overweight due to COE among other things and i just personally do not feel comfortable in my own skin. i feel gross and unattractive because i used to be a lot thinner before i gained all this weight. i gained so much weight i was considered medically obese. now i’m only considered overweight but i still have a long way to go. i was having issues with my blood sugar and diabetes runs in my family so i need to lose weight for medical reasons. i’m not saying there is anything wrong with being fat or plus size, not by a long shot. i just know i am not plus size, i don’t have those proportions. i’m supposed to be thinner than i currently am and i just feel unattractive because i know how i used to look.

there’s no need to compare yourself to others. you just gotta do you and look in the mirror and tell yourself that you’re awesome. fake it till you make it if you have to. but don’t starve yourself because of the standard society has currently in place that many people are trying to change. don’t eat less because you’re afraid of what other girls might think of you. if you’re uncomfortable in your own skin, by all means diet and exercise. but do it the right way. do it the healthy way. do it for yourself and not for anyone else.

please no more asks about this topic. i am not trying to start a discourse.

imagine: what would the Losers Club favourite thing be at a fairground

the local annual fair is coming to my town tomorrow and Saturday, thought this would be a bit of fun

also imagine: Richie and Eddie go to a fairground together as a date, hilarity ensues, because of course

you can see i just want the whole bunch of them to go to a fairground together and just have a really great time

The first Mad Max movie is a police-procedural drama. The post-apocalyptic dystopia setting is just a backdrop and isn’t even really talked about. People live in real houses in real towns, and yeah, there’s even cops.

Everybody has seen Fury Road. A butt-ton of people have seen Road Warrior and Beyond Thunderdome. But the first one remains largely unknown, and I feel like people who watch other movies in the franchise without seeing the first one are missing out on very important context:

It’s not a waterless wasteland because of the nuclear war.  It’s a waterless wasteland because it’s Australia.

Hello Everyone ❤

So my husband found my desktop that came from the stone age In a closet somewhere.

It’s not the fastest pc In the world, but at least I can sorta update things and be in semi-contact with y'all. Especially @tilltheendwilliwrite who I legit cried over 30 min over.

I do not have a phone peeps. It might take me a minute to see the lovely things you send me. But I am here. And this horror movie I’m currently In should be sorted out by the end of next week. (Thank God my hubby is a ridiculously smart man who has a gazillion investments)

So please be patient with me. I am fragile and tired.


Kingsman: The Golden Circle

I am a curious person, honestly, I’m a sucker for reviews, reading other people’s thoughts and opinions on movies, and I know that the reviews for the highly anticipated Kingsman film have been mixed. Some say it’s great, while others say it’s terrible. Spoilers under the cut, but as little details as possible.

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