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Who am I? I am a girl who loves my island. I’m the girl who loves the sea. It calls me. I am the daughter of the village chief. We are descended from voyagers who found their way across the world, they call me. I’ve delivered us to where we are, I have journeyed farther. I am everything I’ve learned and more, still it calls me…

Nine extra minutes will be available in the DVD and Blu-ray editions of The Beauty and the Beast. In the same interview, Condon revealed the desire to release a version of the film without visual effects so the audience could see Dan Stevens' acting as the Beast on the set and realize that even with CGI, the actor's facial expressions and performance remained Intact.

Me: Okay, i want it… NOW 

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Please fire me. I work at a video store and yesterday a man asked me if I could see if we had a movie in, only when I asked him what movie he wanted, he replied “That one with the bugs!”

I get dumb, vague descriptions like this quite a bit so I powered on and asked him which one and he was like, “You know, that one with the mitochondria’s!”

It took ten minutes (and a lot of yelling from the customer) to find out that he meant midichlorians.

Star Wars. It was freaking Star Wars.

Now make a face that puts the bad guys in their place
‘Til they regret the decisions they made that day
That led to standing in your way
- Warrior Face