movies on a train

*looks at my australian mutuals* *looks at my american mutuals* *jumps off of moving train like if this was an action movie and i was being held at gunpoint by two distinct teams and one of my central/south american mutuals catches me*

anonymous asked:'re fetishising a relationship between an adult an a minor? keep your creepy fantasies to yourself, jfc

Come back when you actually read what I wrote.

But if you want play it your way, sure. I am also fetishising and/or making light of cannibalism, murder, child neglect/abuse and a ton of other things.

I was just playing Zelda and I wanted to see if you could harm the dogs as you can the wolves so I blew up a bomb near one. I also shoot lots of deer for fun, even when I don’t need the meat for hearts.

I guess that makes me an animal abuser?

What else… I watched a movie where a couple of girls robbed a train, it was painted as heroic and they totally got away with it, so I’m all for robbery. I have been watching the walking dead so, wow, theft, looting, killing people because you think they might betray you. I’m all for that too!

Hell, someone was making an obnoxious humming sound on the bus yesterday and I thought for more than a minute that I would like to just quietly suffocate them, and shit, that was a real person!

Seriously though, why are you so afraid of sex? It’s not evil. It’s not a tool to hurt people. Yes, sexual relationships between adults and minors are illegal and there are good reasons for that in reality but like i said in a fiction you have control over the things that would make that sort of thing bad. In reality no, never, full stop, but just like writing about a train heist fantasy where a young woman saves her family and her future with crime, the writer makes a safe consequence free place for characters to do bad things.

Why is it okay to watch a slasher film where a bunch of high school kids get tortured and killed but not imagine one in a taboo relationship with an older man? Do you feel that sexuallity is inherintly an act of violence? Do you think it’s better to watch someone get killed than be loved?


Just because something is bad and you should never do it IRL doesn’t mean you can’t fantasize about it and turn those fantasies in to art and fiction. After all there are tons of classic novels full of rape, murder, abuse,  incest and more. If you have trouble with this little ship then you are going to take issue with plenty in your local library.

joshua-ryans  asked:

I watched Train to Busan the other day after seeing your gifset and reblogs about it. So good. It made me cry my eyes out, but what an amazing, unique way to handle another zombie story. Thanks for recommending it.