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Look. It’s not often that I walk out of a theater saying, “that movie sucked”, but Valerian kind of sucked. That being said, I did enjoy seeing Kevin Wu on the big screen! And the premise of the movie definitely had potential, but it just didn’t quite get there. But! But, now I want Sterek as space agent partners! That is a thing that needs to happen.

listen you have no idea how important having a bilingual peter in the mcu is because in queens, hispanics are the majority of the minority. i see peter using spanish in the suit when he needs to help someone who doesn’t speak english. like they can utilize that so well into the next few films. man it was such a little thing that made me so happy to see. to be in a theater filled with hispanics and us all laughing out of joy and saying “Ooooo” to that first line peter speaks in spanish in the movie, like yes. i need more of that bond when watching a movie like spider-man on the big screen. 

I Saw Wonder Woman And I am Happy

How long? How long did we wait for this? For me, it was decades. 

Did you know I had my doubts it would get made? And I my misgivings? And my worries? That I was very concerned with the actress they cast? That I was very, very concerned after first director left. And how white that cast looked. * Oh, and how very disappointing both B v S and Suicide Squad were.

But finally the Wonder Woman movie is here. And for me, it was glorious. I hope it is for you too.

Patty Jenkins has delivered one of the best superhero movies ever. Gal Gadot was just the right balance of fish out of water and kick ass. 

There were tears from both me and my daughter at the end of our viewing last night. I am going back to see it again tomorrow.

So go. Go see a female superhero on the big screen. Go see a movie where a woman can be heroic and human (even if she not quite). Go get shivers as Wonder Woman makes her debut on the field of war. And go and see what a good DC film looks like.

And let me know what you think. 

* I would still trade out Antiope for Phillipus.

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We’re really talking about him this year because he’s made a move into cinema, and it’s kind of a spectacular move because his first big movie is a Chris Nolan film. And a new Chris Nolan film is a big event. The minute he goes on to the screen in this big time movie, Dunkirk, I think there’s gonna be a lot of attention on him to see if there’s an acting career there. Certainly the opportunity is there.
—  Steven Gaydos, Variety editor, talking about why Harry was chosen as one of the “10 Brits to Watch in 2017

I sometimes wonder how media consumption habits are being influenced by endings becoming the exception rather than the rule.

Like, when I was a kid, you could be pretty well assured that any long-form media you followed would have an ending; not necessarily for the “big picture” storylines, but at least for individual arcs. Most literature came in the form of printed novels, and it was highly unusual for any television show that survived its pilot episode to receive less than two full seasons, owing to how the economics of syndication worked; that’s why a lot of shows that are considered classics today have entire first seasons that are just plain terrible - they could afford to take that much time to find their feet.

These days, a story-driven TV show can get cancelled after three or four episodes if it’s not an immediate hit, and a lot of people consume sequential art and prose fiction primarily via web serials, whose one-page/chapter-at-a-time publication cycle means they can stop at any point - and let’s be honest, most of them do; web-based serialisation has enormously lowered economic barriers to global publication, and that’s awesome, but it’s also had the side effect of letting people with essentially no project management skills tackle media projects where they simply have no idea what they’re getting into.

The upshot is that we’ve got a whole generation for whom it’s understood as a matter of course that any long-form media you consume is more likely than not to just abruptly end mid-arc, mid-scene, or occasionally even mid-sentence* rather than having any sort of proper conclusion. I mean, sure, we still have novels and big-screen movies, but seriously: does anybody under the age of 30 actually get the majority of their media consumption from novels and big-screen movies these days?

* I’m not kidding about this one; I’ve seen multiple webcomics and at least one fanfic that really do end mid-sentence because the final published chapter or page ends with a dialogue break!

And for once, it might be grand
to have someone understand…

Man of Steel changed the way I look at movies, not just superhero movies, but movies in general. It gave me the Superman I’d wanted to see since childhood. A Superman that I not only related to, but could really look up to. He wasn’t just a grinning boy scout with little character depth, he was a Superman.
In a movie that had heart and soul. A movie with pain and love, dark and light. A villain that really felt scary and I couldn’t predict how it was going to end.

And it gave me hope. Not just in my personal life, as I’ve discussed before, but it gave me hope in art. Movies as art. Superhero movies didn’t need to be high-saturated, popcorn movies with nice, neat, closed plots. They could be big, epic, meaningful artistic narratives! Something that reflected how important the mythology of superheroes is to the fans.

And then Batman V Superman came out and enriched everything that Man of Steel established. It built on the foundations and not only gave us a universe where Batman and Wonder Woman can fight alongside Superman, but it gave us some understanding of WHY these heroes do what they do and why they are teaming up. We saw Wonder Woman get slowly dragged back into heroism, and we knew why. She didn’t just suddenly, inexplicably drop out of nowhere onto the roof of a jet and start beating up another hero with absolutely no explanation. She hesitated, she fought her instincts and tried to be impartial, but the hero in her wouldn’t let her. And let’s not get into the extraordinary depth of character and development of Batman in this movie. Because that’s an essay into itself.
And then we saw the sacrifice of the hero who started all this. Whose sacrifice inspired these weathered, wary heroes into action again.
What a beautiful way to end a movie but start another! The dovetailing of this writing is genius.

After this we got Suicide Squad. A bit of a frantic, hectic, off-kilter movie about villains. It did a lot for world building, but most importantly it showed us what kind of people our heroes have faced before, and will face again. It showed us how strong and capable the villains can be, and this added so much to this universe that it is an invaluable movie.

Now, we have Wonder Woman! Adding more exposition to Diana’s motives in the modern day, this beautifully layered movie provided us with the first Wonder Woman movie, and yet but another incredible chapter to the DCEU. Never losing track of the themes and ideals of the shared universe, but maintaining its own unique voice, this movie delivered the finest superhero origin movie to date. While I still personally feel that it shares the stage with Man of Steel in terms of quality, it stands out on its own merits, because it is the first Wonder Woman movie, the first Wonder Woman origin story on the big screen and the first time a superhero movie has had such widespread, universal appeal.
It still considered the sense of realism established in the previous movies, showing the reality of war, a hero that will put the needs of others above her own and it kept a sense of doubt and confusion in the face of responsibility.

These movies have all been amazing in their own ways, and stand out as their own entities whilst keeping the universe cohesive. No other franchise has done this yet.

And it’s far from over.

This November, we get to see another huge milestone as Justice League hits the big screen. And I for one can not wait to see how this builds on what we’ve seen so far, and what will be built upon it.

It is a phenomenal time to be a DC fan, but it’s also a great time to be a movie fan and a superhero fan, too.

Bring it on.

boycotting marvel is incredibly simple even as a marvel fan

new comics can be pirated online & by download the day they come out - movies and tv can be any amount of weeks (or days in terms of netflix shows) after the premiere

if you want merch, buy from fan creators or resellers. if youre desperate to see some kind of marvel on the big screen, go see an xmen movie

this shouldnt be a point of contention

HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY to “Bayformers” !!! :D

it was around this time (late June & early-mid July), 10 years ago in 2007, when the first live-action Transformers movie made it’s big debut on movie screens around the world!

whether we hate or love these movies, there is one hugely important thing that the vast majority of us can agree upon: this movie changed our lives. it’s what got us into Transformers. we owe a great deal to the people who brought this movie to life. who knows what state the Transformers franchise might be in otherwise? without it, we’d probably have no TFA, no TFP, significantly fewer comic series, and we wouldn’t have met all our wonderful friends through the fandom!

this is one birthday I’m glad to celebrate. this movie completely changed my life, and it’s been (mostly) a great source of happiness over the past 10 years. so Happy Birthday Bayformers!! thanks for everything! :D

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which wonderbat moments do you want to see in justice league?

I want a subtle connection between Bruce and Diana. Quiet moments of them alone and them protecting each other. Implied attraction towards each other, of course. Flirtation. Bruce letting Diana do her thing and Diana looking out for Bruce (i.e. when he’s been working too much she’d remind him to rest). Basically, I want WonderBat to be slow burn and not jump right into the romance. I want scenes that lead up to romance.  

In 2002, my dad took me to see my first superhero movie on the big screen: Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man.

15 years later, I took my little sister to see her first superhero movie on the big screen: Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

Life comes full circle. Be good to everyone because we all hold power. And….with great power….comes great responsibility 🤘