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23 of My Favorite Korean Movie Recommendations

This is Esther, also known as areumdw, at your service!! Although it took quite a while, my movie recommendation list is here~ I TRIED to pick movies that are less well known, and I also TRIED to mix up the genres and release years a bit. I know I’m lacking in some areas, but please take a look and choose a movie to indulge in! I promise they are all worth watching! If you have any questions feel free to message me, and I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT if you could send me a message after watching a movie I’ve recommended. Well then, have fun~~

1. 과속 스캔들 (Speedy Scandal) 2009 : Comedy, Family

This movie is one of my favorite movies, as it is my go to comedy! The storyline of a top star having a hidden child keeps you on the edge with thrill, yet the love within the family warms your heart like no other~ (the interactions between Cha Tae Hyun and Wang Suk Hyun are just hilarious)

2. 광해: 왕이된 남자 (Masquerade) 2012 : Historical, Drama

I remember when this movie was on it’s way out, I just couldn’t wait. The storyline isn’t something new (a commoner taking the place of/impersonating a person of the higher social level), but the Lee Byung Hun’s flawless acting of two different personalities just won me over. It was really hard to believe that the two different characters were played by the same man.

3. 변호인 (The Attorney) 2013 : Drama, Law

Okay, I’ll be honest, I had no interest in this movie, and only wanted to watch it, because Siwan was in it, but guess what? I freaking loved it. He actually isn’t the main character, but all of the actors’ acting in this movie was on point (as were the tears). It really just takes your breath away and leaves a hole in your heart. **This movie may make you sad and angry

4. 국가대표 (Take Off) 2009 : Sports, Drama

Ah yes…this movie… This was one of the first movies I watched in a Korean theater, and I walked out with a warmed heart. The story follows a man and his national ski-jump team on self improvement, trial and error, and success, but trust me — this movie is quite heart warming (I still get the flutters in my heart when I listen to the OST). The actors were very on point here. 

5. 써니 (Sunny) 2011 : Comedy, Drama

I first watched this, because my aunt was raving about it, but soon, it was me who was raving. The storyline was originally meant to target people in their middle ages, but the actors and comical storyline soon filled the hearts of many generations~

6. 포화속으로 (71: Into the Fire) 2010 : War, Action

Yes, TOP is like one of the main characters, but that is not why this movie is on this list (mostly). Remember when everyone was crying over “Taegukgi”? Well I was crying over this one. If “Taegukgi” was about brotherly love, this was more about friendship and youth. **This movie may make you sad

7. 월컴 투 동막골 (Welcome To Dongmakgol) 2005 : Drama, Comedy

The story centers around soldiers from both South and North Korea living amongst common villagers during a war, yet the comical relief is added with one of the villagers being an insane girl (Yes, Haru’s mom!). I watched this movie when I was pretty young, but I still remember it being lots of fun~ **This movie may make you sad

8. 관상 (The Face Reader) 2013 : Historical, Drama

Did I say Lee Jong Suk? Well yes, he’s a character in this movie, but what you should really be interested in is Son Kang Ho (also the main character in “The Attorney”). All the actors in this movie are a class A, and they do a wonderful job of portraying a story of what happens when you try to mess with destiny. (Did I mention that the antagonist here is freaking scary?…Maybe it was just me..) **This movie may make you sad

9. 늑대소년 (A Werewolf Boy) 2012 : Drama, Romance, Fantasy

Yes, the typical story of a werewolf falling in love with a human girl, but even if you’re sick of it, please help yourself one last time, and watch thisNot only are the visuals like a fairy tale with Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young (also in “Speedy Scandal”), but the storyline is also heartwarming and at the same time heartbreaking. **This movie may make you sad

10. 도가니 (Silenced/ The Crucible) 2011 : Drama

Now this is one heck of a serious movie revolving around tragic truths. I originally watched the movie because of my love for Gong Yoo, but came out as a person wanting to be fully aware and educated about the injustices in the world. The movie is about trying to save hearing imparied children from being physically and sexually abused, so please refrain if you’re uncomfortable with such graphics. **This movie may make you sad and very very angry

11. 오직 그대만 (Only You/ Always) 2010 : Romance, Drama

Once again, what got me interested in this movie were the actors, and yes, I wasn’t disappointed. The melodrama revolves around an ex-boxer and a girl who starts to lose her sight, highlighting the struggle to keep the love and relation ongoing and unfading. It’s just simply a very beautiful, lovely watch~ (seeing rough So Ji Sub act all soft for Han Hyo Joo was just…really hot)

12. 앤티크 (Antique) 2008 : Drama, Comedy, Thriller, Romance

Yes, this one’s a little hard to label under a category, but never the less, it is still a good film. It’s about a man who was traumatized as a child, and as a result, opens up a bakery in order to cope (his recollections bring up the thrill part in the movie). It was based off a Japanese manga, and it really isn’t hard to tell. From the breathtaking pastries, to the scary thrill, to the awkward yet funny comedy, to the gay romance, this movie has it all (did I mention the cuties?)

13. 집으로 가는 길 (Way Back Home) 2013 : Drama

I first watched this movie, because my parents suggested I should. The plot seemed a bit too much on the boring scale to me, but I was wrong. It was my first time seeing Jeon Do Yeon acting, and she did a wonderful job of portraying the heartbreaking story of a woman trapped in a foreign country without a way home. Being an immigrant, I could highly relate to this frustrating plot, and it made me realize how important having your family by your side is. **This movie may frustrate you

14. 비상 (Flight/Fly High/Emergency) 2009 : Romance, Action, Drama

Okay, either you’ll love this, or you’ll hate it. In my opinion, it’s a really nice romance with the right amount of action and tragedy. Being a person that loves all things sad, I loved the storyline of an innocent guy falling in love with a girl at first sight, and tainting himself as he tries to help the girl recover from an accident. If your favorite character from “Boys Over Flowers” was So Yi Jung, you will most likely fall for this movie (like I did). **This movie may make you sad

15. 7번방의 선물 (Miracle In Cell No. 7) 2013 : Family, Comedy, Drama

The plot of this movie revolves around a quite serious issue relating to the false conviction of a mentally impaired man, but it is done with the perfect amount of comical relief, that you have to remind yourself that it isn’t a comedy movie. The flashbacks are done so seamlessly that they blend in perfectly, and I don’t even have to go into how amazing all the acting was. Each character has such a big impression that my family and friends were imitating them for weeks after the movie. **This movie will make you very very sad (This is the famous movie EXO was crying to during Showtime)

16. 클래식 (The Classic) 2003 : Romance, Drama

Ah yes, this is quite the classic of Korean romance movies. The storyline is of a girl who one day coincidently opens up a box of her mother’s love letters, and discovers the story of her first love. The setting constantly switches from present to past, but what’s really cool is that both the mother and daughter are played by the same actress. The twist at the end is just immense, so go ahead and watch the so-called Korea’s version of “The Notebook”!

17. 명량 (The Admiral: Roaring Currents) 2014 : Historical, Drama, Action

Walking out from this movie, I felt like I needed to be very proud of being Korean. The levels of my patriotism skyrocketed, and the same happened to all those who had also watched. Having been oppressed by the Japanese back in the days, Korea highly respects General Lee Soon Shin, who played a major role in battles against the Japanese. This movie perfectly outlined not only his wise tactic and strategies, but also his great qualities as a leader. The tension is great in this movie, as is the visuals and amazing cast!

18. 크로싱 (Crossing) 2008 : Drama

This story is the story of a father and son, whose paths keep messing up. A North Korean father leaves to find money for his family, but while he’s gone, his wife dies, leaving his son to set foot on his way to find him. Although I watched this movie quite a while back, I still remember the heartbreaking moments that were reflected in the film. Although it’s probably not nearly as much, this films shows a small bit of the hardships of North Koreans. **This movie may make you sad

19. 말아톤 (Marathon) 2005 : Drama, Family

Following the personal journey of an autistic man, and his struggle to overcome his illness, “Marathon” does a great job of touching your heart. For the main character of this movie, running is his life. The film takes you on a life journey, and takes you behind the struggles of a man, who eventually overcomes his setback, with the support of his family and his coach. Although this topic can be a bit heavy and sad, the director does a great job of adding in the comical relief, and the acting skills of the actors are sure to have you sucked in.

20. 어린신부 (My Little Bride) 2004 : Comedy, Romance

Some people have fantasies of arranged marriages, but unfortunately in this movie, it’s a nightmare. The main character (who is still in high school) is forced to marry a man in his twenties, because of a grandfather’s wish. The poor girl goes to hide the fact that she has a husband, and even tries to date a fellow senior at school, but slowly she begins to realize that she actually does love her husband.

21. 아저씨 (The Man From Nowhere) 2010 : Action, Thriller

I’m sure many of you know this famous movie, but I just wanted to include it incase some of you don’t. I personally love it when men go through a bunch of obstacles and hardships to protect/save women, and although in this case it was a little girl, it was still more than satisfying. Won Bin’s actions were beautifully justified in this movie, enough that almost everyone was aching for an ahjussi in their lives after the release of the film. On top of his acting, Sae Ron also did a fabulous job on her part, amazing me how well such a young girl could act. 

22. 오싹한 연애 (Spellbound) 2011 : Romance, Horror, Comedy

If you haven’t realized already, the one genre I cannot do is horror, and this movie is as close to horror as I will ever get. The main character constantly sees ghosts during a day to day basis, which prevents her from having a normal life. She loses the joy in her life, yet goes to see a magic show regularly, hoping she will find some joy. Here, the magician putting on the show is left to wonder why this woman never smiles, and let’s his curiosity drive himself to her. This movie does an amazing job of combining the three genres of romance, horror, and comedy, perfecting the thrill with the jump scares, and the laughs with the comical reliefs.

23. 집으로 (The Way Home) 2002 : Drama, Family

Do you guys know of the really hot actor named Yoo Seung Ho? Well this was when he was a little boy of the age nine. Despite being so young, Yoo Seung Ho kills the acting of the spoiled city boy stuck in a country side with his mute grandmother (It’s almost as if it isn’t acting…). Although the grandmother does not say a word throughout the movie, her heart just speaks to yours through her actions, and as it melted her grandson’s heart, it will also find its way to melt yours. This story is so heartwarming, and it will help you to reflect on how you’ve been to your family, and see to it that you are grateful for the ones around you! 

Lame Nodgers

Summary: You could care less about Marvel, you’re a die hard DC girl but when your friend gets the opportunity to attend the premiere for
Captain America: Civil War, she doesn’t give you the option of not attending. At the premiere, a comment of yours is overheard by a star of the film, he sets out to prove you wrong.

Authors Note: Sex part is rushed, midway through i lost my spark… so to speak. :/

It started off as a joke, an innocent; meaningless joke but somehow it was becoming reality. Valentina ‘Val’ Swaze, she’s been your best friend for a few years now, she didn’t exactly like your personality as you were a wise cracking sarcastic woman but she’d remained your friend. It seems however that a conversation you two had a few months back became realistic. 

“Y/N, if i was able to get us to go see the Civil War Premiere would you go with me?” Val asks out of the blue

You nearly choke on your food after she finishes speaking, “To a Marvel convention? Are you serious?” 

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Following on from the 2015 AO3 Ship Stats, here are the 100 most popular femslash ship tags on Archive Of Our Own as of July 8th 2015!

This includes the ranking compared to last year’s top 50, and the date at which both characters in the ship had first all appeared in that fandom. The colouring on the dates is white for the last two years (Jul 2013 onwards), light blue for 2-5 years ago (2010-2013), mid blue for 5-10 years ago (2005-2010) and dark blue for more than 10 years ago (pre-2005).

Older ships tend to have slipped down the list, as you can see from this graph, which shows a logarithmic relationship (R^2 = 24%) between the change in rank since 2014 and the years since the characters were created:

For the plaintext version of this data, check below the cut.

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A Major 'Captain America: Civil War' Mystery Is Finally Solved
The Russo brothers answer your unanswered questions.

aka the Russos confirm that there is no Captain America right now, that Steve gave up the identity and that’s what dropping the shield meant.

Oh to be a fly on the wall when someone tells Chris Evans that this…

…could very well be his outfit for the next movie. He may cry. Think he said he didn’t like the Avengers 2012 outfit. The costume department was probably cackling. ;)

@triforcesamurai let’s see…

Marvel: May 2, 2008 - May 4, 2012 (4 years = 6 movies)

DC: June 14, 2013 - November 17, 2017 (4 years, 5 months = 5 movies)

So that’s the “rushing” argument dispelled. Unless of course you want to go with the “there’s not enough movies before the team up” argument… In which case wow the big team up is the 5th movie not the 6th. Amazing.

As for your “without the quality”, “subpar movie”, etc… argument… Mate the fandom’s been digging through the layers of BvS for almost 5 months and we still haven’t reach the bottom. Also I really don’t want to be that guy but look at that list of marvel movies on the left… Try and tell me that those are all quality movies. Just try. I dare you.

I can promise you that I can decide for myself what is worth the ticket price.

Again, stop being a condescending prick.

(also you know that wb does the animated movies too, right?)

i met Percy Jackson 4 years ago, it was february 2010 and i went to the movies with some friends, after talking for a while we decided to watch the Lighting Thief movie, since i had no previous information about the books i really enjoyed the movie, to the point where i saw the movie a few more times in the next 2 years, in may 2012 my tumblr dash kept going over and over this percy jackson, after using google i found out it was 2 sagas, 7 book were out already and there was another one coming out soon and for some reason i decided to give it a go, by that point in my life i was in my second year of med school and i was in a bad place, my anxiety was at it worst and i was so focused on my misery and my problems with school, it was a really bad place, I’m gonna be honest, it took me a while reading The Lightning thief, maybe around a week or so but by the time i ended it i was already hooked, kept reading book after book after book until i had read the seven books, Percy Jackson gave me a safe heaven when i needed the most, if i had insomnia or my anxiety was back i read and read Percy stuff until i was relaxed and sleep, Percy is the reason why i met the this wonderful and amazing people, people who i hope can have a long and amazing friendship, without this books i would have never met Hannah and the rest of the OT8, all my friends on this site, i can’t imagine not having you guys on my life, you guys have help me so much and i love you so much and this book series is the reason why is together.

I grow up reading Harry Potter, Harry, Ron and Hermione were my friend when i was friendless, Harry took my hand and help me grow up and become an adult but then i accidentally let go of his hand and i got lost again, until another boy with green eyes and black hair took my hand and allow me to travel with him across his world, he took me from New York to Greece, he introduce me to Camp Half Blood, and while he did that he also guided me in my life, he was always there when i needed someone and i can’t believe that after 10 books i finally said goodbye to Percy Jackson, his books are always going to mean so much to me and they are always going to be part of me, its such a bittersweet feeling to know my quest with him is done

superzzmiller  asked:

Skyeward prompt: ward is being a butthead during team movie night. Skye takes advantage of his ticklish ears, which the team wasn't aware of.

“How about Hercules?” asked Fitz.

“No, no,” Coulson said quickly, shaking his head. “Don’t ask why.”

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