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The event this movie is based on, the CSX 8888/Crazy Eights incident, was a lot more dull than the movie or even the name would imply. A train carrying dangerous flammable chemicals did get loose, but there were no injuries (much less any deaths), no innocent towns or civilians were in danger, and the whole thing was wrapped up in two hours. In other words, it took less time to resolve the real-life situation than it does to watch the movie it inspired.

Now, senior engineer Jon Hosfield did have to jump onto the moving train to shut it down, but the machine was going a non-pants-shittingly ten miles an hour. That’s about the same level of risk that people take riding in the beds of pickup trucks.

Also, whoever was responsible for the incident was never publicly named or judiciously exiled to dollar burger hell, and whatever happened to them was settled internally. All in all, Hollywood took a mistake that was fixed with no problems and turned it into a massive high-stakes drama. It’s like if The French Connection had been based on a clerical error on a tax form that was quickly cleared up.

5 True Underdog Movies Whose Heroes Weren’t Really Underdogs

Hollywood, Society, and Autism

How many movies can you say you’ve seen that depict autism? Chances are, no more than a few.

One of the most popular films in the past 50 years is Forrest Gump. Featuring Tom Hanks, this movie covers the life of Forrest Gump, a mentally disabled man, during the 60’s through the 80’s and his experiences.

While this film is considered to be one of the more positive films about an autistic person, it still has its issues. For one, Tom Hanks does not have autism and no actually autistic people were featured in the film. But, one moment that really stood out from this film was when the audience discovers that Forrest has known the whole time that he is autistic and different from other people.

This is an important scene because many people think that autistic people don’t know that they are autistic. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Autistic people may speak or behave differently than able minded people, but that doesn’t make them stupid.

Representation is important. Over the past decade, Hollywood has produced less than ten films that feature an autistic character in an accurate portrayal.

Autism is often the butt of a joke in Hollywood. In the 2008 comedy, Tropic Thunder, Ben Stiller’s character (an action movie star) had previously portrayed an autistic character to such an extreme, that it ruined his career. When talking about his career, other characters in the movie said

Not only is the word “retard” derogatory and offensive, this line was meant to be a joke. The character that Stiller was playing was also meant to be a joke. But it’s not funny.

Autistic people exist and they matter. Regardless of the level of their autism, they are people with feelings and they deserve to be treated and represented as much. For too long they have been the butt of many jokes in movies and on television. Many people don’t even realize what the autistic spectrum even consists of.       

Autism effects people around the world. It effects the person, their family, their friends and their community. But the stigma needs to change that autism is something to look down upon. As a society, we need to become more accepting of the autism community, instead of trying to change them. You wouldn’t tell a woman in a wheelchair that she needs to fix her legs and that she’s less of a person for her disability so why do we do it to the autism community?

If Hollywood would begin to provide accurate, positive portrayals of the autistic community, maybe society will start to change as well. The power of films is strong and if fans see their favorite actor speaking in a positive light towards this community, it could change how the majority of society responds to autism today.                                                                                                                                                                                                                


I felt the need to post this for three reasons:

  • 1. people in general asking how I did it
  • 2. people questioning if I took a gifset and ran it through photoshop filters
  • 3. because I want people to know that its digital art- painted in photoshop- not traditional. In my original post I used the words “hand painted” because I was groggy and exhausted and I wanted to imply each frame is a from-scratch illustration but I think some people took it to mean there are 16 physical hang-on-the-wall paintings of this which there certainly is not. I tried to change the wording but the post kinda went viral before I had a chance to catch myself. Sorry about that. I may be less awesome than you thought. Oh and on a side note this method of animating is called rotoscoping (same method was used in the movie Anastasia).

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uminico marathoning shitty dramas

Umi woke up because of the loud sobbing that came from the living room. She went there, and found Nico watching a movie and crying, and before Umi could say anything, Nico spoke.

“She left him for HIS BEST FRIEND!” she exclaimed, and Umi shushed her.

“Nico! You’re being too loud! You’ll wake the others up!” she scolded her, and Nico frowned.

“I don’t care about the others! I care about Tom, who’s now all alone!” she said, pointing at the screen, where a man with some flowers cried in the rain. What a cliché, Umi thought. “You’d be like me if you watched the movie!” Nico added, and after a second, she exclaimed “I’ve got an idea!”. Nico got up from the couch and searched for something in between the DVD’s they had. She got up, holding ten more or less.

“You’re gonna sit down and we’ll watch these, so you can feel me.” Nico said, and Umi gulped. “I’m going to bed.” She said, but Nico pointed at the couch.

“Umi, don’t make me force you to,” and those words made Umi sit down. To be honest, Nico looked scary in the dark. The other girl sat down at her side and the movie started.


“WHAT A BITCH!” Nico screamed, as she cried. Umi was also crying, because of embarrassment and sadness. Embarrassment because the way she kissed him was completely shameless, and sadness because, God, she was such a slut.

“I can’t believe she d-did that…” Umi commented, and Nico agreed “Right? How didn’t she notice he was too drunk to drive?! And then, SLEEPING WITH HIS FUCKING BEST FRIEND?! HE LOVED YOU, LINDA! AND NOW HE’S GOING TO DIE!” Nico yelled at the screen, and Umi’s sobs got louder.


“August… Don’t go…” Umi sobbed.

“Gus, please… Hazel loves you…” Nico sobbed as well. Since the start of that movie they were crying like there was no tomorrow.

“Why can’t they be happy?!” Umi was indignant. The movies were starting to affect her. “WHY CAN’T THEY BE HAPPY?!” She repeated, and added, in a shout “WHY CAN’T THEY LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER?! THEY LOVE EACH OTHER AND NOW GUS… Gus is dying.” She cried louder.








And when the other members of muse founded Nico and Umi in front of the TV asleep, hugging each other, nearly drowning in their own tears, they couldn’t help but laugh.