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Many people wish dc makes Justice League colorful. But just because marvel made Avengers with bright colors, it doesn't mean dc has to do the exact same thing? Also it's not like the people who want dc movies to be colorful will also be the exact same people who will accuse dc of copying marvel in a heartbeat if dc movies suddenly have really bright colors

The idea that DC should be allowed to create Their own unique universe seems to go right over a lot of people’s heads and yet They will throw a hissy fit the absolute second They see ANYTHING They think is even remotely similar to something from Marvel. 

These are the people who won’t stop whining about a lack of humor and then get offended when the films have jokes in the trailers. They’re fucking impossible.


                              » Howl’s Moving Castle (2004) 


The Golden Globes nominated 20 incredible actors of color this year

  • Out of 81 nominations for acting and directing categories, nearly a quarter (24.6%) of them are for people of color.
  •  The number represents a big increase from the 2016 awards, as 14 out of the 88 acting and directing nominees were of color, or 15.9%. 
  • Several categories boasted multiple people of color. 
  • Seven black actresses received nods. See the full list

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